Chapter 237 — Lunch with Monroe

There was a light rain early this morning, and the gloomy sky rain kept falling. Because the rain was not very heavy, coupled with the speed of evaporation, there was not much water on the ground after the morning. The light gray clouds in the sky vary in shades, the texture does not look soft, and the entire Famagusta loses its color. Under the dark clouds, the main building of the Dark Church is even more magnificent, majestic, and has a cult-like beauty.

After Monroe came out of the conference hall, he saw Hill who was looking at the scenery outside from the window. Although he was basically used to his ghost-like presence, the distance from Magnolia City to the Dark Church was beyond human reach, so Monroe still raised his eyebrows unnoticeably: “You’re here.”

Hill looked at the mythical story depicted on the stained glass. The Demon King crowned the Dark Pope. The white skeleton crown was coated with a shell of faith so that the crown began to glow, becoming a more typical pope’s laurel crown in line with everyone’s impression. Hill did not respond to Monroe’s remark, and said: “I just passed by Magnolia City, and Jefferson, the son of Old Jackson, told me that there was another corruption incident under the Birds of Dawn.”

Monroe didn’t mind that Hill didn’t respond to him, but followed Hill’s words and said, “There have been many cases, we need to think of an overall measure.”

“Well. It’s time to determine a system from the bottom up, and other organizations can refer to it in the future. This thing happened not because of Little Jackson’s lack of ability, they just never have encountered these problems before. It’s like the so-called crossing the river by touching the stones. But fortunately, they have me,” Hill said.

“Yes, it’s good to have you,” Monroe said.

Hill turned around, and Monroe saw the lover he had not seen for almost a month. He had not changed a bit, and of course Monroe himself had not changed a bit. Time had almost frozen on them, they had now achieved some sense of eternity, anticipating feelings as well. Then Hill smiled at Monroe, he wasn’t stingy with his smile to anyone, he smiled at his men, smiled at his friends, smiled at strangers, and smiled at his enemies.

Such a Hill will give people a very special feeling, some people think he is easy to get along with, some people think he is scary, and of course, some people will be forced to choose a number under his smile (…).

A paladin once said to Hill: “My King, in fact, I have always wanted to tell you that you make me feel particularly insecure.”

Hill’s first sentence was: “Ah? Are you trying to pry your captain’s corner?”

Paladin: “Huh?”

Hill touched his chin and said, “You are very similar to what a girl and boy in love say. I like Paladins very much, it’s true. So, are you really implying…”

The Paladin was stunned: “No, that’s not what I meant, I just wanted to express that…”

“Oh, then you are subconsciously trying to dig Monroe’s corner, is it so exciting?” Hill asked.

Seeing that the paladin wanted to dig a hole in the ground to bury himself, Hill became serious: “A sense of security, this kind of thing is not given to you by others, but given by yourself. Of course, this word, depending on your situation, has to have other understanding.”

“Ah, you mean…”

“I can give you anything you want, money, glory, everything. Except for security,” Hill said.

After speaking, Hill couldn’t help but smack his lips, tsk, what he said, if it weren’t for this situation, he would be a proper scumbag.

— End of recollection.

“That’s what you said.” Hill laughed again, “Why are you starting to praise me mindlessly too.”

“A brainless person can’t feel how powerful you are. The more brainy people are, the more they realize how powerful you are.” Monroe retorted seriously: “So this is smart praising, not brainless praising.”

Hill smiled again, “Okay, I actually have a plug-in.”

“…don’t understand what you’re saying, but want to have lunch together?” Monroe asked.

“Okay.” Hill blinked, “So eat lunch first or eat me first?”

Monroe thought for a moment. “Can we only do one thing at a time?”

Hill: ?

. . . screeching.

After eating lunch in various poses, Hill went to his room in the Dark Church (that said, he now has his own room in various places), and then took out his mobile phone and started to organize the system. He was studying a paper on corporate management with a bulging head when there was a knock on the door.

Hill put down his phone and sensed that it was Monroe who was at the door: “Come in.”

Monroe walked into the room wearing a white linen robe, and he asked casually, “What were you doing just now? You didn’t even notice when I approached.”

Hill said with a smile: “I’m doing some very secret things, the kind I’m not ready to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” Monroe smiled and did not continue to ask.

“Well, about the institutional system mentioned in the morning, I have some ideas now. Come and discuss with me…”

The two started talking. At the end of the discussion, Hill suddenly stuck his head out: “Are you not curious about my past? And about the secret I told you?”

“Curious,” Monroe replied.

“Then why don’t you ask?” Hill asked.

“Because you didn’t take the initiative to say it, what matters is your present and future,” Monroe said.

