Chapter 234 — The audience is on the verge of fear…

A new anime is coming!

Everyone was still immersed in the joy of the fireworks festival, and then they saw the pop-up window of the magic phone, saying that the new anime will be played from tomorrow. Suddenly, everyone has a feeling of double happiness.

The new anime is called “Girls’ Last Tour”, and the magic phone also gave a few stills for promotion. The protagonists are two girls, both of them are very cute. Just a few stills made everyone feel the cuteness, so everyone guessed, this must be a very cute and cheerful animation, which goes well with the fireworks festival.

Expectant! Happy!

So the whole day of the next day, in addition to talking about the fireworks festival and the contest, everyone was talking about the new anime. So people who didn’t notice the magic phone also know that the new anime is about to be broadcast.

The next day at 7pm, those who had magic phones stayed in front of them, and those who didn’t went to stores and taverns and other places to watch the show. Basically everyone in the capital who didn’t have anything important to do was ready to watch anime happily.

“I don’t know what the theme is.”

“Looking at the stills, it seems like a story that takes place in the future.”

“Is it a tour? It’s like traveling in the future like “A Bite of the Demon Realm”?”

“It’s quite possible…”

“The imagination of the demons is amazing.”

“Human imagination is actually pretty good. Have you read Grant’s recent serialized novel? It’s really getting better!”

“Don’t talk, don’t talk, it’s starting!”

With this sound, the tavern fell silent in an instant.

The first thing that appeared in everyone’s sight were all kinds of pipes and incomprehensible instruments, so that the audience could know at a glance that this anime was happening in the future – after watching various movies, anime and novels, the audience was very impressed with the concept of “future world” and accepted it well.

The two protagonists sit in a car that moves automatically, driving through a dark building.

This kind of car has appeared in the previous animations, and Hill directly set it to be driven by magic crystals, so the human beings of this era understand this very well.

Then the title of the first episode appeared: Starry Sky / War

The driver was a black-haired girl named Chito, and sitting in the car was a blond girl named Yuuri.

The car isn’t going too fast, the sound of the tracks running over the ground, and the slowly changing dark background, in just a few seconds, shows how well-crafted this anime is.

The footage passes slowly, but there is an eerie atmosphere that doesn’t feel the slightest bit boring, nor does it feel like it’s stalling for time.

Yuuri lay in the car and began to sing: “It’s so dark~ It’s so dark~” Her voice was very cute, and it seemed a little hollow in the seemingly endless darkness.

At this time, some viewers already felt that something was wrong.

The characters are very cute, yes, and the art style is also very good, but why does it seem that there is a problem with the tone?

Chito: “It’s annoying.”

Yuuri: “Sorry.”

Chito: “It doesn’t matter.”

The two talked such a natural conversation, but they did not show much expression, as if they were talking for the sake of talking. The person who said “I’m annoyed” didn’t show the expression she should have, and the person who said “I’m sorry” was just saying that, so there was no need to mention the final “It’s okay”.

Suddenly, a feeling came up.

What is that?

Yuuri took out a magic crystal lamp from the back of the car and said, “Then let’s turn on the lamp.”

“No,” Chito said.

Yuuri asked, “How can this be?”

Chito replied, “Save a little, we don’t know where we can find magic crystals next time.”

This simple conversation directly revealed the tip of the iceberg in the background. They are currently in a period of lack of supplies.

The haze gradually shrouded the hearts of the audience, and at the same time, questions also appeared.

How is this going? What about the parents of the girls? Why are they alone? Are they running out of food? Is there food outside?

At this time, everyone finally remembered that the title of the anime has “girls”, “tour”, and another word is “last”.

Then the girl said in an indifferent voice: “However, being in the dark all the time, my eyes may be getting used to it. After all, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen sunlight.”

This line naturally resonated with many people during this period.

“I have an ominous feeling.”

“A robot won’t suddenly appear and decapitate the girls inside, right?”

“You, don’t talk nonsense, this is not Magical Girl.”

“Will they immediately reach the end of the tour and then suddenly die?”

“…you devil.”

This also shows that the shadow in the hearts of the crowd is very strong.

The audience is on the verge of fear, and the plot of the anime continues. After the girls chatted for a while, Yuuri fell asleep in the back of the car. Chito felt sleepy after seeing it, so she parked the car on the side of the road, and then moved the things around Yuuri out of the car. Then she took out a blanket and put it over the two of them, and they both fell asleep curled up in the back of the car.

“It’s so warm,” Chito said.

This picture is very cute.

In a dark factory. A car and the girls. Nothing but that.

Very quiet. The scene is a little more beautiful.

“Well, it shouldn’t be so cruel, right?”

