Chapter 259.1 – Thor Premiere

The direct effect of the overwhelming promotion of “Thor” is that many audiences have broken their heads trying to grab tickets for the premiere, and scalpers have also emerged as the times require.

After hearing that a small aristocrat sold the premiere tickets at a high price, Hill asked Irvine next to him: “Do you know the difference between a scalper and a buffalo?”

Irvine thought for a moment and replied, “Scalper is a little more tender, and the meat is more flavorful, while buffalo is a little lighter.”

“Well…you reminded me of beef noodles. Let’s eat beef noodles tomorrow… Forget it, tomorrow morning I’ll have breakfast with the Tauren chief.” Hill said while thinking: “Then let’s switch to eating beef noodles the morning after. Oh yes, the other thing is that they call differently.”

“It should be different…but I didn’t notice it,” Irvine said.

Hill said: “The buffalo says ‘moo, moo’, and the scalper says ‘do you want tickets?’”

Irvine: “…Huh?”

After saying this cold joke, Hill amused himself by crunching and laughing for a while, and then sent Irvine to talk to the patriarchs of the various clans about the construction of the demon city.

– This was three days ago.

Today is the premiere of “Thor I : The Return of Thor”. It is obvious that there is a suppressed joy in the crowd in the streets and alleys. Many people are speculating and discussing the plot of Thor’s movie, even though they have already discussed it over and over again, they never seemed to get tired. Hill’s transfer of Earth culture enriched the spiritual world of people in the other world a lot.

The moviegoers gathered in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall early to wait for the movie to start. Hill set up some terrifyingly expensive boxes in the restaurant on the second floor of the Demon Mall. Until now, it has become a regular social habit for nobles to have something to eat and drink on the second floor of the Demon Mall before the movie starts.

This is somewhat similar to the Oitin Empire. In the Oitin Empire, everyone will go to the Church of Light to do prayers and confessions on Sundays. After the end, they will spread out picnic cloths on the lawn outside the church, take out the snacks and tea prepared in advance and enjoy a quiet time. This has become one of the regular daily social methods of the nobles of the Oitin Empire.

The premiere of Thor is no exception, but the audience came to the cinema a little later than in the past. You must know that in the previous premieres, many people even came to the cinema in the morning, and then started to spend their entire day in the Demon Mall.

One of the big reasons for this is that the nobles have work to do.

Compared to a few years ago, the status of the nobility does not seem to mean everything nowadays, and the status of the nobility seems to have a vague trend of decline. Previously, Ice Emperor Claude used the excuse of war to increase the fixed gold coins offered by the nobles. Then the Magnolia Empire and the Dijon tribe also implemented similar policies. Coupled with the improvement of the status of the commoners, the nobles could not continue to exploit them anymore. This required that the nobles all had to have extra income, such as having their own businesses.

And Hill also gave them this opportunity.

Hill’s control of these human empires now comes not only from cultural and spiritual aspects, but also from economic aspects.

After having their own business, the nobles can no longer hang around all day as before, everyone is busy, and the overall atmosphere of the kingdom seems to have improved a little.

The leisure time passed quickly, and soon, the sound that the movie was about to start resounded through the second and third floors of the Demon Mall. The audience neatly entered the cinema one after another, and the promotional video was played on the screen again, and then the title appeared, this time, the chibi skeleton of the Demon King Studio held Thor’s Hammer in his hand, and it roared at the sky – this action was made by a chibi skeleton, which looked very cute, and then a lightning struck down, and the ground was cracked, the chibi skeleton was scorched, and a puff of green smoke came out of its mouth.

Many viewers laughed softly, it was really cute.

Then the camera turned to a bird’s-eye view, and the cracks on the ground were forming several big characters: Demon King Studio.

The entire opening credits were only a few seconds long, but it left a deep impression on the audience.

Everything in the Demon Realm has been carefully designed from start to finish. Many people can’t help but have this impression.

After a long, long time later, Hill stopped making movies, and all kinds of directors came out. The demon realm was still using the chibi version of the skull’s funny opening, but the difference between their feature film and Hill’s is obvious, and so the audience called it as: making the opening with your heart and making the movie with your feet. It was also interesting.

After the intro is over, the main film begins.

The first shot is the heroine, Jane, who is configuring the perfume. Her focused look is really charming. After she finished drawing the magic circle, her friend, Kate, appeared. The two, through a few words, outlined Jane’s family background. Her friend Kate looked at Jane’s fingers, which had been burned by the heat of the magic carving knife, and said, “Jane, you should wear gloves when drawing the magic array.”

“With gloves on, the sensitivity is reduced, and the magic formation may not work as well,” Jane said with a smile, her gaze seemed a bit somber, but that somberness was soon covered by a smile again: “It will heal in two days, and the next time I need to draw a magic array is in three days, so there is more than enough time.”

“Alas, no wonder your perfume is so popular in Magnolia City… but you are a girl after all, you are a girl!” Kate said.

“I’m still the head of the Foster family,” Jane said, with her injured hand straightening the family crest on her chest. She wipes the family crest every day and takes good care of it, so it shines and looks beautiful. In contrast Jane’s hand was red and swollen, and it was hard to look at.

The ancient family crest and the young girl’s fingers formed a stark contrast at this time.

The audience couldn’t help but have more good feelings for this girl named Jane.

The rhythm is still fast. The audience learns that Jane comes from a declining noble family. She is the only one in her family now. She makes her living by selling perfume on a regular basis, and she has two friends who are also her business partners. This day, the three of them rode their horses to pick flowers and plants outside the city of Magnolia when suddenly, a violent magical fluctuation appeared in the sky. Jane’s attention was drawn to the sky, and as a result, her horse ran straight into a person who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The three dismounted in a panic, and Kate said, “Jane, I think it’s your fault from a legal point of view. Unless he’s a commoner.”

“So, you think he’s a civilian?” said another.

At this time, they could see the man’s appearance clearly through the horse lantern. Hill gave him a beautiful shot here, the features, the looks, the temperament, making the hearts of the three people present, and the cinema audience flutter at the same time.

“…I think he is definitely not an ordinary person,” Kate said everyone’s thoughts.

In the glow of the horse lantern, Thor and Jane completed their first look at each other.

Then Thor fainted.

“What’s going on here?”

“I watched the trailer and it said that Thor was deprived of his power by the Demon King. Is he now powerless?”

“But this first encounter is quite fun…”

“Actually, I would have liked to see more of what happened in the demon realm.”

The movie screen went dark and the narrator and the magnificent images appeared at the same time.

“Humans are not alone in this world…

The constant war between the Demon King and the Pope of Light, the disputes between fate and beliefs. In the end, it was the ordinary people and the demons who suffered.

One hundred years ago, with the aftermath of a great war, humans and demons signed a peace agreement, which has been maintained to this day. “

Most of this narration seemed a little weird, but they couldn’t tell what was weird. A few people turned pale on the spot after hearing it. They heard the blasphemous meaning in it. What does “the God of Light and the God of Demons both claim to be the only omniscient and omnipotent existence”? If the Demon King doubts the God of Light, it’s okay, but he still doubts the God of Demons… No, he seems to be targeting all the gods.

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