The Abandoned Son Ch.31

Chapter 31 – Purple Blood Wood

Ye Fan took Wu Haoqiang to Tang Yongjin’s villa. Tang Yongjin’s villa covers an area of a thousand mǔ. The villa is full of flowers and countless fountains.

Wu Haoqiang walked on the cobblestone road, turned around, and said to Ye Fan, “Little Uncle, this house is ten times bigger than my house.”

Ye Fan said happily: “Yes! Yes! We can eat a big house!”

Tang Yongjin: “…”

Tang Yongjin led Ye Fan into his storage room, which was filled with scrolls, porcelain, bronze tripods, etc.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at the room full of dazzling collections, smiled at Tang Yongjin, and said, “Old Tang ah! You have hidden a lot of good things. If it wasn’t for the blessing of Little Friend Ye, I wouldn’t have seen it.”

Tang Yongjin waved his hand and said, “Brother Zhou is making me embarrassed, I just took some things at random.”

“Little Uncle, there are a lot of junk!” Wu Haoqiang said.

Zhou Jinzhi: “…” This stupid brat.

Ye Fan glanced at Wu Haoqiang displeased, and patted Wu Haoqiang’s head, “What nonsense, don’t be ridiculous!” Ye Fan’s eyes swept across the shelves, rubbing his chin, and said, “Although there are a lot of junk, but there are also a lot of good stuff.”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…” Wu Haoqiang, this brat, knows how to talk nonsense, and this guy, Ye Fan, is not much better. Sure enough, it runs in the family.

“Brother Tang, you have a lot of collections!” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Tang Yongjin smiled and said, “It’s all collected in my spare time.”

Ye Fan’s eyes were attracted by a pen brush washer, “Young Master Ye, you like this brush washer?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No, it’s just a little strange.”

“What’s strange?” Tang Yongjin asked.

“Purple seep is usually found in ancient tombs. Although the antiques brought from ancient tombs will be contaminated with purple seep, usually nothing will happen.

“For one thing, purple seep will dissipate over time, and secondly, purple seep’s toxin will only affect people when it accumulates to a certain extent. However, this brush washer is just a modern handicraft, but it has purple seep on it and it seems to be very strong,” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yongjin said dryly: “Modern handicrafts? Isn’t it an antique from the Song Dynasty?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “How could it be an antique from the Song Dynasty? This thing should not be more than ten years old.”

Tang Yongjin: “…”

Zhou Jinzhi walked over to take a look and said, “It really doesn’t look like an antique, you should have been fooled.”

Zhou Jinzhi glanced at Tang Yongjin, and a bit of helplessness flashed in his heart. His friend, after he became rich, likes to be arty, accepts good and bad stuff, and hides everything at home. The result…

“Where did this washer come from?”

“It was given by a friend.” Tang Yongjin’s face was calm, but there was a bit of ruthlessness in his tone.

“Little Friend Ye, I don’t know how many problematic things are here. Can you pick them out together?” Tang Yongjin said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ye Fan quickly picked out three more problematic things, but Tang Yongjin’s face became more and more ugly.

Ye Fan opened a wooden box and found it was a wood carving.

“Little Friend Ye, is there any problem with this wood carving?” Tang Yongjin asked with some doubts.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No problem, this is a good thing.”

Ye Fan didn’t expect to see purple blood wood here. Purple blood wood is a kind of spiritual wood. It can be used as a material to make purple blood pill, advancement to 30% Qi cultivation should not be a problem.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at the wood carving and said with admiration, “Good carving ah! Could it be that a God carver made it?”

“What a waste!” Ye Fan said, shaking his head.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at Ye Fan puzzled and said, “Young Master Ye, do you think this carving is not good?”

“I don’t know about the carving work! However, this purple blood wood is a spiritual thing, and it will be a little less spiritual when it is made into a sculpture. Moreover, this guy should have wasted a lot,” Ye Fan said a little depressed.

Tang Yongjin smiled and said, “This is a gift from my friend. If Young Master Ye likes it, I’ll ask about the origin of this woodcarving later, and see if I can find the same spirit wood.”

Ye Fan looked at Tang Yongjin and said brightly: “Then please, this woodcarving should only use a piece of spiritual wood. I’ll trouble Boss Tang to help me find out the origin of the spirit wood.”

Originally, Tang Yongjin was already prepared for a big blood loss. As a result, Ye Fan only wanted a wood carving, which was given by a small businessman. Tang Yongjin didn’t take it seriously. However, looking at the reactions of Ye Fan and Zhou Jinzhi, Tang Yongjin also knew that it was a good thing.

Tang Yongjin couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed. He couldn’t recognize the real good antiques, but he treasured modern handicrafts.

Ye Fan followed Tang Yongjin to Tang Yongjin’s study. Tang Yongjin rummaged through a large pile of business cards from the cabinet and found the business card of the person who sent the thing.

“Young Master Ye, I’m sorry, the man said that the wood was salvaged from a sunken ship. When he saw that the wood was special, he sent it to the God carver for carving. He also did not know the origin, and the wood is only that much.”

Knowing that there is not much wood, Ye Fan can’t help but feel a little regretful, but it is a worthwhile trip to get a piece of spiritual wood.


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Mu – area of farmland; unit of area equal one-fifteenth of a hectare

writing-brush washer; a small plate for washing pen brush

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