The Abandoned Son Ch.133

Chapter 133 — Xiao Chi’s Troubles

The next day, Ye Fan walked to Xiao Chi’s community and saw a very thrilling scene.

A fat woman was dragging Xiao Chi, crying and howling. Beside the woman, there is also a man standing tall and strong, looking like a bandit.

“No heavenly justice!”

“Bad in-laws, no good death.”

“Killing a thousand knives!”

The fat woman, crying and howling, pulled Xiao Chi’s clothes so hard that they were wrinkled.

When Xiao Chi saw Ye Fan, it was as if he saw a savior, and he immediately said: “Ye Fan, don’t just watch there, come and help me!”

Ye Fan heard the words, rushed to Xiao Chi, opened his arms, and protected Xiao Chi behind him, “Grandpa, don’t be afraid, I will protect you. What do you want to do?”

The woman pointed at Xiao Chi angrily, and said, “This bastard has lost his conscience, and you still ask for help.”

The woman rushed towards Xiao Chi with a ferocious face, Ye Fan dragged Xiao Chi to hide, and the fat woman threw herself in the air.

“Grandpa, what have you done?”

Xiao Chi said angrily: “I can’t reason with them, let’s go first.”

Xiao Chi’s face was dark, and he said secretly: A scholar meets a foot soldier ― cannot use reason with him. To this woman, he is also helpless.

Ye Fan used a little trick, tripped the fat woman, and dragged Xiao Chi into the villa.

When the fat woman saw Xiao Chi enter the community, she wanted to follow up, but was stopped by the security of the community.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter? Did you have an affair with that woman?”

Xiao Chi almost jumped up when he heard Ye Fan’s words, “What are you talking nonsense about? Is that how I look in your eyes?”

Ye Fan laughed awkwardly and said, “Grandpa, I really don’t know what kind of vision you have. That woman is a little bit uncultured, but didn’t someone say that after eating too much big fish and meat, you want to try a small dish of porridge? Who knows if your vision is not very special?”

Xiao Chi glared at Ye Fan and said, “Go, go, my vision is normal.”

His vision is normal, but Bai Yunxi’s vision is very special, he found a bastard like Ye Fan.

“Grandpa, what did you do? That woman scolded you for killing a thousand knives.” Ye Fan bumped Xiao Chi with his elbow, showing a bright smile, “Grandpa, don’t worry, we’re old friends, even if you really did something wrong, I’ll keep it a secret for you,” Ye Fan said.

Xiao Chi looked at Ye Fan, and his heart was dull for a while: “You, you… How did Yunxi find a bastard like you? Let me tell you, it’s not what you think at all!”

Old friends? Ye Fan is really amazing, he married Yunxi so he is two generations younger than him, what old friend? What an old friend, neither big nor small.

“Then what’s going on?” Ye Fan asked.

“Before, there was an old friend whose granddaughter got divorced, so he asked me to introduce a blind date to her. So I introduced one, and I also introduced her to a divorced child with children. After two people met, there was a tacit understanding, and they got married quickly.”

“After that, I was entangled by the girl’s ex-husband’s family.”

“This girl and her ex-husband met in college. As for her ex-husband, he came from the countryside. He is also diligent and motivated, and he looks good. The girl has been with the boy for a few years, and their relationship is fairly stable.”

“After the girl’s parents found out, they felt that the boy’s family was a bit tricky, and they didn’t agree with the marriage. The girl didn’t know what kind of ecstasy soup she was taking at the time, and she still decided to marry the boy.”

“Under the pressure of her parents, the girl and the boy got married. Although the girl’s parents did not agree with the marriage, they still bought a suite for her and her husband to live in.”

“After getting married, the boy took his parents over and said that he wanted the parents to take care of the girl, but in fact that was not the case at all. After the boy’s parents came back, they disliked the girl for being lazy, not being able to cook, and not being able to do laundry. Only knows how to waste money, buying cosmetics and buying bags.”

“Afterwards, it was even more extreme. The boy’s relatives came in an endless stream and regarded her house as a guest house. The girl happened to hear the conversation of the relatives who came to their house, and only then did she know that the man’s parents bragged to people everywhere, saying that the girl saw their son as young and talented, with a car and a house, so she insisted on marrying him. The girl was pissed enough.”

“After that, the girl gave birth to a daughter. People in the countryside all like boys, and they pay attention to inheriting the lineage. In the eyes of many people in rural areas, girls will be married in the future, and they will be someone else’s family. Now, raising a daughter is a money-losing business.”

“The parents were very dissatisfied with the girl and insisted that they have another child. The girl had a difficult labor when she had her first child, and it would be a bit difficult to want it again. In addition, the girl felt that her and the boy’s work was not very stable. His relatives and friends always come to borrow money, one is not easy to raise, let alone two, she is not very willing to give birth again.”

“I don’t know what the couple thought, but they came up with the idea of ​​letting the boy find another woman to have another child.”

“That man, he actually agreed. The man had a child with another woman without telling the girl. After the girl knew about it, of course she quit.”

