Chapter 261 – May he live a long life and have no future.

It took Jefferson Jackson three months to complete the tour of the whole of Mülheim. He dedicated the map he drew to the Ice Emperor in Winter City, and then had dinner with his sister Olivia.

“I told him not to be so stupid, you think people who do charity don’t kill people? Then I pulled out my sword and killed him. His Majesty the Demon King is right, there is no end to the evil, and the line between good and bad people is often blurred. Only the system is eternal, but only in a certain period,” Jefferson said while eating a large plate of roasted snails.

“You know that, but you’re still killing people with your hands, brother.” Olivia’s eyes moved from the steak to Jefferson’s face.

“Because I couldn’t help it.” Jefferson suddenly lost his appetite for the roasted snails in front of him, he poured the sauce cooked with sweet wine on the foie gras, “I didn’t know until I left Magnolia City how ridiculously naive I was in the past, I tried desperately to restrain myself in so many places, so…”

“I’m a little worried about your mental state, brother,” Olivia simply put down her knife and fork and said.

Seeing his sister posing in such a serious conversation, Jefferson also put down the sauce bottle in his hand, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Jefferson showed Olivia a smile after saying this. The light of the candle shines on his face, he looks more mature than before, “Although I have always been dumber than you, I am also working hard in my own way.”

Jefferson has changed a lot. Olivia was in a trance for a while, in order to hide her gaffe, she picked up the cup and drank the fruit wine made of sweet pears and cherries. The tip of her tongue was sweet, but her expression was tinged with melancholy: “Don’t talk about yourself like that, I know you’ve always had your own ideas. …Wow, but I still can’t forget the way you cried after watching the Princess Siren.”

Jefferson’s mouth twitched: “Olivia Jackson.”

“Jefferson Jackson,” Olivia also called out.

Then the siblings laughed at the same time.

A few years ago, they were still a noble lady and a noble young master living in Magnolia City, but now they have extraordinary identities.

Time flies so fast. Olivia couldn’t help but sigh: “Lord Demon King, he’s doing things now that I can’t understand more and more.” There was a time when she was close to that lord, and even had the illusion of fighting side by side with him. But now, Empress Mülheim is her end. Although this can be regarded as an incomparable honor for a noble lady, but after seeing the wider scenery, her heart still feels unwilling.

“Lord Demon King should also be working hard in his own way, because he is standing too high, so we can’t understand it,” Jefferson said.

“Ah, you’re right, brother,” Olivia said.

“It’s raining really hard today,” Jefferson said, looking at the rain outside.

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Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City.

After reading the documents presented by Theodore, King Magnolia said after a while, “Are you going to kill my son?”

“Why do you think so?” Theodore asked.

“Because I would do it if I were you,” said King Magnolia.

“I don’t like killing people, and killing people doesn’t bring me much joy,” Theodore said.

“Then what do you want?” King Magnolia asked.

“More power,” Theodore replied.

“You have more than enough power.” King Magnolia said, and he became angry: “I have made too many concessions, commoner, and it is already a gift to you that I will smile at you and let you touch my bloodline.”

“It would have been true in the old days,” Theodore raised his head and looked at King Magnolia: “but with all due respect, Your Majesty, this is no time for peace and prosperity.”

Theodore came out of the king’s chamber and met Princess Delia, who was standing at the entrance of the palace without much of a smile on her face: “He is at least your king.”

“I have only one king, Lord Demon King,” Theodore answered.

“Then he is also my father,” Princess Delia said.

“So, what do you expect from me?” Theodore said.

Princess Delia opened her mouth, but did not know how to go about saying, “…Is this what Lord Demon King means?”

“Lord Demon King’s meaning?” Theodore repeated, then he laughed, “Lord Demon King will not care about such trivial matters.”

“This, this is a national matter,” Princess Delia said.

Theodore smiled again, he walked over and put his arm around Princess Delia’s shoulders, “It’s late autumn, the demon realm is quite nice after a while, I’ll talk to Gol over there, you take a group of your sisters over to relax, you’ve been too nervous for a while.”

Princess Delia’s eyes dimmed a little, but her voice was raised: “Okay.”

I don’t know how to deal with this relationship, one is her lover, the other is her father.

Many people have the courage to face difficulties, enemies, and suffering, but not have the courage to face their loved ones, lovers, and bear their blame.

It’s raining really hard outside. Princess Delia thought silently.


Alice raised her hand and wrapped the small tree in front of her with magical energy. The small tree quickly withered under the invasion of the magical breath, and at the same time, Alice felt the vitality pouring into her body.

“Amazing magical talent,” her lich teacher said of her.

After all, she is the daughter of the Pope of Light, so it is normal to have this kind of aptitude. In addition, she has always been surrounded by elemental spirits arranged by Hill. This kind of treatment is enough to make any human being jealous.

Hill and Monroe stood on the Blackrock Tower and watched the scene below, “Alice is great,” Hill said.

“All she lacks now is time,” Monroe said.

Hill smiled and turned back to the table, which was covered with various information.

“Demon King Odin won’t let Loki, who is human, ascend to the throne, what about you?” Monroe asked.

“Hahaha, what a sharp question.” Hill picked up one of the parchment pages and looked at the information of the Magnolia Continent’s army, after a few seconds, he said, “It’s useless to think about this now, let’s deal with the matter at hand first.”

