The Abandoned Son Ch.15

Chapter 15 – Wu Family Banquet

Ye Fan spent one night engraving several formations in the jade pendant, which gave the jade pendant a certain protective and health-preserving function.

Ye Fan arrived at the Wu family early and gave a gift.

Ye Fan’s reputation is very bad, and the people from the Wu family don’t pay much attention to Ye Fan, but Ye Fan’s young nephew, Wu Haoqiang, follows Ye Fan everywhere, and he is very attentive.

“Little Uncle, what else do you want to eat? Let me get it for you.”

“Little Uncle, are your shoulders sore? I’ll rub it for you.”

“Little Uncle, what do you want to drink, milk, juice, or coffee…”

…. …

Wu Sihan frowned as he looked at Ye Fan’s 24hr filial son.

Tang Ning looked at Wu Sihan and said in confusion, “Hao Qiang really likes this uncle!”

Wu Sihan frowned, and said sourly: “Yes, I don’t know what kind of evil possessed this kid. He is not so attentive to me, his own father.”

Tang Ning smiled and said, “Forget it, Hao Qiang and Ye Fan have a good relationship, so it’s not a bad thing.”

Ye Fan looked at Wu Haoqiang twice and said, “Okay Xiaoqiang, what’s the matter, say it! What trouble did you get into, you want my help?”

Wu Haoqiang glanced at Ye Fan a little unhappy and said, “Little Uncle, don’t call me Xiaoqiang! It sounds like a cockroach!”

Ye Fan: “……” The name was given by your old man and mother, those two have such taste, so no one can blame him!

“I mainly want to thank little uncle for the talisman,” Wu Haoqiang said.

Ye Fan said indifferently: “You paid for it, no need to thank me, but did you use up the talisman?”

“My four talismans were thrown away by my old man, when I went to look for them, I couldn’t find them anymore,” Wu Haoqiang said full of grievances.

Ye Fan: “…”

“Did your little girlfriend use it?” Ye Fan asked.

“Nuan Nuan has a brother who used to be stunned stupid, but when Nuan Nuan used the healing talisman, he became sober. However, Nuan Nuan’s parents said that her brother was sober because of the blessing of their ancestors and it got nothing to do with the talisman. Nuan Nuan’s mom and dad are as stupid as my old man!” Wu Haoqiang shook his head and said.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Do you think your old man is stupid?”

Wu Haoqiang thought for a while and said, “Actually, he’s not stupid, just pedantic! His wooden head can’t accept some new and strange things. But it’s not his fault, after all, older people are always more stubborn.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right, your consciousness is much higher than your father’s.”

“Little Uncle, I believe your talisman is useful, you can draw another one for me another day,” Wu Haoqiang said.

Ye Fan rubbed Wu Haoqiang’s head and said, “I’ll make you a jade pendant for protection another day.”

Wu Haoqiang said excitedly: “Great!”

Wu Haoqiang looked at the few people who came over and said displeasedly, “The people from the Liao family are here.”

… …

Wu Sihan looked at the arrival of the Liao family, and felt a little unhappy in his heart. The four major families in Cangcheng had contacts with each other. Back then, Wu Ying married into the Ye family, which made the relationship between the Wu family and the Ye family a lot closer. Of course, the relationship between the two families broke down soon after, and now, Liao Tingting chose Ye Zhize, which also represented the Ye family and the Liao family joining hands together, while the Wu family was excluded.

Liao He walked up to Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Fan, I’m sorry about the divorce, but you know that this is not the old society, and marriage is all about mutual love. The gap between you and Tingting is too big…”

Wu Sihan’s face was cold, and he held the wine glass in his hand tightly, and a bit of gloom flashed in his eyes. When Liao He said this, it was more like a demonstration than an apology.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said impatiently, “All right, you don’t have to say it, this woman can’t catch my eye, withdrawing from the marriage is good for everyone, a melon twisted by force is not sweet.”

Liao Tingting looked at Ye Fan angrily and said, “Ye Fan, who do you think you are? How dare you dislike me.”

Ye Fan glanced at Liao Tingting and said, “A genius like me, a superficial woman like you won’t understand.”

Wu Sihan was a little speechless when he heard Ye Fan’s words, but a little relieved.

“Boss Liao, it’s been a long time since Miss Liao and Ye Fan broke off their engagement. It’s already the old calendar, so there’s no need to bring it up,” Wu Sihan said.

Liao Tingting glared at Ye Fan and ignored Ye Fan.

After Liao Tingting walked away, Ye Fan was clean again.

“Little Uncle, this woman doesn’t know the goods, you don’t need to pay attention to her,” Wu Hao said strongly.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “How can this kind of vulgar woman catch my eye? For a genius like your little uncle, I need to find the most beautiful one.”

Wu Haoqiang nodded vigorously and said, “Of course, of course… Little Uncle, do you have a goal?”

“Well, there is a very high goal, it is rather difficult, but I, your little uncle, have the courage to face difficulties,” Ye Fan said smugly.

Wu Haoqiang: “…”

… …

Ye Fan lay on the sofa as if he had no bones, and several members of the Ye family came over.

When Ye Hongwen saw Ye Fan’s unkempt appearance, he suddenly became angry.

“Pull yourself together a little bit.”

Ye Fan looked at Ye Hongwen and said, “Damn old man, do you know what a dog who catches mice means? It’s meddling in other people’s business. I’m no longer a member of the Ye family, so you need to stop giving me orders.”

