Chapter 251 — Demon King Cup Finals

“Let me talk about your problem first, Reina.” Judge Jefferson said, “This is the third level, you need to perform a different style of music from your best, you chose a lighter rock music, which is not a problem in itself, but you couldn’t perform freely, you were too reserved.”

“I have tried my best, but after all, I am a noble…”

“You are not a noble here, you are a singer,” the lead singer of the Hell’s Frontline, the tauren, interrupted her and said.

Joan Baker said seriously: “Actually, I think you are a little inferior to the succubus group who worked so hard to accompany you. I feel that any of them should replace you in the middle.”

Reina’s face turned pale on the stage.

Hill smiled and rounded up, “That’s a bit too much.”

Joan Baker nodded: “It’s really not appropriate, after all, any of those succubus—”

“Cough, cough, cough, what I’m trying to say, Reina, you should find a balance, we’re not forcing everyone to be well-rounded singers, everyone can sing any style of song, but you have to show us what you can do and see your greater potential. In other words, someone who can only sing one style of song is not going to win the title.”

Someone quickly interrupted Joan Baker before he could say: “After all, any of those succubus are better than you”.

Joan Baker made a big name with the Demon King Cup. He was one of the most watched judges in the Demon King Cup because he was so ruthless. Joan Baker was quite innocent about this, he felt that he was speaking his heart.

If there was a grading of the judge teachers now, Joan Baker would definitely be the one with the lowest score.

Of course, there are many who like him and admire him. He is the most controversial judge. One of Hill’s main intentions in making him a judge was to make the competition more turbulent, dramatic, and conflicting, and that goal has now been fully achieved.

This is often a difficult balance to strike, as a normal show needs a “villain” to achieve its effect, but many people will hate the villain, and will not even want to watch the show because of the villain’s annoyance. In fact, if everything goes smoothly without such a “villain”, more people will find the show boring.

So how to grasp the villain, this is a very important issue. Under Hill’s control, Joan. Bell did a pretty good job.

The bard Lotre finished singing and bowed, saying, “Please guide me, my lords.”

“You know, I’ve always liked the feeling you give me, you make me feel happy when you sing. I don’t think you’re under pressure to compete, can you tell me why?” Hill asked with interest .

The bard replied with a smile: “Because I don’t have a sense of reality, ever since I entered the group stage and watched so many people in the audience watching my performance, I felt like I was in a dream. Until now, when I came to the Demon Realm and could see the Demon King, personally, I felt even more like I’m dreaming. With my feet floating, and the surrounding lights and magic appearing together, I could barely see all the sights around me, and the only thing I could do at this time was to sing. “

“Then will I give you a moment to find your sense of reality?” Hill asked with a smile.

Jefferson interjected after, “I’m afraid that after you give him a little he will lose all sense forever.”

“Hahaha, I won’t hit so hard,” Hill was amused.

“Then you can show off in the future that you are the man who was still alive after getting punched by the Demon King,” Leona said.

The audience below the stage laughed.

The bard also laughed along with him, “To be able to stand here and talk to your lordship like this is perhaps the greatest reward of my trip.”

“Hey lad, I think you are very promising. It doesn’t matter if you lose the game. Come and work at Birds of Dawn,” Jefferson said.

“Don’t be in a hurry to grab people, are you interested in coming to the Demon Realm?” said the tauren lead singer of Hell’s Frontline.

“All of you,” Hill laughed, “He’s still in the game, just wait for him to lose the game.”

“Hahaha…” The audience also burst into laughter.

Leona pursed her lips and smiled: “I can’t help but feel happy when facing happy people.”

“I like to sing, and I like to bring more joy to other people through my singing,” the bard said.

“Is that why you turned a sad song into this,” says Joan Baker.

“It’s called adaptation,” Hill probed.

“I can see that he tried to be sad in the first half, but found that he couldn’t fix it, and then let himself go in the second half.” Joan Baker said, “It’s better to set the tone from the beginning, you should be thankful for your other aspects’ bonus points for you, Lotre. But you should know that a blunder like this won’t give you a second chance.”

Although this comment is venomous, it is actually quite in place. If Joan Baker doesn’t say anything, Hill intends to click on this next.

“Well, Baker is right, you do have this kind of problem faintly when you sing.” Albrecht, who has a relatively low sense of presence, said, “Next time, pay attention, the most important thing is that you know what you are doing from start to finish.”

