The Abandoned Son Ch.30

Chapter 30 – Real Estate Tycoon

Ye Fan took the money and left, and Wu Sihan chased after him  with some uneasiness.

“Are you sure?” Wu Sihan asked, looking at Ye Fan.

“Sure of what?” Ye Fan asked.

“The antidote to the poison!” Wu Sihan said.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “That’s just a trivial thing! I’m a pedant of heaven and man, I know everything from ancient times to the present, and I’m very talented. It’s just a matter of detoxifying the poison, just a matter of raising my hand.”

Wu Sihan looked at Ye Fan and said worriedly: “You know who he is, real estate tycoon, Tang Yongjin. If he stomps his feet, the entire real estate industry will tremble twice.”

“Big crocodile! So, this guy is very rich, in that case, should I ask for more?” Ye Fan rubbed his chin and thought.

Wu Sihan said helplessly: “It’s not a matter of asking for more money, it’s that you should have a good relationship with him and form a good relationship.”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Well, forget it! This is too troublesome. You don’t know, I’m already exhausted from chasing my wife, I don’t have the energy to form a good relationship with others…”

Wu Sihan said with a bit of hatred that iron is not steel: “You must know that we can’t afford to offend this person!”

“Why should I offend him?” Ye Fan asked inexplicably.

Wu Sihan: “…”

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Sihan and said, “I’m rich now, let’s go to Antique Street first and pick a pill cauldron!”

Wu Sihan: “The detoxification pills you mentioned, are you going to refine them yourself?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course, otherwise, how else would the pills come?”

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Not long after Ye Fan left, several doctors found that Tang Yongjin was awake, and they were all overjoyed.

Tang Yongjin glanced at the attending doctor and asked, “Doctor Zhao, how is my blood test report?”

Zhao Han said: “Mr. Tang, your blood test report is all normal. You suddenly fainted, probably because of heart problems.”

“Is that so?” Tang Yongjin responded lightly and sent the person away.

After Tang Yongjin sent several doctors away, only Tang Yongjin and Zhou Jinzhi were left in the ward, “Old Zhou, who is that young man?”

“Just a bastard! However, he still has some skills,” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Zhang Wentao from Longhu Mountain seemed to like Ye Fan very much. Most of the people who came out of Longhu Mountain had some skills.

“Thank you very much for this matter, otherwise, I’m afraid I’d be in bad luck.” Tang Yongjin lowered his head, with a strong icy coldness in his words.

“You ah, you like those antiques of unknown origin. Those things are good, but in the end, it’s easy to get into trouble,” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Tang Yongjin smiled and said, “I know, I’ll deal with those things when I go back.”


Ye Fan’s villa.

“Is the detoxification pill delivered?” Ye Fan asked lazily, looking at Wu Sihan who entered the door.

Wu Sihan nodded, “I sent it over, does the medicinal pill really work?”

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Sihan, smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, cousin, people who ate it won’t die.”

Wu Sihan: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, actually said such a thing, how can he be assured?

“What are you doing?” Wu Sihan asked.

“I’m just refining some medicinal pills,” Ye Fan said.

“You’re not going to follow the example of those ancient emperors and refine some elixir of immortality, and then poison yourself to death, right?” Wu Sihan said with some concern.

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Sihan and said, “Cousin, you are thinking too much. How can that kind of wine bag and rice bag that can only cheat and deceive be compared with me?”

The two were talking here when Wu Sihan’s phone rang.

“Dad, what’s the matter?”

“What? The Tang Group is looking for us to cooperate?”

Wu Sihan received Wu Houxuan’s call, and his face was full of joy, “Cousin, my father won the cooperation project with the Tang Group, it must be thanks to you!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Oh, is that so? Then remember to give me dividends, I have to make money to marry a wife.”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Okay, okay, I won’t forget you.”

Wu Sihan thought: Tang Yongjin is not easy to fool. Since the Tang Group is willing to cooperate with the Wu family now, it seems that the medicine pill is really effective.

Wu Sihan looked at Ye Fan, and suddenly had a feeling of not being able to see through.


Liao family.

“Father, what’s wrong with you?” Liao Tingting asked, looking at Liao He’s ugly expression.

Liao He shook his head and said with a somewhat gloomy face, “The negotiation with the Tang Group fell apart.”

Liao Tingting said in puzzlement: “How come? Didn’t we have a good negotiation before? Moreover, didn’t Director Tang Yonghe already promise to give us the project?”

“Something happened to Tang Yonghe and he was fired in the end,” Liao He said.

“How could this happen? Didn’t you say that the two brothers, Tang Yongjin and Tang Yonghe, had a good relationship, and Tang Yonghe was able to speak well in front of Tang Yongjin?” Liao Tingting asked.

“Who the hell knows what’s going on! There are many things where big families turn against each other, and I’m afraid that Tang Yonghe has violated the taboo of Tang Yongjin. Now, the more troublesome thing is that the Tang Group and the Wu family have cooperated!” Liao He said, full of reluctance.

“Why did he choose the Wu family?”

“I don’t know, I heard about the contract between the Wu family and the Tang family. The Tang Group gave a lot of benefits, most of the project’s profits were given to the Wu family!” Liao He said.

Liao Tingting said in surprise: “How can this happen?”

