Chapter 236 — Pretend not to know…

According to past practice, after an anime is finished, it will become a topic of conversation for everyone after a meal. In theory, the anime can be heard in the streets and alleys for a while. As a result, after the broadcast of “Girl’s Last Tour”, there are very few people discussing this anime on occasion.

This is mainly because the anime is so depressing.

At first, some people tried to mention it, but the people who took the initiative to mention this anime got unanimous resentment and even beatings from everyone, and then after such a day, those public places outside, pubs, restaurants, tea parties of nobles, all were quite, as if this anime never aired.

Although so calm on the surface, in fact this anime has deeply entered everyone’s heart, and will continue to affect the audience’s emotions for a period of time. So how to develop this IP, how to develop its commercial value – now this is no longer needed by Hill to handle one by one, the people under his hands have already divided their work and started to act. Hill only needs to do a general overview on it.

As for Hill himself, what he needs to be responsible for is how to further popularize the idea and concept of anti-war.

After all, it is impossible for all audiences to be so careful, and it is impossible for all audiences to fully appreciate the feeling inside, and some details have been ignored. In this case, everyone will not fully experience the emotions this anime conveys.

It is true that this work is very delicate and detailed, which has become a disadvantage for some rough-hearted people. In response to this, Hill launched a search for details. Because it was the first time to hold such an event, he personally wrote the copywriting and the event process. The specific content is to dig out the details in the animation, and then there are various awards. Finally, the participation in this activity is very, very high. The contributors not only unearthed the original details, but also added a lot of new connotations into it, that is, the original author may look at it and say “actually I did not think so much”, this kind of feeling…

Anyway, in the end, the more meaningful ones were published.

The conduct of this activity itself means in-depth exploration and thinking about the connotation of animation. Many people felt the shock in this activity even more than the feeling of watching animation at that time.

Under such circumstances, humans finally began to discuss this anime openly, and this anime also gained the “popularity” it should have.

The voices of anti-war and peace are getting louder and louder. Under such circumstances, Hill directly advocated the establishment of a World Peace Day, which was then supported by both humans and demons.

Dusk. Sunset.

Back on Earth, Hill always felt that the most common thing in reality that came close to the appearance of magic was the sunset. The gorgeous colors spread across the vast sky, penetrating the layers of clouds and rendering an incomparable magnificence.

Hill and Ice Emperor Claude were admiring the scenery on the terrace. Lich Aligeli stood in the shadow of the wall, his cloak was moving automatically without wind, and a faint black mist floated beneath.

“There are more and more festivals,” Ice Emperor Claude said with emotion.

World Peace Day, Air Show, Fireworks Festival…


Hill’s eyes still stayed on the sunset. Back then, he felt that the sunset was psychedelic and beautiful. Now he has seen many magical scenery in the true sense, but the current sunset is not inferior at all. Always be in awe of nature, he thought, and he can start guiding in this regard after a while. Hmm… Miyazaki’s works can be moved out.

“There are more and more festivals, which means more and more things to remember.”

“Is this a good thing?” Ice Emperor Claude asked.

“What do you think?” Hill asked.

Claude replied: “I have a special feeling, but I can’t tell.”

Hill retracted his gaze from the sky, and then looked down at the entire Winter City from the terrace. A moment later he said, “Bestow upon time the gift of civilization, instead of giving civilization more time.”

This quote comes from The Three-Body Problem, one of Hill’s favorite novels. From this, he also learned that he prefers the tension brought by humanities rather than pure science fiction.

Claude repeated this, then fell into a deep thought

“Okay, that’s it for the frontispiece and cover theme of the next magazine.” Hill said to Aligeli over there, “Go and take care of the cover and inner decorations, and then let the bard write the manuscript for me to review, and I will not participate in more.”

“Yes, My Lord,” said Lich Aligeli.

——read at

A week later, Lich Aligeli delivered his homework, and he completed a series of photographic works.

The main background is a ruin of the demon race, the mists surround the ruins, surrounded by bare trees growing densely together, they do not have a leaf, nor has the slightest trace of the existence of the past leaves. The trees are black, the land is also scorched black, as if this forest had been burned in a big fire. The fog was so heavy that visibility was no more than ten meters, and the countless jagged trees extended their strange branches into the air, looking grotesque and frightening.

You can see the outlines of the buildings of the past, and you can see how beautifully carved the stone pillars are, which indicate the former glory of the place.

There are two models, a dark elf and a fallen angel.

