Chapter 214 – Iron Man 2 and the next anime

Iron Man 2.

The plot clues and story structure are simple and clear, the “bad guys” in the demon race and the “bad guys” in the human race colluded together to create a conspiracy, and then Iron Man defeated the villain and ushered in a happy ending.

In addition to those elements of their own, the movie also embeds a lot of foreshadowing of “The Avengers”, such as Captain America’s shield… well… here, he has become Captain Magnolia, there is a huge magnolia flower on the shield, and then at the end of the film, Thor’s hammer appeared and smashed the sinkhole, and Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D. also appeared. The setting of Black Widow is a mad believer cultivated by the Dark Church. The mad believers of the Dark Church are similar to the ascetics of the Church of Light. Since Fate/Zero’s Kotomine Kirei made a wave of ascetic fans, there can also be a wave of mad believers here.

But to be honest, the setting of Black Widow is very suitable for the Dark Church. After being trained by the brutal Dark Church, she became a mad believer, and also a mage, marksman, and a specialist in various weapons. She wears tight-fitting inner clothing on normal occasions, and when she unbuttons it, you can see a silver inverted cross hanging on her chest. She has fiery red sexy long hair. When necessary, she will change into a beautiful long dress to perform tasks. Her face is charming and beautiful, but it is sassy and cool when it is cold. Black Widow once performed this cruel task for the Dark Church, and later left the role of Black Widow, Hill let a succubus play it directly, which also shows that Hill attaches great importance to this role.

Audiences who are going to sit in the cinema are all excited at this time. Although the last movie “The Incredible Hulk” played not too long ago, because so many things happened during the period, they always feel that they haven’t seen a new movie for a long time.

Mulheim, Winter City.

“A lot of movies now take place in the Magnolia Empire.”

“Yeah, Pirates of the Caribbean is in Josh Kenny and the Plague Islands, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk are in Magnolia.”

“If only we could reach an agreement with the demons earlier.”

This kind of conversation also happened in the cinema of the Dijon tribe. If the elders of Dijon heard it, they would probably die of anger.

Soon, the chibi version of the skull LOGO of the Demon King Studios appeared, and then it was a snowy night, and a line of words appeared on the big screen: Mülheim, Winter City.

The audience at the Winter City Cinema suddenly became excited, Mülheim appeared! They saw Winter City on the big screen of the movie wow ha ha ha!

Next passed several silhouettes of the iconic buildings of Winter City, the spire of the Ice Emperor Palace, the dome of the Church of Light, and the appearance of the Demon Mall in the snowstorm. All this excited the audience of Winter City and made the audience of the Dijon tribe envious. Hill did it on purpose, of course.

Then the audience of Winter City was poured a pot of cold water – because the people who appeared in Winter City seemed to be the villains.

They had to console themselves, ahaha villains, after all, they finally appeared. Maybe next time it will be decent. They were a little surprised by the second villain who appeared immediately afterward – a black dwarf. Now the audience has a basic mindset: Demons are good people. So, when they saw that the black dwarf was directly pushed as the villain, their surprise was no less than the first time they watched a movie to find that the siren princess was so kind.

Then they thought about it, and yes, there are good people and bad people among humans, and there are good people and bad people among demons. This is quite normal.

This is also Hill’s paving the way for the future. Although he advocates the peaceful coexistence of humans and demons, it is impossible for all demons to listen to him and be friendly. Not to mention the demon realm, it is just that there are some demons who do evil in the human world. Hill heard that there was even a group of demon robbers in the Oitin Empire in the past. Hill did not intend to whitewash this kind of thing. He gradually instilled the view that there are bad people among the demons, one is out of a sense of responsibility, and the other is out of safeguarding their own interests. …It would be bad if the church made a fuss about it in the future.

