Chapter 215 – “I’m going to be pissed off!”

“I was thinking before I walked into the movie theater, wow, that Tony Stark turned out to be a hero, he’s famous, he’s going to show off his character! Oh yeah, you guessed it, I wanted to see how he pretended to be X in front of the public. I had imagined many ways of pretending to be X. I thought no one knew how to pretend to be X better than me. In the beginning, when he passed through fireworks and dressed in armor and fell from the sky to the stage, I felt like I was about to lose, and then he took the wine from the waiter on the stage and toasted with the succubus next to him, and said to the crowd below “First, to all of mankind; second, to our Iron Man, oh, that’s me; third, to our Empire… wait, am I going too far? I think it’s okay.”…After saying this in a very arrogant manner on the stage, well, I admit that I lost completely. I fantasized to be X for half a year and was directly crushed.”

This opening is the beginning of the original movie that Hill carried and then made a heavy adaptation of the lines and details to make it more in line with the times.

“Incredibly high-profile, Iron Man is a character with a real soul, reminding me of Theodore, who roared at the heavens ‘Don’t bully the young and weak’! Both of them are engraved in my heart!”

Hill burst out laughing when he saw this, okay, who is this… The fact is that, until now, the overbearing demon king and Theodore of ‘thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west’ are still the object of much discussion and seem to have become an eternal classic. Hill is planning to make two more similar scripts and let Aligeli to shoot them. This is a good idea, he took the time to talk to Aligeli.

“Iron Man is my favorite movie. This movie really made me laugh from beginning to end. The lines in it are so funny and full of punchlines. I love that Iron Man is there to ramble on by himself. I don’t think it’s a waste of time at all, because his words are really too interesting. At the meeting, he mocked Prince Borel to the point of being speechless, and finally, Iron Man said to Prince Borel before he left: “You are truly a pistachio nut”, then left the other party a few flying kisses, I almost died laughing, hahahaha… His narcissism is humorous, so it does not make people feel annoyed… In other words, Prince Borel has become the royal villain.”

Prince Borel was really unlucky, even after he died, he would still be pulled out and whipped. After all, this is a movie “based on reality”, so sometimes it is necessary to write the villain, and Hill just waved his pen and set the villain’s surname as Borel. It’s really “the royal villain”. However, even if Borel acted as a harmless little villain in each of the subsequent films, he could not be called a villain. Later, when the children of the Borel family revived the Borel family, they also used the banner of “We are the villains of His Majesty Grindelwald”, and they even got some support. And after the successful revival of the Borel family, they also sent money over to request that they serve as the ultimate villain, so that they will have a good face.

Hill didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Alright, alright, just be happy.

“Whereas the first film was more of a solo show for Iron Man, this one adds other aspects of him to explore and further flesh out his character. He gazed at his magical guide for a moment after realizing he was about to die, and then when the wind elemental spirit asked him “what are your next instructions?” He replied “continue the banquet tonight, make it more grand, party all night long.” Then at the evening banquet, he took the wine on the steps and said to everyone “to a f*cking happy life”. At that moment, I really felt like I loved this man so much!”

It seems that many people like these original plots very much, and Hill is quite satisfied with this. Hey, my original plot is liked by people. Hehehe. Happy.

This movie officially washes away people’s excess sadness. This type of commercial film does not need to be too brainy to gain a lot of happiness from it. Immersing in the movie and forgetting the sadness of reality, it’s good to be happy anyway. Looking at Iron Man’s unrestrained appearance, the whole person’s mood also lightened up. Even when he was about to die, he could still laugh and raise his glass to everyone and say “to a f*cking happy life”, how nice, how nice.

For one week after another, cinemas everywhere were full, but of course this ‘everywhere’ did not include the Dijon tribe. The Demon Mall was just opened recently in the Dijon Tribe, so it has always been full, this full will probably to last for several months before the heat will be slightly reduced.

Then the popularity of “The Incredible Hulk” was also brought up. Everyone collected various clues in the movie, talked about the “Avengers” with relish, and speculated about what kind of organization it was. As for the purpose of the organization, most of them have already guessed: to protect the planet. After all, His Majesty Grindelwald has already said on Weibo that the title of the first Avengers is “Alien Invasion”. Wow! So exciting just thinking about it! They have only seen aliens in novels before, but now they can see them in movies!

