The Abandoned Son Ch.29

Chapter 29 – Fifty Million Treatment Fee

Tang Yongjin was lying in the ward, taking an IV drip.

There were several famous doctors consulting in the ward, and when Wu Sihan saw the people in the ward, his heart flashed a few moments of surprise.

Lying on the hospital bed is the real estate tycoon Tang Yongjin, who recently wanted to develop a big project in Cangcheng, and several big families in Cangcheng are looking for opportunities to seek cooperation.

Wu Sihan didn’t expect to see this person in this place. Recently, the Ye family and the Liao family got together, the Wu family was isolated. The Wu family had some problems in business, if they could catch up with Tang Yongjin, it would be good.

“Do the few masters have the results?” Zhou Jinzhi asked several doctors.

“Not yet, it depends on the test report,” the leading doctor said.

Zhou Jinzhi smiled and said, “Then why don’t a few masters go out and hold a meeting to discuss solutions?”

Because he knew that Ye Fan’s treatment was a bit strange, Zhou Jinzhi didn’t want many people to see it.

“Alright.” Several doctors looked at each other and walked out.

“Have you brought the healing talisman?” Zhou Jinzhi turned around and asked Ye Fan seriously.

“How do you know about the healing talisman?” Ye Fan asked.

“Xiao Chi told me.” After the matter of the ancient tomb, Xiao Chi cross-examined Ye Fan’s affairs and mentioned the healing talisman. However, even if Xiao Chi did not mention the healing talisman to Ye Fan, Zhou Jinzhi had long known about it.

Wu Sihan frowned, feeling a little strange. When Ye Fan set up a stall, Wu Sihan only thought that Ye Fan was cheating money. Wu Sihan didn’t expect Ye Fan’s talisman, even Elder Zhou had his eyes on it.

After Wu Haoqiang was kidnapped and returned, he once said that if he hadn’t thrown his peace talisman into the trash can, he would not have had an accident. At that time, Wu Sihan felt that his son was deeply poisoned, but he also had some doubts. At this moment, Wu Sihan flashed a bit of regret in his heart.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No more, I sold it all to a great dancer for 200,000 per piece!”

Zhou Jinzhi: “…” Master Zhang of Longhu Mountain is not a great dancer. “How can you sell it so cheap?”

“No way! There are not many people who know the goods, and no one buys from me,” Ye Fan said in distress.

Wu Sihan: “…” Is he one of those who doesn’t know the goods?

“There is no healing talisman, how to treat?” Zhou Jinzhi said worriedly.

Ye Fan lifted Tang Yongjin’s eyelids and looked at it, “This guy is poisoned, and the healing talisman is useless.”

“Poisoned, how could it be poisoned?” Zhou Jinzhi said with a face full of gloom.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “This, how do I know, it’s not like I poisoned him. He’s chronically poisoned, it should have been for a while, unfortunately, it’s breaking out now.”

“Then is there a treatment?” Zhou Jinzhi asked.

Ye Fan didn’t answer directly, and said, “As long as I wake him up, you will give me ten million?”

Zhou Jinzhi nodded and said, “Yes.”

“That’s easy.” Ye Fan made a cut on Tang Yongjin’s finger, and then lifted Tang Yongjin up and touched a few acupuncture points.

Ye Fan’s zhenqi circulated in Tang Yongjin’s body, black blood flowed out along Tang Yongjin’s slashed fingers, and the black blood flowing out of Tang Yongjin’s body was filled with a foul smell.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at the dirty blood flowing from Tang Yongjin’s fingertips, and his thoughts were up and down.

“He will wake up soon,” Ye Fan said.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at Ye Fan and said, “Will he be all right now?”

“Some of the toxins have been exported, and he should be able to wake up. However, he has been poisoned for a long time. After he wakes up, he should only have two or three years to live without touching the source of the poison,” Ye Fan said.

Zhou Jinzhi said with a dark face, “Then, what should we do?”

“Hurry up and send the person away! Can’t let people have accidents here with you,” Ye Fan said.

Zhou Jinzhi: “…”

“Then how much does it cost to eradicate it, make a price!” Zhou Jinzhi said.

“Fifty million!” Ye Fan said.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at Ye Fan and said helplessly, “You really know how to strike while the iron is hot!”

Ye Fan smiled calmly and said, “Old Man Zhou, you know that I am someone who wants to chase my wife, and my wife likes rich people. If I don’t work hard to make money, how can I catch up? If it wasn’t for the opportunity you helped me arrange before, then I’d have to ask you 100 million!”

Zhou Jinzhi: “You…”

“Fifty million, I’ll give it.” The old man on the hospital bed opened his eyes suddenly, and the old man’s eyes were full of sharpness.

Ye Fan turned around, looked at the person on the hospital bed, smiled brilliantly, and said, “Old man, you are very good! You are better than this profiteer selling jade.”

Wu Sihan: “…”

Tang Yongjin forced a smile and said, “Really?”

Ye Fan nodded hastily and said, “Yes! Yes!”

“I wonder what kind of poison I’ve been poisoned with?” Tang Yongjin asked.

Ye Fan thought for a while and said, “Like purple seep, antiques unearthed in tombs often contain this toxin, which can spread through the skin. If you like to play with antiques, it is easy to get infected.”

Tang Yongjin smiled and said, “So that’s the case, I’ll trouble this little friend to help in preparing the antidote to the poison.”

“Okay! Can you pay the deposit first, so that I can go and purchase the herbs?” Ye Fan smiled shyly.

“Okay, little friend, give me the card number.”

Ye Fan frowned, turned to look at Wu Sihan, and said, “Cousin, I don’t have a bank card, can you lend me one?”

Wu Sihan said, “Mr. Tang is a big shot, would he be short of tens of millions of yuan?”

Ye Fan said dissatisfiedly: “Cousin, lend me a card…”

Tang Yongjin smiled at Wu Sihan and said, “You are the boy of the Wu family. Your cousin asked to borrow your card, so you can lend it to him.”

Wu Sihan smiled awkwardly and said, “Okay.”

Tang Yongjin very readily transferred 50 million to Wu Sihan’s account, and Ye Fan said excitedly: “This boss, you are more advanced than this profiteer, don’t worry, I will do my best.”

Tang Yongjin glanced at Zhou Jinzhi next to him, smiled with a good temper, and said, “Really? It turns out that I am more advanced than Brother Zhou.”


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Ye Fan’s zhenqi – Ye Fan’s True Essence – sounds weird so I just used the original term for it

Strike while the iron is hot – take advantage of the situation; make use of an opportunity immediately.

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