Chapter 5 – Qi Gathering Turtle

Ye Fan went to the flower and bird market with a card of one million in his pocket.

There are many plants in the flower and bird market, but Ye Fan is not interested in most of them. When Ye Fan strolled around the flower and bird market, thinking that there would be no harvest, he was attracted by a faint aura.

Ye Fan followed the spiritual energy and came to an aquatic product store.

“Boss, how much is this turtle?”

Ye Fan’s eyes lit up, Ye Fan didn’t expect that in this place where spiritual energy was poor, he could meet a Qi Gathering Turtle. The so-called Qi Gathering Turtle is a turtle that can gather spiritual energy. This kind of heaven and earth spiritual beast is extremely rare, if it appeared in the cultivation continent, it will definitely be snatched up. The Blue Cloud Sect where Ye Fan grew up did not have a Qi Gathering Turtle, but the Blue Cloud Sect’s nemesis, the Black Double-edged Sword Sect, had one.

It’s a pity that no one in this world is cultivating, ordinary people can’t feel the spiritual energy, and they don’t know the value of the Qi Gathering Turtle. Of course, this will be a bargain for him.

“This boss, you are really discerning. This is a wild turtle. Look at the color and thick armor. If you want it, take it for 1,000 yuan…”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay!” Ye Fan was secretly overjoyed, he could actually buy a Qi Gathering Turtle for 1,000 yuan, really lucky!

The shop owner looked at Ye Fan’s silly white sweet face, and secretly said: The asking price is too low!

Although the shopkeeper had some regrets, he did not change his mind to raise the price. “Boss, are you going to buy this turtle to simmer or braise it? This is a great tonic, do you want me to kill it?”

Ye Fan quickly waved his hand and said, “No, I am going to buy this turtle back to raise it. It is said that raising a turtle can make you live a long life.”

Ye Fan looked at the turtle in the aquatic tank with some pity, shook his head, and secretly said: This turtle is so pitiful! Qi Gathering Turtles in the Cultivation Continent are worshipped! As for this place, it’s actually going to be cooked and eaten as a meat dish. Fortunately, he met him, and this guy can get out of the sea of suffering, ah!

The owner nodded and said, “Well, that’s true, if you keep a thousand-year-old turtle, you can also get some blessings from it.”

Ye Fan moved the turtle tank to the car, and excitedly drove the car back to the apartment.

The place where Ye Fan lives now is the apartment left by his mother, more than 160 square meters, which is not bad for Ye Fan, although this apartment is far worse than the Ye family’s villa.


Ye family.

“Where did Ye Fan go?” Ye Hongwen asked.

Wang Xiaofei couldn’t help being a little confused. Ye Hongwen had always disliked Ye Fan. Every time he talked about Ye Fan, he was very displeased. Wang Xiaofei didn’t understand why Ye Hongwen suddenly mentioned him after Ye Fan made such a big scandal.

Before Wang Xiaofei could speak, Ye Yinglan spoke up, “Dad, why are you asking about this mud who can’t support the wall? His scandal has disgraced our Ye family.”

“My friend told me that Ye Fan was selling talismans under the overpass, swindling and cheating!” Ye Hongwen said with a sullen face.

Wang Xiaofei’s face changed suddenly, Ye Fan was from the Ye family after all, Ye Fan was out there cheating people, and the Ye family’s face was lost along with him.

“Dad, why do you care about him? Everyone is responsible for their own actions, ” Ye Zhize said.

Ye Hongwen hesitated for a moment, looked at Ye Yinglan and said, “You go and send 100,000 yuan to that boy, so that he can be more peaceful and not make trouble, let alone do such a disgraceful thing.”

Ye Yinglan felt that Ye Hongwen wanted to give Ye Fan money, but this money is really superfluous to give. After thinking about it, she smiled and said, “Okay, he is my brother after all, and I don’t feel good seeing him degenerate into this.”

Ye Yinglan took Ye Hongwen’s card and secretly said: She recently took a fancy to a Chanel bag, but her money is a little tight, so she can buy it now.


Ye Fan put away the exercises, moved his hands and feet, and with the Qi Gathering Turtle around, Ye Fan’s efficiency was much higher. However, Ye Fan cultivated for two hours a day, and the spiritual energy in his body reached saturation, and he could no longer absorb the spiritual energy.

Ye Fan took out a few pieces of talisman paper and drew on it. Although the business of selling talismans was not easy to do, Ye Fan felt that it was not right to just sit and eat, and do nothing. Therefore, the business of talismans still needs to be done. Of course, if it still doesn’t sell after a few days, it’s time to consider something else.

Ye Fan held a bucket of fried chicken and sat in his usual seat under the overpass.

“Little brother, you haven’t been here for a few days!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! It’s been a few days.”

“Little brother, did you spend your one million so quickly?” Master Yuan asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It’s almost spent.” Buying elixir is too expensive, the old medicines cost tens of thousands of yuan, and Ye Fan’s daily medicated bath costs around 100,000.

When Master Yuan heard Ye Fan’s words, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he secretly said: “A prodigal son.”

A teenager dressed in an expensive manner with a depressed face stepped down from a Porsche car.

“Master, fortune-telling?”

Master Yuan stroked his beard and said, “Yes. Little brother’s fortune is unspeakably noble, but, this year’s fortune has violated the Lunar New Year, I’m afraid it’s a bad year!”

The young man’s eyes fiercely opened wide and said, “I did encounter a little trouble, master, what do you think I should do?”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes secretly. There was a sect called Tianji Sect in Cangxuan Continent. It is said that this sect was a strong and powerful sect ten thousand years ago, but because too many secrets were leaked, it was destroyed…

It is rumored that the Sect Master of the Tianji Sect can calculate the fate of many people. However, fate is not so easy to calculate, and often fortune-telling for others will consume their own life and blessings, and even bring disaster to future generations. Therefore, many fortune-teller masters will not easily take action.

Ye Fan vaguely felt that Master Yuan beside him was cheating. He could figure out such a thing naturally because this guy was wearing a famous brand and was driving a luxury car, definitely a rich man, but this guy rushed to a fortune teller, most likely because he encountered trouble. Ordinary people can’t think of fortune-telling, only those who encounter trouble will go to fortune-tellers based on the principle of giving medicine to a dead horse.

Of course, Ye Fan also saw something else, but the other party did not look for him, and it was not good to rob Master Yuan’s business.


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Mud that can’t support the wall – a waste, a hopeless person

Giving medicine to a dead horse – to keep trying everything in a desperate situation

Tianji – mystery known only to heaven

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