Chapter 235 — Snowflakes and Stars

Soon it was time to meet Teresa.

The specific meeting place is Hill’s manor outside Magnolia City. The summer is full of joy, and the courtyard is full of vigor and vitality shrouded in sunlight. At first glance, it is a vast expanse of white, and every green leaf seems to be reflecting light. There are a few pots of flowers on the windowsill. The pink flowers are pitiful, squeezed to one side by the leaves, but also looks lovely in bright colors.

Hill was fiddling with potted flowers when Teresa walked into the manor. He started out patiently spraying water from all angles with the water bottle, then impatiently unscrewed it and poured it over one by one. Seeing this scene, Teresa almost ‘pfft’ and tried to hide it with a cough. Hill poured all the last water in the bottle directly into the last pot of flowers, and Teresa finally let out a ‘pfft’.

“I can’t believe that the theoretical first meeting with the great Bishop Shelley, the first thing he said was ‘pfft’,” Hill said as he set the water bottle aside.

Teresa was a little embarrassed: “Don’t laugh at me, Lord Demon King.”

“Haha, okay.” Hill raised his hand in a “please” gesture, “Sit.”

The cover shade of the wall lamp is painted with a dense pattern of black and brown curves outlined together, the orange light illuminates a small world, and in the paintings hanging on the wall, the indifferent Demon King is watching all this. This is the study room of this manor. The writing desk is walnut, Hill quite like this light black and brown writing desk. The brown also has purple on it, the color is full, and the luster on the surface looks noble and elegant.

As Hill spoke, he pulled out the stool in front of the desk and sat down.

Teresa sat awkwardly on the sofa opposite Hill, and called out again, “Lord Demon King.”

“I’ll talk to you first, Monroe will come over later, he’s busy, you know, and then the time will be handed over to you, is that ok?” Hill made a meaningless gesture.

“It’s alright, Lord Demon King,” Teresa replied.

It must have been too long without seeing or talking to each other. For a long time Teresa has basically remained on the opposite side of the demon race, so he now subconsciously has a full sense of distance… and fear towards Hill.

From the enemy’s point of view, Hill was really very scary.

Hill poured himself a cup of tea, then put the teapot on the table, “Help yourself, I won’t pour it for you.”

“Uh okay, I don’t need it,” Theresa said.

“Well, there are no other outsiders around now, so should we be polite first or cut to the chase?” Hill asked.

This remark is full of grooves, but of course Teresa will not complain at this time: “Let’s cut to the chase,” he said.

“Oh okay, looks like you don’t like foreplay,” Hill said.

Teresa: “Cough, cough, cough…”

“Sorry,” Hill took a sip of tea and said indifferently, “Maybe I should treat you with a more serious attitude, let me adjust my attitude.” He put the porcelain cup inlaid with gold and emerald patterns on the tray, then straightened his face.

Teresa was a little embarrassed and said: “Then let’s start with polite greetings…”

“Okay, polite greetings is good, I like polite greetings the most.” Hill said.

Teresa couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

“For those of us in the upper echelons of… er… leadership figures, polite appearance means that we are professional. We should maintain our professionalism at all times,” Hill said in a very serious manner.

Teresa finally succeeded in being amused: “Pfft…ha…hahaha…you are as funny and humorous as ever.”

“I know you did your best to come up with two positive words for me.” Hill smiled and said, “Okay, okay, let’s get down to business.”

“Okay, Lord Demon King,” Teresa’s voice was a lot lighter this time.

There is a beautiful laurel tree in the middle of the courtyard, and you can see it from this angle from the window. The leaves are delicate and lustrous, and the fragrance is so refreshing. The small yellowish flowers also looked charming and lovely in the cluster of leaves.

Teresa pondered the words, and slowly told what happened during this time.

The sunlight sifted through the gaps in the leaves, like bright eyes, blinking as the wind blew. You can probably see the fine blue sky through the leaves. The fresh breeze blowing leaves a comfortable feeling.

“The Pope of Light is now fully preparing for the war. At present, I don’t know any obvious weaknesses of the newly added puppet… These are all I know,” Teresa said.

Hill nodded while listening, “I see what you mean, you’re thinking that if there is going to be a war then you want it to arrive sooner.”

“Yes, this is what I’m thinking. But I just said what I think. You still have your own idea, you don’t need to be too troubled,” Teresa said.

“I understand what you mean, it’s good that you can speak your mind. After all, as the pinnacle of power in this world, I have to take into account the opinions of all parties when I make decisions, and you are very important in my plan. So you don’t have too much burden, just say what you think,” Hill said.

