Chapter 259.2 – Thor Premiere

The others didn’t think so much about it, they were shaken in spirit because of the line that appeared immediately after.

Three days ago, Demon Realm.

“The Demon King has appeared!”

“I can see the dreamy scenery again!”

“I wonder if the beautiful Floating Island will appear…”

“Wait, this is…

What is shown on the movie screen this time is not the “dream landscape” that has gradually become known to everyone, but the terrifying demon realm depicted in traditional stories.

The tumbling magma, the throne of white bones, the gloomy palace, the faint blue flames, the densely packed skeletons crawling up from the abyss…

Albrecht, the dark elf in the Magnolia City Cinema, was a little nervous. How would human beings feel about such a scene, would they think that the demons are really evil? Will you be afraid?

What is shown on the movie screen this time is not the “dream landscape” that has gradually become known to everyone, but the terrifying demon world depicted in traditional stories.

The rolling magma, the throne of white bones, the gloomy palace, the faint blue flames, the densely packed skeletons crawling up from the abyss…

Dark Elf Albrecht, who was mixed in the Magnolia City Cinema, was a little nervous about how humans would feel about such a scene, would they feel that the demons were really evil? Will they feel fear?

Then he heard the conversation of a pair of girl friends next to him.

“This, wow, this…”

“Are you too frightened to speak, Elena?”

“No, I’d say it’s so cool!”

“Yeah, this is really cool, it’s exactly the same as the demon realm I imagined before!”

“It’s really exciting. I don’t know if there is such a scenery in the demon realm. I really want to see it. Of course, I also want to see that kind of dreamy landscape. Oh, I want to see it.”

“Me too.”

Albrecht was a little dazed for a moment. He looked at the big screen again. At this time, there was a dark demon city under the heavy rain on the big screen. Cyberpunk and mechanical punk mixed up in style, with icy black buildings silent in the rain and a flood of psychedelic lights on the other side.

The two noble ladies next to them made another “Hwaaah~” sound.

Albrecht felt even more at a loss.

This style is great in the eyes of the demons. The demon race likes dark and cold things, but also like blazing hot and full of killing sense of art. Albrecht knew the aesthetic differences between humans and demons. For example, demons couldn’t accept a woman who was too thin… Wait, it seems that he can now accept the appearance of some active singers and movie stars? Just as many humans can now accept the aesthetics of demons?

It is self-evident who changed all this.

Someone with such great power, to mock even the gods… seems, there is nothing wrong?

Albrecht was a little floating over here, and the movie continued.

The film layout of “Thor” is quite interesting. It starts with the heroine. The heroine rides a horse and bumps into the male protagonist who suddenly appears. Then the camera turns three days ago and begins to explain why the male protagonist appeared here. The audience has never seen such a layout before, and this movie, like Hill’s previous movies, firmly attracted the audience from the beginning.

The audience also watched other people’s films in the interval between Hill’s two films, and there were actually some good ones, but compared with “Thor”, it really echoed the saying that there is no harm without comparison.

After showing the audience the shocking demon capital, the plot began.

Immediately following the shocking Demon City is the ceremony of the Demon Prince Thor inheriting the throne of the Demon King. This scene is even more spectacular. All kinds of Demon Races gather from all directions to the bottom of the Blackrock Tower, from the sky to the ground and then  underground. Hill showed this for twenty seconds with various shots, and then all as Thor made his entrance, all the demons bowed to him in unison.

Thor crossed the crowd with a smile, while waving his hand to the crowd, the flame like enthusiasm in him also infected those demons, the atmosphere was very enthusiastic for a while. You can see that he is a very popular prince, and will soon become the demon king. Thor went under the throne, took off his helmet and knelt down on one knee to his father, even at this time he still had a relaxed smile on his face, he even winked at his mother next to him and looked with smiling blue eyes at the five elders next to the demon king, who were his elders and his friends.

Handsome and spirited, he also had great power and an open heart, a little mischievous, not pedantic – who would not like someone like that?

Thor, the son of the demon king, the heir of the demon realm, he has parents who love him, a younger brother, a right-hand man, the hammer of Thor, and great power, he has nearly everything, and then in the next movie, he was losing, his hammer broke, his parents died, his brother died, his best friend died, his hometown was destroyed, his people died by almost three-quarters, and in the end, there was also the disastrous fact that because he hit the chest of the final boss, Thanos, instead of the head, it gave Thanos a chance to snap his fingers, and more people died because of it. In Avengers IV, Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones, and Thor’s chance to make up for his fault completely disappeared.

