The Abandoned Son Ch.135

Chapter 135 — Concocting Pills

Ye Fan stayed in the alchemy room in the basement, threw the cold essence into the pill furnace, and added several medicinal herbs.

The cold essence in the pill furnace gradually turned into a liquid under the catalysis of several traditional medicinal herbs. At the same time, a bone-piercing chill spread, and a thick layer of cold frost instantly condensed on the walls of the alchemy room.

Ye Fan increased the fire a bit, and the flames burned fiercely under the pill furnace.

The temperature in the room dropped even more.

In Xinyue Community, a young man and woman are walking in the park.

“Hey, say, has the temperature dropped several degrees?” the woman couldn’t help but asked.

“Yeah! I feel a little colder too.”

“Why do I feel that it’s not so cold outside just now?”

The boy hesitated for a moment, and said mysteriously: “I heard that this community is often haunted! It was a while ago ah! There are thousands of miles of clear skies in other places, but in our community, there were lightning and thunder!”

The girl blinked and said inexplicably, “Then this place is so mysterious, you never thought of living in another place?”

The boy shrugged and said, “It’s not easy to buy a house here. Now that the house price is so high, it’s very troublesome to change a house. Besides, Bai Yunxi now lives here, and people in our area are reluctant to move now, in case we are lucky enough to get it into Third Young Master Bai’s eyes.”

The girl looked at Villa No.18 and said, “I just feel like this house is the coldest.”

“It’s this house. This house was originally a haunted house. The people living in it either died or were scared away. It is said that this house is connected to 18 layers of hell, and no one dares to buy it. Now there are people living in it. It’s Ye Fan, I heard that that guy is a Celestial Master, so he is not afraid of ghosts,” the boy said.

Hearing that the boy mentioned Ye Fan, the girl immediately became excited, “I know about Ye Fan. A few female fans came to him before, but they encountered a ghostly wall! There has been no news about him recently. I heard that he has quit the entertainment industry. Some people say that this guy has no special abilities at all, and everything is hype.”

The boy frowned and said, “I don’t know what the specific situation is, but this Young Master Ye seems to be very mysterious.”

“He must be really mysterious ah. If not, can the old man of the Bai family agree to marry his grandson to him?” the girl said.

While the young couple was talking, a luxury car drove to the door.

Bai Yunjin drove Xu Yuanqing and Mu Lianping to the gate of the villa.

“Young Master Bai, the gate of this villa is closed, it seems that no one is there!” Xu Yuanqing said.

Bai Yunjin shook his head and said, “Shouldn’t be! When I came, I asked Yunxi, and Yunxi said that Ye Fan should be at home.”

“The temperature here is not right,” Mu Lianping said.

After being reminded by Mu Lianping, Bai Yunjin immediately found that the villa was a little cold.

“There seems to be a scent. This scent seems to be the scent of medicinal pills forming. Let’s wait here. Maybe Young Master Ye is concocting pills, we can’t disturb him,” Mu Lianping said.

Xu Yuanqing immediately said: “Alchemy masters don’t want to be disturbed while concocting pills the most, let’s just wait.”

Seeing this, Bai Yunjin said, “Okay.”

Mu Lianping closed his eyes, absorbing the medicinal power escaping in the air.

“It’s getting colder and colder. Ye Fan is concocting pills, doesn’t he use fire to concoct pills? That should be hot! How come it’s so cold?” Bai Yunjin hugged his body tightly and said.

Xu Yuanqing smiled and explained: “One of the medicinal pills is a cold pill. When refining, the temperature will be lowered.”

Bai Yunjin nodded and said, “So that’s how it is.”

Xu Yuanqing smiled. He had only seen the records of cold pills in the ancient books, and knew that when some medicinal pills were being refined, the temperature would decrease, but the decrease in temperature was only a slight decrease.

“It’s freezing,” Bai Yunjin said solemnly.

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

The escaping medicinal power became more and more intense, and Mu Lianping had a feeling that the medicinal herbs refined by Ye Fan would be of great benefit to him.

The temperature drop stopped abruptly and the temperature began to rise rapidly.

“Master Xu, is the alchemy finished?” Bai Yun said sincerely.

Bai Yunjin and the others waited for a while, then went to ring the doorbell.

When Ye Fan came out of the alchemy room, he saw Bai Yunjin and others waiting at the door, “Brother-in-law, what brings you here?”

“Daoist Master Xu and Young Master Mu have something to talk to you about.”

Mu Lianping said solemnly, “Young Master Ye, can I have a word with you?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Although Ye Fan felt it was unnecessary, he still took Mu Lianping into the underground secret room.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Fan asked.

“Three days ago, the Yang family elders, in collaboration with the Wu family and Shangguan family, came to our Mu family to demand a compensation, and forced our Mu family to hand over the Spiritual Flame Tree,” Mu Lianping’s face was ugly as he said.

Ye Fan said in surprise: “Is that so! I heard Zhang Xuan say a while ago that the Yang family gave up this idea!”

“The Yang family is still unwilling to give up.” The Yang family coveted the flame tree for a very long time. After Yang Qianshan was abolished, the Yang family was quiet for a while, however, Yang Hong advanced to the eighth level of ancient martial arts, and the Yang family is alive again.

