The Abandoned Son Ch.134

Chapter 134 — The Woman Who Was Hit by an Evil Spirit

When Ye Fan left the community, he met the woman who was pestering Xiao Chi again.

The woman dragged people everywhere and said that Xiao Chi was not kind, and helped other men abduct her filial daughter-in-law, and Xiao Chi had benefited from them.

The woman also said how filial her daughter-in-law was and how good she was with her son.

She also said that her daughter-in-law is rich, and the one who is marrying her now is interested in her daughter-in-law’s money. Xiao Chi is also helping the liar to deceive the girl. Xiao Chi also wants to make a profit. Her poor granddaughter, now she falls into the hands of her stepfather, will be more miserable in the future.

Ye Fan stood by and listened for a while, then couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

When the woman’s son and daughter-in-law were not divorced, she did not like her daughter-in-law, and she felt that her daughter-in-law was a waste. There is a closet full of clothes, and she still keeps buying new ones. She is all dressed up all day, and her hair is dyed yellow. At first glance, she is unruly.

A bag costs thousands of yuan, what a sin! How much can you do in the countryside with a few thousand yuan? How many chickens can you raise to sell for a few thousands of yuan!

The old woman felt that her daughter-in-law was useless, but she was also very temperamental, arguing with her son all day long, and when people from the village came over, the daughter-in-law was also aggressive. Which daughter-in-law in the village has such a big temper?

The old woman originally thought that this girl was able to live so well by relying on her son. The son’s monthly salary is 20,000 yuan a month. Who in the village has the ability to make so much money?

However, when her son and daughter-in-law divorced, the old woman realized that it was not the case at all.

The house belongs to the daughter-in-law’s parents, and there is no son’s share at all.

The car is a loan, and the loan has to be repaid every month. The son’s job is also found by the father-in-law. The boss took care of the son because of the relationship of the son. After the husband and wife divorced, the boss changed his face and actually demoted his son, and his salary dropped a lot.

The old woman did not expect such a situation after the divorce, and suddenly regretted it.

The old woman thought about waiting for a period of time to grind her daughter-in-law’s temper, and then let her son and daughter-in-law remarry. The woman shamelessly went to look for her daughter-in-law, only to find that her daughter-in-law had remarried.

While the old woman was angry, she always felt it was unbelievable. Her daughter-in-law was in her thirties, she was married and brought an oil bottle, but there were still men willing to marry her. This is unbelievable in the countryside. The old woman felt that the man her daughter-in-law later married was most likely a liar, fancying the money of her parents.


After sending Ye Fan away, Mu Wan said with some concern, “What do you think we should do if that family continues to stir up such nonsense?”

Xiao Chi scratched his head and said, “I don’t know either.” He was clearly reasonable, but when it comes to such unreasonable people, there is no way! If it goes on like this, he can’t even get out of the door.

Mu Wan frowned and said, “It’s a problem if it goes on like this!”

Mu Wan guessed that the family didn’t know the background of their family at all, and if they knew, they would never find them.

“Otherwise, I’ll tell Old Bai and ask him to find a few policemen and drive them away,” Mu Wan said.

“Isn’t that making a big fuss?” Xiao Chi said embarrassedly.

Xiao Chi is a literati and he always has some literati spirit.

Although Xiao Chi is a professor and comes from a scholarly family, his salary is not high. Back then, when Xiao Lianyi married into the Bai family, many people said that their family was a high climber. There were many unfavorable rumors about them. Xiao Chi also worried that his daughter would live a bad life in the mansion, so for many years, they resolved their own matters, and rarely begged the head of the Bai family for any help.

Mu Wan looked at Xiao Chi, shook her head, and said, “Okay, then take a look.”

Mu Wan secretly said: That family lost the girl’s house, so they could only rent a house. Renting a house in Beijing is not cheap. She guessed that after a period of trouble, the old woman should go back to the countryside. If you want to gain a firm foothold here, how can it be so easy?

There was a knock on the door, Mu Wan opened the door and found that it was the next door neighbor.

“Mrs Wang! How come you are free to come here?”

“I’m here! I just want to ask you if you know the woman downstairs who has been saying things about your Old Xiao. Today, something happened, that woman is really not ashamed, all day long talking nonsense nonstop downstairs. Tonight, I don’t know whether she bumped into a ghost or something, she actually told the truth.”

“She told people her daughter-in-law’s parents are black-hearted! The house they bought for their daughter is actually written in the names of the old couple, which is a pitfall for their son.”

“In their village, the daughter-in-law’s things belong to the husband. The result, after the son and daughter-in-law divorced, those two black-hearted parents actually sold the house, they have no right to do so ah!”

“She said her son’s monthly salary is 20,000 yuan, but the country is not kind! He actually has to pay taxes. His son works so hard to earn money, and the top wants to collect three thousand, it’s immoral ah!”

“She also said that the daughter-in-law is not good and can’t give birth to a boy, so that her son will find another woman to have a son. However, their son and daughter-in-law divorced, and the mistress lost her grandson because her son had no house. What a sin!”

Xiao Chi frowned and breathed a sigh of relief.

People in this community who know his background know that this is not the case, but there are still many people who are not familiar with him! Maybe listened to the woman’s nonsense and believed the woman’s words that he received benefits.

