Fierce Hongxiu [Infinite Flow]

Author: 爱吃辣鸡粉

Chapters: 200+ ongoing


The ancient impoverished rural girl became a trial participant, shuttling back and forth between the infinite plane and her hometown.

Find something to eat… er, do quests.

Picking up trash…well, she recycles things that other people don’t want, and there will be people who need them.

The hometown is too poor, and the days are too hard. The hapless little teenager stumbles to get a firm foothold and begins to think.

Perhaps, she can also help the world.


Yan Hong, an ancient girl, is chosen by the chip system and becomes a trial participant on a cross-dimensional mission. The trial mission is always accompanied by fatal risks, but Yan Hong is happy to do so — she can learn enough skills to change her life, and she can obtain fate points that can be exchanged for anything. Not everyone can hit it!

It’s just that she has a few more tasks in her hometown, and there are also hundreds of millions of monsters and ghosts… Who made her a native of the Liao Zhai plane? 


(Hongxiu – Red Sleeves – Little Beauty)

Table of Contents

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