The higher the ancient martial arts level, the more difficult it is to cultivate, and every time you want to go up a layer, it will become more difficult, and likewise, the strength gap between each layer will also become very huge.

Eight level of ancient martial arts ah! The patriarch of the Mu family has the highest cultivation level in the family, which is only seventh level.

The Yang family is used to being arrogant, Yang Qianshan has become disabled, and the Yang family is preparing for revenge with all their strength. Yang Hong is promoted to the eighth level of the ancient martial arts, and he must get his family’s dignity back.

Ye Fan nodded, “Oh”, and secretly said: It’s just a flame tree, only those who have the root of fire can use it. As for robbing it like this?

“Then you came to me because you wanted my help.”

Mu Lianping took out the package he was carrying, took out a jade box and opened it, Ye Fan saw six Spirit Flame Fruits.

Ye Fan blinked and secretly said: the Mu family has a lot of family money! He knew that the old man of the Mu family was hiding something, but these six Spirit Flame Fruits should really be the last of the Mu family’s family money.

After the Spirit Flame Fruit matures, it will automatically fall to the ground. The Spirit Flame Fruit matures for a long time or a short time. It can mature in three or five years. Most of them will mature in ten years. There are also some that mutate which take hundreds of years to mature.

The maturity time is different, and the quality is also different. Ye Fan found that among the six fruits, one of the Spirit Flame Fruit has a history of 300 years, and one is worth more than a dozen ordinary Spirit Flame Fruit.

Hundreds of years of spirit flame fruit is very rare. If it wasn’t for an extraordinary period, the Mu family probably wouldn’t take it out.

“Young Master Ye, this is what my Mu family has accumulated over the years, six Spirit Flame Fruits. I would like to exchange a few bottles of Great Recovery Pill and magic tools with you,” Mu Lianping said.

Ye Fan nodded, guessing that the Mu family was going to be armed to the teeth and fight to the end.

“Okay, you are so generous, I won’t be stingy,” Ye Fan smiled and said generously.

Xu Yuanqing asked curiously, “Young Master Ye, what were you refining just now?”

Ye Fan took out a bottle of elixir and said, “Oh, this is the elixir that I made for Yunxi.”

Bai Yunxi has a body of heavenly yin and ice essence, and is a good seedling for cultivating ice-type exercises. If you want to deal with the outbreak of an ice essence, it is impossible to escape blindly. Finding a way to use and control this ice essence is the best solution.

Xu Yuanqing smiled and said, “Young Master Ye, you’re so good to Young Master Bai!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course, Yunxi is my wife! Of course I have to be nice to him!”

Xu Yuanqing couldn’t help but say, “Young Master Ye, can you spare two pills…”

Ye Fan glanced at Mu Lianping and said, “Alright.”

Ye Fan secretly said: Anyway, Yunxi can’t eat too much of this medicinal pill, his strength is increasing too fast, and there will soon be a second outbreak of cold essence.

He can’t take too much himself. With Yunxi to accompany him to double cultivation, his ice-type technique will not be slow to improve, but he needs to increase his fire-type spiritual energy. Otherwise, he will not be able to withstand the cold energy of Yunxi. .

Xu Yuanqing looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye’s alchemy skills are getting better and better!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough spirit grass to practice, and my alchemy skills can’t be used at all! In this way, maybe I have to go to sea earlier. Counting on that group of wine bags and rice bags, they definitely won’t be able to find the Immortal Mountain.”

Ye Fan guessed that the Immortal Mountain might have an enchantment. If the enchantment could not be broken, even if they were next to the Immortal Mountain, the Immortal Mountain would not be visible.

Xu Yuanqing: “…” Wine bags and rice bags!

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Mu family.

As soon as Mu Lianping returned to the Mu family, he was welcomed by several children of the Mu family.

“Lianping, you are finally back! The patriarch has been waiting for you for a long time. Have you brought the things?” Mu Shiyu asked.

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “I brought it back.”

Mu Shiyu said excitedly: “Very good, with this batch of Great Recovery Pills, the Patriarch can also sprint to the eighth level of vital energy. The Yang family is very arrogant these days since they have an eight-level vital energy practitioner. If we also have one, they will be scared to death.”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Okay, let’s send it over first. Young Master Ye gave a bottle of a special medicinal pill, which is said to be made from Spirit Flame Fruit.”

Mu Lianping originally wanted to exchange Great Recovery Pills with Ye Fan, but the number of Great Recovery Pills was limited. He wanted a large amount but there was not such a large quantity for a while, so Ye Fan took this Flame Pill out, which was said to be much more effective than the Great Recovery Pill.

Mu Lianping had already switched to ice-based exercises, so he didn’t feel much about this medicinal pill.

“This medicinal pill is so powerful.” Mu Shiyu’s eyes showed a bit of splendor.

As soon as Mu Lianping’s medicinal pill was taken out, Mu Shiyu’s cultivation felt a faint breakthrough.

Seeing Mu Shiyu’s reaction, Mu Lianping immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Mu Shiyu actually felt good, and it was probably good.

“Is this pill really better than the great recovery pill?” Mu Lianping asked.

“Of course, cousin Lianping, don’t you feel it?” Mu Shiyu asked.

Mu Lianping smiled and said vaguely, “Let’s go, the patriarch should be waiting anxiously.”


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Wine bags and rice bags – people who only know how to eat and drink and are useless

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