After explaining the villain in a more intuitive way at the beginning, the camera turned, Tony Stark jumped directly from the airship wearing steel armor. At this time, it was the fireworks festival in Magnolia City, and his body shuttled in the splendid fireworks, and finally landed directly on the prepared stage. This shining debut made the audience instantly excited. Then he gave a speech about peace on the stage. After he finished, he came out of the crowd. A little boy with an Iron Man hood came up and asked Tony to sign it. Tony signed him with a pen and took a picture. In his head, the little boy jumped up happily. – This is the little spiderman in the future.

After walking out of the banquet, a luxurious carriage was parked unruly at the entrance, and there was a beautiful girl standing beside it. The waiter introduced: “Baron Stark, this is a gift from King Magnolia.”

“So, she came with the car?” Tony Stark said casually.

The brisk pace of the movie, the witty lines spoken in a serious manner – that’s the flavor. Fascinated smiles have appeared on the faces of many viewers.

Next, the royal family of the Magnolia Empire asked Tony Stark to hand over Iron Man’s technology, but Tony refused directly: “Iron Man is me, I am Iron Man, handing over Iron Man is forcing me to hand over myself. So, whether this is defined as reducing an aristocrat to a sl*ve or forcing an innocent man into prost*tution, well… it depends on your political leanings.”

There was laughter all around.

It was all over the movie and outside the movie.

That’s the flavor of it. Long time no see, Iron Man.

Many people have such words in their minds.

In addition to rewriting the background plot, Hill deleted some of the tedious quarrels between Iron Man and the heroine. In the original “Iron Man 2”, the relationship between Tony and Pepper was criticized by many people because of the deliberately increased contradictions. Of course, it can also be said that this is a real deal, after all, the conceit of people like Tony in real life will definitely cause contradictions between the two parties, but commercial movies use too much ink to describe this unpleasant reality, which makes the audience unhappy. In addition, the heroine in Iron Man is different from the original setting, so Hill directly waved his pen, and the two began to happily sprinkle dog food in various ways.

First, Tony wanted to conceal the truth that the steel armor would cause his blood poisoning. The succubus heroine found something wrong and deliberately bit his lips when kissing. Then she licked the blood with the tip of her tongue and said in a seductive voice: “Your blood doesn’t seem right.”

Tony: “Ah sorry, maybe I ate too many onions today.”

The succubus sneered and pressed him against the wall with a step forward, a wall slam: “What the hell are you hiding from me, my dear? I don’t mind taking bite after bite of you until I can taste exactly what’s wrong with your blood.”

Those threats made people outside the movie feel a little excited.

But after all, it was a demon who spoke like this. In terms of combat power without wearing a steel battle suit, Tony really couldn’t beat the succubus… So, Tony had to tell the truth. Then the next plot becomes the two of them looking for element replacements together.

Wonderful special effects, cool fights, lingering love, and the new Black Widow as a companion made the audience excited.

At the end, it ended successfully, and the Avengers also officially debuted. It turned out that Black Widow was a part of the Avengers. She appeared beside Tony to see if he had the qualifications to join the Avengers. So far, the foreshadowing of the Avengers has been basically done, and after the filming of Captain Magnolia and Thor, they can finally shoot The Avengers. After brewing for so long, creating a legendary world with so many movies… Hill felt that he couldn’t wait, and at the same time, he hoped that the audience also couldn’t wait, so he happily made a post on Weibo, some spoilers publicity stunt.

The audience walked out of the movie theater with excitement, and then saw the movie plans announced by the magic phone Hill, “Captain Magnolia”, “Thor”, “Avengers: Alien Invasion”. This “alien invasion” was specially added by Hill, who had thought of a lot of cool names before, but later decided to adopt this intuitive and old-fashioned movie name. —It is certainly not old-fashioned in the eyes of otherworlders.

What needs to be clear is that the ancients have always had the concept of aliens, not to mention that Hill has already asked some people to write stories about the war between aliens and earthlings in magazines in order to pave the way, so people have a basic concept of aliens. Under such circumstances, the title of the movie “Avengers: Alien Invasion” raised everyone’s excitement to a higher threshold.

