The Abandoned Son Ch.137

Chapter 137 — Strange Customers

A knock sounded on the door, Bai Yunxi’s face did not show any expression, but his heart was secretly relieved.

With a stern face, Bai Yunxi kicked Ye Fan and said coldly, “Go open the door.”

Ye Fan rubbed his legs and said unhappily, “Why do you keep kicking me? Last night, you kicked me out of bed. I bought the largest bed, and you still didn’t have enough to sleep, you had to kick me out. Yunxi, don’t be so domineering! You are so small, why do you have to occupy such a big bed?”

Bai Yunxi said angrily, “I’m just like this…”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go to the mall to see if there’s a bigger bed.” Ye Fan’s face really looked like: I can’t really do anything about you.

Bai Yunxi: “…” It’s not about the bed at all!

Ye Fan opened the door, saw the person at the door, and complained gloomily, “Brother-in-law, why are you here at this time?”

Bai Yunjin looked at Ye Fan’s disgusting look on his face, then glanced at Bai Yunxi again, and said puzzledly, “Did I come at the wrong time?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Well, it’s not the right time!”

“Shut up!” Bai Yunxi snapped.

Ye Fan turned his head and looked at Bai Yunxi innocently.

Bai Yunxi was full of anger and said, “Don’t be so unprofessional, can’t you find something to do? Hurry up and go.”

Ye Fan said unhappily, “I haven’t had any business for only a few days! Wife, you already dislike me? Really! People say marriage is the grave of love…”

“Yes, I have the seven-year itch and am ready to dump you!” Bai Yunxi said angrily.

“Seven years? Not seven years, not even seven months!” Ye Fan said in disbelief.

“Get lost!”

Bai Yunjin watched Ye Fan leave, and couldn’t help but have a headache.

“What is Ye Fan doing here?” Bai Yunjin asked.

Bai Yunxi was a bit exasperated and said, “He’s just too idle, so he knows how to fool around, he should be given something to do! As soon as he’s idle, he becomes a demon.” Bai Yunxi rubbed his shoulder that was painful from the pressure, and his face was a few shades redder than usual.

Bai Yunjin rubbed his nose and secretly said: It shouldn’t be what he thought it was! Such a decent brother in his own family has found someone so immodest.

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Cai Zhenjun’s villa.

Cai Zhenjun poured Ye Fan a glass of Wahaha Milk and asked curiously, “Young Master Ye, what brings you here?”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “My wife is not happy with me, so I can only come to you.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

“Rookie, do you know the seven-year itch?” Ye Fan asked.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “I know, the seven-year itch, the husband and wife are too familiar with each other, and romance and freshness are gone. Then, the marriage will enter a dangerous period.”

“I just got married, and my wife said that he has a seven-year itch and doesn’t like me anymore!” Ye Fan said melancholy.

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, you must be mistaken! I can see that Young Master Bai likes you a lot.”

“Really? You think so?” Ye Fan said happily.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes! If Young Master Bai doesn’t like you, why should he be engaged to you?”

“That’s right! Yunxi, he may just dislike me for not making money. Do you have any get-rich-quick, no-capital-needed projects on hand?” Ye Fan asked.

Cai Zhenjun scratched his head, thinking: If he had that kind of project on hand, he would have already made a fortune! If that’s the case, how could he still use his death to beg for money and please his unspeakable brother ah!

Cai Zhenjun smiled dryly and said, “No ah.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s impossible to count on you in business affairs.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” Although it is true, there is no need to say so.

Ye Fan’s phone rang, and Ye Fan’s face suddenly flashed a bit of joy!

“Yunxi, is there something? Did you miss me?”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m outside.”

“Outside, who are you with?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“Me? I’m with Cai Zhenjun now!”

“Stop hanging out with that old waste who only has trash in his head!” Bai Yunxi said dissatisfied.

Ye Fan: “…”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

Cai Zhenjun watched Ye Fan put down the phone and asked in confusion, “Boss Ye, what’s wrong?”

“Yunxi won’t let me hang out with you.”

Cai Zhenjun actually vaguely heard Bai Yunxi’s words, but he didn’t quite understand where he provoked the Third Young Master Bai.

Cai Zhenjun said a little puzzled: “Young Master Bai, why does he suddenly have such a big opinion on me? Did Young Master Bai find out that I took you to buy the little yellow book?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yunxi really knows.”

Cai Zhenjun said inexplicably, “How could Young Master Bai know?” He obviously took Ye Fan there secretly.

“Yunxi asked me, so I told him.”

“Young Master Ye, you didn’t struggle to resist and just said it?” Cai Zhenjun said anxiously.

“The first rule of a good husband, you can’t deceive your wife!”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” I’m not afraid of a god-like opponent, but a pig-like teammate! Young Master Ye, do you know that it’s not good for you to sell your teammates like this?

“I’ll go back first. Before, remember to find the disc you promised me! I’ll give you a jade pendant as a reward. You know my magic tools, it’s a tool for picking up girls,” Ye Fan patted Cai Zhenjun’s shoulder said.

Cai Zhenjun: “…”


Before Ye Fan arrived at the villa, he saw several people standing at the entrance of the villa through the flowers and trees.

There were monks in Taoist robes, monks chanting sutras, some madams dressed in white, and Zhang Xuan. In front of a group of “masters” with unique styles, Zhang Xuan’s dress as an ordinary person seemed a little out of place.

Just as Ye Fan was about to walk away, Zhang Wentao pulled him aside.

Ye Fan looked at Zhang Wentao, smiled, and said, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, long time no see!”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

“Master Zhang, do you know why so many people gather at my door?”

“Don’t you know yet? The Mu family and the Yang family fought, and the Yang family was forced to evacuate.”

