Chapter 260.2 – Thor Premiere Ends

The next plot is the continuation of the beginning. After being thrown into the human world, Thor, who was deprived of his power, just hit the heroine’s, Jane, horse, and then he and the heroine produced the first ‘looking at each other’ in the mottled light and shadow of the horse lantern. Next is the plot of him getting along with the heroine, the two were gradually moved by each other, the son of the demon king and the human being. Compared with that “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, the emotional drama in this is more real and delicate.

Then, Thor found that he had lost the ability to lift his hammer, which showed that his heart was not strong and kind enough, and he was also not qualified to become king now. The shot of him roaring against the sky in the pouring rain is moving. That heavy rain drenched many people’s hearts.

Immediately after that, Young Master Tuttle took a fancy to Jane’s perfume and directly took away all of Jane’s perfume and magic carving knife at a very low price. “It is your honor to be used by the noble Tuttle family, you little nobleman!”

Jane and her friends were terrified and angry. Thor stood on the roadside and watched this scene. He was very familiar with this scene, and he was a little dazed. He was muttering to himself: “It is your honor to die in battle for me… Blood is honor… honor… I also often say such things… But for them, living may be the most important thing…” He originally wanted to go up to help, but was stopped by Jane’s friends, who were worried that he would go up and die.

Thor spent day after day in the human world like this. He saw a lot of things that he couldn’t see as a prince of the demon realm. His negative personality was gradually disappearing, and the beautiful qualities that existed in his heart were gradually excavated. Then he and Jane exchanged glances in the emotional line. At the same time, the plot of the demon realm was also going on. The audience watched as Thor’s brother Loki wandered between the Holy Land of Light and the demon realm – it turned out that he had colluded with the Church of Light, he had lured the ascetics to the demon realm to ruin Thor’s succession ceremony, all because of his jealousy! But soon Hill told them that Loki’s character is more than that, for the revelation of his life caused a burst of shock from the audience.

Loki turned out to be the son of the Pope of Light, a human being. Demon King Odin found a baby after the battle with the Pope of Light and decided to keep it. On the one hand, it was because he couldn’t bear to kill an infant, and on the other was that Demon King Odin believed that demons and humans could be united through Loki. To put it bluntly, in the future, let Loki return to his human identity, and then play an important role in the communication between humans and demons.

“I finally know why you have been partial to Thor all these years, because no matter how much you claim to love me, you can never let a human, a human, ascend the throne of the demon realm!” At that time, Loki did not have his usual calm expression, and raised his voice uncontrollably. After seeing the Demon King faint for the first time, he showed a state of being at a loss: “Guards, come quickly, guards!” So far, whether it is Thor or Loki, their characters are already well fleshed out.

Next, Loki became a temporary demon king in the Demon Realm. He rejected the idea of the five elders who wanted to find Thor. He went to the human world to deceive Thor and said that the war had started and that the king had died, so that he could let Thor lose his will, and he also led the ascetics to the demon realm to assassinate Odin…

“Although theoretically, I should hate this Loki, but thinking of the scene where he talked to the Demon King with tears in his eyes, I couldn’t hate him.”

“Well…he’s really quite different from Thor, but he’s also really charming.”

“Looking back now, it’s cute when he watches and manipulates everything, and when he watches Thor and Odin quarrel.”

“Each character, whether it’s the hero or the villain, have their own unique charm.”

In the human world, Loki caused the mechanical puppets made by the black dwarves to assassinate Thor, and the mechanical puppets affected many humans. Thor blocked it directly with his powerless body. He used this fearless spirit of sacrifice to prove that he was a qualified prince of the demon realm, the Mjolnir thus took the initiative to fly to him, and he regained his power – here the plot began to become the classic cliché style, but in front of the public, the classics are generally not bad, coupled with the cool to the extreme special effects, which made many audiences scream in excitement.

Next, Thor returned to the demon realm in the hope of everyone. At this time, Loki had brought the ascetics of the Church of Light to the demon king’s bedchambers. But when the ascetics were about to kill the demon king, Loki suddenly appeared and killed all the ascetics. The audience was a little puzzled why Loki did this, and the returning Thor asked this question for them.

“I want to prove to my father that I am his best son. I never wanted the throne, I just wanted to be on an equal footing with you,” said Loki.

A love-starved troublemaker. He went around in such a big circle, and his final purpose was to be a hero in front of his father. Look, I had a hard time doing it, but I still saved you from the bad guys (of course, I concealed the fact that the bad guys were brought in by me). At this point, the audience’s disgust with the character of Loki has disappeared by more than half.