“I feel so too…”

Then the background of the story unfolded in the girl’s dream, and it was possible to piece together such a background through the fragments. When the war broke out, the adults handed the keys of the car to the girls and told the girls to leave the war site and take refuge, so they started the journey in the car…until now.

There was no smile on the audience’s face at this point.

They also completely forgot the joy of yesterday’s fireworks festival.

They woke up soon after, and successfully found the outlet of the giant factory, and then walked all the way to the outlet.

As time passed by, they finally left the factory. After seeing the starry sky, everyone was touched for a moment.

“This is the meaning of the end of suffering, right? It must be, right?”

“The starry sky is so beautiful.”

The beautiful starry sky, the snow, and the young girls leaning against each other.

The plot is slow, but not boring at all, with a lot of careful little details.

But the cuter the girls are, the more cruel the whole story is against such a melancholy background.

Next, they found a lot of weapon wreckage. Yuuri tried the magic crystal gun. Her marksmanship was very accurate, and she hit all of them from a long distance. After hitting the target made of empty cans, she looked at the economic partner: “Chito, you can also try it.”

“Forget it,” Chito replied.

“After all, you can’t hit it,” Yuri said.

“You’re so naggy!”

“Doesn’t Chito need to take a weapon?”

“I don’t want to.”

It was a very typical conversation between children, with a bit of a capricious kind of tone, but the core of the words were not so amusing.

The… weapons that kill.

Two young girls slowly exploring the world.

Some conversations. The snow was falling quietly.

“War ah… so why should there be war?”

The brutal war and the apocalyptic wasteland form a very strong contrast with the cute girls, and the audience has basically seen some themes by now. They found that this anime is different from “Violet Evergarden”. The sadness of “Violet Evergarden” is cathartic, overwhelming, and more heart-wrenching, while this anime is more melancholy and slow. Like running water, like falling snow, it slowly penetrates into your heart, pressing you from all directions, the feeling that you have nowhere to run.

“I don’t know, because the other party’s interests are not the same as their own. Anything can be a reason for war. If there are three people, but the food is only for two people, then you must take up arms to fight, whether it is now or in the past, it’s the same.”

The girls are discussing this serious issue with the cognition of children.

At this time, they found the rations, and when they divided the rations, they found that there were five sticks in a bag, which was an odd number. Chito said, “Then let’s break it in half…” Before she could finish her words, Yuuri took the last one, and then pointed the gun directly at Chito.

The muzzle of the gun is black. It was also icy cold.

It was probably a joke, but Yuuri’s face had no expression, and her eyes had nothing in them.

She was just like this murder weapon at this point.

Needless to say, many viewers were directly shocked to see this.

They stared blankly at the magic phone screen and forgot to discuss.

Yuuri: “Don’t move.”

Chito: “What do you want to do?”

Yuuri: “I’ll take the last one.”

Chito looked at Yuuri’s expressionless face, Chito frowned, her eyes were trembling, it was obvious.

“I see… so should I also bring a weapon?” Chito murmured.

“That’s right.” Yuuri said, “This is war.” After speaking, she gulps down the ration in her hand.

Chito’s eyes widened: “You actually ate it, you bastard!” Then Chito rushed up, the two of them fought together, and the solemn atmosphere just now disappeared… No, it just looks like it disappeared when they were fighting, the main camera shot maliciously at the magic crystal gun that fell on the ground.

Some viewers with more delicate minds are already full of melancholy.

Yes. This is war.

They have been fighting for a long time, Chito has been beating Yuuri hard, you can see that she is afraid, she is venting. Yuuri was laughing, laughing heartlessly, even though Chito started very hard and said that it hurt, she was still laughing and wheezing.

This shot can be called a careful thought, and some people feel that this shot is simply chilling.

At the end of the episode, they ended their fight. The two who only ate a bag of rations were still very hungry. After taking a bite of the snow, Yuuri said, “Snow is delicious too.” The two began to pick up the snow on the ground to eat. Finally, there is a light sentence: “To the point where people can only eat snow, war is really annoying.”

The ending theme sounded, this episode ends.

The last sentence is a bit of an understatement. It can be said that the theme is directly named, but it does not exaggerate the atmosphere. The biggest feature of this anime lies in this, the sadness that stops abruptly, and the pain that comes to an end. It looks good at first glance. It won’t make people burst into tears immediately, but hehehe, the effect of the whole anime comes down, and when the sad and desperate ending comes out at the end, hehehe, hehehe…

Hill is looking forward to it.

And the audience was already in a mess.

What is this?!

What about the cute girly anime?!

Why did such a scary thing play just after the fireworks festival?!

This, this…

For the first time, they felt that the Demon King seemed to have a bit of a bad taste…

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This happened to me with Goblin Slayer, damn that cutesy art style.

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