The Abandoned Son Ch.16

Chapter 16 – Treatment Methods

“Young Master Ye, do you still remember me?” Zhou Jinzhi sat down beside Ye Fan with a smile on his face.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I remember! You are the profiteer who sells jade. Have you delivered my things yet?”

“Not yet,” Zhou Jinzhi said.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Your efficiency is too low!”

“I’m really sorry,” Zhou Jinzhi said with a smile.

“Forget it.”

“Young Master Ye, where did the prescription you prescribed come from?” Zhou Jinzhi couldn’t help asking.

Zhou Jinzhi called and told Old Bai that he was just joking when he found a prescription prescribed by a peerless master. However, after seeing the prescription prescribed by Ye Fan, the Old Doctor Hua, who worked in the Bai family, actually admired it, saying he can now die peacefully. A genius doctor, really a genius doctor!

Old Bai called him and asked him to help introduce this peerless master.

“I made it!” Ye Fan said.

Zhou Jinzhi: “…”

“The last time he broke out, wasn’t it two and a half years ago?” Ye Fan asked.

Zhou Jinzhi nodded and said, “Yes.”

“In that case, there’s still half a year.” Ye Fan couldn’t help but shake his head.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at Ye Fan and asked, “Is there any way to treat it?” Zhou Jinzhi and Bai Shiyuan, the old man of the Bai family, are sworn brothers, so Zhou Jinzhi is also very concerned about Bai Yunxi.

“You can only delay if you use medicine.”

Zhou Jinzhi’s eyes lit up and said, “Using medicine can only delay, in that case, there is another way?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes!”

“What way?” Zhou Jinzhi asked.

“Let him sleep with me! As long as you let him sleep with me, the matter will be resolved. He is ice and I am fire, so won’t this complement each other?” People born with the body of ice marrow in Cangxuan continent are treated this way, find a person who practices fire attribute exercises to do double cultivation. People with the body of ice marrow are all excellent furnaces. Female cultivators with the ice marrow body are very popular and are often snatched up, and it is the same for male cultivators. Of course, many male cultivators do not know that their cold syndrome is the body of ice marrow, and they often freeze themselves to death.

Zhou Jinzhi looked at Ye Fan in annoyance and anger, and Jiang Hailin looked at Ye Fan with a gaze full of admiration.

Qian Yu covered his face, his face twisted.

Zhou Jinzhi stood up abruptly, raised his finger, and pointed at Ye Fan, “You…you…”

Ye Fan looked at Zhou Jinzhi and said, “You look very excited, you are old, don’t be so excited, you will break your life…”

Zhou Jinzhi glared at Ye Fan, turned, and left.

Jiang Hailin looked at Ye Fan with admiration in his eyes, “Young Master Ye, why are you offending Old Man Zhou?”

“Offend Old Man Zhou? When did I offend him? He came to ask me questions, I answered him,” Ye Fan said innocently.

Jiang Hailin: “…”

“Young Master Ye, you are so courageous, you dare to say anything!” Qian Yu said with admiration.

Ye Fan looked at Qian Yu in confusion and said, “I didn’t say anything scary!”

Qian Yu: “…” Isn’t it scary to say to let Young Master Bai sleep with you?

“That old man is so grumpy, I told him so much and he still glared at me!” Ye Fan said full of dissatisfaction.

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In the hall, Liao He had a sullen face, and a bit of confusion flashed in his heart, “How could Ye Fan know Old Man Zhou?”

Liao Tingting looked at Liao He and said with a serious expression: “Is this Old Man Zhou very powerful?”

Liao He nodded and said, “Old Man Zhou was born in Beijing and used to be a powerful figure in the capital. Although he has retired now, his connections are still there, but it seems that the conversation between Old Man Zhou and Ye Fan was not very good just now. It’s a pity that Ye Fan actually failed to seize the opportunity, and instead offended Zhou Lao, this kid really can’t support the wall.”

Liao Tingting pursed her lips and said, “How could Ye Fan be related to Song Bohui?” The combined strength of the Song family and other big families should not be underestimated!

“Afan, come with me!” Wu Sihan walked over to Ye Fan and said.

Ye Fan stood up and followed Wu Sihan.

“Why did you offend Old Man Zhou?” Wu Sihan turned around, hating iron for not becoming steel.

“I didn’t offend him! It’s that old man who has too much temper and is not easy to serve!” Ye Fan complained with dissatisfaction.

Wu Sihan: “…”

“Cousin, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Fan asked.

“That Old Man Zhou has a great background, and he’s not easy to deal with. If you meet him again, you must have a better attitude,” Wu Sihan said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Go and apologize to Old Man Zhou another day!” Wu Sihan said.

Ye Fan was puzzled and said, “Apologize? Why should I apologize? I didn’t offend him.”

Wu Sihan: “…”


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Hating iron for not becoming steel – hating someone for failing to meet expectations

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