Chapter 228.2 – “Captain Magnolia” officially ends here

Then Master Erskine and Steve had a conversation, and Master Erskine told Steve seriously: “You have to remember, never forget who you are, don’t just think about being a good soldier, you should also think about being a good man.” Here Hill uses a very clever word, the word ‘good man’ is not ‘good human being’ in common language, but ‘good individual’. This echoes after the Red Skull said to Steve, “You should have noticed that we are no longer human.”

Then Steve was injected with the blood of the demon race, and he came out of the instrument with strong and developed muscles, and a masculine charm all over his body. This makes the audience and the heroine Carter next to him blush. During the filming, Paladin Grantham, who played Steve of Captain Magnolia, was extremely shy, and he was very nervous when he thought that his bare upper body would be seen by so many viewers.

“Will my future wife think I’m dirty?” Grantham asked Hill seriously.

Hill snorted out, “That’s a bit of an interesting thought.”

#This is a serious warning about not keeping male virtue

In the next chase scene, Steve, with his upper body exposed, casually put on a tight shirt and crossed several streets to chase the bad guys who killed Master Erskine. He was running and because of his large chest muscles, you can see the famous scene of shaking chest, Hill wanted to give him a close-up of his chest when he was filming. In the end, he felt that the close-up was too irritating, so he held back his strange thoughts. Of course, after Grantham saw his scene later, he could not wait to dig a crack on the ground and get in.

A lot of special effects were used in this chase scene. The enemy fired magic bullets at Steve while running. Some of the magic bullets Steve escaped, and some of them might hit pedestrians and he directly stopped them with flesh and blood. There was no hesitation. Inhuman strength and noble virtue mixed together, this is Steve Rogers.

Iron Man once said in the Avengers movie that the backbone of the Avengers is Captain America. He is only responsible for finances and making the equipment cool. Captain America is the spiritual core of the Avengers. In this era, pure heroes are needed. Later, he rarely expressed his joys, anger, and sorrows. He just did what a hero should do, and he has been silently undertaking his own obligations. His name is ‘Captain America’ , bearing the title of the country on his back. From 70 years ago to 70 years later, regardless of whether he can do it objectively, subjectively he has been working hard. He couldn’t be a soldier at first, but he tried again and again, until later he also became a hero with other heroes. In Avengers 2, he faced Ultron, Hawkeye said to him, you are not his opponent, and Captain America reluctantly said, I know. Then he still rushed towards Ultron.

He’s really a great hero in the traditional sense, the kind of typical hero you can dislike but you have to admire.

Changed the background and changed the title, but Hill still wanted to capture the feeling of the original Captain America. Every detail, every line, every little plot, must shape the character of Captain American.

Hill has always felt that the core of the Marvel Universe movies is the characters and charisma of these heroes, and that everything should serve this.

After Steve Rogers gained a lot of power, the plot became fast-paced, and then another Prince Borel appeared. He thought that Steve’s role should be more on publicity, so Steve started to shoot commercials, stage plays, and movies, and used these to serve the imperial war. He did play a big role, but he was still depressed because he wanted to go to the battlefield. This can also show Steve’s character, even if he doesn’t like to act like a monkey to others, but he can understand that this can really bring benefits to the empire, so he endures it. But soon the opportunity came when, during a condolence performance at the front, he learned that the unit his friend Bucky was with had been captured by the enemy, so he decided straight away to go over and rescue them. He went alone to the enemy base with the help of Carter and Howard Stark, followed by smashing special effects and exciting fights.

In the last scene of the battle, Steve ran and jumped to the opposite bank with all his strength, and the flames rushed up. And before the audience could see his results, the camera panned out to the second lieutenant writing a notice of death in action.

Halfway through the death notice, cheers and applause sounded in the barracks. The second lieutenant raised his head and saw Captain Magnolia and Bucky side by side, followed by the soldiers who had been captured before, returning triumphantly.

The audience cheered when they saw this scene.

Beautiful transitions, suspenseful cuts, and the feeling that the hero has finally stood in the position of the hero at the end.

This movie is great!

Next was another set of fast shots. It used to be Steve Rogers who performed how Captain Magnolia fought in the war on stage and in the movie, and now he was given permission to fight in the war himself. Many of the images of the war and previously performed one by one, coupled with Hill’s carefully constructed light and shadow effects, as well as all the actors in it are professionals: including the Dijon tribe and the soldiers of the Magnolia Empire – so the final effect presented by the film is simply mind-blowing.

The showdown begins shortly after Steve’s best friend Bucky is killed. Steve kisses Carter before the showdown begins, and then gets directly into the airship where the Red Skull is. There are very few emotional scenes in the movie. Although the heroine Carter has a lot of scenes, most of them are plots fighting side by side with Steve, so this kiss made everyone look forward to it. They all thought, what a perfect movie, the hero is with the beauty after his triumphant return.