The second batch of Iron Man’s merch followed the heat on the shelves. Hill launched 20 sets of limited-edition steel suits for each city, which were also quickly traded at sky-high prices. Hill released the gold coins earned by the steel suits to the world and then directly announced that it was all donated to the ‘Birds of Dawn’ charity organization. Jefferson Jackson also acted quickly and took the opportunity to promote “Birds of Dawn”.

For a time, all parties praised continuously.


Demon Realm. Alice Manor.

Alice said at the time that she wanted a large and luxurious manor, so Hill ordered the Skeleton Construction Team from the human world to the demon world to use various precious things to build Alice’s manor.

Monroe happened to have something to do in the Demon Realm that day, and Hill took him to Alice’s manor with him.

The hall of the manor is tall and spacious. It is more like a “temple” than a “hall”. There are six huge floor-to-ceiling windows on the front, with intricate carvings on them. On the west side of the hall stands a glass screen with a mythical tale carved on it. This screen alone is worth a lot to others – it’s glass! Well, it’s glass.

Directly above the main hall is a very beautiful crystal chandelier. The crystal pendant hangs down and is filled with candles, which are controlled by magic to light and extinguish. This chandelier is the proud work of the black dwarves. When it is lit, the flames on the walls of the hall go out, the whole hall will fall into a dazzling array of stars, which is dazzlingly beautiful.

On the other side of the screen is a small world, with rattan armchairs, a table, and a fireplace. While others are partying in the lobby, some guests who want to communicate privately can sit here for a not particularly closed but private enough communication.

Alice could hold a huge banquet in the manor in the future, Hill told her she had the power to do so when he took her by the hand and toured the hall.

Alice nodded: “I see, Hill.”

Alice’s own bedroom is in the middle of the garden. The flowers are arranged in order of color, and they surround her residence in a circle, which is as beautiful as the scenery of a fairy tale world.

Hill let go of Alice’s hand: “Go in and have a look.” Alice raised her face and looked at Hill: “Will Hill not go in?”

“It’s a girl’s room, I better not go in,” Hill said.

Alice nodded and limped towards her bedroom with her crutches. The first thing that catches the eye is a very beautiful big bed. The head of the bed is made of curly woven vines. The pattern is mysterious and beautiful. There are many small scattered lights wrapped around it. The stars twinkle in the dark night, which is very beautiful. In fact, this decoration style is a bit like the popular ins style on the little red book, and Hill did it according to that feeling. The decoration style that spans the space and the era makes Alice look stunned for a while, how can it be so beautiful…

Outside the room.

“Do you think I’m a gentleman and polite?” Hill asked Monroe next to him.

“Well… Actually, it just occurred to me that the implication of your comment was that you would just go in a boy’s room?” Monroe said.

Hill froze for a second: “You’re picking a fight unreasonably…”

“I thought I was talking a matter of fact,” Monroe said slowly.

Hill froze again for a second: “You are really picking a fight.”

“I had no such intention at first, I just said it when I suddenly remembered it…” Monroe looked at Hill and said, “As a result, you suddenly acted so agitated, your expression is very cute, so I wanted to see more some.”

Hill covered his face: “You hit me with this straight ball!”

“Straight ball?” Monroe repeated, he didn’t understand the meaning of “straight ball”, he thought for a while according to his own understanding, and felt a little petrified: “…Why do you say such filthy words in the daytime?”

“Pfft. No, no, no, that’s not what I meant. I’ve made your thinking as crooked as mine. Should I repent…” The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched.

“I tried to imitate your thinking in order to keep up with your thinking,” Monroe explained.

“And then?” Hill was a little curious.

Monroe answered truthfully: “And then I found that after imitating your thinking, I found that everything can be crooked.”

Hill: “…”

Hill: “…I repent.”

“Actually, you don’t need to repent, because that’s your personality,” Monroe comforted him kindly.

“I know you’re trying to comfort me, but your comfort is objectively a little too sarcastic,” Hill said.

“And most importantly, I don’t think you can change it,” Monroe continued.

“…You’re going too far, I’m the dignified Demon King.” Hill said, “How can I not change it? But speaking of, Monroe, you actually say ‘everything can be crooked’, hahahaha…”

“Shut your mouth,” Monroe was clearly joking.

“Silencing my words is fine, but shutting my mouth, forget it,” Hill said casually.

Then the two froze at the same time.

After a few seconds, Monroe said slowly: “Look, I said, you can’t change it.”

Hill looked at Monroe for a few seconds, then looked away in embarrassment: “I’m going to be pissed off.”

“So, what are you going to do?” Monroe asked.