“I understand,” Teresa nodded.

“It’s been hard work for you, you’ve done well, and you’re more mature than when you started,” Hill said.

“Thank you.”

Then Hill continued to drink tea and flip through books. He waited for Teresa to continue to talk to him about something, but Teresa sat there and didn’t say anything, so Hill didn’t take the initiative to speak. Time passed until Monroe arrived. When he came in, he was obviously a little stunned when he saw this somewhat strange atmosphere, but he was only a little stunned.

“You guys are having a good time drinking tea face to face.” Monroe said. “Okay, Teresa, come out with me. Hill, I’ll take him away first.”

“Okay, you guys go ahead.” Hill waved his hand, but he didn’t even raise his head.

Teresa bowed respectfully to Hill, only to be pulled away by Monroe hooking his shoulders before he could get up.

When they passed the courtyard, they met Alice, who was picking peaches, with the dragon guard standing quietly beside her like a statue. There are also two cats at her feet. The sun is light and gentle. The bamboo basket full of peaches under the tree was knocked over by the cats. The plump and round peaches rolled out, which were attractive pink and looked moist and mouth-watering.

Teresa subconsciously wanted to dodge when he saw Alice, but Alice saw them first and called out crisply, “Uncle Monroe!”

Teresa was a little nervous to see Alice’s eyes turn to him.

He subconsciously held his breath.

Then he saw that the smile on Alice’s face had faded a little, she stood up, moved her left foot back, raised her skirt and curtsied to him. Then she looked at the demon dragon next to her: “Let’s go pick peaches somewhere else.”

The dragon nodded, silently put her on the wheelchair over there, and pushed her away.

Teresa watched her walk away: “Did the Demon King tell her about me?”

“No, but she’s a smart kid,” Monroe said.

Teresa subconsciously thought that she was as smart as her father, but then he thought it was absurd, what the heck… He looked back and saw the cat sleeping on the bamboo basket, obviously it was not interested in peaches.

After they took a walk by the creek outside the manor, Teresa was the first to speak: “Actually, I have a lot of thoughts in my heart now, and I feel very emotionally complicated… There are some things in my heart that I didn’t say to Lord Demon King, I didn’t dare.”

Monroe seemed to smile: “Then you can tell me what you think you can’t tell him?”

“…I understand what you mean, Captain. Actually, my reason tells me that I can’t tell you what I can’t say to the Demon King, but emotionally, I still want to say it to you,” Teresa said.

Monroe glanced at Teresa, who made no emotional expression about it, just said, “Okay, then you go.”

So Teresa said all the conversations and some thoughts he had with the Pope. After speaking, Teresa hesitated for a while: “At present… I can’t tell exactly what it is. The idea of ​​​​is this kind of complicated, and I want to ask your opinion on this, Captain.”

“You know what kind of answer I’ll give you.” Monroe didn’t hide it or say some vain comforting words. His words have always been so direct to people’s hearts, whether as a demon or a human being. In fact, that was the main reason why his subordinates believed in him so much and depended on him.

The sun was shining brightly, but the conversation wasn’t that enjoyable at the moment.

Teresa was silent for a moment, then said, “Yes, I know.”

“So you’re just using me as an excuse, you’ve got the answer yourself, but you can’t make up your mind. You’ve got weakness, so you want me to say what’s on your mind, and then you can say, ah, I’m following the captain’s orders.” Monroe said very bluntly, “This way you can even transfer some of the negative emotions to me.”

Teresa was silent for a longer time, and finally only whispered: “…Captain.”

The two stopped. The wind blows. Teresa’s blonde hair fluttered in the wind.

“Then I’ll give you an answer,” Monroe said.

Teresa uttered with some shock, “Captain…”

“There’s no way, who told me to be your captain, so I’ll show you the way again.” When he said these words, he didn’t give Teresa a chance to say anything touching, but continued: “…everyone is multi-faceted, of course there will be no purely good people nor purely evil. What you need to know is that no matter what kind of person he is, he is our enemy, he is the one who stands in the way, ours and yours.”

Teresa nodded slowly.

“You have your own goals, and you will go further, Teresa,” Monroe patted Theresa on the shoulder and said.

The wind blew again, and the creek was rushing forward. The sunlight fell into the bottom of the stream and was sifted to pieces. The wind blew and the water flowed. Those sunlight seemed to be glowing fish swimming happily in the stream.