As a result, the next plot made their eyes almost fall out.

The airship was carrying many, many magic crystal bombs and was heading to Winter City at a high speed. Steve could not control the airship to stop, so he decided to destroy the flying device of the airship and let the airship fall directly on the iceberg. Finally, he and the heroine Carter had this dialogue through the magical communication device:

“Sorry Peggy, looks like I’m going to dance with you another day.”

Carter said tremblingly, “I can wait for you at the gate of the Demon Realm Mall next Saturday. Exactly at eight o’clock. Don’t be late. Understand?”

Steve smashed the magic crystal device on the airship with his fist and said, “I understand, but I can’t dance yet.”

“I’ll teach you.” Carter said softly, this was the first time the audience heard her such a gentle voice, “Just come.”

Instead of saying “okay”, Steve closed his eyes and shattered the last piece of equipment, and the airship fell into darkness.

Thus, the war finally ended. The streets and alleys were full of cheering crowds. There was a carnival party in the tavern. In the dark corner, only Steve’s original soldier’s face was silent. He raised his glass and said, “To the captain.”

“He died?! He actually died?!”

“What the hell?”


The audience at the cinema is naturally blown away.

“Why did he die?”

“Ah… the end of this war reminds me of “Violet Evergarden”. The war is over, obviously the war is over, but he hasn’t come back yet…”

“Wait, do you remember seventy years from the beginning?”

“Ah, yes, they dug up a magnolia shield!”

“But what about Carter? Their love has just begun…”

“Yeah, what about Carter?”

As soon as they mentioned Carter, Carter appeared in the movie.

She stood alone in front of the Demon Realm Mall, surrounded by cheering crowds, and she was alone.

A man stepped forward: “Miss, are you alone? Do you want to go to the dance together?”

Carter smiled and said, “No, I have an appointment.”

“Well, that’s a shame,” the man said, and left. Another passerby stepped forward and said, “Hey man, don’t be sad, that woman is lying to you. She waits there every day at this time, and anyone who goes to chat with her says she has an appointment.”

“So that’s how it is. What a strange person,” the man at the beginning said.

“That’s right. But there may be some story.”

“That’s true.”

The two walked away while talking.

Many viewers were in tears.

What a heart-wrenching line…

The screen went black. After a full ten seconds, the screen lights up again.

Steve Rogers suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed, surrounded by a completely unfamiliar scene, the door opened, and the Avengers Commander Nick Fury, who had appeared once before, appeared, and he said straight to the point: “Hello Steve Rogers, I’m Nick Fury, you’ve been asleep for seventy years, maybe we can talk.”

Steve Rogers rushed to the window and saw the bizarre Magnolia City completely different from what he remembered.

Next is a shot of a shuttle to Magnolia City. The combination of magic, technology, and new city is simply amazing.

Steve turned around and asked, “What do you want to talk to me about?”

“Interested in joining the Avengers?” Nick Fury said.

After this sentence is finished, the movie ends directly, and the subtitles appear.

Director: Grindelwald

Assistant Director: Aligeli

Steve Rogers: Grantham (Paladin)

Carter: Carol (Succubus)

James Barnes: Isaac Starchaser (Dark Elf)

Oh yes, Bucky is indeed played by the dark elf, and the skin was whitened by magic means during the shooting, so Bucky in the movie looks close to the original character, his friendship with the protagonist plus his handsome appearance, so the sensational clip after his sacrifice also attracted some tears.

Although the subtitles have appeared, no one has left their seats, because everyone knows that this series of movies has Easter eggs at the end.

The subtitles meet the end, and the easter egg appears.

Beneath the cliff of the Ice Valley, Bucky was lying on the lake. Footsteps came from not far away, and then a leather boot stepped on the lakeside. The next shot showed the Hydra logo on the pin in front of the cloak of the visitor.

The Easter eggs are over, and “Captain Magnolia” officially ends here.

Many spectators jumped directly from their seats.

Damn! This is not the end of the movie at all, this is obviously the beginning of the next movie, damn, damn, I really want to keep watching!

This kind of heart-wrenching feeling… If you watch the serialized anime, you can see the next episode tomorrow, but the movie will have to wait at least a few months!

It’s really worrying.

Captain Magnolia joins the Avengers, and what’s next? Can Bucky and Carter span those seventy years? What happens when Bucky is picked up by the enemy? He shouldn’t die…but what will happen in the future is so confusing! They really want to stay here at the movie theater!

Several times, the audience found that after watching the easter eggs, they completely forgot what they wanted to say during the main show…

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