Chapter 4.2 – Unequal Fight

When one of his feet stepped on the second floor, Huang Ming heard the wind approaching his ears.

Instinctively, Huang Ming raised his right hand holding the axe and blocked it in front of his head.

There was a muffled sound of “bang”… It was the round stool with lifts and pulleys that his wife sat on when she put on makeup, the side of the stool covered with stainless steel hit Huang Ming’s abdomen.

Yan Hong also wanted to attack the opponent’s head, but it was obviously unrealistic given her height.

She swung out the round stool to block the man, and once again regretted that she was not strong enough to knock the man down to the bottom of the stairs, Yan Hong, turned around and ran away.

Huang Ming, who was grimacing in pain, let out a low growl like an enraged beast, kicked away the round stool that was blocking him, and rushed into the corridor like crazy, rushing towards the beggar child at the end of the corridor.

Yan Hong did not retreat into the bedroom.

There are only four rooms on the second floor, a vacant children’s room, a study room, a living room, and a master bedroom.

Yan Hong pushed the fairy aunt into the children’s room, she stood in front of the bedroom door, this is her last desperate method of helping the fairy aunt to fight for a chance to survive.

Seeing the man with the axe approaching quickly, Yan Hong suddenly opened the adjacent window, turned over and jumped out.

With blood-red eyes, Huang Ming’s blood quickly became cold – if the beggar child fell downstairs and screamed and led the neighbours or guards in the villa area, he would be finished!

Huang Ming threw himself to the window and saw the situation below. The cold blood slowly warmed up… That beggar child is probably very good at sliding doors, picking locks, climbing and stealing, and has landed on the ground smoothly.

The thief was probably also afraid of seeing the police, not only did the other party not make a big noise to attract people, but instead ran to his commercial car without a word, and stood in the open trunk to probe his head.

Huang Ming turned his head to look at the closed doors of the four rooms on the second floor, thought for a moment, turned and ran to the stairs, and ran down to the next floor.

The beggar child’s “auntie” did not dare to show her face the whole time, and the only person who came to harass him was the lively and bold little girl. He estimated that the other person was a disabled person who was not a threat – a child and a disabled. Such beggar partners are not uncommon.

As long as the beggar child who is most likely to run out to the police is killed as soon as possible, it will not be difficult to clean up the crippled one.

Huang Ming ran downstairs and rushed out of the living room; at this time, Yan Hong had not been able to find a weapon that could counterattack in the yard.

Seeing Huang Ming rushing out aggressively, Yan Hong could only quickly run back under the outer wall of the villa, grabbing the decorative protrusions on the outer wall to take advantage of her strength, and crawled up to the second floor.

Just now, she also thought about running out of the yard and calling someone to rescue Aunt Fairy, but there seemed to be an invisible wall at the gate of the yard, and she couldn’t get out at all.

“Little b*tch!”

Huang Ming cursed out of breath and had to rush back inside again.

This beggar child is really too flexible, and it is estimated to be difficult for Huang Ming, a middle-aged person who has not exercised for a long time, to catch.

But it doesn’t matter – there’s another person upstairs.

Taking the “auntie” of the beggar child as a hostage, he doesn’t believe that the child can turn the sky over!

When going upstairs this time, Huang Ming was a little more careful. He cautiously paid attention to the front when he climbed the stairs.

Stepping into the corridor on the second floor again, the daring beggar kid really took another shot again, holding the clothes-drying pole on the balcony, and stabbed Huang Ming fiercely.

Huang Ming, who had been prepared for a long time, split the clothes drying pole with an axe and grabbed Yan Hong with a roar.

This time, Yan Hong didn’t turn around and escape after a single blow but waved her hand vigorously, and a large ball of sand slammed into the man’s face.

She couldn’t find a weapon that could be used to fight back in the yard, and only had time to grab a handful of dirt in a flower pot.

The hostess of this house is not good at gardening, and only planted a few pots of aloe vera, and Christmas and crab cactus. These green plants do not require much watering, pots mixed with river sand for cultivation of the soil are dry, which is suitable for use at this time.


Huang Ming was caught off guard, covered his eyes with one hand, and stumbled back half a step.

Yan Hong threw away the flimsy clothes drying pole and resolutely rushed into the man’s arm which was holding the axe.

One hand tightly wrapped around the man’s right forearm, and the other grabbed the lower half of the handle of the axe; Yan Hong ignored the man’s frantic punching and kicking, and bit the man’s right arm.

The bite force of teenagers is still not as good as that of adults, but the threat is not too small.

A pampered modern person like Huang Ming, who have suffered the greatest pain in his life only on the operating table, couldn’t bear the pain of his flesh that was about to be bitten off at all, so he howled and let go of his right hand.

The man’s knees and elbows hit her numerous times, and her organs hurt to the point of displacement, her ears and face were scratched with several bloodstains, and even her hair was ripped off a large part. Yan Hong gritted her teeth and turned half of her body on the ground, using her own strength plus the inertia of the axe being thrown up, she slashed across the man.


