Chapter 4.1 – Unequal Fight

Given Yan Hong’s age and upbringing, she had no concept of love between a man and a woman.

Even when she reached the age where everyone in the village thought she should talk about marriage, Yan Hong’s knowledge of marriage and her imagination of her future husband came from the words and teachings of the elders around her and her own observations and understanding of the village people.

In the daily life of the countryside people, it is impossible to have much romance and warmth, bumps and fights are common; even if there are harmonious couples, the ancient habit of being subtle will not be shown to outsiders.

Yan Hong, such a half-grown child, can see and hear mostly ordinary villager couples’ simple and brutal mode of getting along – the man will indeed beat his wife, and when there is a fault, the wife will be beaten up by the mother-in-law and husband together.

Yan Hong had witnessed her second uncle, Yan Erlang, beating his wife – beating the second aunt to the point of crying and howling, and the sound spread far and wide in the middle of the night.

Growing up in such an environment, it is impossible for a minor like Yan Hong to have unrealistic fantasies about the “wonderful love” that she had never heard of… In the mind of this ignorant ancient girl, the so-called husbands and men only have the cold impression that “if you don’t obey, you will be beaten, if you are ignorant, you will be abandoned or beaten to death”, and you need to “please, serve, obey, and ask the other party to give her food”.

Such a Yan Hong would naturally not come up with the self-righteous idea of ​​”how can the husband of the fairy aunt be willing to beat her?”

Seeing the man downstairs taking out the axe, Yan Hong could only instinctively become alert – Aunt Fairy didn’t need to make a fire to cook at all, coming home with an axe, where would her husband use the axe for?!

“Aunt Fairy, why is your husband holding an axe?” thinking in her heart, Yan Hong asked.

“He’s coming… to kill… me…”

The woman’s hands are pressed against the window glass, her eyes are wide and fixed on the man downstairs.

Yan Hong sucked in a breath of cold air. She was not frightened at all by the woman who gradually appeared abnormal. She only thought about how to protect the fairy aunt who was so kind to her. She reached out and grabbed the woman’s wrist, trying to push the woman deeper into the aisle, saying: “Come on, Aunt Fairy, let’s hurry and hide.”

“Why… should we hide?”

The woman stood unmoving, slightly turned her head sideways, and her face, which had begun to distort, turned toward Yan Hong.

Yan Hong was taken aback.

Immediately… She moved closer to the window and glanced down quickly.

The man was carrying a suitcase in one hand and a handheld chainsaw in the other toward the house.

The axe was still sitting at the trunk of the business car.

“The place is just this big, we really won’t be able to hide for a long time…” Yan Hong stared at the axe, hesitated, looked at the woman firmly, and whispered, “Aunt Fairy, I listen to you, we won’t hide. .”

Saying that, Yan Hong shoved the kitchen knife in her hand to the woman, grabbed the window frame that opened half of the window with both hands, and jumped lightly to the window sill more than one meter high.

Woman: “……?”

The villa, which seemed extremely luxurious to Yan Hong and looked like an immortal palace, was in fact a “small-sized” villa for the urban middle class.

The single-story floor is three meters high, and there are decorations on the outer wall to help. This height is really nothing to Yan Hong, who dares to climb the rock wall to pick wild fruits to eat, and climbing trees is like a child’s play.

Thirteen or fourteen-year-old girls, no matter whether they are ancient or modern, are at an age when they have not yet opened up too much physical gap with boys of the same age, are unyielding and are relatively aggressive; as long as she can get that axe, Yan Hong, a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers, dares to fight with an adult man.

Yan Hong, who jumped on the window sill, was about to jump down, but heard the man downstairs who had just entered the room let out a low cry and stumbled out of the room.

Then, the man ran back to the trunk, picked up the axe, and rushed into the house with a ferocious face…

Yan Hong was puzzled at first, then her complexion changed suddenly.

The bowls on the dining table were not cleaned up—the other party knew that Aunt Fairy had help!

“What should I do? The axe was taken away. How can I deal with him?”

With a cold sweat on her forehead, Yan Hong nervously looked around the yard, hoping to find another handy weapon.

Under the leadership of the eldest sister Yan Xia, Yan Hong had a wealth of experience in dealing with the wild boys in the village since she was a child; it was troublesome to deal with the boys who were a few years older than her, not to mention that the husband of the fairy aunt was a grown man of about the same size and looking much fatter than her father – it was absolutely impossible to do it with bare hands.

In her anxiety, Yan Hong heard someone striding upstairs.

That man, he ran to the second floor!

Yan Hong didn’t think about it, she quickly jumped back to the corridor on the second floor and rushed towards the stairs.

At this moment, a man with an axe and red eyes was quickly approaching the corner of the stairs.

The bare-footed Yan Hong ran without making a sound. She rushed down a dozen stairs in three or two steps. The moment the man turned the corner, she suddenly squatted down, exerting force on her shoulders and elbows, and slammed ruthlessly to the man’s side abdomen!

This is a trick Yan Hong learned from the wild boys in the village… If a young and small person wants to beat an older and taller person, there is nothing more effective than hitting the other’s stomach with shoulders and elbows.

The man looked at the child who appeared out of nowhere in astonishment.

He was anxiously running upstairs to check on his wife’s body and was not at all prepared; even though the child was not very strong, he was knocked backwards and hit the back of his head and back against the stairwell wall.

The axe, which was not clenched tightly due to sweaty palms, fell to the ground.

Yan Hong, who did not succeed in knocking his opponent down the stairs, had a face of annoyance that she didn’t pick the right time. Then her eyes lit up at the sight of the exe and she quickly reached out to grab it.


Huang Ming covered his head and gasped. Seeing that the kid who attacked him wanted to grab an axe, he kicked her without even thinking about it.

The distance was too close, and Yan Hong couldn’t dodge in time. Her thin body was kicked and flew out more than half a meter, and she fell on the stairs with her butt on the ground.

Fortunately, Huang Ming was in a state of instability when he lifted his feet, so Yan Hong only fell a little bit badly and had a dull pain in her abdomen, but she was not injured.

Seeing that Huang Ming had slowed down to pursue the chase, Yan Hong could only regretfully glance at the axe that she had not yet had time to grab, and used her hands and feet to escape upstairs.

“Auntie – run!”

Rushing back to the second-floor corridor, Yan Hong grabbed the woman who was standing stiffly at the entrance of the stairs, and rushed towards deeper into the corridor.

When Huang Ming, who had just picked up the axe, heard the shout, the hair on his body exploded, and cold sweat ran down his temples to his chin.


Huang Ming, who was originally somewhat refined in appearance, turned hideous and terrifying.

Who else sneaked into his house while he was preparing tools… not just that beggar child?

Is there an adult? That beggar kid’s aunt?!

Huang Ming, who was covered in cold sweat, clenched his axe tightly and rushed upstairs without thinking.

He didn’t know how long the outsiders had been on the second floor of his house, and that beggar child still dared to attack him… Maybe, the body hidden under the bed in the bedroom had been found.

Huang Ming must not let these two leave the house alive – his life must not be ruined by these two thieves!


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