“Thank you, Captain.” Teresa felt drained when he said this, then he seriously thought for a moment, a sentence immediately came out of his mouth: “Captain, you and the Demon King… must be happy.”

“I don’t remember that I taught you to talk nonsense before.” Monroe raised his lips, “You are talking nonsense.”

“Okay.” Teresa also laughed, and his smile finally returned to the high-spirited youth of the year: “It’s a matter of course that you and the Demon King will be happy, hahaha I’m sorry I said nonsense.”

Both laughed.

Teresa laughed for a while and then murmured, “It’s like when I have returned to the old days. Sure enough, my original intention is here.”

“You can rely on me for now, but in the future you’ll really have to be on your own,” Monroe said.

Teresa nodded smilingly.

That later time refers to when, they both know it in the heart.

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There are 14 episodes in “Girl’s Last Tour”, of which 12 episodes, Hill basically copied the original TV version. Some lines have been changed as necessary, the latter two episodes followed the manga, oh yes , Hill filmed the inhumane ending.

The length of this anime work is not long, and it was broadcast in ten days.

After Hill made this decision, he went to do other things. He forgot about it for the time being, and let the Demon Realm Magazine suffer on their own. They were bombarded by a lot of letters every day for more than ten days.

The energy in the lower level was gradually exhausted, and Yuuri and Chito could only go all the way to the upper level. They met a man who drew a map, and after a short walk, the man accidentally lost the map he had spent so long meditating on, after which he calmly said “I’m going to the other side, thank you for sharing food with me, the camera is for you.” And after he embarked on the journey alone with his feet, he said, “How far can I go with just one pair of legs?” This already hinted at the end of his death.

They met a woman who built an airplane, they helped her build an airplane, and watched her fly the airplane into the sky with hope. Yuuri cried happily from the ground and said as it took off, “Wow, it worked”, and the audience also followed along with a smile. But the smile didn’t widen, the plane fell apart because of the wrong structure. After seeing this scene, Chito sat directly on the ground, and the audience’s heart sank.

The woman has been slowly drifting down with a parachute on her back.

“Can’t… I have worked hard until now… But now that I fail, it’s easier.”

After such a monologue, she actually smiled.

Chito: “Why is she smiling?”

Yuuri: “I don’t understand very well, but she can probably live in harmony with despair.”

“Despair ~ Despair ~ Despair ~” Yuuri was singing.

This time Chito didn’t stop her. Not as annoyed as before.

Cute girly voice, looping lyrics, passing pictures.

All of this is deeply ingrained in the minds of the audience.

They also encountered various things during the journey, the only living fish, the exploding robot… It is a very cute style of painting, very cute actions, but everything is attributed to a kind of calm despair. All around is endless darkness. Except for them.

Most of the audience’s letters are mourning, and many are doing plot analysis and writing their own feelings.

“Chito actually has a plan to live, that’s why she is so careful. And Yuuri just lives, she can live in harmony with despair, she won’t calculate how much food to eat today and how much food to eat tomorrow, she looks like she’s happy, but she actually already accepted her end. They all have fundamentally different personalities.”

“The feeling of being desolate and broken, without even a corpse, I don’t know if there will be an explanation in the future… Living in harmony with despair, and opposing war, this should be the theme of this work.”

“Really, war is terrible…”

“I can’t stand it anymore, even my dreams are gray these days.”

“I don’t want to watch it anymore, goodbye.”

Accompanied by various voices, the finale finally came.

They meet an alien creature that tells them that they should be the only humans left alive, that the energy on Earth is about to be consumed, and that they are leaving the planet. The anime also implies that the bodies of dead humans are eaten by them, they do not eat the living. This is also the reason why there have been no corpses.

In the end, they have gone through a lot to finally reach the upper level that they have been longing for.

They ran out of fuel, they ran out of food, the gun Yuuri was carrying was lost because it was too heavy, Chito lit the diary she had always cherished as fuel, the car that had been with them for the entire anime broke down and they converted it into a hot water tank for a final hot bath.

However, when they finally got to the upper level, they found nothing but snowflakes and stars.

Nothing else.

After a short period of bewilderment, they happily had a snowball fight, and then ate the last dry food.

“Hey, what do you do after this?”

“Eat first, then sleep, and then think about it later.”

In the end, the two leaned together and went to sleep.

Starry sky, snow, and two girls curled up sleeping peacefully.

Here, the whole show ends.

In the tavern, many people stared blankly at the final outcome.

There are very few people who shed tears, because it is a kind of depression and sadness that can’t even shed tears.

So far, the concept of anti-war has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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