The Abandoned Son Ch.124

Chapter 124 — Ye Fan’s Fury

Bai Yunxi was reading a book in a small hotel in the town when the door was kicked open.

Bai Yunxi raised his head and looked towards the door.

An ancient martial arts practitioner in gray appeared at the door, his face full of anger, “Are you Ye Fan?”

Bai Yunxi closed the book, shook his head, and said, “I’m not.”

“What about Ye Fan?”

“He went out to buy food.” Ye Fan originally planned to order takeout, but there was no such thing as takeout in this small place, so Ye Fan had to go out for food.

Yang Qianshan looked at Bai Yunxi and sneered, “Since he is not here, it is the same to deal with you. You have so much courage, even my Yang family’s people dare to move.”

Yang Qianshan slashed his sword towards Bai Yunxi. Sensing the unmatched aura of the other party, Bai Yunxi jumped down from the window.

With Bai Yunxi’s second-level of Qi cultivation, the height of a two-story building was nothing to him.

“Trying to run.” Yang Qianshan had a sneer on his face and jumped down.

Yang Qianshan carried his sword and slashed towards Bai Yunxi once again, and Bai Yunxi raised a talisman to meet the attack.


The talisman and sword energy collided, and an explosion occurred immediately. Bai Yunxi was shaken back a few steps by the aftershock of the explosion. The jade pendant on Bai Yunxi’s body emitted a light, which resolved the aftershock attack.

Yang Qianshan looked at Bai Yunxi, and there was a bit of greed in his eyes, “Your ability is so poor but you have a lot of good things on your body?”

Bai Yunxi looked at Yang Qianshan cautiously, activated two wind talismans, turned around and ran away.

“Bastard, what are you doing?!”

When Ye Fan came over with the food box, he saw Bai Yunxi being chased and attacked.

Yang Qianshan’s strength is far above Bai Yunxi, Yang Qianshan is not in a hurry to kill Bai Yunxi, but made up his mind to exhaust Bai Yunxi to death.

There was a deep scar on Bai Yunxi’s left leg. The dark red blood dyed his pants red, and there was also a scar on his arm. Ye Fan was suddenly stimulated.

“Bastard, how dare you hurt my wife!”

Ye Fan threw the food box and looked at Yang Qianshan with a grim look on his face.

“If you get hurt, you get hurt, so what?” Yang Qianshan said indifferently.

“If you hurt my wife, you can go to hell!” Ye Fan smashed his fist towards Yang Qianshan, who was directly smashed away by Ye Fan’s fist full of anger.

“You dare!” Yang Qianshan looked at Ye Fan angrily with a green face.

Ye Fan chased after him and kicked Yang Qianshan out.

Yang Qianshan was punched by Ye Fan, and he thought he was underestimating the enemy and was unprepared. After that, he was kicked away by Ye Fan and only then did he realize how terrifying Ye Fan was.

Yang Qianshan was thrown around by Ye Fan like a sandbag.

Feeling the surging momentum on Ye Fan’s body, Yang Qianshan suddenly felt a little cowardly, “This is a misunderstanding, let’s have a talk first.”

“Go and talk to Lord Yama!”

Bai Yunxi clutched the wound on his leg, looked at Yang Qianshan who was kicked off by Ye Fan, and said, “Ye Fan, don’t kill him.” It was very troublesome to cause people to die during the conference.

Ye Fan gritted his teeth angrily, kicked Yang Qianshan’s kneecap, and there was a sound of crunching bones…

After a dozen moves, Yang Qianshan fell to the ground, unable to crawl up. Ye Fan unmercifully stepped on Yang Qianshan several times.

The faces of the Yang family teenagers who were hiding nearby were ugly.

After Yang Ao returned to the Yang family’s station, he told the story of Ye Fan with more exaggeration, saying that Ye Fan was the reinforcement of the Mu family, and he was working with the Mu family.

The Yang family has always been very interested in the spirit tree of the Mu family. Originally, the Yang family had already united with the Shangguan family and wanted to force the Mu family to share the spirit tree. However, at this time, Mu Ke recovered and disrupted the original deployment of the Yang family, and the Yang family had to suspend the original plan.

It just so happened that at this time, Ye Fan and Yang Lengxue faced off, forcing Yang Lengxue to vomit blood. Yang Qianshan’s conspiracy theory regarded this as a counterattack from the Mu family. The Yang family was used to being arrogant, how could they stand such provocation? Yang Qianshan was provoked by Yang Ao, and came over to Ye Fan.

Yang Ao hid in the dark, staring blankly at this scene, muttering, “Impossible, impossible, how could he be so powerful!”

Yang Qianshan came to seek revenge against Ye Fan, and Yang Ao secretly followed. He thought he would see a good show, but he saw the scene of the clan elder being beaten violently instead. Yang Ao’s teeth chattered and he didn’t dare show up after a long time.

A few followers who followed Yang Ao hesitated for a while, and then hesitantly said, “Young Master Yang Ao, should we move the elder back?”

It doesn’t seem very good to let the elder be paralyzed on the street like this!

Yang Ao was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes, yes, quickly move the elder back!”

When Yang Ao and the others passed by, Yang Qianshan was already in a coma, but after being moved a bit, he regained consciousness.

Yang Qianshan’s eyes full of resentment made Yang Ao shudder subconsciously.

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While eating with Xu Yuanqing, Mu Lianping received an urgent summoning call from the head of the Mu family, so he had to go to the hotel temporarily rented by the Mu family in a hurry.

“Cousin Lianping, you are finally back,” Mu Shiyu said.

