Chapter 2 — Ghost? Fairy?

Yan Hong stood dumbfounded, looking around in bewilderment.

At this moment, she was in a strange house.

The house was very spacious, wider than the main room where the Yan family lived, and was decorated with many furniture and furnishings that she had never seen or heard of.

Under her feet was not the common country house rammed yellow soil, but beautiful jade-like stone flooring, bright enough to shine out the shadow of a person.

There was no beam visible above the head, instead there was a luminous light fixture hanging like a crystal lamp in a fairy tale, filled with big and small white spheres like the legendary night pearl, emitting a soft white light.

The walls were decorated with different styles of scenery, tables, chairs, and cabinets were all extremely beautiful, and Yan Hong was dazzled.

“This, where is this? Mother… mother?”

Yan Hong didn’t dare to walk around, and stared bewilderedly at the house that looked like a fairytale house to her.

This ancient girl was stunned. On the wall in front of her that was made of artistic tiles, strange blood words appeared quietly:

“The trial mission has been activated.”

“Difficulty: Beginner”

“One trial participant: Yan Hong.”

“Mission plane estimated side: technology side 78, spectral side 20, unknown side 2.”

“Mission requirement: Survive four hours in the Fierce Ghost Villa.”

“Successful mission rewards: Official trial participant qualifications. Mission failure: Obliteration.”

Yan Hong stared blankly at the blood on the wall for more than a minute, until the blood gradually disappeared completely.

“How can I read these words? I’m obviously illiterate…”

“One trial participant… Me? My name is written as ‘Yan Hong’?”

“What is the plane? What is the technology side?”

“Fierce Ghost Villa—” Yan Hong’s eyes suddenly widened, “There are ghosts here?!”

Although Yan Hong still could not understand the situation she was in, since she could read the text, it at least gave her a hint to act: Hurry up and find a safe place to hide!

After making up her mind, Yan Hong then bravely… moved.

For Yan Hong, who came from the ancient plane, the mission site of the science and technology plane is too across the times. Fortunately, this trial site is a civilian residence (villa), and the interior furnishings, stairs, corridors, and room layout are not complicated.

The interior of the villa was too gorgeous, and Yan Hong, who dared not touch anything, walked around the first floor twice and found the kitchen, bathroom, guest room, storage room and other rooms, as well as the stairs leading to the second floor.

She had just finished exploring the first floor and was hesitating where it was safer to hide when Yan Hong heard two “thumps” from the floor above her head.

This sound… like a child dribbling a rubber ball twice on the second floor.

Yan Hong didn’t know what a rubber ball was. From what she heard, the sound could only be understood as someone using something to hit the ground one by one.

“…Is there someone upstairs?” Yan Hong looked up at the ceiling, a little nervous, “Not good, I just came to someone’s house like this, will I be scolded?”

“No… there seems to be a ghost in this house, it can’t be a sound from a ghost, right?”

Thinking of this possibility, Yan Hong felt her scalp tingle.

Subconsciously, Yan Hong rushed into the kitchen that she only dared to look at at the doorway.

There were several knives on the knife holder next to the dishwashing table. Yan Hong glanced at the knives and grabbed the one that seemed to have the most weight in her hand.

“Why is this knife so light? Can it deal with ghosts…? Is there an axe or a sickle?”

The light and flimsy stainless steel kitchen knife couldn’t bring Yan Hong a sense of security at all, she once again looked to the upper and lower rows of tightly closed cabinet doors.

The idea of ​​saving her life prevailed, and the desire to survive prompted Yan Hong to temporarily ignore whether it was wrong to rummage other people’s homes. She put down the kitchen knife, reached out, and opened the cabinet doors one by one…

When she opened a rectangular cabinet door (in fact, it was a built-in refrigerator door), Yan Hong felt the cold air hit her face.

She had experienced such things as being moved from her own house to a strange place in her sleep, and Yan Hong couldn’t care less about being surprised at how cold the “cabinet” was, she just stared at the things inside in shock.

Inside the “cabinet” were fruits, milk, drinks, and several dishes.

Yan Hong couldn’t recognize the milk and other drinks, same with the fruits, but she definitely recognized the vegetables… She knew it was edible at a glance.

The scent of food that drifted to her nose, she would definitely not be wrong.

During the busy farming season, the midday meal could be eaten freely, but not the morning and evening meals; although her mother, Mrs. Zhang, had given her a small portion of vegetable cake, that amount was obviously not enough for Yan Hong, who was growing up.

“No, no, it’s bad enough to go to someone’s house and rummage. How can I still steal food from them?”

“The host will be angry if they see it, and it was already wrong to come in without the consent of others—”

Yan Hong closed the “cabinet door”, forced herself to walk away, and reached out to open the next cabinet door.

A few seconds later, this ancient girl, who had been in a state of half-hungry and half-full for a long time and could only eat a few more dishes during the New Year, was unable to control herself. She pulled open the rectangular cabinet door and her hand, with nails full of black mud, reached to the dish that is on the plate.

“I’ll only eat a little… just a little bit!”

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The second floor of the villa.

When Yanhong was still standing in the hallway on the first floor, hesitating about which room to hide in, in the master bedroom at the end of the hallway on the second floor, next to the vanity mirror, beside the wall that had blood stains that had not yet been cleaned, a woman in a silk nightdress appeared silently and eerily out of thin air.