When Jefferson came out of the movie theater, he thought with a wry smile, His Majesty Grindelwald is really bad, how many people can’t sleep…


In less than a month, the people were quickly freed from the shadow of war. This speed seems to be a little too fast, and some people have noticed this. The culprit, Hill, sat peacefully on the Blackrock Tower, and wrote the last stroke of the frontispiece of the magazine, and he really took the pen to paint the mountains and rivers, the spring and autumn.

The series of Avengers movies will develop in accordance to that on Earth. After the Fate/Zero broadcast of anime, “Girl’s Last Tour” will come. Next, put “Mahou Shoujo Ore”, the anime title will be translated as “This Young Master is a Magical Girl”, Hill thinks this name is more appropriate. Next, Hill felt that he should consider the long serialized anime. After searching in his brain, he finally decided to serialize “Fullmetal Alchemist” first. This is a well-deserved masterpiece. Hot-blooded and mature anime, each character, from the heroes to the villain, has a unique charm, the protagonist does not agree with their ideas, and they do not agree with the protagonist’s ideas, everyone has their own point of view, and doesn’t need the approval of others.

One of the plots Hill remembers very clearly. Prince Ling Yao and the female guard Lan Fan made mistakes in their investigation of the artificial human. The prince disappeared and Lan Fan lost an arm. When Lan Fan’s grandfather came back, his first reaction was to slap his granddaughter and scolded her as a guard for not protecting the prince. After being stopped by the doctor, he calmed down and squatted down in front of his granddaughter, grabbed her empty sleeves, covered his eyes, and said in a trembling voice, “No…arms, it’s really gone… silly girl…”

This is the typical small plot of “Fullmetal Alchemist”. They abide by their responsibilities, but also have the bottom line and humanity. They don’t speak out loudly about their sadness and longing in their hearts like children, and wantonly vent their emotions. They are all mature adults who have forbearance and restraint. Hill likes it very much. The grand and sad background, the protagonist’s eyes that became more and more melancholy later, but they never stopped, they kept moving forward, until finally, they ushered in HE in the traditional sense.

The swirling pen rested on the fingertips, and Hill wrote the final strokes on the paper.

Alice fell asleep with the doll over there. Hill approached Alice and looked over the homework she had written, and found that there were still some unfinished work. Hill thought for a while and woke her mercilessly: “You haven’t finished your homework, go to sleep after you finish.”

Alice rubbed her eyes and woke up, “Um… okay, Hill,” she replied obediently.

Hill touched her head: “What would you like to drink?”

“Winter Snow Sweet Peach Juice,” Alice said.

“Did you hear that, Irvine?” Hill said.

“Okay, My King,” Irvine’s voice came from the flame of the oil lamp, and then the flame immediately dimmed a little, which was a sign of Irvine’s departure.

Alice held the pen and continued to write, the rustling sound of the tip of the pen rubbing against the paper was very clear.

Hill walked to the window, looked at the bloody moonlight outside, and suddenly remembered.

“Your villa is about to be built, are you staying here or moving there?” he asked.

“I want to stay here, where does Hill want me to go?” Alice asked.

“I think it’s better for you to live on your own,” Hill said.

“Okay,” Alice said. “Then I’ll live on my own. Can I come here to see Hill from time to time?”

“Yes.” Hill said, “Okay, stop chatting, write quickly, and go to bed after writing.”

Alice muttered: “It was clearly Hill who talked to me first…”

“Cough…my fault, you write first,” Hill said.

“Okay.” Alice nodded obediently, and the rustling sounded again.

Hill opened the window, the night wind blew in, spring was almost here.

After the premiere of “Iron Man 2” tonight, tomorrow will probably usher in another wave of fever.

The influences left over from the war, those that were unfavorable to the Demon Realm, will almost be washed away. The next step is to take the tricks and dismantle the tricks. Anyway, the longer it is delayed, the better it will be for the Demon Realm.

Hill took a breath of fresh air.

Outside Blackrock Tower, the moonlit plain quietly shone with phosphorescence.

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This is Magical Girl Ore (Mahou Shoujo Ore)

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