The Abandoned Son Ch.141

Chapter 141 — Claypot Rice

Ye Fan drove the car and traceled on the mountain road with an uncontrollable joy on his face.

Bai Yunxi glanced at Ye Fan and asked with some annoyance, “What are you giggling about?”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “Because Yunxi, you came out with me! So, I’m very happy!”

Bai Yunxi sat in the co-pilot and said in an indifferent tone, “Drive carefully! Obey the traffic rules.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I know, I know! I’m the one driving, no need to worry!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” No need to worry? Ye Fan has a lot of previous records, how can he rest assured!

Ye Fan was driving the car smoothly, when a green sports car rubbed Ye Fan’s car and whizzed away.

“That guy overtook my car,” Ye Fan said unhappily.

Bai Yunxi opened his eyes and said, “If people want to overtake them, let them overtake them.”


Another red sports car changed its lane, and rushed to the front of Ye Fan’s car, “Another one overtaking me.”

Bai Yunxi wrinkled his brow and said, “We’re not in a hurry, no need to rush.”

Third and fourth sports cars whizzed one after another, Ye Fan even heard a contemptuous whistle.

Ye Fan’s anger suddenly rushed up: “No way! One or two are trying to overtake me, I’m too humiliated.”

Ye Fan put two flight talismans on the car and roared, “Let you see my power!”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan’s angry appearance, closed his eyes, and chose to rest.

Ye Fan slammed the accelerator down, and the car rushed forward.

Ye Fan’s car was speeding like a rocket, and the several sports cars that had surpassed Ye Fan before were all left behind by Ye Fan.

“Yunxi, there is something ahead!”

Bai Yunxi opened his eyes and saw a red ribbon. There were many beautiful and cool women on both sides of the road.

Bai Yunxi instantly understood what those sports cars were all about, Ye Fan had mistakenly intruded into someone else’s racing competition, he knew it! How can there be so many sports cars on such a remote road?

Ye Fan knocked the ribbon flying, and under the watchful eye of the group, he drove away.

Several members of the cheerleading team looked at Ye Fan’s car, dumbfounded.

“Which is the champion? Strange! There doesn’t seem to be a Bentley sports car among the participating cars!”

“This car is going so fast!”

Ye Fan’s car drove away for a while, and several sports cars arrived one after another.

The downside of driving too fast is that the car broke down.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “How is it?”

“Looks like it’s out of gas!”

“Can’t you pay attention to the dashboard?” Bai Yunxi said unhappily.

Ye Fan scratched his head and said, “I drove too fast, I didn’t notice it.”

Bai Yunxi dialed a number and frowned, “There’s no signal, it’s too desolate here.”

Ye Fan sat on the roof of the car and said, “Now, just wait for a car to pass by so that they can take us for a ride.”

Bai Yunxi: “I don’t know if there is a car in this wilderness…”

“If you are tired, you can go to the car and sleep for a while. If I stop the car later, I will call you,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”

Bai Yunxi rested for about ten minutes before being woken up by Ye Fan. “Got a car?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan got out of the car and sat in the temporarily stopped car.

What Ye Fan stopped was an off-road vehicle. There was a lot of camping equipment on the roof of the off-road vehicle. Bai Yunxi secretly guessed that the owner of the vehicle was a senior traveler.

Bai Yunxi got into the car and found two men, one Chinese and one foreigner!

Chen Ran looked at the attire of Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan, and asked curiously, “Look at the appearance of the two of you, you don’t look like locals. You are also here to explore?”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “Yes.”

Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan were both dressed in explorer attire, which slightly concealed their appearances.

“Ah, fellow explorers, please give us more guidance,” Chen Yan said with some excitement.

“I don’t know where this friend is going?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“Me ah? George and I are going to Huai Village. George likes to explore. We heard that there is a very magical village here. So, we’re headed there to see. Do you want to go with us? If there are many people, I’m not so scared anymore,” Chen Ran smiled.

The man in the driver’s seat turned back and smiled at Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan.

The man in charge of driving turned his head, only then did Bai Yunxi see the face of this man, with blond hair and blue eyes, a high nose and deep eyes, and he looked quite handsome.

“Huai Village? Is there any wonderful place in that village?” Bai Yunxi asked curiously.

Chen Ran said incessantly: “The village of Huai Village is very mysterious! There is a river in this village, and when children go swimming in the summer, they often die mysteriously.”

“It is said that there are water ghosts in the river, and now no one dares to swim in the river. I heard that even if children don’t swim in the lake, if they are close to it, they will be pulled down by the water ghosts in the lake. People from Huai Village call that river the Soul Snatching Lake.”

“There is also a mansion in the village. I heard that it was built by an official who resigned in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a result, the sons of this official were inexplicably decapitated and died. Later, the family disappeared, and the mansion is now dilapidated. No one dared to live there.”