“It just so happened that someone in the community recorded everything the old lady said and uploaded it to the Internet. The Internet scolded the scumbag man all over the place, and the man was also fleshed out. According to this trend, this man’s job is estimated to be gone. I heard that the man had a good position ah!” Mrs. Wang’s heart was full of gossip.

Mu Wan said with some confusion: “Then why did the old lady tell the truth all of a sudden?”

Xiao Chi took the paper fan and fanned it, and said calmly, “What’s so strange about this? She just slipped her tongue.”

Xiao Chi knew as soon as he heard it that the problem should be with Ye Fan. This guy Ye Fan had so many tricks, it shouldn’t be difficult to get people to tell the truth, but this kind of thing, it’s better to keep it a secret within their family.

“To say the least, it really looks like she’s hit by an evil spirit. When the woman woke up, she said she saw a ghost. That scene was really scary.”

Xiao Chi smiled and said, “Mrs. Wang, don’t make a fuss, that woman may have regretted it and lost her head, so she just told the truth.”

“But the contrast between before and after is too big. Professor Xiao, you say, this community ah, two days ago, a female thief inexplicably fainted under a tree, and then today this old woman was inexplicably hit by an evil spirit at the gate of our community. Mrs. Mu, you say, is there really no problem ah?” Mrs. Wang shook her head and said.

Mu Wan: “…”

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Not long after Ye Fan returned home, Bai Yunxi came back.

“How are things going on Grandpa’s side?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “It’s all settled, with me on the scene, you’re still not sure? Let me tell you! Grandma likes me, I’m really loved by everyone, grandma can’t even let me go, she even packed a lot of delicious food for me to bring back.”

Bai Yunxi: “Nothing happened to grandpa and grandma?”

“Grandma is fine, but something happened to grandpa, he was entangled with a woman!” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi frowned and said, “Grandpa was entangled with a woman, are you mistaken?”

“No! As soon as I got there, I saw a woman pulling his clothes so hard that she almost pulled his clothes off. Fortunately, I arrived in time to save my grandfather!”

Bai Yunxi said suspiciously, “Are you serious?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course, can I still lie to you?”

Bai Yunxi: “…”


Xiao Chi put down the phone, full of depression, “Ye Fan, this bastard.”

Xiao Chi ripped open his fan and fanned himself fiercely for a long time.

Mu Wan swept a glance at the constantly fanning Xiao Chi, shook her head, and said: “Are you that hot? Don’t fan too hard and get a cold! Watch how you swear, if people hear, how bad ah! You are a professor.”

“It’s all because of Ye Fan, this stinky boy,” Xiao Chi said angrily.

“Isn’t Ye Fan quite nice? You’re so old, don’t always get angry with young people!” Mu Wan said.

Xiao Chi held up his forehead and said, “He told Yunxi that I was having an affair!”

Mu Wan: “……”


When the old woman returned to the temporarily rented community, she found that several people in the community looked at her not quite right.

The old woman had some bad premonition in her heart.

“Son, why are you back? It’s not time yet to get off work,” the old woman asked.

The old woman frowned and said unhappily: “Did you resign? Even if you were demoted, that’s nearly 10,000! Such a salary in the countryside is already very high, even if you want to change jobs, you have to find a good next home before changing ah!”

The man gave the old woman a displeased look and said, “If I don’t resign, I’ll have to wait for the company to fire me. At that time, wouldn’t it be even uglier?”

The old woman was puzzled and said, “Why?”

“Mom, do you have to kill me to be reconciled? What are you doing talking nonsense in other people’s community?”

“Your mother didn’t do it on purpose. I seem to have seen a ghost. Anyway, I just said it casually, and it won’t be a problem.”

“Won’t be a problem? All the words you said have reached my boss’s ears,” the man said angrily.

The old woman said with some confusion, “That’s impossible! Could it be that someone snitched?”

The man ground his teeth and said, “Where is the need for someone to snitch? Who doesn’t know now!”

“Then… what should I do then?” The old woman was very good at messing around, but when something happened, she suddenly didn’t know what to do.

The man waved his hand and said, “Okay, it’s too late to say anything now, let’s go back to the countryside.”

The old woman said unhappily: “Go back to the countryside, how embarrassing! The villagers all know that you are promising. You married a girl from a big city and found a job in a big city. If you go back in such a disheartened way, I don’t know what people will say when they see you.”

The man said, dissatisfied: “If this is the case, why did you want me and Xiaojie to divorce so much in the first place?”

The old woman smiled awkwardly and said, “Son, you are so handsome, you can always find someone better, what are you afraid of?”

The man closed his eyes and said to himself: Find a better one, how could it be so easy? The girls in the capital have such a high vision. How can they look at someone like him? The man looked at the old woman and felt a little tired. If not for his mother’s words, his life wouldn’t be in such a mess.

“Son, your brother said he wants to buy a cellphone, look!”

The man glanced at his mother impatiently and said, “Mom, I lost my job, and I have to pay off my car loan, I have no money!”

“You say, your ex-wife is also really too much. Buying a car, why not buy it in full? Why must she take out a loan? A loan is just borrowing money! Every year, so much interest is wasted in vain. It’s a sin!” The old woman was full of unhappiness.

The man closed his eyes and said tiredly, “Mom, that’s enough.”


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