The Abandoned Son Ch.138

Chapter 138 — The Mu Family’s Decision

Mu family.

Mu Lianping was standing in the courtyard, and Mu Shiyu looked at Mu Lianping with a somewhat complicated gaze.

“Lianping, have you changed your practice?”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Yes, I got a practice method by chance, and found that this practice method is more suitable for me.”

Before, the Yang family brought people over to find fault, and everyone from the Mu family fought together. It was Yang Lengxue who was facing Mu Lianping. Last time Yang Lengxue came to challenge Mu Lianping, she stepped on Mu Lianping’s head, this time it was switched, Mu Lianping beat Yang Lengxue to the ground, spitting blood.

Yang Lengxue lost face, and broke the news that Mu Lianping gave up the Mu family practice and practiced “demonic art”.

Mu Lianping’s practice is indeed quite different from that of the Mu family, and this has caused quite a bit of controversy in the Mu family.

“Cousin, don’t worry, I will leave the Mu family. I won’t embarrass the family, and I won’t embarrass the patriarch and the clan elders,” Mu Lianping said.

Mu Shiyu frowned and said, “Patriarch and clan elders are not such pedantic people. Your current practice is obviously more suitable for you, and they will not force you to give it up. The Mu family has developed to this point. There are fewer and fewer people who are suitable for taking spirit flame fruit, and there are also some people in the Mu family who practiced the exercises and went crazy. Perhaps the exercises handed down by our ancestors are not suitable for us to practice anymore.”

Mu Shiyu secretly said: If other people turn their backs on the family and practice the exercises of outsiders, the clan elder will definitely have an opinion, but Mu Lianping is different.

It was all thanks to Mu Lianping that the patriarch was able to break through the eighth level of vital energy, and so was Elder Mu Ke’s recovery. If the family dealt with Mu Lianping, it would definitely affect Xu Yuanqing’s impression of the Mu family, and Xu Yuanqing was a friend of Bai Yunxi’s grandpa ah!

What Ye Fan cares about most is Bai Yunxi’s opinion, and Bai Shiyuan will of course directly affect Bai Yunxi’s opinion.

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “I am not leaving the family because I practiced a different technique, it was my grandfather’s request. The news that the patriarch broke through the eighth level leaked. For some reason, it was rumored outside that Ye Fan had an upgrade pill in his hands. With Ye Fan’s ability to destroy Yang Qianshan with ease, his safety is of no concern, but the Bai family is different.”

Mu Shiyu’s face changed and said, “This matter, it is also the responsibility of my Mu family.” The news seems to be from the Yang family side, if something happens to the Bai family, the Mu family will not be able to escape Bai Yunxi’s anger. “So you are going to the Bai family?”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Yes, my grandfather has decided to stay in the Bai family and be the exclusive physician of the Bai family. I will also go there.”

Mu Shiyu frowned, pondered for a moment, and said, “Otherwise I’ll go tell the patriarch and go with you, you won’t be able to take care of it alone!”

Mu Lianping was stunned for a moment, and said, “Is this okay?”

“I think the patriarch will agree,” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lianping looked at Mu Shiyu and said, “Cousin, if you are willing to protect the Bai family, of course it’s a good thing, but the Mu family’s rules…”

Mu Shiyu smiled and said, “The rules can be changed. The outside world is changing with each passing day. If you stay in a corner, you will fall behind.”

Cousin, how come Mu Lan and Mu Li also want to go outside with me?” Mu Lianping said with some surprise.

Mu Lianping felt a little embarrassed when he kidnapped Mu Shiyu, now he ended up also taking Mu Lan and Mu Li!

Mu Shiyu spread out his hands and said, “They applied by themselves. In fact, there are many people who applied, but the patriarch only agreed to let the two of them follow you.”

Among the younger generation of the family, there is a rumor circulating that Mu Lianping can become so powerful all because of Ye Fan.

It’s only been how long? Mu Lianping had been transformed. With Xu Yuanqing’s friendship with the Bai family, Xu Yuanqing would ask Ye Fan to take care of Mu Lianping somehow.

Mu Shiyu suspected that the exercises that Mu Lianping was practicing now were given by Ye Fan. After all, although Xu Yuanqing had some skills, it was still difficult to come up with an ancient martial arts practice.

In the eyes of many young people from the Mu family, joining the Bai family is a good thing!

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Xu Yuanqing waited in the middle of a small village outside the mountain forest where the Mu family lived in seclusion and watched as Mu Lianping came out with a few Mu family disciples.

When Xu Yuanqing saw Mu Lianping come out with three Mu Family disciples, he hastily pulled Mu Lianping to the side.

“What’s the matter? How come there are others?” Xu Yuanqing asked.

“The patriarch said that the times are different and asked me to bring them out to see the world,” Mu Lianping said.

Xu Yuanqing said with some sigh: “The times are indeed different.”

Although ancient martial arts practitioners are powerful, in the past few years, technology has developed rapidly in the outside world, and various powerful weapons have emerged one after another. Ancient martial arts practitioners are much more powerful than ordinary people. However, in these years, there are many ancient martial arts practitioners who died at the hands of mercenaries with special weapons.

Ancient martial arts practitioners are powerful, but two fists can’t beat four hands!

“How will they be accommodated after they go out?” Xu Yuanqing asked.

“The patriarch’s intention is to let them be bodyguards for the Bai family,” Mu Lianping said.

“That’s a good thing, but are these people really willing to protect ordinary people?” Xu Yuanqing asked suspiciously.

Mu Lianping glanced at Mu Shiyu and the others, and said, “They promised the patriarch.”