“Cousin, what’s the matter with you calling me back in such a hurry?” Mu Lianping looked at Mu Shiyu’s face and found that Mu Shiyu seemed very happy.

“Have you received the news yet? Ye Fan beat Yang Qianshan of the Yang family into a cripple. Yang Qianshan’s wrist and leg bones were crushed by Ye Fan,” Mu Shiyu said with schadenfreude.

Mu Lianping twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “No way, Young Master Ye is not such a cruel person!”

Mu Lianping thought to himself: Young Master Ye is just a little weird, but he is still a very nice person, and he is very measured in his actions.

“I think it might be because he injured Bai Yunxi. When Ye Fan went back, he happened to see Yang Qianshan chasing and attacking Bai Yunxi, leaving a few wounds on Bai Yunxi’s body, which angered Ye Fan immediately. According to other people present at the time, Ye Fan may have planned to kill Yang Qianshan at the beginning, but Bai Yunxi stopped him.”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “That makes sense. Ye Fan cares about Bai Yunxi the most. It’s no wonder that Yang Qianshan’s attack on Bai Yunxi will anger Ye Fan.”

The power assessment of the martial arts family is based on the number of top-level masters in the major families. After Elder Mu Ke had an accident in the family, there was only one master of the top-level left, and the Mu family suddenly ranked last among the four ancient martial arts families.

There are a total of three top-level masters in the Yang family, and Yang Qianshan is one of them. This guy is so injured like that and he may not be able to recover in the short term. As a result, there are only two top-level masters in the Yang family. While their Mu family’s Elder Mu Ke has recovered, this eliminates one another, the future ranking of the four major families is difficult to say.

“The Yang family seems to be interested in our family’s spiritual tree, secretly working with the other two, I don’t know what they are planning. Now that this happened, in the past few days, those guys should be quieter,” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “That’s a good thing. How could Yang Qianshan go to trouble Bai Yunxi?” After all, Yang Qianshan is a senior, and it is not honorable to do something like this to a junior.

“It should have been pushed by Yang Ao.” Yang Qianshan had never met an opponent for so many years, and probably never thought that a Ye Fan would pose such a big threat to him.

“Yang Qianshan is really crippled?”

Mu Shiyu nodded and said, “The bones of both arms and legs are comminuted and fractured. It is estimated that he will be a waste in this life.”

“If that’s the case, then Yang Ao’s life is probably going to be difficult…” The fuse of this matter, after all, was Yang Ao!

“However, Lianping, what kind of sect did Ye Fan come from? How could he be so powerful?” Mu Shiyu asked.

Mu Lianping frowned and said, “You really can’t tell the origin of Young Master Ye?”


Bai Yunxi was lying on the bed, and Ye Fan cleaned the wound for Bai Yunxi, wrapped it tightly with bandages, and tied a big bow.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “I’ve taken the healing medicine you gave, and I’m feeling much better. You don’t need to make such a fuss.”

Ye Fan turned his head, looked at Bai Yunxi, and said solemnly, “You can’t take it lightly, in case you get infected.”

“You seem to have forgotten that I am also a cultivator, so I won’t be so easily infected,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s true!”

Bai Yunxi looked at her wound, raised her head, looked at Ye Fan, and said, “To be honest, your bandaging technique is bad enough!”

Ye Fan pouted and looked at Bai Yunxi with a hurt face.

Bai Yunxi smiled and lay comfortably on the bed without comforting the injured Ye Fan.

Ye Fan angrily lay on top of Bai Yunxi and pressed Bai Yunxi on the bed.

“You’re so old and still so childish.”

The two were messing around in the room when a knock sounded on the door.

“It’s me!” Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out.

“Come in,” Ye Fan said dully.

Zhang Xuan opened the door, walked in, and saw Ye Fan with an unhappy face. Zhang Xuan scratched his head, and couldn’t help but wonder if he came at the wrong time.

“Young Master Bai, I heard that you were injured?” Zhang Xuan asked.

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “It’s just a minor injury, but Ye Fan made a big fuss.”

Ye Fan frowned and said dissatisfied: “How could it be a small wound? Such a deep wound, if I came back later, the ghost knows what the damned old man will do. You still don’t let me kill him, I was going to beat him to death, and then extract the soul.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Zhang Xuan hurriedly said: “Young Master Ye, you can’t kill people at will during the conference…”

Ye Fan didn’t kill anyone, but the senior of the Yang family was considered a waste. He was a seventh-level master of ancient martial arts! He could be considered a figure who stood at the top of the ancient martial arts world, and he was crippled by Ye Fan just like that.

“Young Master Ye, how did you become so powerful?”

Ye Fan hugged Bai Yunxi tightly and said, “Because Yunxi and I are married, I am so powerful now.”

Zhang Xuan: “…”

Bai Yunxi rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Don’t always say things that make people laugh!”

Ye Fan wanted to say something, but Bai Yunxi gave him a look.

“Ye Fan beat the elder of the Yang family, will the Yang family continue to make trouble?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Bai Yunxi continued: “Celestial Master Zhang, looking at Ye Fan’s abolition of Yang Qianshan, will the Yang family take revenge?”

Zhang Xuan smiled and said, “Young Master Bai, don’t worry, Yang Qianshan of the Yang family has been crippled. How can the rest of the Yang family dare to take action easily? Young master Ye has become famous in the ancient martial arts circle this time.”

Ye Fan’s eyes shone brightly and said, “Oh, is that so?”

Bai Yunxi said unhappily, “To be famous is to be used as a target, what is there to be happy about?”

Ye Fan: “……”


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