In the midst of screams which did not sound like it belonged to a human, hot blood splattered on Yan Hong’s face.

Yan Hong, who is less than 1.5 meters tall and barely weighs 80 pounds, is definitely not as strong as a modern male with a tall, sturdy, and over-nourished body.

But when it comes to using an axe, the inactive modern people are far inferior to this ancient girl – since Yan Hong swings the axe at home, cutting and chopping wood almost every day.

Huang Ming, whose left arm was almost cut off, did not have the fortitude to rise up and hurt people even though he was not seriously injured. The man who could stab his wife more than a dozen times without blinking could not bear the pain at this level. “AAAAHHH!! Help! Help me!!!”

Yan Hong took a half step forward, panting, and swung the axe again.

A slender, soft hand stretched out from across the room, gently stroking the edge of Yan Hong’s scalp where a lot of hair was torn off and was slowly seeping out blood.

Yan Hong gasped and turned her head sideways.

The woman came out of the children’s room at some point and was looking at her with tears in her smile and pity.

“Aunt Fairy.” Seeing the woman all intact and unscathed, Yan Hong, who was in a state of embarrassment, felt that her hard work was rewarded, and couldn’t help grinning.

“I’ve seen it all, Yan Hong, thank you for protecting me so desperately,” the woman smiled and said, teardrops, vaguely mixed with strange impurities, rolled down.

“Hey… I just did what was necessary,” Yan Hong smiled shyly and lifted the axe, “Auntie, you should hide first, don’t let the blood splash on you.”

The ancients did not have the concept of “self-defence cannot be taken too far”… With Yan Hong’s simple worldview, when encountering people who want to harm others, they must kill them, so as not to harm others.

“No need.” The woman shook her head, put her hand on Yan Hong’s shoulder, and pulled her back, “You are still young, don’t do such a thing.”

“No way, Aunt Fairy, the people in your place can do fairy magic. If this person takes his hand back, he will come to harm you again,” Yan Hong became anxious.

The woman laughed and waved her hand: “What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t worry, he won’t.”

She lowered her head slightly, looked at the man who had fainted with fright since she appeared, and said softly, “He won’t have a chance to do this… Auntie promises you.”

Yan Hong thought about it for a while, but still a little worried, she insisted on asking: “Really?”

“Of course, it’s true.” The woman showed a smile, with a faint relief that couldn’t be deciphered by Yan Hong’s age, and said in a doting tone, “Auntie can lie to anyone but not to you, ah, Yan Hong.”

“Hehe…” Yan Hong scratched her scalp shyly.

Before she could say the next sentence, Yan Hong felt a lightness in her hand, and the axe disappeared without a trace.

Her scalp doesn’t hurt anymore, and her face doesn’t hurt anymore.

The fairy aunt is gone, and so is the man who passed out.


Yan Hong, who still wanted to continue to be close to the fairy aunt for a while longer, stared in shock, staring dumbfounded at the familiar earthen walls of her old house, and then at her sleeping mother on the bed.

“This, I—?? Auntie? Auntie fairy?”

Yan Hong, who had difficulty accepting reality, suddenly saw the “glowing sheet” she had seen popped out once in her left palm.

“The trial mission has been completed.”

“Task completion: 200%”

“Congratulations to trial participant ID 4039 Yan Hong for over-completing the introductory trial mission and gaining official trial participant status (click here for trial participant privileges). Obtaining additional fate point reward: 200 points (click here to see fate point usage).”

“Congratulations to trial participant ID4039 Yan Hong for successfully resolving the obsession of malicious spirit Dong Hui and obtaining the malicious spirit Dong Hui’s goodwill value: 100%.”

“Congratulations to trial participant ID 4039, Yan Hong, for unlocking the Malicious Spirit Goodwill. After unlocking [Psychic], [Ghost Master], [Necromancer] and other psychic energy-related talents, you can summon the malicious spirit, Dong Hui, in the Spectral side with no less than 10% content.”

Yan Hong: “……(°△° )??”

Mrs Zhang heard a movement in a daze, barely propped up her eyelids, found her daughter not sleeping in the middle of the night but standing barefoot on the ground in a daze, and angrily scolded: “You stinky girl, what do you want to do in the middle of the night and not sleeping, you do not have to work tomorrow morning?

“No, mother!” Yan Hong couldn’t care less about her work tomorrow at the moment, and eagerly gestured with her hands, “I, I just—I just had dinner with the fairy aunt! Look at my belly, it’s full, not deflated!”

Although the axe was gone… But the food, oil, and water that she had eaten were brought back, as evidenced by Yan Hong’s not hungry belly at all.

Yan Hong’s mother reprimanded: “Stop dreaming, just someone like you, are you worthy to see a fairy? Go to sleep!”


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