When Ye Hongwen walked up to Ye Fan, he attracted the secret attention of many people in the hall, and once Ye Fan said this, there were a few more snickers on the faces of many guests who were secretly watching.

“You bastard,” Ye Hongwen scolded in dissatisfaction and walked away.

“Little Uncle, you don’t have to pay attention to him,” Wu Haoqiang said.

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “Who cares about him? I’m very busy.”

Liao He walked to Ye Hongwen’s side, patted Ye Hongwen’s shoulder, and said, “Okay, calm down.”

Ye Hongwen said dissatisfiedly: “This unfilial son who is a failure, he is still so arrogant.”

… …

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hall. Song Bohui, Jiang Hailin, Qian Yu, and Zhu Zhongqiu came together. The Song family, Jiang family, Qian family, and Zhu family are the four emerging families in Cangcheng. Although these four big families are not as powerful as the old families such as the Ye family and the Wu family, the rising momentum is still very powerful.

Song Bohui and others entered the hall and went straight to Ye Fan’s side.

“Young Master Ye,” Song Bohui called out respectfully.

Ye Fan looked at Song Bohui, blinked, and said, “Young Master Song is recovering well!”

“Thanks to the blessing of Young Master Ye, I’m doing better!” Song Bohui said with a smile.

“You’ve also suffered an undeserved calamity, just because you look like that person.” Ye Fan shook his head and said: “However, it is strange to say, that thing should identify people by their breath, not by their looks.”

Song Bohui’s heart sank. When he was possessed by a female ghost, he could sometimes talk to the female ghost. The female ghost murmured a name over and over again. Song Bohui later found out the genealogy and found that the name was actually there. According to the genealogy, the scumbag who neglected the female ghost is likely to be the ancestor of the Song family.

“Young Master Ye, what do you think I should do to recuperate my body?” Song Bohui asked.

Ye Fan put his hand on Song Bohui’s wrist and said with a smile, “The situation is not as bad as I thought, I will give you a prescription later.”

Song Bohui breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Fan glanced at a few people and said, “You guys shouldn’t play any dangerous games recently, let’s recuperate for a while.”

Song Bohui smiled and said, “What Young Master Ye said is right.”

Several people chatted for a while, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Qian Yu glanced at Ye Fan with a strange look.

Ye Fan looked at Qian Yu and said puzzledly, “Do you have something to say?”

Although Qian Yu was a young master, he had a gossipy heart that was more fervent than a dedicated entertainment reporter, so he said with excitement: “Young Master Ye, I heard that you teased Young Master Bai?”

When Qian Yu met Ye Fan in the medicinal street that day, he knew that Ye Fan was interested in Young Master Bai. At first, Qian Yu thought that Ye Fan had given up, but later he heard that Ye Fan and Young Master Bai had been in contact again.

“Teased him? I didn’t! I just wanted to pursue him!” Ye Fan said and shook his head.

Qian Yu: “…”

“You really don’t like Liao Tingting anymore?” Jiang Hailin said with a cheeky smile.

“I’m not interested in this kind of broken flower and withered willow!” Ye Fan said with disdain.

Jiang Hailin: “……” Broken flower and withered willow?

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Tang Ning glanced in the direction of Ye Fan with a strange look, then turned and walked towards Wu Sihan.

“Si Han, when did Ye Fan befriend those guys from Song Bohui’s group! I see that they seem to be chatting well,” Tang Ning said.

Wu Sihan secretly said: Ye Fan, after leaving the Ye family, likes to pretend to be a metaphysics master, and Song Bohui’s group likes to watch people pretend to be metaphysics master, aren’t they a perfect match?

Although Wu Sihan felt that it was not good for Ye Fan to be like this, but seeing that Song Bohui and others had no opinion, it’s not good for him to say anything.

Liao He was holding a wine glass and looking in Ye Fan’s direction from time to time.

“Tingting, when did Ye Fan have friendship with Song Bohui’s group?”

Liao Tingting shook her head and said, “I don’t know either.” Liao Tingting frowned, her heart was uncomfortable. Ye Fan, this prodigal son, actually got along well with Song Bohui and others, which made Liao Tingting, who gave up Ye Fan, very uncomfortable.

Wu Houxuan walked up to Wu Sihan and said, “Sihan, Old Man Zhou is here, come with me to greet him.”

“Old Man Zhou is actually here?” Wu Sihan couldn’t help but be a little excited.

Zhou Jinzhi used to be live in Beijing, and he has a good reputation in Beijing. His children are all abroad, and their business is doing great. Zhou Jinzhi opened a jade shop in Cangcheng, however, that is just a plaything.

Many people wanted to have a relationship with Zhou Jinzhi, but they were unsuccessful. Wu Sihan didn’t expect that Zhou Jinzhi would come to his grandfather’s banquet.

Many people have invited Zhou Jinzhi to the banquet, but they were unsuccessful. Wu Sihan did not expect that Zhou Jinzhi would come uninvited. Old Man Zhou’s willingness to come is a very face-saving thing for the Wu family.

Zhou Jinzhi and Wu Tengming exchanged a few words, then he walked towards Ye Fan, and Song Bohui’s group immediately made way for Zhou Jinzhi.

Song Bohui looked at Zhou Jinzhi, feeling suspicious in his heart, this Old Man Zhou clearly came for Ye Fan, did he have some friendship with Ye Fan?


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