The Abandoned Son Ch.17

Chapter 17 – The Consequences of Smashing the Door

After attending the Wu family banquet, Ye Fan went back to his apartment behind closed doors and worked hard on his cultivation.

After the banquet, Ye Fan’s reputation, however, went up a few more points, and the deeds about Ye Fan were widely circulated.

“Tingting, this Ye Fan is too much, this pervert actually told people that you are a vulgar woman, and also told people that you are a broken woman,” Jiang Rou said with full of anger.

Qian Yu is a loud speaker, can’t hide words, got excited when he got drunk at a banquet and talked about Liao Tingting and Ye Zhize’s marriage.

Saying that Ye Fan is a master of Taoism, deeply hidden, has a  high vision, but also said, Ye Fan cannot see such a vulgar woman like Liao Tingting, a broken flower and withered willow.

When Qian Yu sobered up, the words were already out, it was too late.

The marriage of Liao Tingting and Ye Zhize is a very famous thing in the Cangcheng wealthy circle, Liao Tingting gave up on Ye Fan and chose Ye Zhize, which was already in the limelight, and as a result, such a thing broke out, it became even more lively.

Hu Yuqin glanced at Jiang Rou and said, “Okay, Xiao Rou, stop talking.” Hu Yuqin secretly scolded Jiang Rou for being an idiot, such words, why say them. “Tingting, you don’t need to pay attention to Ye Fan, his words of a second-generation ancestor can’t be taken seriously.”

“This guy, Ye Fan, has been a bit unusual lately.” Liao He investigated Song Bohui and others and found out that Song Bohui had a collision with a ghost some time ago, and it seems that Ye Fan cured him. This kind of thing is not to be believed, but it is also not to be not believed.

The key is Zhou Jinzhi, Old Man Zhou is extremely difficult to please, but this person treats Ye Fan differently.

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Ye family.

“This, this bastard, I must give him some color,” Ye Yinglan said agitatedly.

Wang Xiaofei clenched her fists tightly, feeling a little uncomfortable in her heart. She finally drove Ye Fan out of the house. She didn’t know if this guy was driven out of his mind, and now he dared to say anything.

Ye Zhize and Liao Tingting is a good match, but because of Ye Fan’s mess, it suddenly changed the flavor.

Ye Fan’s remark of a broken flower and withered willow caused many people to speculate and snicker.

Of course, all this has nothing to do with Ye Fan, Ye Fan came back from the banquet, then hid in the house to diligently cultivate.

Relying on the blood ginseng and the Qi Gathering Turtle, after more than ten days, Ye Fan finally ushered in the opportunity to make a breakthrough.

A stream of spiritual energy converged into Ye Fan’s body, and Ye Fan was full of excitement as he absorbed the spiritual energy around him.

Ye Fan quickly absorbed the spiritual energy, and a knock on the door suddenly sounded. Ye Fan didn’t get up to answer the door, but the knocking sound became louder and louder, “Smash it open.” An exasperated female voice came into Ye Fan’s ears.

The door was smashed open, Ye Fan opened his eyes, and a thick shade of gloom crossed his eyes.

“B*tch!” Ye Fan’s eyes flashed a bit of killing intent, trespassing in someone’s cave in the Cultivation Continent was a major crime, once a cultivator was interrupted in the process of seclusion, he would likely be seriously injured and possibly have his realm destroyed.

Ye Yinglan originally brought people to find fault, but looking at Ye Fan’s blood-red eyes, she felt the urge to retreat.

“Ye Fan, you bastard, how dare you slander Sister Tingting?!”

When Ye Fan moved, he was in front of Ye Yinglan in an instant, and Ye Fan grabbed Ye Yinglan’s neck.

“What are you doing, murder is against the law!” Ye Yinglan screamed.

Several strong men brought by Ye Yinglan looked at the situation and rushed towards Ye Fan. Ye Fan entered the second level of Qi training, his strength increased dramatically, he kicked away one of them, and in a short time, several people all flew.

Ye Fan slapped Ye Yinglan twice, threw Ye Yinglan out, and said viciously, “Next time you dare to trouble me, I will strip you naked and throw you on the street of the red light district.”

Being hit by Ye Fan’s palm again, Ye Yinglan finally couldn’t help but cry out.

When Qian Yu came over, he happened to see the strong men lying on the floor outside Ye Fan’s apartment and Ye Yinglan crying out of breath on the floor.

Qian Yu frowned and glanced towards Ye Fan, who stuck his waist in and swept a glance at Qian Yu. Qian Yu followed Ye Fan into the door honestly.

“Young Master Ye, did you hit Ye Yinglan again?” Qian Yu said tremblingly.

“I didn’t open the door for her, and she dared to let people smash my door. This chick has a lot of guts. I heard that in foreign countries, people who break into a house can be shot to death. It’s a pity, you can’t do it here. If you kill people here, it’s too troublesome,” Ye Fan said with some regret.

Qian Yu laughed dryly and thought: If, in this country, it is not illegal to kill people, is Ye Fan planning to kill everyone?

“Young Master Ye, I found all the herbs you asked me to find,” Ye Fan said.

After Ye Fan checked Song Bohui the other day, he didn’t ask a few people for the consultation fee, but just asked a few people to find some herbs.

“Well, okay, how much does it cost?”

Qian Yu quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, how can I ask you for money for this medicinal material!”

Qian Yu knew that Ye Fan had prescribed a prescription for the young master of the Bai family, and even the old doctor Hua was full of praise for that prescription! Doctor Hua, who is that? Known as the Imperial Physician, he specializes in treating top-level people.

The door was slowly pushed open, Qian Yu was shocked, who pushed the door ah? Could it be another trespasser, it’s over, this guy is going to be shot!


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