Chapter 6 – The 2nd Customer who bought a talisman

The young man frowned after listening to Master Yuan’s nonsense. Master Yuan’s words were ambiguous, saying things but not really saying things. However, the young man still paid the money for fortune-telling.

“Little brother, are you also a fortune teller?” Jiang Hailin looked at Ye Fan, feeling vaguely familiar.

Ye Fan’s reputation in Cangcheng is actually very big, of course, it’s notorious. However, many people have only heard of his name and have not seen him. Although Jiang Hailin has seen Ye Fan, Ye Fan’s clothes and temperament have changed greatly, so much so that Jiang Hailin did not recognize him for a while.

Ye Fan’s stepmother didn’t want Ye Fan to inherit the Ye family’s property, so she would naturally downplay his existence. Therefore, Ye Fan didn’t attend various banquets very much, and he saw very few people.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I’m a talisman seller.”

“Do you have any talismans?” Jiang Hailin asked.

“Only the talisman for peace and the talisman for healing,” Ye Fan said.

“Is there anything else?”

Ye Fan stared at the young man, rubbed his chin, and said, “Do you want to exorcise ghosts? You have yin energy and ghost energy, but it’s okay, you have heavy yang energy, you’ll be fine in a few days, you don’t need a ghost repelling talisman…”

Jiang Hailin looked at Ye Fan in shock and said, “You know…”

Ye Fan shook his head, revealing an unfathomable smile, of course, if Ye Fan didn’t smile while nibbling on the chicken legs, he would have the demeanor of a master.

Ye Fan wiped his lips and said, “Would you like a healing talisman? You will most likely get sick after hitting a ghost, so buy a healing talisman to keep you safe?”

Jiang Hailin frowned and said, “How much is this talisman?”

“Fifty thousand!” Ye Fan said without hesitation.

Jiang Hailin frowned and said, “So expensive?”

“I’m selling a genuine product, and the price is naturally higher. If you want to buy a fake product, you can go somewhere else and buy it for five yuan,” Ye Fan said lazily.

Jiang Hailin gritted his teeth and said, “Give me five peace talismans and five healing talismans!”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Young man, you know the goods! These days, people who know the goods like you are rare!” Ye Fan shook his head full of helplessness, it was because there were so many stupid pigs in this place who didn’t know the goods that he couldn’t get rich.

“You know the ghost repelling talisman, can you get the ghost repelling talisman?” Jiang Hailin asked.

“This…not for the time being!” The drawing of the ghost repelling talisman is much more complicated than that of the peace talisman and the healing talisman. Ye Fan’s spiritual power is meager, so he can’t draw this.

Ye Fan sold ten talismans to Jiang Hailin, Jiang Hailin took the talismans and left with doubts.

“Little brother, have you raised your price?” Master Yuan said with a frown. A few days ago, that talisman was still worth 30,000 yuan. It’s only been a few days! It has risen to 50,000.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! The price has gone up. It was a special offer a few days ago, and today, the price is back to normal.”

Master Yuan glanced at Ye Fan and couldn’t help but feel a little envious. He only made a thousand yuan just now, but Ye Fan made 500,000 yuan. If he had known the talisman was so profitable, he should have bought some to sell, however, earning this kind of money is still very risky

“You better hide these days, this kind of young master is easy to cheat, but if they are cheated, it will be a big problem, this guy will gather a group of people to cause trouble, you do not want to be beaten up, how about you change to another place? You’ve made a lot of money with this deal, too.”

Ye Fan: “…”

Ye Fan pondered, there was still some medicine left from the medicine he bought before, and the remaining money could last for a few days, he wondered if he could rest for a few days.

“Ah! It’s still early, but it’s fine to close the stall,” Ye Fan said.

“Little brother is really lucky! Meeting big customers one after another.”

Ye Fan pondered that he had to take a trip to the city library. Many of the plants on Earth were not very clear to Ye Fan, and some of them did not match up with what Ye Fan knew, so Ye Fan decided to go to the library and take a look at the plant illustrations.

Ye Fan clutched a dozen books, sat down in his seat, and flipped through them quickly.

Ye Fan has a nine-colored divine soul, and he can never forget. His speed of reading is far beyond human beings.

Ye Fan discovered that after he sat down, there were several girls who frequently looked towards him. Ye Fan thought that it might be because he was so handsome, so it made the women here feel spring. After all, there are many fangirls in this world!

Ye Fan quickly turned to the third book, and a girl got up and walked over to Ye Fan.

“Ye Fan, you don’t have to pretend.”

Ye Fan raised his head and looked somewhat puzzled at the woman who approached him and said, “Is there something wrong?”

“Ye Fan, don’t say anything dark in front of a clear person. It’s impossible for you and Sister Tingting, you’d better not be delusional.”

Ye Fan looked at the girl who came over inexplicably and said, “The medical staff in the mental hospital are not responsible enough! How come they let you crazy woman out?”

“You!” Jiang Rou looked at Ye Fan with gritted teeth.

Ye Fan saw Liao Tingting with his back to him, and a bit of coldness flashed in his eyes, and he finally understood why these women looked at him frequently.

“What bad luck!” Ye Fan put down the book, glared at Liao Tingting with disgust, and left the library, planning to come back another day.

The Liao family where Liao Tingting was born belonged to the four major families in Cangcheng. Liao Tingting was beautiful and well-born. In the eyes of the original owner, she was like a goddess. The marriage contract with Liao Tingting always made the original owner both happy and somewhat ashamed of himself every time.

The original owner worshiped Liao Tingting as a goddess, but Ye Fan did not feel much for Liao Tingting, after all, Ye Fan had seen a lot of beautiful women in his previous life. Also, Ye Fan always felt that Liao Tingting seemed gentle outside, but in fact, had a heart of a poisonous snake. Ye Fan was set up as a jumping clown, his reputation was ruined, it is possible that Liao Tingting participated in it.

Ye Fan left angrily, without saying hello to Liao Tingting.

“Count on him to be sensible!” Jiang Rou said without good grace.

Liao Tingting recalled Ye Fan’s departing back and vaguely felt that something was different, “He may not have come to look for me either, he may have come to read a book.”

“Read a book? He flips through the book so quickly, he is obviously distracted. How can he read books that much?” Jiang Rou said in disapproval.


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don’t say anything dark in front of a clear person – don’t beat around the bush in front of a straightforward person; an honest person does not resort to insinuations

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