When the woman appeared, her head was grabbed by an invisible hand, and she crashed heavily into the bloodstained wall.

“Bam! Bam!”

The woman fell softly against the wall.

The woman fell softly in the corner, and on her shoulders, side chest, side abdomen, and thighs, narrow slashes silently appeared.

Blood gushed out from the slashes, overlapping with the large puddles of maroon-colored stains on the carpet.

Dozens of seconds later.

The female corpse, huddled in the corner like a bloody gourd, suddenly… stood up silently.

She walked slowly and stiffly to the vanity mirror.

In the mirror, her face was not distorted or hideous due to the severe pain and fear before her death, she was still beautiful and calm.

There was no blood on the silk nightdress, and no corpse spots were visible on her skin.

She stared at herself in the mirror for a while, then slowly walked to the bedside table, picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

The phone rang a few times, and a mellow and elegant man’s voice came out: “Hello, this is Huang Ming. I can’t answer the phone right now. If you have something important, please leave a message later.”

“Beep—” After a beep, the woman holding the phone made an infiltrating and slightly vague sound: “Husband… When will you come back for dinner…? I made your favorite dishes… Remember to return home after the party is over…”

Hanging up the phone, the woman slowly walked out of the bedroom, crossed the hallway, and went downstairs.

Stepping into the living room on the first floor, the woman smelled a smell that did not belong to this home.

It was an indescribable smell…like a scruffy homeless man who hadn’t bathed in at least a few years had run into the house and skipped around a bit.

The living room had not been rummaged through, and no dirty footprints had been left, which made the woman a little relieved.

The woman turned her neck stiffly and looked at the kitchen on the other side of the living room.

Through the glass door of the kitchen, a small figure could be seen standing there.

The woman’s pale face, which had a beautiful and calm expression, changed into a ferocious appearance for a moment.

The temperature in the villa dropped a few degrees suddenly.

The woman with a cold and hideous face moved slowly and silently to the glass door of the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there was a thin, raggedly dressed figure standing in front of the refrigerator, holding the plate of the home-cooked food the woman had cooked two days ago in one hand, and grabbed the meat and vegetables on the plate with the other hand, and quickly stuffed it into her mouth.

This is… a child.

The immature face looked like a junior high school student, there was no flesh on her face or body, but the wrist knuckles exposed in her sleeves were quite thick, as if she was used to heavy work, and there were still traces of frostbite on the backs of her rough-skinned hands.

The texture of the thin clothes was worse than that of woven bags, with layers of patches, and the raw edges at the neckline and cuffs were visible to the naked eye.

The refugee stray child who looked more like a refugee than the actor who came out of the Republic of China drama, chewed and swallowed attentively and quickly ate the stir-fried pork with green peppers that the woman had prepared for her husband and had been frozen in the refrigerator for two days.

She grabbed all the garlic leaves, sliced garlic, shredded ginger, and green peppers that her husband didn’t eat, and cherished them and put them into her mouth, her cheeks bulging high and chewing as fast as a squirrel.

The cold and terrifying murderous aura around the woman slowly dissipated.

A ferocious expression flashed across the woman’s face from time to time, but she regained her calm and peaceful appearance.

“Is it delicious?”

The woman issued a slightly slurred and altered voice.

Yan Hong jerked her head and looked in shock at the woman standing outside the kitchen sliding door.

Her mouth still had a large bite of sliced green pepper and pork.

The appearance of the woman made Yan Hong pause her chewing for a second, and then she quickened the speed of chewing in her mouth, straightened her neck and swallowed the food she didn’t know if she had a chance to eat in her life again, holding a plate of home-cooked food with only half of it left tightly in her hands, she stammered, “It’s, it’s delicious.”

“It’s even more delicious after it’s been warmed.”

The woman’s voice was still a little out of tune, but it was clearly much clearer than before.

She stepped into the kitchen, her steps a little faster, and her movements were not as stiff as when she went downstairs.

It was only at this time that Yan Hong noticed the woman’s appearance. She, who was still protecting the food with her hands, dumbly half tilted her neck to look at the “lady”, she was so thin that you could not see a few flesh on her small face, her large eyes wide in amazement.

Women have the “gift” of loving beauty, whether it’s their own beauty or the beauty of others.

In Yan Hong’s view, this “lady” was like a fairy living in the heavens – her skin was delicate and smooth like a baby’s skin, with a beautiful and soft-looking face, flawless slender fingers like scallions, even if the clothes were disheveled (incomplete clothes), and her feet bare, it did not reduce her beauty at all.

“Madam, are you…are you a fairy from heaven?” Yan Hong raised her head and looked at the approaching woman with a look of admiration and wonder.

The woman covered her mouth and smiled, and a few traces of blood appeared on her pale face.

“I’ll warm it up for you and then you can eat it, cold ones will give you diarrhea,” she said in a smooth, gentle tone, and her voice was no different from before her death.

The woman brought out the remaining two dishes from the refrigerator, walked around Yan Hong who was standing in a daze, and placed them on the kitchen table.

While pressing the microwave oven, the woman extended her hand to Yan Hong and said tenderly, “Come, give the dishes to auntie, warm them up before you eat them, be obedient.”

Yan Hong, who had been fighting for food with her cousin since she was a child, and had developed the habit of protecting food from an early age, subconsciously handed over the remaining small half plate of green pepper stir-fried pork in her hand.


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