Chapter 7 – Metaphysics Lovers

The next day.

Several luxury cars aggressively rushed under the overpass where Ye Fan set up a stall.

Master Yuan watched Jiang Hailin get off the luxury car, stroked his beard, and secretly said: He really had foresight, he had long expected that this group of young masters and brothers would come to look for trouble, that little crook selling talismans, owed himself a favor.

“Second brother, where is the person you are talking about?” Qian Yu searched around and asked.

Jiang Hailin frowned and said, “He doesn’t seem to be here.”

Qian Yu was full of agitation and said, “He didn’t come? How can he not come?”

Jiang Hailin frowned and said, “I don’t know, maybe it was a temporary thing.”

Qian Yu was full of urgency and said, “How can that be? We can afford to wait, but the boss can’t afford to wait!”

Jiang Hailin gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t mess around! If he doesn’t come, we can go to him. I always feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere, but why can’t I remember it?”

Master Yuan watched a few noble sons who drove luxury cars rushing around in a hurry, and finally found that they were not here to find fault, but to ask Ye Fan for help, and he was suddenly horrified.

“Second brother, that guy can see that you have ghost energy at first glance, he’s definitely a master, ah! Why didn’t you ask him for a business card or phone number or something?”

Jiang Hailin rolled his eyes and said, “I didn’t think that much of it?” Who told that kid to look like a liar, what kind of expert would eat KFC when they set up a stall? How embarrassing!

Unbeknownst to Ye Fan, when he was sleeping soundly on the bed, Master Yuan was questioned dozens of times by several young masters.

Finally, Master Yuan, who was almost collapsed by being pressed, remembered something.

“You said he has a nephew who goes to school nearby?” Jiang Hailin asked.

Master Yuan nodded and said: “Yes, that the doll rides a luxury card, and has a million-yuan card on his body. He should be from a prominent background, and it should be easy to check.”

Jiang Hailin quickly took “Master Yuan” to the nearby elementary school.

The families behind Jiang Hailin, Qian Yu, and Zhu Zhongqiu are very powerful. It is not easy for the principal, of course, to stop the young masters from coming to the school to check the information on the school’s student information.

“It’s him.” Master Yuan soon found out Wu Haoqiang’s student status.

“You’re talking about this kid?”

As the first grandson of the current generation of the Wu family, Wu Haoqiang was much more famous than Ye Fan.

“You said that Wu Haoqiang is the nephew of the master, then the master wouldn’t beβ€”” Qian Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Jiang Hailin woke up like a dream, “I said, I said that the talisman seller was a little familiar, it turned out to be him.”

Qian Yu hurriedly shook his head and said, “You’re mistaken, that’s Ye Fan!”

Qian Yu looked down on Ye Fan a little bit. Ye Fan was born noble, his mother’s family was strong but he was bullied into this by the son of a little mistress. Of course, there was Ye Fan’s father’s partiality, but this also has a great relationship with Ye Fan’s cowardice and unwillingness to make progress.


Ye Fan got out of the car and was surrounded by three luxury cars.

Jiang Hailin stepped down from the luxury car, walked up to Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, do you still remember me?”

Ye Fan nodded and said calmly: “You bought a few talismans from me two days ago. I’m sorry, I don’t accept returns here.”

Jiang Hailin smiled dryly and said, “I am not trying to return the goods, I have something to ask you for help.”

Ye Fan stared at Jiang Hailin for a bit and said, “The ghost energy on your body is quite light, you should be fine.”

Ye Fan pointed at Qian Yu with his finger and said, “What’s wrong with you? You seem to be in touch with ghosts again. The ghost energy in you is a little heavy. Could it be that you like ghosts and are still entangled with ghosts?”

Jiang Hailin was shocked when he heard Ye Fan’s words. Jiang Hailin and others were metaphysics lovers. They had already played bungee jumping, rock climbing, air surfing, etc., and wanted to play something different.

A few people heard that there was a cemetery in a remote town, and there was news of a female ghost in red singing in the middle of the night, so they made an appointment to go there to see the female ghost… As a result, a few people got their wish and saw the female ghost, and the eldest of the four, Song Bohui, returned possessed by a female ghost.

However, it is easy to invite ghosts but it is difficult to send ghosts. After Song Bohui was entangled by female ghosts, he would get sick from time to time, say some strange things, sometimes he would laugh hideously, and sometimes he would babble and sing.

Jiang Hailin and others searched for a number of masters, but they were unable to do anything.

After Jiang Hailin bought the talisman from Ye Fan, he used one and felt fine, so he used it on Song Bohui, the talisman probably worked, Song Bohui’s sanity actually recovered some, however, his soul and the ghost seemed to be caught in a fight.

“Young Master Ye is joking, how can I like ghosts?” Qian Yu was full of regrets. He suggested going to see ghosts in the middle of the night. As a result, when something happened to Song Bohui, the Song family hated him to the core.

Knowing that the talisman Jiang Hailin bought was useful, Qian Yu immediately gave it to Song Bohui.

The talisman was useful, but in the process of using it, the ghost probably felt provoked and attacked him, that’s why Qian Yu had such a heavy ghost energy on him.

“What are you guys doing here looking for me?” Ye Fan pulled out four big bags of snacks from the car.

Jiang Hailin hurriedly stepped forward to help carry things.

Ye Fan bought four bags full of Wahaha milk, yogurt, chocolate, potato chips, instant noodles… which made Jiang Hailin dizzy.

Ye Fan was naturally happy to have free help to carry things. You must know that although Young Master Ye couldn’t cultivate in his previous life, he was well-born, and the sect gave him two maids and two attendants.


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