The Abandoned Son Ch.32

Chapter 32 – White Tiger Seal

Wu Haoqiang looked at the white tiger seal on Tang Yongjin’s desk with curiosity, and reached for it.

Ye Fan tapped Wu Haoqiang’s hand and said, “Little devil, don’t touch this thing.”

Wu Haoqiang looked at Ye Fan puzzled and said, “Little Uncle, can’t this thing be touched?”

“The negative energy is very heavy!” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yongjin was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, “Young Master Ye, is there something wrong with this white tiger seal?”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “There is a problem. The main problem should be here. It seems that there is something in it. I think it is better for Mr. Tang to get rid of this seal as soon as possible.”

Tang Yongjin said with a solemn expression, “I understand.”

The seal symbolizes power, and Tang Yongjin, who is a metal tiger, likes this ‘tiger going down the mountain’ seal very much. When he is free, he often picks it up and plays with it.

At this moment, Ye Fan pointed to the seal and said there was a problem. Tang Yongjin suddenly remembered that although he liked the few things that Ye Fan picked out before, he basically put them aside and only looked at them occasionally. However, this seal is different, he can touch it from time to time. Since he got this seal, his body has deteriorated sharply, he has looked for many doctors, but they can’t find out why.

“Young Master Ye, is this thing very dangerous?” Tang Yongjin asked cautiously.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “It’s not as dangerous as you think, just don’t touch it directly.”

Tang Yongjin took Ye Fan around, and in the evening, Tang Yongjin invited Ye Fan and Wu Haoqiang to eat at the Imperial Cuisine Room.

It is said that the Imperial Cuisine Room was opened by a descendant of the imperial chef. The decoration in the store is extremely luxurious, and it was hard to find a place in the restaurant, but for a person with status like Tang Yongjin, it was not difficult to arrange a private room.

Halfway through the meal, Tang Yongjin went out to answer a phone call.

“Dad, you told me about the seal, and I asked someone to deal with it. After the seal was smashed, there was hair and dark water. It might be some kind of witchcraft. Dad, it’s fortunate that this matter was discovered early, otherwise, the consequences would be endless ah!” Tang Yunfei’s voice full of gratitude came over.

Some time ago, Tang Yongjin had an accident, and Tang Yunfei was very anxious. Tang Yunfei was still young and had an unstable foundation. If Tang Yongjin had an accident, Tang Yunfei would definitely not be able to convince those old foxes in the group.

“Dad, I remember that the seal was found for you by the second uncle,” Tang Yunfei muttered.

A few days ago, Tang Yonghe was kicked out of the company. Tang Yunfei didn’t understand what was going on. His second uncle was addicted to antiques and often collect antiques, he was very amiable, but the seal made him question everything. Tang Yunfei suddenly had a feeling of ‘knowing the face without knowing the heart’.

After Tang Yongjin heard Tang Yunfei’s reply, he was immediately more convinced of Ye Fan. Tang Yongjin asked Tang Yunfei a few words and hung up.

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Wu family.

“Dad, I’m back.” Wu Haoqiang happily stepped off of the luxury car with a panda doll in his arms.

“Where did you go?” Wu Sihan asked.

“We went to a big house, and when we came back, my uncle took me to play dolls. Little Uncle was so good, he won all the dolls in the game hall.”

Wu Sihan: “…” Winning the dolls, is that the most important?

“Did your uncle take you to the Tang family villa?” Wu Sihan asked.

Wu Haoqiang thought for a while and said, “Tang’s villa? I don’t know! My uncle took me to a big house!”

“That big house is the Tang family villa,” Wu Sihan said helplessly.

Wu Hao nodded vigorously and said, “Oh, so that’s it!”

Wu Sihan: “…”

It’s not easy to get acquainted with a real estate tycoon like Tang Yongjin. No matter how many people have searched for ways, they can’t get in. His son is very lucky, but unfortunately, this stinky boy probably didn’t leave any good impression to Tang Yongjin.

“Your uncle will take you out to meet people in the future, you have to be good, you know?” Wu Sihan urged.

Wu Haoqiang nodded and said, “I’ve always been very good!”

“Your uncle didn’t offend anyone, right?” Wu Sihan said.

“No! Those two guys are very nice to Little Uncle. One of them said that he wanted to give something to Little Uncle. However, Little Uncle left the antiques and took a piece of broken wood instead. However, the boss gave me good stuff,” Wu Haoqiang said with joy.

Wu Sihan asked curiously, “What good stuff?”

Wu Haoqiang pulled out a golden tiger from his pocket, “Boss Tang gave it to me, saying that it was destined for me, since we both belong to the tiger zodiac.”

Wu Sihan smiled and said, “Since it was given to you by Boss Tang, then you should keep it well.”

Wu Haoqiang nodded and said, “Okay.”

Tang Ning looked at the golden tiger in Wu Haoqiang’s hands and felt a little happy. Although the golden tiger was valuable, Tang Ning didn’t care about it. However, this golden tiger was given by Tang Yongjin, so the value was very different.

“Cousin Ye Fan is so capable! Just when did he become so capable?”

Wu Sihan shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. It seems that since he was kicked out of the Ye family, he has changed a lot, but luckily, the Ye family kicked him out.”

Ye Hongwen is an ungrateful scum, he married his sister and still messed around outside. As for Ye Dinghong, that old guy put his interests first, Ye Zhize got on with Liao Tingting, this guy wanted to unite with the Liao family to eat their Wu family, not afraid of bursting himself to death.


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Knowing the face without knowing the heart – one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature

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