Xu Yuanqing secretly said, “With Ye Fan around, these people can’t make any trouble, so he was relieved, “Let’s go.”

Yang family.

Yang Lengxue sat in the room with a gloomy face.

First being injured by Ye Fan’s powerful coercion, and then being defeated by Mu Lianping. Yang Lengxue could be said to have lost a lot of prestige in the Yang Family.

“Sister, are you okay?” Yang Ao walked into the room and asked cautiously.

Yang Lengxue shook her head and said, “It’s okay, this little thing won’t break me.”

Yang Lengxue has always looked down on Mu Lianping, and was ashamed of her engagement with Mu Lianping. As a result, this time…

“The patriarch, has he given up on the spiritual flame tree?” Yang Lengxue asked.

Yang Ao nodded and said: “Yes! Mu Feng’s strength is no worse than that of Elder Yang Hong! Moreover, this time, the Wu family and the Shangguan family don’t want to cooperate anymore.”

Yang Lengxue gritted her teeth and said, “A bunch of cowards.”

“The Wu family and the Shangguan family seem to be worried about Ye Fan’s intervention,” Yang Ao said.

“That Ye Fan is really powerful, he can actually make people advance to the eighth level…” Yang Lengxue said suspiciously.

How much energy did Elder Yang Hong waste to advance to the eighth level! Ye Fan casually let Mu Feng reach it.

Yang Ao shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I heard that many people have gone to ask for pills, but Ye Fan said that the pill is gone, and those who went have returned without success.”


Inside the villa.

Ye Fan was lying on the sofa, blinking his eyes, and said, “You said the Mu family will send someone to protect me?”

“Yes, the people have already arrived. They are at the Bai’s house. If you need to, you can call two people here,” Bai Yunxi said.

“This is the villa I bought for three million yuan! I won’t share it with others. Besides, I don’t need anyone to protect me.” Ye Fan tilted his head and secretly said: Is he that stupid to find such weak bodyguards, and destroy the two-person world between him and Bai Yunxi?

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Well, I think so too, so let them stay in the Bai family.”

The Mu family let people into the world at this time, on the one hand, it might be because of the matter of Ye Fan’s pills, which drew out many ancient martial arts practitioners, and on the other hand, it was the value in Ye Fan that was valued by the ancient martial arts families.

As long as the head of the Mu family is not stupid, he should be aware of Ye Fan’s abilities and is thinking about establishing a further relationship with Ye Fan.


Longhu Mountain.

“The old man of the Mu family actually released the disciples of the Mu family. Is this guy planning to let the disciples of the Mu family join the world to practice?” Zhang Xuan asked.

“Mostly, I think this old guy is interested in Ye Fan’s ability,” Zhang Wentao said.

Zhang Xuan nodded and said, “Unfortunately, our Longhu Mountain can’t get the spirit flame fruit that Young Master Ye wants.”

The prices of Ye Fan’s things have been rising rapidly recently, and the Longhu Mountain can no longer afford them. However, what Ye Fan brought out are indeed good things, and they are worth that price!

“The old man in the Mu family is quite shrewd!” Zhang Wentao couldn’t help saying.

Ye Fan likes Bai Yunxi the most. The Mu family helps protect the Bai family. Of course, Ye Fan can’t help but appreciate it!

“What is Young Master Ye doing these days?” Zhang Wentao turned his head and looked at Zhang Xuan.

“These days? It seems that he hasn’t been doing a serious job these days. He only knew how to read little yellow books with the second young master of the Cai family. After all, Young Master Ye is young, and he is newly married, it can’t be helped,” Zhang Xuan shook his head and said.

Zhang Wentao took a deep breath and said, “Young Master Ye doesn’t do his job all day, yet he’s still cultivating so fast!”

Zhang Xuan frowned and said, “Young Master Ye seems to be different from us.”


Bai House.

“Yunxi, what do you think of the people from the Mu family?” Bai Shiyuan asked.

Bai Shiyuan has long known the existence of ancient martial arts practitioners. He also knew how powerful these ancient martial arts practitioners were. It was difficult to get in touch with one of them in the past. With several more at home, Bai Shiyuan always felt a little nervous.

“It should be for Ye Fan, but it’s not a bad thing that they are willing to go down to be bodyguards,” Bai Yunxi said lightly.

“I understand, but those are ancient martial arts practitioners!” Although Bai Shiyuan had some money, he always lacked confidence in the face of an ancient martial arts practitioner.

“Grandpa, it’s just an ancient martial arts practitioner, you don’t have to be nervous,” Bai Yunxi said indifferently.

Bai Shiyuan looked at Bai Yunxi, and something strange flashed in his heart.

“Yunxi, you seem to have gained a lot of confidence! Is it because you have been with Ye Fan for a long time?” Bai Shiyuan secretly said: Before, his grandson was quite modest and cautious! That guy, Ye Fan, is an arrogant man who treats everyone as a mere chicken and dog

Bai Yunxi secretly said: Grandpa is implying that he is arrogant? After cultivating, his vision seems to be different.

“I heard from Daoist Master Xu that you also practiced ancient martial arts! Isn’t it very hard to cultivate ancient martial arts! I heard from Elder Xu that Mu Lianping’s training in ancient martial arts always hurts his whole body,” Bai Shiyuan said worriedly.

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “Me, I’m fine.” As long as he double cultivates with Ye Fan, his cultivation will naturally rise.

Under normal circumstances, in the two people dual cultivating, the one with the lower cultivation base takes advantage. The one with a lower cultivation base will be led by the one with a higher cultivation base, and the cultivation base will rise rapidly.

Bai Shiyuan nodded and said, “Isn’t it hard? Don’t work too hard, I think you seem to have lost weight.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”


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