The Ye family and the Liao family originally wanted to bring down the Wu family. If the Tang family supported the Wu family, their idea would be lost.

Liao He shook his head and said, “I don’t know, Tingting, how much do you know about Ye Fan?”

Liao Tingting said dissatisfiedly: “Father, what are you doing mentioning this loser for?”

“This guy doesn’t seem to be the same recently.” Liao He said. “Jiang Hailin, Qian Yu, and others are very close to him. Of course, this is nothing. However, Elder Zhou seems to value him very much. I have inquired and heard that this time, the Tang Group will choose to cooperate with the Wu family, a large part of it is because of Ye Fan.”

Liao Tingting said in confusion, “Father, did you hear it wrong?”

Liao He frowned and said, “I also hope I heard it wrong. You still remember the previous incident when Wu Haoqiang was kidnapped? It was solved by Ye Fan at that time. This guy might have been hiding himself.”


Ye Fan stayed in the villa, biting his pencil, his face full of entanglement.

Wu Haoqiang looked at Ye Fan and said, “Little Uncle, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m thinking about how to write a letter to your little aunt.”

Wu Haoqiang thought for a while and said, “Just write it down. Little Uncle, is this medicinal pill for my aunt?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Your little aunt’s health is not good, it’s not easy to live until now!”

“Little Uncle, when are you going to make some jelly beans for me to eat?” Wu Haoqiang asked.

“Go, go, every medicine has its side effect, it’s not something you can eat casually.”

“Little Uncle, someone is here.”

Ye Fan looked out the door and saw Zhou Jinzhi and Tang Yongjin walking in one after the other.

When Zhou Jinzhi came, he saw the pill bottle on the table, and the half-written letter. The beginning of the letter says: ‘Ah Xi, a day without seeing you is like three years. I haven’t seen you for three days, and I’ve been thinking about you like crazy.’ Zhou Jinzhi was rendered speechless.

“Young Master Ye, you want to give something to Young Master Bai?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, he gave me a token of love, and I want to return the gift!”

“Young Master Bai gave you a token of love?” Zhou Jinzhi asked suspiciously.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, he sent me a lot of precious medicinal materials.”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…”

Tang Yongjin said in surprise: “Young Master Ye knows Young Master Bai?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! I have met his grandfather!”

Zhou Jinzhi shook his head and secretly said: This guy, Ye Fan, talks as if he and Young Master Bai are already in a relationship and also met Young Master Bai’s parents.

Tang Yongjin couldn’t help but admire Ye Fan when he heard Ye Fan’s answer.

“Uncle Zhou, why are you here?” Ye Fan asked carelessly.

“Actually, it’s Old Brother Tang who is looking for you,” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Ye Fan looked at Tang Yongjin, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Your body should be almost healed.”

Tang Yongjin smiled and said: “It’s all thanks to Young Master Ye, I don’t know if Young Master Ye is interested in seeing my collection. I plan to sell some of it recently. If Young Master Ye has something you like, you can take one or two pieces away.”

Ye Fan looked at Tang Yongjin, smiled, and said, “That’s great!” The things that are given for free, if you don’t take it, you lose. Tang Yongjin is a big crocodile, and the things in his hands should be good things.

Ye Fan looked at Zhou Jinzhi and said, “Uncle Zhou, your brother is more advanced than you, you should learn more from others!”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…”

“You are going to give this medicine to Young Master Bai, why don’t you let me deliver it for you?” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, that’s okay, but I haven’t finished writing my letter yet.”

“You can write this letter like this, you don’t need to write too much,” Zhou Jinzhi said without good intentions.

“Really?” Ye Fan said with some confusion.

Zhou Jinzhi smiled and said, “Yes.” Young Master Bai wouldn’t want to read what you wrote anyway.


Ye Fan took Wu Haoqiang and followed Zhou Jinzhi and Tang Yongjin out. As soon as he walked out of the villa, Ye Fan saw Qian Yu.

“Young Master Qian, you came to find me?”

Qian Yu looked at Zhou Jinzhi and Tang Yongjin, was a little surprised at the moment, and immediately went up to say hello to the two.

“Young Master Ye, are you…”

Ye Fan glanced at Qian Yu, pointed at Tang Yongjin, and said, “This boss wants to give something to me, I’ll go with him to check it out. If you have something for me, find me another day.”

Qian Yu looked at Tang Yongjin, then at Ye Fan, and said hurriedly, “Then you go ahead and get busy, ah.”

Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan’s distant figure, and his heart was full of sighs.

Before, when rescuing Wu Haoqiang, Qian Yu knew that a person like Ye Fan could not remain anonymous forever, but he didn’t expect that Ye Fan would fly into the sky so quickly. The news of the Qian family was still very well-informed, before coming, Qian Yu already knew that the Tang family had decided to cooperate with the Wu family. Seeing the situation just now, Qian Yu understood why the Tang family would change their minds.

Before, the Liao family paid a lot in order to win the project of the Tang Group. Now, it seems to be a waste of time.

Liao He thought he was accurate in reading people, but this time, he had lost his eyes. He abandoned Ye Fan and chose Ye Zhize, and when Ye Fan became prosperous in the future, this guy would definitely regret it until his intestines turned green.


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