Hill pouted, “There is no new standard answer for romance novels.”

Monroe: “Huh?”

“Haha you’re kind of cute with that response.”

“Then I’ll change it.” Monroe thought for a moment and said seriously, “See how I can clean you up and make you say it?”

“Oh, that’s the standard answer for old novels,” Hill said.

Monroe touched the back of his head: “…Are novels developing so fast now?”

Hill was once again endeared by Monroe’s reaction: “Hahaha, there are traces of birds flying all over the sky, you can develop a new way of flying.”

“Then we’ll just have to say whatever we want without any circumvention.” Monroe said, “At least for you it can be so.”

“…Ah, yes, that’s fine for me.”

At this time in the afternoon, the sky was clear, the wind blew the clouds away, the sun melted the clouds and mist, and the sky seemed to be shining with crystal blue light that was very translucent. It was very lovely.

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Oitin Empire. Church of Light.

It was late at night when Teresa returned to the Church. He wanted to go back to see his father, but as soon as he entered the Holy City, an ascetic came over and said that the Pope had asked him to find him directly after his return. Teresa slandered in his heart that ‘you don’t want to sleep but I want to sleep’, but it was only a slander in his heart.

When he met the Pope, the first thing the other party did was the kind of polite greeting, and then he asked a question that made Teresa think it’s really like this: “What did you talk about?”

The Pope asked the same question. Teresa sighed in his heart. He is just a mortal, of course he is a mortal, but fortunately he is a mortal. After sighing, Teresa reported to the Pope the results of “what he should say theoretically” after discussing with Monroe.

“Yeah.” The Pope of Light nodded: “I didn’t expect Monroe to say these words. The Demon King’s attitude is too domineering… This probably has a lot to do with your previous attitude towards the demon race.”

Teresa just nodded silently.

“It feels like you’ve strengthened a lot after this trip,” the Pope said.

“Yes,” Theresa nodded.

“How is it?”


After Teresa finished speaking, he raised his head and looked directly into the Pope’s eyes, saying word by word, “No matter what, the other side is the enemy, and some things must be done by any means, and some things must be carried out.”

The Pope did not accuse him of overstepping at this time, but nodded with satisfaction: “I feel your determination. Well, it’s getting late, you can go back and rest.”

“Okay.” After Teresa finished speaking, he bowed and left.

After he walked out of the church, he looked up at the sky. The darkness of the night expanded, and the starry sky seemed to be lit up in an instant, as if God had opened His eyes.


Peter Pan’s Neverland is slowly being laid out. After Hill has arranged all the major events in the near future, he has become idle. The work of the magazine has been largely handed over, and unless Hill has a sudden inspiration, he is no longer involved in this area at all.

The overall quality of the magazine has definitely dropped a bit, but today’s quality is more than adequate.

Hill, who was free, went directly into vacation mode. He first went to the Death Bird for a while, and expanded the pirate immersive theater a bit. Then Hill wondered if it could be an immersive theater with the whole apocalypse theme. Ah, plus the nature of the battle royale. Oh by the way, it seems that we can start to make zombie movies, “The Walking Dead”, “Resident Evil”, and so on… Hill is ready to complete these scripts and hand them over to Lich Aligeli to shoot.

Hehe, let the real Grand Lich shoot this kind of zombie film, it’s so exciting just thinking about it.

Hill has always yearned for the pirate life, and of course he also understands that his yearning is the yearning after artistic processing. And now, he has the ability to make reality the same as the pirate life after artistic processing.

Because of Hill, the pirates on the Death Bird have been eating delicious meals lately.

The main dish for Hill tonight is grouper, which has a much higher practical value and taste than carp. The braised grouper, which is slowly fried and roasted over a gentle fire, has a fresh and tender taste, and the fragrance spreads from afar. Hill took a bite in his mouth and sighed, “Irvine’s skills are really getting better and better.”

Irvine replied: “It’s not that my craftsmanship is better, but that I gradually adjust the seasoning ratio and taste that My King prefers, so My King will feel that the food is getting more and more delicious.”

“I see.” Hill nodded, and then took a bite of the paper-wrapped fish on the other side. This paper-wrapped fish with vegetables is quite rich. The fresh fish has no thorns, the outside is slightly burnt, and the moist is locked in the ingredients, a bite of rich flavors. The crispy charred skin wrapped around the delicious fish, one bite and you can’t get enough of it. Plus Irvine’s cooking techniques that are constantly fine-tuned according to his own tastes, it makes him feel like life is really comfortable to live like this.

Feel the sea breeze blowing, eating delicious food, listening to the sound of the waves, and the pirates singing next to them.

Hill couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.



Choose a number under his smile — 1 or 0, seme or uke lol

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