“The boy’s family scolded the girl together, scolding the girl as a hen that doesn’t lay eggs, saying that it was because she couldn’t give birth to a boy, she should be more virtuous, and that they were forced to do so. The girl was furious, and went to file for divorce.”

“That family, they are so confident that they believe that their son is a god in heaven. After the girl gets divorced, she will definitely regret it! They think the girl is quite old, and she also has a child, so no one will accept her.”

“However, after they divorced, the family knows that the house is owned by the girl’s parents, and they don’t have any share at all.”

“The old couple occupied the house and refused to move out. They insisted that the house belonged to their son. The police came to the door several times to mediate but to no avail. The girl’s parents were also straightforward and sold the house directly.”

“The new owners, of course, won’t give the old couple a face, so they kicked them out.”

“The little mistress was originally interested in the man who had a house and a car, and was young and promising. After the man was divorced, the little mistress found out that the man was just an empty shell. The house belongs to the ex-wife’s parents, not only with car loans, but also raising a big family, brother’s school, brother’s marriage, all rely on the man, the burden is huge. The mistress saw little benefit to the fish, had an abortion, and broke up with the man.”

“The mistress lost the child, and the old couple cried and made trouble, and then they remembered their son’s ex-wife again.”

“Originally, the old couple was still waiting for the girl to regret it, but when they found out that the girl had remarried, they suddenly became red-eyed.”

Ye Fan was puzzled and said, “This has nothing to do with you, Grandpa! Why is she looking for you?”

Xiao Chi rolled his eyes and said, “Of course it has nothing to do with me! However, their family is now crazy and desperate, they catch whoever and bite whoever. I don’t know where they heard that I made the match, so they looked for me.”

In order to get a divorce as soon as possible, the woman didn’t even want the car, although the car’s down payment was from the woman, but the man’s family still wanted to divide the house.

The boy’s parents didn’t know what to think, they decided that the girl was married to their son, and the girl’s things belonged to their son. As soon as the woman’s parents sold the house, the man’s parents were dumbfounded.

Xiao Chi brought Ye Fan into the house, Mu Wan looked at Ye Fan, smiled, and said, “Ye Fan is here! Hurry up and sit down, Yunxi said that you have a good appetite, so I specially cooked a few more dishes.”

Ye Fan was not polite, he sat down directly, and nibbled a pork knuckle in three or two strokes.

“Grandma, your cooking is so delicious, so delicious that I’m embarrassed to hide from you that Grandpa was out there, tangled up with a woman.”

Hearing this, Mu Wan looked at Xiao Chi in confusion, and said, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Chi rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense. You know that thing, it’s that family last time, they said I destroyed their son’s family.”

Mu Wan said speechlessly: “This matter, wasn’t it the old couple themselves who wanted to divorce at the beginning? Now coming to entangle, this is just making trouble ah. Besides, if they want to look for someone, they shouldn’t be looking for you!”

It is said that when the old couple found out that there was a boy in the mistress’ belly, they became extremely happy. So they wanted to divorce their son and daughter-in-law so that the mistress could be welcomed into the house! This old couple are also stupid. The child in the mistress’ belly is only two months old. How can they know the gender in two months?

“This child, Yun Jie, how did she find such an ex-husband?” Mu Wan said with a full sigh.

Ye Fan raised his head and said, “This is because there are too few golden tortoise son-in-law like me in this world.”

Xiao Chi nodded and said with full approval: “Yes! There are too few outstanding people like you…” A person like Ye Fan, one is enough, a few more would be a world of chaos.

Mu Wan glanced at Xiao Chi and said, “I say old man, you can leave this kind of nosy business in the future. Look at you, every time you meddle, you will cause a lot of trouble for nothing.”

Xiao Chi took a deep breath and said, “How did I know this would happen? The couple downstairs, Old Wang, is a matchmaker every day, and they’ve done it dozens of times, and they’ve never encountered such a thing like this!”

“Grandpa, you have a bad character! You have to find a great dancer to drive away evil for you!” Ye Fan said carelessly while eating hairy crabs.

Xiao Chi looked at Ye Fan angrily, and said, “Come on, there’s so much to eat, and you still can’t keep your mouth shut?” Xiao Chi secretly said: This guy, Ye Fan, has a really good appetite ah! He has already eaten the fourth pig’s trotter. If he is not well prepared, he will have nothing to eat.

Mu Wan kept serving Ye Fan food. The old lady usually likes to cook for the younger generation. She is happy when the younger generations eat more, but young people nowadays always talk about losing weight, making Mu Wan unable to perform. Seeing how good Ye Fan was eating, Mu Wan liked him more and more.

“Grandma, your craftsmanship is really good, better than a five-star chef.”

Mu Wan smiled and said, “What nonsense, I don’t have the ability to be a chef. You can come here often if you like to eat.”

Ye Fan ate and drank enough, walked around Xiao Chi’s apartment and made a protective formation in the room.

Seeing that Ye Fan was leaving, Mu Wan packed several food boxes for Ye Fan and let Ye Fan take it away.


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