“Forcibly kiss you,” Hill said seriously, then stepped forward to squeeze Monroe’s chin and kissed it. Monroe struggled for a moment, his blue eyes were humiliation and anger: “Let go of me, you damned demon!”

This is so exciting. Hill smiled and said, “Hey hey, you paladin has fallen into the hands of this king, let’s see how this king tortures you. Hehehe…”

Alice just came out of the bedroom, and after hearing the scary dialogue, she silently returned to the bedroom. She thought to herself that Hill really likes to play. She might as well stay in the room for a while.

Hill still likes to play (…), but Monroe pushed Hill away.

“What’s the matter?” Hill asked.

“First, Alice just saw,” Monroe said.

Hill replied: “It’s okay, she retreated again, little Alice is very good,”

“So, there’s the second point,” Monroe said.


Monroe continued: “Second point, it’s kind of stupid, I can’t play it anymore.”

“Cough cough…” Hill coughed for a while, and said seriously: “Actually, this is quite interesting, really, if you don’t believe me, you can try the active side.”

Monroe thought for a moment, raised Hill’s jaw with his hand, and said, “This Pope has taken a fancy to you. This is God’s will. Let us complete the communication between body and soul under the witness of God, demon.”

Alice sat in the room for a while and felt like they should be over, she just poked her head out, heard these words, and then shrunk back again.

OK. Alice thought. It turns out that His Holiness the Pope also likes this play.

Hill was excited: “Okay, okay, let’s communicate.”

Monroe: “……”

Monroe: “…Forget it, I still feel a little silly.”

Hill’s mouth twitched, and he slammed his head into Monroe’s chest: “Eat my headbutt!”

“Cough…sorry.” Monroe took a step back while coughing.

But hahaha so happy. Sure enough, he’s always happy being with Monroe.

Hill thought.


Oitin Empire. Holy City. Church of Light.

The luxurious golden curtain is studded with gems like stars, the sacred bells are heard in the distance, and children’s voices sing loud and clear hymns in unison.

The sun sets in the sky, and soon, the moon and stars will come together.

The Pope stood in front of the statue of the God of Light, his white vestments dragged on the ground, and he seemed to be praying with his head down. Teresa stood behind him and looked up at the statue of the God of Light, his eyes disrespectful.

“Let’s start the next wave of public opinion,” the Pope said.

“Using the secret spies?” Teresa looked away and looked at the Pope’s back.

“What do you think?” asked the Pope.

Teresa thought for a while and said, “With the number of spies we have now, two more remarks will basically be useless.”

“That’s it.” The Pope pondered for a moment and said directly: “This statement should be declared directly to the outside world. Say that the demons plundered a lot of human wealth through the Demon Realm Shopping Mall to build the Demon Realm, and use the identity of the Church of Light to proclaim it directly to the outside world.”

Teresa’s heart tightened: “And what if they block the statement? Lock the rhetoric completely out of the country.”

“Then use the spies, and at the same time, say that the demons control the minds of human beings and are brainwashing. The church has long announced it to the outside world, but the humans living in those countries have no news at all,” the Pope said.

Teresa felt cold in his heart when he heard it. He subconsciously wanted to report the matter to Hill, and then he thought that Hill said that he was not needed here at the moment, and he just needed to play his role as archbishop well. And now, the Pope is really watching closely… “Yes, Your Holiness,” Teresa said.

“At the same time, contact the demons who have been living in the human world, and the demons who have agreed to cooperate with us,” the Pope continued.

Teresa was stunned for a moment: “What should I contact them for?”

“To harm the humans,” said the Pope.

Teresa subconsciously looked at the statue of the God of Light: “This…” He frowned.

The Pope of Light turned around, and he saw Teresa’s frowning appearance. He followed Teresa’s gaze to the statue of the God of Light, and his voice was full of compassion: “Sometimes, some necessary sacrifices are needed, child. “

“I don’t think it’s good,” Teresa said.

“Why do you think so? Those people are heretics.” The Pope’s voice was still gentle, “God is watching you and me, child.”

“I see.” Teresa lowered her head again: “Your Holiness, you are right. God is watching you and me.”

The Pope looked at the clouds in the sky slowly: “The demons have been brainwashing those people into saying that the demons are good people. This way, they can fundamentally shake their concepts.”

Honestly speaking, this is a really ruthless move.


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You are truly a pistachio nut – you are a barrel of laughs / a person who can make people laugh – because a pistachio nut looks like it’s laughing

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