Someone commented: “Thor 1, he fell, and then picked up the hammer; Avengers 1, he doubted, and then went into battle; Thor 2, he suffered, and then saved the world; Avengers 2, he was afraid, and then completed his duties; Thor 3, he was confused, and then found himself; Avengers 3, he blamed himself, and then persevered; in Avengers 4, he finally broke down.” In Avengers 4, Thor went back to the past to see his mother. His mother touched his face and said: ‘you must have suffered a lot in the future.’ Looking back on his experience along the way, it really makes people cry.

At that time, Captain America became the chairman of the neighborhood committee and tried desperately to comfort others, but he never got far. Iron Man married and had children and promised his wife that he would no longer take risks. Hawkeye slaughtered wildly to vent his anger. Although Black Widow still adhered to the Avengers, she often broke down and cried alone, and Thor became a fat man who drinks and plays games. But they still stood up and took responsibility when they found a way to save everything. There is humanity in God, and divinity in man. For this feeling, Avengers 3 has an advertising slogan that says: Ten years of layout, the peak of a battle. The tremors in between, one can imagine.

The film’s camera turns to Demon King Odin.

“This, is this the Demon King…”

“Looks so old and has a godless gaze.”

“Hey, I still like the young and handsome Demon King. This Demon King is a bit out of play.”

“In the future, Thor will be the Demon King, right? His father is an aging demon, which is understandable.”

The Demon King Odin shown in front of the audience is indeed like a dying old man, which is also deliberately done by Hill, by creating a contrast with the Odin behind. – Odin pretended to be like this on purpose.

Then started a short memory, Odin said to the young Thor and his younger brother, Loki: “One of you will shoulder the heavy responsibility of guarding the demon realm.”

Loki asked, “Does the Church of Light still exist in some corner of the human world?”

“When I become the Demon King, I will defeat and kill them all!” Thor said. “Just like you, Axe King.”

“A qualified king will never seek war on his own initiative,” said Demon King Odin, “but… he will always be prepared for anything.”

The shot here is clever, Loki nods when Odin says “never actively seeks war” and Thor nods when Odin says the second half. In fact, this detail can already show the audience the character of both parties.

Then the two children quickly said, “I’m ready.” “Me too.”

Odin continued: “Only one of you can ascend to the position of the demon king, but you are all born to be kings.” This sentence actually buried a foreshadowing, of course, Thor, as his son, was born to be king, and Loki, who is actually the son of the Pope of Light, naturally has a noble bloodline.

After a brief reminiscence, the succession ceremony continued, and Odin said in an old voice: “Thor Odinson, my son.” He introduces the origin of Thor’s hammer, then says that it can destroy the heavens and open the earth, and that it is perfect as an object for a king’s side. Odin’s values can also be seen here: he believes that kings need the power to destroy as well as the power to create.

But what happened next meant that the current Thor would only destroy and not create – at his succession ceremony the ascetic infiltrated the treasury at the bottom of the Black Rock Tower and killed the demons guarding it, but was killed by a destroyer magic robot made by the black dwarves. The succession ceremony was thus interrupted, and Thor and his father Odin got into a dispute.

“Those priests have to pay!” Thor said.

“They have paid the price, with their own lives,” Odin said.

And Thor insists on going to war.

“You’re just thinking with the idea of display,” Odin rebuked.

“This is already an act of war! As the king of the demon realm…”

“You are not the king of the demon realm! At least not now,” Odin directly interrupted Thor’s words.

Thor’s next act of lifting the table after returning to the palace also shows his immaturity at this stage, and the audience is gradually understanding why Odin in the trailer will deprive Thor of his power and banish him to the human world. Next, Loki instigated Thor, and Thor went to the five elders and persuaded them to join him in attacking the territory of the Church of Light. The way he persuaded was different from the way Loki instigated. He used his surging passion and fierce battle spirit and infected the five elders, they smiled, they laughed, their body’s wild and fiery demonic aura seems to spill out from the big screen, to infect everyone who saw them.

“We are the Demons, we never fear war, death is our home, blood is our glory, we build the wall of protection with our own flesh and blood and white bones, we forge our Demon glory with the begging and wailing of our enemies! We, who are going to the Church of Light.”

Finally, Thor lowered his eyes and said morosely.

He is handsome, dashing, powerful, imposing, and infectious.

He was a good friend, a good fighter, and a charismatic man.

But…not a qualified king.

Faced with the gatekeeper’s threatening words, the others were somewhat timid, but Thor said with an easy smile, “I have no intention of dying today.”

…Ah, even though they knew that the other party was not a qualified king, they couldn’t help but be moved by his demeanor at this moment.

These heroes of the Avengers ah, each have their own character, but each can be sung with the most flamboyant words and the most passionate feelings.

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