“I understand, thank you, my lords.” The bard bowed, and then he tried to liven up the atmosphere, “So I won’t be given a second chance, does that mean Lord Baker will give me a point this time?”

Joan Baker said, “I mean the other judges won’t give you a second chance, and I won’t even give you a first chance.”


“Cough, cough…”

“So, you don’t pass with me,” Joan Baker said.

The venomous feeling, it’s Joan Baker all right.

The whole show is like this. The opening is more passionate, the commentary tends to be relaxed, and at the end, it is full of passion. Magic, light effects, and so on, are flying everywhere, and the audience also enjoyed a full-scale visual feast while enjoying the song.

There are excitement, laughter, passion, and heartfelt smiles. Of course, there are also some losers and winners…

“How did you come up with the idea of playing “The Condor Passes” with a leaf flute during the competition, Star-Chaser?”

“Because I got along with Barbara a lot during this time, I heard her tell a lot of stories about the Plague Islands. The history of the Plague Islands is shorter than the history of the dark elves, but it is just as calamitous. But, at least we are all alive now, we are all moving forward, we are all chasing more things. This is also the biggest reason why I want to play “The Condor Passes” in the competition.”

“You are very good, Reina. You have improved a lot since the beginning. We see your potential, but unfortunately, your journey will end here.”

“Thank you, everyone. Thank you very much for letting me meet you, and thank you very much for letting me participate in this competition. Everyone is right. At first, I was carrying a lot of things and couldn’t put down a lot of things, but I gradually found my true self on this journey…”

“It feels good to be standing here in the end, like a lively little girl who doesn’t know the world, singing her favorite song.”

“Yeah, that’s it, I feel like I’m back to when I didn’t take on family responsibilities, when I was carefree. I liked traditional music just because I liked it. When I sang the first lyric out loud, I felt that at least during that song, I was completely free, that I was completely myself, but it was a pity that this feeling came too late.”

“It’s good to have that feeling at least, and I wish you all the best of luck in the rest of your journey.”

“I will, thank you, my lords, thank you audience, really thank you.”

“To be honest, I don’t know what you are doing, your talent is very good, Emmy Night, and you are a succubus, many people will like you, but since the beginning, to be honest, I have not seen your progress. Everyone is improving, improving their singing skills, and you are not, you are standing still, doing the same old thing. I am very disappointed in you.”

“Well…Actually, I have a slightly different view from His Majesty, the Demon King. With your talent, even if you don’t practice anything, you are stronger than some people who have practiced for ten years. Of course, the reason you were eliminated was because you understood this too well.”

“I’m very sorry, Lord Demon King, and everyone… I’ve learned a lot from this failure, and I’ll work hard in the days to come. In every way… I’m very sorry.”

“I am very satisfied to have reached this point today. In this game, I was the furthest among human beings, and I also defeated many powerful demons. I am proud of myself. I have no regrets now. I have made a lot of plans for myself, and I will face everything positively from now on. Thank you my lords, thank you audience! Please remember my name, I am Barbara from the Plague Islands.”

“The champion of the Demon King Cup Singing Competition is the siren, Sirina! Let’s applaud her and congratulate her!”

Hill personally presented the trophy to Sirina, the siren, and behind the big screen appeared the highlights of Sirina’s competition. Sirina covered her mouth with her hands and cried excitedly, and finally she said, “Actually, I thought I was fine at first, and I even thought that humans couldn’t compare to the demons at all in singing. Now I’m very ashamed that I actually had this idea, I was too arrogant, they progressed really fast. All the contestants were so good, I had a deep sense of crisis along the way. Now I feel that the demons who have a longer lifespan than the humans are really a bit lazy.”

This thought of hers was also the thought of many demons.

Many audience members also cried with excitement. The host said on the stage: “Today is the first day of the Dijon Tribe Harvest Festival, and it is also the end of our Demon King Cup Singing Competition. We have gained a lot and learned a lot from this month-long competition, so let’s shout together: Happy Harvest Festival!”

“Happy Harvest Festival!”

The audience under the stage embraced each other, demons and demons, demons and humans, humans and humans.

This classification was really particularly infectious.

The first Demon King Cup Singing Competition also officially came to an end.

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