“Oh.” It’s been a few days since Mu Lianping left, and Ye Fan hasn’t gotten the latest news.

“At first everyone thought that Yang Hong’s promotion to the eighth level of vital energy was a sure win, but unexpectedly, Patriarch Mu Feng of the Mu family also advanced to the eighth level of vital energy. Finally, two people fought in the dark and surprisingly, the Mu family patriarch won. On the Mu family’s site, the Mu family occupies a favorable location, and the Yang family was forced to evacuate.”

“The Yang family found out that Mu Feng was promoted to the eighth level of vital energy after taking your medicinal pill, so he seems to hate you to the core.” However, Ye Fan easily solved Yang Qianshan, even if Yang Hong was promoted to the eighth level of vital energy, he is not necessarily Ye Fan’s opponent.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “So, the Yang family is ready to come after me? Those are the ones who are here to trouble me?”

Zhang Wentao shook his head and said, “No, they all came to you to buy medicine pills.”

Ye Fan shook his head regretfully and said, “Buy medicinal pills? So they are here to give money? It’s a pity, I seem to have almost eaten all the medicinal pills in my hand, and I actually missed the opportunity to make money.”

Ye Fan’s eyes twinkled, hehe, and said, “However, the wife has already entered the door, the dowry has been given away, and the raw rice has already been cooked, so there is no need to rush to make money.”

Zhang Wentao: “…”

“Young Master Ye, do you really have medicinal pills that can make you advance to the eighth level of vital energy?” Zhang Wentao asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said: “Not yet. Mu Feng was able to advance, I think the main reason is that the medicinal pill is very suitable for his physique and cultivation technique, and his own cultivation has reached the breakthrough point, so he was successful.”

Zhang Wentao said with some regret: “Is that so?”

Ye Fan looked at Zhang Wentao and said, “Do you want to buy it too?”

Zhang Wentao smiled awkwardly. Longhu Mountain has a great reputation, but it is only among ordinary people. The real ancient martial arts sect is not well-known among ordinary people. Now, so many ancient martial artists want Ye Fan’s things, it is very difficult to fight with real swords and real guns, but it might be possible if you go through the relationship.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t have it for now if you want to buy it. Let’s talk about it later.”

Zhang Wentao: “Young Master Ye, what level is your cultivation?”

Ye Fan tilted his head and said, “I won’t tell you, I can only tell my wife about this kind of thing.”

His cultivation is only at the seventh level of Qi cultivation. The average seventh level of Qi cultivation may be similar to that of the seventh-level ancient martial arts. However, his cultivation technique is special, and he is a cultivator with various spiritual roots. His cultivation is more condensed, and with his ability, he can leapfrog the challenge, not to mention that the ancient martial artists in this world seem to have very limited resources.

Zhang Wentao: “…”

“Young Master Ye, where are you going?” Zhang Wentao grabbed Ye Fandao.

“Go home!” Ye Fan said.

“There are so many people at your door!”

Ye Fan said nonchalantly, “Just send them away! This is my house.”

Zhang Wentao: “…”

Ye Fan walked to the door of the villa and was entangled by several ancient martial artists.

“The medicine pill is gone! It’s all eaten up! There is no more material for refining.”

Ye Fan frowned. The medicine pill he brought back to Mu Lianping was temporarily refined. The spirit flame fruit, which was several hundred years old, was refined into eight flame pills, two were brought back by Mu Lianping, and he ate the rest.

If it weren’t for the amazing medicinal power of the Spirit Flame Fruit, he wouldn’t be able to advance to the seventh level of Qi cultivation so quickly.

Several ancient martial cultivators talked around Ye Fan for a long time. In the end, they could only keep telling Ye Fan to contact them next time when there is a good deal.

Bai Yunxi received a call from Xu Yuanqing and returned to the villa ahead of schedule.

“An ancient martial artist came to you during the day?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, they are all good money lords. They said that they could spend a lot of money to buy medicine pills with me, but they are out of stock!” Spirit flame fruit, which has been around for hundreds of years, is not cabbage.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “Even if there is no stock, we are not short of money. Besides, I don’t want you to sell medicine pills.”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi in confusion and said, “Yunxi, you don’t like me making money?”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said: “In the ancient martial arts world, it is extremely difficult to advance above the fifth level of vital energy. I don’t want your medicine pill to destroy this balance. Once this balance is broken, it is easy to get into trouble.” With Ye Fan’s ability, he is not afraid of trouble, but he can’t help but be afraid!

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi, blinked, and said, “What you said is a bit complicated…”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “Don’t sell medicine pills, just say no.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”


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Let me explain this to cultivation babies — Ye Fan said here that he is in the 7th level of Qi cultivation which is equal to 7th level of vital energy, however he is much stronger because of his several spiritual roots, this is true. In the cultivation world however, if you have 4+ spiritual roots, you are a waste and no sect will want you.

If you have 1 spiritual root, like Bai Yunxi, you are a genius, 2 is also good, and 3 is mediocre. But having less (in some cases) is weaker than those who have more if you happen to be in the same level of cultivation. People with a lot more spiritual roots are always 1 level higher than those who have less.

The only problem here is that it takes a lot of time for them to cultivate. Imagine having more glasses of water, you need to fill all of them to the brim in order to level up. In contrast, people with only 1 glass of water level up quicker.

No sect wants to waste precious resources on people who have more spiritual roots, they eat too much and take hundreds or thousands of years to become powerful.

Ye Fan’s case is special because of his 9 (?) colored soul which makes him cultivate faster, he can also refine pills and feed himself so there’s no problem for him. He can store more spiritual energy in his body, making him more powerful than his peers.

Bai Yunxi – his case is special because his spiritual root is a mutated Ice Spiritual Root, mutated ones are the genius of the genius.

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