“I’m going to get some air,” Monroe said.

“Good. …I didn’t expect the military strength of the Magnolia Empire to remain like this, it’s always impossible without a leader,” Hill muttered.

Under the Blackrock Tower, Alice withdrew her hand, and just now she released three dark spells in a row, and her body couldn’t support it. There were footsteps behind her, Alice turned her head, and called out crisply, “Uncle Monroe.” She opened her arms to Monroe.

Alice regarded Hill as a family, not only family, of course, she knew about his relationship with Monroe, so she would sometimes act coquettishly towards Monroe. Compared with Hill, Monroe is definitely colder on the surface, but he will basically meet Alice’s requirements.

Today, Monroe did not immediately pick up Alice. He stood there and stared at Alice for a while, until Alice’s raised arm was a little sore, and he walked over and picked Alice up from the wheelchair. The movements were almost exactly the same as Hill held Alice – he had learned how to hold small children from Hill.

Alice was always docile in front of Monroe and Hill, “What happened, Uncle Monroe?”

“What does Alice want to be when she grows up?” Monroe said.

“Want to do what Hill asked me to do,” Alice said.

“What about your own thoughts?” Monroe said.

“That’s what I think,” Alice said.

“So, do you think you can do what Hill asked you to do?” Monroe asked.

This time Alice didn’t answer right away.

Monroe carried Alice to the top of the Blackrock Tower, and Alice’s attendant, the dragon, quickly followed with a wheelchair.

Monroe had no intention of lighting the torches in the corridor, he carried Alice step by step in the darkness, after a long time, Alice finally spoke: “Hill won’t let me do what I can’t do. Hill has made many works, movies, novels, magazines, and he has raised many people to much higher positions than before, and I am one of his works, and he will take everything into account for me. I’m not going to be nervous and scared by what he might ask me to do in the future, I’m going to be able to do it because he can’t go wrong.”

One of Monroe’s fingers moved, too subtle to be noticed.

“He spoils you very much. You are the work of the Demon King, but you are also Hill’s child.”

“Are the identities of the Demon King and Hill separate?” Alice asked.

“For some they are separate, but very little,” Monroe said.

“You are special,” Alice said.

Monroe lowered his eyes and said, “Yes, I am the most special.”

Monroe carried Alice to Hill’s study, and found that the floor was covered with paper, Hill was standing in the middle of the floor looking at the night rain outside, the sound of the door opening made him turn around: “You’re back… Oh there’s an Alice, first, put Alice down, I have something to talk to you about, Monroe.”

Monroe put Alice on the desk, and Alice sat down properly and began to listen in on their conversation.

“I sorted out all the cards in my hand and planned to play them all.” Hill blew his bangs and said, “Irvine, Summer Red.”

The torch on the wall trembled slightly and disappeared.

“You can actually split your cards a few times now,” Monroe said.

“No, I want to play it all at once. If I don’t kill the opponent, then I’ll go save up the rest. I’m itchy after holding the cards for too long,” Hill said.

“Okay,” Monroe said. “Use me as you wish.”

“Of course, I will. In fact, I plan to use you tonight to ease my mind and body.” Hill whistled, he raised his hand and all those papers on the floor flew up, filling the room with fluttering information, Hill clenched his fist and with a bang all the papers disintegrated and crumbled in a flash.

The wind stopped. Everything settled. Monroe ran his hand over his face, which had just been cut by the paper, then licked the blood off his fingertips and said, “Refusing would be impolite.”

If it weren’t for Alice, Hill really wanted to make a multi-billion deal with Monroe right away. It’s a pity that there is a small light bulb next to them, and Hill can only sigh slowly, “Now let’s start preparing for the ending.”

“Got it,” Monroe said. “It means the next war is going to be all-or-nothing.”

At this time, Irvine brought the summer red that Hill wanted. He and Monroe each held a goblet. The light was reflected in the blood-colored wine. Hill flicked the wall of the glass with his finger: “Yes, a big gamble. Anyway, it’s no big deal, if we fail, just divide the world in two.” He took a sip, and the chilled summer red fruit was fragrant and smooth, “To our great Pope of Light, may he live a long life.”

Monroe grunted, “You’re nasty.” He said in a rather lazy and irreverent tone, “To the reigning Pope, whom I once believed in and loved, may he live a long life and have no future.”

The crisp sound of glasses clinking together was pleasing and teasing to the heart, and the rainy night added to the atmosphere.

The aura of the tyrannical demons recklessly occupied the entire room. The dark and rotten desires grow and spread wantonly in the darkness. The slight burning sensation brought by the red wine becomes a signal, and the firelight in the eyes fell into an obscure desire, something caught fire, and a piece of it fell into the heart. It’s too hot.

Hill looked away casually and said, “It’s raining so hard, why is it still so hot?”

“Probably because there were too many people in the room,” Monroe said.

Alice blinked blankly, then responded, “I’ll go to bed then, Monroe, Hill.”

“Well, go ahead,” Monroe said softly.

Alice got off the table and limped away, dragging her leg.

Monroe spoke again, his gaze unrestrained, “Hill.”

“Really, so gentle with Alice, so rude to me,” Hill said, but he was smiling.

“Then I’m deeply sorry for what I just said and for what I will do next.”

The flames in the room went out.

But the flames elsewhere burned.

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