It should have been a very happy ending here, punish the troublemaker, and then return to the human world to find the heroine Jane, and bring her to the demon realm to fulfill the promise of picking flowers in the demon realm together… However, the next plot is a straight turn down. Loki had previously opened the gate of the demon realm to completely destroy the Holy Land of Light, and now, Thor has begun to consider the lives of innocents, he picked up the hammer and tried to destroy the door.

“If you destroy the gate of the demon realm to the human world, you will never see her again!” Loki stood in front of Thor. He has always been good at seeing people’s weaknesses, and this time was no exception.

But Thor just hesitated, raised the hammer high again: “Forgive me, Jane,” he said, and smashed the gate of the demon realm completely.

Lightning and thunder, the earth shook, dazzling special effects, his blue eyes with pain, with sorrow, but also with determination.

Thor at this moment is really moving.

In the end, Thor and Loki almost fell into the turbulent space after the door to the demon realm was broken. Fortunately, Odin woke up in time to save them, but in the end, Loki let go of Thor’s hand, allowing himself to fall into the spatial turbulence.

“I could have done it, for you, for all of us.”

“No, Loki—!!!”

The sudden knife at the end made the audience tremble, and they thought of the knife at the end of “Captain Magnolia” again. Later, the magazine also published some fan fiction of Captain Magnolia and Agent Carter, one of which was after being dug out and thawed and resurrected, Captain Magnolia found his former lover, but Carter was already old at that time, and then he spent her last days quietly with her. …Wow, this is really ab*sive.

But fortunately, the ending did not stop with a knife, and it was slowed down.

Odin was awake, made a treaty again, the prince of the demons returned, and then the grand banquet, everyone was very happy, except for Thor.

“How is he?”

“He’s still mourning his brother’s death and missing her, the human.”

“You will be a wise man.”

“There won’t be a better king or a better father than you. I still have a lot to learn, I see it now. Maybe one day I can make you proud.”

“I can tell through time and space that the human girl is still looking for you. She is very strong. She has made money again with the perfume formula you gave her. Maybe one day you will meet again.”

After listening, Thor just lowered his head and clenched his hammer. After a moment of silence, he raised his head and showed a smile similar to but different from the one he had in the succession ceremony:

“Yes, I will.”

The screen goes dark, and the movie officially ends here.

The overall rhythm of the movie is very smooth, and the two-line plot unfolds at the same time, making the audience full of expectations for both sides. Different styles of Thor, heroic in battle, sassy and handsome when getting along with Jane, blue eyes trembling in pain… In addition, there is Loki played by a blood race, this character has also attracted very wide attention…

Until the last easter egg, Loki appeared, he did not die. Although it is not a plot that everyone is happy with, when it falls together, it is just right to hold people’s emotions, and it makes more people want to watch the sequel as soon as possible.

This movie has mixed reviews on Earth, and some people even directly regard it as a foreshadowing of the Avengers. The plot is simple and cliche. If you look at it from the perspective of a very strict film critic, the evaluation is estimated to be very low. However, as a commercial film, it is successful, with gorgeous special effects, strong muscles of the male protagonist, beautiful heroine and male supporting character, and exquisite art and music. To paraphrase, even if it is a commercial film on the assembly line, it is also a commercial film on the Mercedes assembly line. In addition to the different settings of the story background and characters, Hill has improved the obvious shortcomings of the original film, and further developed its advantages. So, it was expected by Hill that there was a scene after the movie where all the audience was so excited that they were talking about it.

“It’s a visual feast, I learned the word from “Demon Realm Magazine”, and I think it’s a really good word to describe “Thor”!”

“I love Thor! I love Loki! I love Jane! In addition, I think all this should be in Odin’s plan, otherwise how could he suddenly wake up at the last minute and save his two sons?”

“It was unexpectedly wonderful, and at the same time made me look forward to “Avengers I” even more!”

“I really wish I could watch it all at once.”

Albrecht followed the crowd out of the cinema, then paused for a moment at the door.

“Hey, why are you blocking people here, ah, it’s a demon friend, that, I suggest you better not stand here, it will block the people behind,” a human noble said so.

Albrecht took off his hat and bowed, then walked to the other side.

“It’s a dark elf, hey, did you see? I just spoke to the dark elf.”

“Had I known I would have gone and struck up a conversation, and then ask if I could add him as a friend on Weibo.”

“There are still very few dark elves in Magnolia City.”

These conversations drifted into Albrecht’s ears, and the dark elf, who had always been cold in front of people other than the Demon King, seemed to raise the corners of his mouth slightly.

The premiere of Thor is officially over.

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