Bai Yunxi listened with relish, Bai Yunxi glanced at Ye Fan and said, “Why don’t we go and have a look?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay!”

At the destination, everyone got out of the car together.

Bai Yunxi looked at George and Chen Ran who were holding hands, and secretly said: Sure enough, this pair is a same-sex couple.

When Bai Yunxi and the others arrived at the village, it was almost evening, so they had to temporarily find a hotel to stay.

In the evening, George mysteriously found Ye Fan and Bai Yunxi.

“Mr. George, what’s the matter?” Bai Yunxi asked in confusion, looking at George’s sneaky appearance.

“Mr. Bai, can you do me a favor?” George said, full of nervousness.

“What kind of favor?”

“Ran Ran insists on eating claypot rice, can you persuade him to let him eat steak with me? I am willing to accompany him to eat dirty duck claws, but he actually wants me to eat claypot rice with him!” George said with a broken expression.

Ye Fan blinked his eyes and said in confusion: “Claypot rice, I also like to eat it, why don’t you eat it?”

“You actually eat children?! When I came to China, I heard that you Chinese people eat rats, eat monkeys, eat ants, and eat duck tongues… But you actually eat children, and your government doesn’t care about it?!” George said with wide eyes.

Ye Fan: “…”

“Don’t worry, I don’t eat claypot rice.” Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “Why did Chen Ran ask you to eat claypot rice with him?”

George frowned and said with a sense of loss: “Ran Ran doesn’t like to eat steak, I like it. Ran Ran said that medium rare steak makes him nauseous. It’s half-rare. After I got to know him, I changed it to medium-rare. He still thinks he can’t eat it. He is doing this for revenge! I let him eat steak, and he will let me eat children. It’s too much!”

Bai Yunxi smiled. The eating habits of foreign countries are different from those of Chinese people. Domestic medium-rare steaks can already be eaten. However, foreign medium-rare steaks are still bloody and half-cooked. Domestic people really accept it ah!

“Actually, claypot rice is delicious, I’ve eaten it too!” Bai Yunxi said somewhat nastily.

“You guys!” George gave Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan a look full of horror and ran away in panic.

Bai Yunxi tilted his head, smiled, and said, “This foreigner is really interesting!”

“This is what happens when you don’t learn Chinese well!” Ye Fan said with his hands behind his back.

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Early the next day.

Ye Fan met George and Chen Ran again. George might have figured out what claypot rice was, and his face was a little red.

“Young Master Bai, we’re going to take a look at Soul Snatching Lake, do you want to go see it together?” Chen Ran asked.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Okay!”

Chen Ran and George walked ahead hand in hand.

Ye Fan followed suit behind and took Bai Yunxi’s hand. Chen Ran turned his head, glanced at Bai Yunxi, and said happily, “Mr. Bai and Mr. Ye are also close friends.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “We are engaged.”

Chen Ran nodded and said, “It’s rare to meet someone of the same path in China.”

“Yeah. There are still many pedantic people in China who don’t approve of same-sex marriage. How about the two of you, are you engaged?”

George boasted: “We are not only engaged, but also married!”

Ye Fan: “…” This foreigner is really annoying!

“Mr. Chen, do you know anything about this Soul Snatching Lake?” Bai Yunxi turned the subject and asked.

“I heard that there are many souls sleeping in the lake, so the mobile phone will fail when you get to the lake,” Chen Ran said.

Bai Yunxi asked curiously, “Mr. Chen, you know a lot about this village! Did you do a lot of homework before coming here?”

Chen Ran nodded and said, “Because George wants to invest in the construction of a tourist scenic spot here! There are many supernatural enthusiasts now, and the legend of this village can be used. When the time comes, it may be able to attract many tourists.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, people are weird now. In the past, when they heard about ghosts, they avoided them. Now, when people hear about ghosts, they run to where they are!”

Chen Ran: “…”

When George walked to the lake, he looked around in disappointment and said, “It’s nothing special, it just seems a little cold.”

Chen Ran looked at the phone and said, “The phone really has no signal.”

“Mr. George, you can’t get close to the lake! This lake is very dangerous.” The village chief walked over in a panic with a few people.

George said disapprovingly: “It’s okay! It’s just an ordinary lake, it seems that the rumors are a bit exaggerated…”

As soon as George’s voice fell, layers of mist quickly rose on the lake, and a burst of children’s laughter came over.

Bai Yunxi noticed that the faces of the village chief and the villagers were not very good.

A gust of cloudy wind blew over, and the laughter became louder and louder.

Chen Ran wrapped his clothes tightly and said, “It’s so cold!”

George immediately said: “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Ye Fan glanced at George and thought that this foreigner was really interesting. He was so frightened that his legs were weak, and he still talked about protecting someone.

“Let’s go,” Bai Yunxi said.

“Where to go?” George said. The fog was so thick that it obscured the path from which they came all at once.

“Follow me,” Ye Fan said lightly.


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