Chapters 260.1 – Thor Premiere Ends

Thor entered the Holy Land of Light together with his brother Loki and the five elders of the demon realm. The next thing that was shown to the audience was the scenery of the Holy Land of Light which also conformed to the traditional concept. The blue sky, the white clouds, and the bright sunshine made the demons narrow their eyes.

“This scenery is very beautiful, and it is almost catching up with the scenery of the demon realm,” the audience who made this comment did not realize how blasphemous their words just were to the Church of Light.

“It’s really beautiful, but I just saw such a cool demon realm, and I’m not interested in this peaceful and beautiful scenery,” the audience who responded to this viewpoint did not realize how much their own minds and aesthetics had changed.

Of course, that’s exactly what Hill wanted.

Of course, it is impossible for everyone’s aesthetics to be changed like that. There are also many people who think that the style of the Holy Land of Light is better than the dark and violent style of the demon realm. Later, the subtitles appeared in the movie, the audience suddenly realized, no wonder the scenery of the Holy Land of Light in the movie is so beautiful, it really is from the demon realm. And some people who have figured out the knots can’t help but hold their foreheads, such as Old Jackson, who feels as if he has returned to the time when he just worked with Hill, and every day he is amazed by Hill’s various whimsical and terrifying ideas.

In the end, it could be said that Hill took control of several countries without a single soldier. Old Jackson felt that his psychological endurance was already very strong, and he felt that Hill could not do anything shocking anymore. The result, after playing with the humans, Hill actually started to extend his claws to the gods. Old Jackson’s temples jumped up suddenly.

Hill only gave a few shots of the Holy Land of Light, and then the demons met with the Light believers and started fighting directly.

“How weak, humans are still as bad as ever,” Thor said handsomely by knocking a Light believer into the air with Thor’s Hammer.

Originally, Albrecht was worried that the human audience would feel hit when listening to this line, but he found that the eyes of the people around him were sparkling, apparently directly substituting themselves into the identity of the demons.

Albrecht: …what’s wrong with humans?

But since that’s the case, he doesn’t have to worry. In the end, he just thinks ‘as expected of the Demon King!’

On the screen, Thor blocked the attacks of the three ascetic Light believers, and then showed his signature bright smile, which has a hint of ruthlessness and ferocity of the demons: “This is a bit challenging.”

The fight on the big screen kept the audience excited. Why do you care about the overall situation, that Demon King is too weak, and the Demon Race is so strong that it is enough to just destroy the Church of Light. Why do you still need peace talks? Just fight!

After a bunch of crazy special effects and splendid magic, Thor’s companions were injured. With the appearance of the Pope of Light, Thor and the others retreated, and in the end, the sudden appearance of Demon King Odin saved them. Then, Demon King Odin and the Pope of Light had the following dialogue: “Don’t let the blood continue to flow, let’s end all this now, Your Holiness the Pope.”

“It’s your son who is provoking, Your Majesty the Demon King.” Pope of Light held the sacred staff in his hand, looking entirely brilliant and majestic.

“You’re right, he’s a child, so deal with him the way you would treat a child,” said Demon King Odin.

“Don’t continue with these diplomatic rhetoric, Your Majesty the Demon King. Do you think I will believe the demon’s words?” The Pope of Light shouted angrily: “Your son will achieve what he came here for, war and death! And we, the Church of Light, will defend the glory of our Lord!”

“Then so be it.” Demon King Odin was obviously also angry, but his expression was still calm, and he didn’t say anything harsh, but left the Holy Land of Light with his two sons and the five elders of the Demon Race. Then there was a fierce quarrel between father and son, and different ideas finally began to clash fiercely.

Thor: “You say you do this for the sake of the demon realm and the kingdom, but if you don’t act, the demon realm and the kingdom will be no more! Humans must learn to fear me, as they once feared you.”

Odin: “That is a statement of pride and vanity, which is not what a qualified king should say.”

“A qualified king? I killed many ascetics with my own hands today! I even routed an angel! While you were making long speeches, the demons and humans were laughing at us while our demon realm was gradually falling!”

“You are a foolish, naive, cruel child.”

“And you’re a confused, outdated old man!”

The anger on Demon King Odin’s face disappeared.

The expressions on the audience’s faces gradually solidified. They finally understood why Thor was banished by the Demon King.

So… was Odin right or was Thor right? Treaty, peace…

As expected, Odin said with sadness: “Yes, I was confused, I thought you were ready.”

“Thor Odinson, for betraying the orders of the Demon King, for your arrogance and ignorance, many innocent lives in the human and demon worlds will be poisoned by the war, and will be treated more unjustly…” as Demon King Odin said these words, some images flashed across the screen.

Human and demon children running happily in the street, dark elves playing bagpipes in a bar full of humans, human engineers discussing mechanical diagrams with black dwarves in the demon realm, human tourist groups sightseeing in the demon realm.

“You are not worthy of their trust, you are not worthy of your identity, you are not worthy of the love those people have for you,” Demon King Odin continued.

After seeing those pictures, many viewers were silent. At first, people thought that Demon King Odin was too weak and did not have the temperament of a demon king. Although the movie did not show pictures of the past, the pictures of these demons and humans living peacefully together are enough to sting the heart.

Then Odin directly deprived Thor of his power and threw him into the human world, and then put magic on Thor’s hammer, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”, which means that only those who have a righteous and kind heart can lift Thor’s Hammer. This is the way he left for Thor.

“Demon King Odin is still reluctant to give up his son.”

“Maybe this is the experience he gave to Thor.”

“Could it be that everything was planned by the Demon King? He knew that Thor had many personality flaws, so he deliberately set up such a game… Otherwise, why would there be such a big accident in the succession ceremony?”

The audience has opened their brain holes here.

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