Chapter 228.1 –  “Captain Magnolia” officially begins

“Hurry up, it’s going to be late.” Melissa Cecil hurried Diane Leslie to the cinema.

“You’re really enthusiastic, Melissa.” Diane trotted along with her skirt, “The tickets for the premiere are so expensive, we won’t be too late to see them in a few days.”

“That would feel completely different,” Melissa said.

“You really like movies,” said Diane.

At this point, the two had already entered the theater, so they consciously lowered their voices.

“Because the movie is good, we didn’t have much entertainment before the movie was born, and the movie is really exciting, so… our position is here, that, I’m sorry, please let me through. Thank you.”

Diane also thanked the person softly, and said, “I know the movie is good, but I still think you’re too excited.”

“Maybe what the movie conveys doesn’t touch the deepest part of your heart,” Melissa said.

“Maybe.” Diane sat in the seat, waiting for the upcoming “Captain Magnolia”.

“Then what do you most desire to see in your heart?” Melissa asked.

“It’s hard to say, let me think about it…” Diane thought about it for a while and said, “I’m more eager for a purer hero and justice, not the kind of evil prince who is both righteous and evil, nor is it Iron Man. The kind that are a bit pompous, or Captain Jack’s… Of course, I like them too, but just a normal one.”

“I see.” Melissa nodded, “You like heroes in the traditional sense.”

“Oh yes, yes.” Diane said, “It’s the kind of hero that is sung in poetry, pure and powerful, full of sacrificial spirit, and may sometimes seem a little dull and imperfect. And some heroes in movies now feel a little bit too invulnerable, like Iron Man, they’re kind of offbeat heroes. Of course, it’s nice to watch their movies, because they’re smart and clever, so they don’t get much injustice. But that doesn’t really touch my heart.”

“I see what you mean,” Melissa said, “but I still like Iron Man and Captain Jack.”

“I prefer traditional heroes,” Diane said.

Melissa blinked and said a wit: “Disagreement, come, have a fight?”


“I don’t know what kind of hero “Captain Magnolia” is…”

Diane muttered to herself.

As soon as her voice fell, the movie began to play. The first thing to appear was the chibi version of the skeleton, this time holding a small shield with a magnolia flower logo painted on it. He walked to the middle of the movie screen, and then put on a majestic pose, someone who knew it immediately recognized it, this is the pose of “Captain Magnolia” on the poster. Then he threw the shield into the air, and the shield exploded into thousands of pieces, which finally formed the words “Demon King Studios”.

This cute title makes the audience smile.

There are always such little surprises when watching demon realm movies.

“Captain Magnolia” officially begins.

The first to appear is the extreme cold and blizzard in north of Mülheim. This familiar climate made the people of Mülheim instantly excited, but made people outside Mülheim widen their eyes. The exploration team found the wreckage of a fallen airship in the ice and snow, and found a magnolia shield inside.

“Set up a magic communication device and help me connect with His Majesty,” the leader of the Magnolia people ordered.

“But it’s midnight, my lord.”

“Because it’s the middle of the night, we can connect directly to His Majesty. His Majesty must be playing games or watching anime. If it’s in the morning, we definitely can’t. You’ve been serving His Majesty for so long, don’t you even understand this?” he scolded.

“Sorry, my lord, I’m going to build a magic communication device.”

The lines here made many people ‘pfft’.

This is really too real. Since the demon culture swept the human world, the breakfast time of the nobles has really pushed back a lot.

Then he looked at the magnolia shield covered with snow and ice. The camera gradually zoomed in. The magnolia flower occupied the entire shot. The next second it became a real magnolia flower swaying in the wind. Then the subtitle appeared, [Seventy years ago , Magnolia City]. This transition shot is beautiful to the point of heartwarming.

The sky was clear, magnolias were swaying in the wind, and pedestrians on the street were talking.

“The front line seems to have lost again.”

“The Dijon are really too powerful.”

“Now all the young people in Magnolia City have gone to the front line to fight.”

A few simple sentences directly explain the back of the whole movie. In fact, in the history of the Magnolia Continent, the Magnolia Empire was indeed at war with the Dijon tribe 70 years ago. At that time, the Magnolia Empire defeated the Dijon tribe, and it took a long time for the Dijon tribe to recover. So far, the Magnolia Empire has also established the absolute position of the first empire on the continent.

Then there’s the skinny Steve who goes to the military and gets turned down.

“You have too many diseases, you are too thin, you are not suitable to be a soldier,” said the mage in charge of recruiting.

“Can you help me?” Steve asked.

“I’m helping you by rejecting you, I’m saving your life,” the mage said.

And the audience at the cinema couldn’t help but began to whisper:

“What is this?”

