The Abandoned Son Ch.23

Chapter 23 – Too hard to please?

The big bus stopped after driving for three hours. “There is no road ahead, everyone needs to walk.”

Xiao Chi and the others got out of the bus one after another, and when Ye Fan got out of the car, he saw the rolling hills.

Xiao Chi walked to Bai Yunxi’s side and said, “Ah Xi, are you okay?”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “I’m okay.”

Bai Yunxi frowned. He has always been a light sleeper. It’s hard to imagine falling asleep on a swaying bus like this. After listening to Xiao Chi, he actually leaned on Ye Fan’s shoulder after falling asleep. Bai Yunxi’s heart suddenly felt strange.

Carrying the schoolbag, Ye Fan walked to Bai Yunxi’s side, and said happily: “I heard that we will be walking for several hours. If you can’t walk anymore, I can carry you, ah!”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan, who was smiling with a silly face, and said without good grace, “No, thanks!”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Don’t try to be brave!”

Bai Yunxi said angrily, “Thank you for your concern, but it’s really not necessary.”

Ye Fan thought for a while and said, “Do you want to eat pork jerky…”

“I won’t eat it!” Bai Yunxi said coldly.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi, and said with some distress: “You are such a picky eater! You don’t eat anything.”

“You’re right, I only eat delicacies from mountains and seas,” Bai Yunxi sneered.

Ye Fan: “…”


Ye Fan walked on the mountain road a little lost, and Yang Fei walked up to Ye Fan and said, “You seem to be in a bad mood?”

“Young Master Bai told me to stay away from him. He is so indifferent!” Ye Fan said in frustration.

Yang Fei: “…” Young Master Bai was really unlucky enough to be entangled with this superb product.

“Who is this old man? So close to him!” Ye Fan asked.

“Master Xiao Chi is Bai Yunxi’s grandfather,” Yang Fei said helplessly.

“Oh, I remember. Old Man Zhou said that there was his grandfather in the team, and I forgot about such an important matter. I want to go over and have a good relationship,” Ye Fan said with a bright face.

Yang Fei looked at Ye Fan and said with some pity: “I’m afraid it’s too late if you go now, don’t you know that you have already offended him?”

“Because I called him an old man?” Ye Fan asked.

Yang Fei: “…”

Ye Fan said worriedly: “This is troublesome. That old man seems to be looking at me very badly! He always turns his head and stares at me! The road here is so steep, and he always looks back at me, he is not afraid of breaking his foot.”

Yang Fei: “…”

Although the mountain road was steep and difficult to walk, Ye Fan carried his bag and walked easily.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, everyone finally arrived near the destination.

“It’s getting late, let’s set up camp here, and we’ll be staying here for the next few days,” Zhang Wentao said.

Ye Fan “ka-cha ka-cha” gnawed on an apple, Yang Fei looked at Ye Fan and couldn’t help frowning. Ye Fan never stopped eating on the way, and he didn’t know how hungry he was.

Ye Fan looked left and right, suddenly pulled out the fruit knife, and threw it towards Bai Yunxi. This action of Ye Fan immediately caused a commotion.

The fruit knife flew past Bai Yunxi’s side and nailed a triangular snake to the side of a tree.

Bai Yunxi’s face didn’t change, but cold sweat broke out from his palms.

Xiao Chi frowned as he looked at the poisonous snake on the tree.

Zhang Wentao looked at the triangular snake in the tree, smiled at Ye Fan and said, “Little brother is so good!”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Ye Fan took off the poisonous snake and shook it off. He happily walked up to Bai Yunxi and lifted the poisonous snake, “Don’t you want to eat delicacies from mountains and seas? I’ll bake this snake for you.”

“Sick!” Bai Yunxi scolded.

Ye Fan: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and couldn’t help but feel a little depressed, “He’s too hard to please.”

Yang Fei was speechless. Take a poisonous snake to court someone, who would accept it?

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Ye Fan looked at the mountain thoughtfully, and the light waves in his eyes flowed.

“Did Young Master Ye see something?” Zhang Wentao came over and asked.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “This place is good.”

Zhang Wentao smiled and said, “For someone buried here, the feng shui is indeed good.”

Ye Fan squinted his eyes, he does not know much about feng shui, however, he vaguely found that under this mountain, there should be a spiritual vein, but it is a depleted spiritual vein, the place that can nourish the spiritual vein, is usually a very good place. Although the spiritual veins have been depleted, however, the spiritual energy of this place, is still much more dense than the ordinary places.

After Ye Fan crossed over, he found that there were no cultivators in this place, or maybe there were relatively few cultivators and he hadn’t seen them yet. Ye Fan had some doubts that the so-called Kuafu, Fuxi, and Nuwa in this world were cultivators, but it may be because the vitality of heaven and earth is exhausted, so no one is cultivating.

“The yin energy in this place is a bit strong. If you want to go to the tomb, I’m afraid that people will die,” Ye Fan said.

Zhang Wentao squinted his eyes and said, “I never thought before I came here that this place is actually a place with heavy yin.”

Ye Fan: “…” This place is indeed quite dense in yin, and it should be a very suitable place for raising corpses.


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