They pose in various ways, the first one is the fallen angel standing alone on the ruins and playing the harp, sitting on the ruins next to him is the dark elf playing the flute; the second is the dark elf sitting cross-legged on the ground, the fallen angel standing tall with his back to the camera, the shadow of the fallen angel covering the dark elf; the third is the fallen angel alone, the fourth is the dark elf sleeping soundly in a piece of rubble… These pictures are beautiful and without any flaws from an artistic point of view. There is a beautiful and desolate feeling, some of the photos also reveal a full visual impact. Of course, this group of photographs has a different style.

“The shots are pretty good, your photography skills are getting better and better.” Hill was quite satisfied with this, so he praised Aligeli.

“Thank you, My King. I have learned a lot from reading My King’s books on photography recently,” said Lich Aligeli.

Hill turned over the photographic works one by one, and then chose a safe one as the cover, “Go and take another photo, the ruins with the fog dissipating, the shocking feeling of the huge ruins under the scorching sun are directly displayed. With the fog in the cover, turning the page will show the fog dissipating, and the impact will be stronger in this contrast.”

Lich Alighieri’s eyes lit up: “My King, you are really amazing!” When Hill said this casually, such a picture immediately appeared in Lich Aligeli’s mind. Lich Aligeli couldn’t help but sigh, no wonder humans are so addicted to demon culture. The means of conveying culture by His Majesty the Demon King alone is so powerful that he couldn’t help exclaiming.

After all, seeing too many works of art on Earth, Hill thinks this is just the basics. But every time he was praised so much by his subordinates, Hill felt he was already numb.

Three days later, Theodore received a sample draft of the magazine, and after turning over the pictures on the first few pages, he subconsciously thought: Prepare for the shock, humans!

…Wait, he seems to be human too.

Theodore scratched his hair, feeling that something was wrong.

Forget it, continue to read the manuscript.


Birds of Dawn Headquarters. Josh Kenny.

There is no shadow of clouds in the sky, and there is no sign of rain at all, which makes people not even looking forward to it. There was no wind either, and the air was unbearably hot.

Today’s day was quite hot, and Jefferson felt that everything alive on the earth was waiting for night to come, and it would be cooler at night. He thought.

The organization is in such a bad time of year when there is a mistake, but the investigation has progressed. The system at the top was perfect at this time because it was structured by Hill before, but there were still some problems at the lower and middle levels, corruption, and again, corruption. Jefferson was getting tired of these greedy humans.

Everyone in the headquarters seemed to be sweating profusely and was very sluggish.

Everything dries up under the blazing sun.

Both nobles and commoners seem to deteriorate quickly once they are tainted with power, and the two are comparable in this regard.

“Why does the Birds of Dawn always encounter such a problem, we must solve it quickly, do not disturb the top,” Jefferson said to his subordinate Wyatt.

Wyatt came from a small family and was a young man with great ideas and aspirations. Although he was still a little naive in many cases, Jefferson felt that he would make great achievements in the future, so he made him his direct subordinate. Jefferson is now fully capable of acting on his own and has become a very mature leader.

“Oh, I understand, we will quickly solve it in private, and then hide it from above.” Wyatt said, “I understand, Lord Viscount.”

“’I understand’ your head!” Jefferson couldn’t help rolling his eyes and patted his head, “What are you thinking? What I mean is that we shouldn’t bother His Majesty the Demon King. Just solve the problem as soon as possible and then report back to His Majesty the Demon King.”

“Oh, okay,” Wyatt said, “but you don’t have to be too upset, Lord Viscount, this kind of thing is inevitable, we can do our best, I think. Those nobles can easily go to corruption, after all, the idea that commoners are inferior to nobles can’t be changed overnight.”

“Yeah.” Jefferson nodded in agreement: “There is a long way to go.”

“En.” Wyatt nodded vigorously.

“Wait, what did you say?” Jefferson suddenly felt wrong.

“Huh? What did I say? Huh? What did I say again?” Wyatt also felt that something was wrong.

The two nobles looked at each other, suddenly dumbfounded.

“So, so, are commoners and nobles equal?” Wyatt asked stupidly.

Jefferson asked back: “Ah? I don’t know, what are you asking me for? What the hell is this question, we won’t discuss it. Forget it, anyway, the corrupt people are wrong, we will go to them to settle the account. Let them spit out the money.”

“Cough cough yes they are wrong…” Wyatt said quickly.

They seemed to have accidentally opened a terrible door just now.

Kekeke, pretend not to know.

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