“This is Captain Magnolia? How is it different from the one on the poster?”

“So thin.”

Steve had to leave in frustration, and then he went to the opposite Demon Realm Mall cinema to watch a movie. Before the movie started, the wartime news of the front line was inserted, and Steve watched it intently.

This scene made the audience in the movie theater feel very wonderful. They themselves are watching a movie, and the people inside the movie were also watching a movie, which was very interesting.

Then the people at the cinema in the movie started complaining.

“Why are these being played before the movie?”

“It’s so boring, let’s play the movie now.”

“We don’t care about that! Let it go!”

Hill actually made a self-deprecating critique here.

Because Steve, who was rejected from the draft, couldn’t help raising his voice “Shut up!” after hearing these words, and then he was beaten when he came out.

The plot made the audience bewildered:

“What’s happening here?”

“Is Captain Magnolia that weak?”

“Did King Magnolia offend the Demon King? This is a deliberate filming of the Black Magnolia Empire…”

“Or a routine like Theodore?”

Now everyone has watched more movies and gained experience.

Then Steve’s friend Bucky rescues him, and they go to a tech fair together, and then the appearance of Iron Man’s father Howard Stark makes the audience almost jump.

A fantastic link between two movies!

“Wow it’s Iron Man’s dad!”

“So, Captain Magnolia is on the level of Iron Man’s dad!”

Wait this sentence is a bit subtle.

Then Howard Stark said to the audience of the technology fair: “The next thing I’m going to show you is the printing press we are designing.” The people all showed shocked expressions, Howard said proudly: “In a few years, we will be able to reproduce thousands of books on the printing press, the way we transmit knowledge will be changed, and the world will be changed by knowledge.” After he finished speaking, the printing press jammed and exploded, and everyone exclaimed. Howard wiped the ashes from his face, and then smiled: “Well, it was a small accident… so I said ‘in a few years’.”

The audience laughed out loud after seeing this. Iron Man’s father is really cute, as cute as he is.

Next, Bucky asked Steve to dance with the girl with him. Steve shook his head and refused. Then the pair of friends had this dialogue:

“Stay alone if you want, but don’t do anything stupid and wait until I get back,” Bucky said.

“How come?” Steve smiled, “You took away the stupidity.”

Bucky sighed and gave a helpless smile as he walked up to Steve and said, “You bastard.” Then he gave him a hug.

Steve also hugged Bucky and said stubbornly, “You are the one.”

Audience: “Is it my illusion… How can I feel my blood boil?”

“I, I also feel a little bit.”

“Oh, what’s the matter with this woman, this is the purest relationship between men! “

“Hehehe, yes this is the purest feeling between men…hehehe.” The girl who spoke earlier showed the legendary knowing smile.

Then Steve said something from his heart to Bucky, which was heard by the passing mage, Erskine. He was originally a Dijon man and one of the researchers of the blood of the demons. Later, he saw the people of Dijon felt uneasy after conducting some cruel experiments with demon blood, so they fled to the Magnolia Empire. He is now looking for the right people in the Magnolia Empire to implement his super soldier plan.

Some of the settings here are directly copied from the Hulk, so the audience immediately thinks of “The Incredible Hulk”. It feels amazing to connect several films together. Under such circumstances, Steve entered the army with the help of the Mage Erskine and began to receive special training. Not long after, the heroine Carter appeared. She appeared in the military uniform and was laughed at by a soldier shortly after. Carter directly brought him down. At this time, she was as valiant and handsome as the poster. Everyone realizes that the female characters in this series of films are all beautiful and sassy, and there is no soft girl in the traditional sense.

“Hey Carter, looks like you’ve hit it off with the recruits,” said the general who appeared.

This line entertained the audience, they really ‘hit it off’.

Next was the chat between Master Erskine and the general. The general thought that Steve was not suitable to be a super soldier. He was really too thin. The general repeated it several times. Master Erskine said: “Even so, he is still a suitable candidate. He is very kind.” A model of a magic crystal bomb was thrown at the soldiers, and at the same time, he shouted: “It is a magic crystal bomb!”

All the soldiers fled in all directions, only Steve stepped forward and hugged the bomb tightly in his arms, shouting, “Run! Hide!”

Magnolia City Cinema. Mrs. Helen wrote this sentence in the film review: “No need for the blood of the demon race. When he blocked the magic crystal bomb with his flesh and blood, he had become Captain Magnolia.”

And all the audience’s teasing and rambling before that disappeared, and their complaints vanished.

It was also this shot that made Captain Magnolia become many people’s favorite hero.

Dany Leslie sat there, and she felt something in her heart being touched for the first time in the movie.

—A pure and great traditional hero?

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