Chapter 252 — Royal Chickens

During the first session of the Demon King Cup Singing Competition, Hill sent some things to King Oitin every now and then. All the things were directly destroyed by the Pope of Light, he didn’t even look at them and did not leave anything to King Oitin. Hill knew about it, but it didn’t matter to him, he was always giving things tirelessly, which were all things selected by Irvine.

“How touching.” Hill stood in front of the railing and looked at the scenery of the demon town, and said to Irvine next to him, “Do you think King Oitin would be swayed by my behavior?”

Lich Aligeli was filming here today, so Hill came to check it out too.

Irvine’s voice came from the burning lantern on the balcony: “My King, I think he will be swayed by his own feelings.”

“That’s true,” Hill said. “I have always felt that people can actually only be swayed by their own feelings.”

“Oh… I’m a little confused, after all, I’m just a fire elemental spirit,” Irvine said.

The quaint dusk falls in this isolated town, with towering buildings standing in the distance as looming shadows in the twilight, like ancient monsters. This is a multi-ethnic town, some elemental elves, tentacle monsters, and some small winged people who prefer to be in contact with other people live here.

There are many small towns like this in the Demon Realm, which is full of surprises if you explore slowly.

While Lich Aligeli was filming, Hill strolled around the town. The buildings in this town were built very high and tall, and looking up at the top would make one’s neck sore. The architectural style was very simple, generally straight lines, no twists and turns, four-square windows and doors, even from the balcony extension of the pediment was also a very regular shape. Only the street lights and the yard lights of each house were decorated with the utmost effort, and the sinuous European patterns curl with elegance and romance. – This was the handiwork of the winged people, who liked to sit on them.

The geological environment here is special. There is a square in the center of the town. In the cracks, there are bubbles coming out day and night. If the climate is humid, there will be more bubbles, the time the whole town is surrounded by more beautiful bubbles.

At this moment, each bubble reflects the dusk, until night falls, the dusk breaks, the bubbles melt into the darkness, and can no longer be seen.

Lich Aligeli now also understands what humans like to see the most. In this promotional video, he gave a lot of shots to these bubbles.

Later, the town became one of the tourist attractions for humans, and then suddenly there was the custom of throwing coins into the cracks to make a wish, so after a few months the cracks bubble less and less, so the town’s winged clan spontaneously went over to clean up, resulting in several small winged clan members getting burned by the high temperature in the cracks. Hill’s head froze when he got the news.

“In the future, similar behavior needs to be given high priority and reported to me in advance.” Hill knew that this was because of the difference in times, so they did not have the concept of protecting the environment for the time being. This reminded Hill instantly of the previous popular Sea of Flower incident on the internet: The precious pink daisies that my aunt had planted for three years became the popular Sea of Flower after it was posted online, then just after three days, it was destroyed beyond recognition by the people who came to take pictures.

After that, Hill asked Albrecht to take a group of lich to deal with it in person, and it took a lot of effort to make the crack return to its original state. Then, relevant regulations were issued, prohibiting anything from being put into it. During the tourist arrival, the Winged clan will supervise there for 24 hours, and after the lich developed a formation to protect the crack, this matter finally came to an end.

Hill thought, the other world has magic as a bug, but not on Earth, so this one really is a long way to go.

Of course, this event happened later.

At present, Hill did not know that the town would develop like this in the future. When he entered the town, he saw a lot of acacia flowers growing outside when he entered the town, then he thought about it. Acacia flowers, ah, this is a good ingredient.

After Lich Aligeli finished shooting the scenes, he floated over to Hill and asked for a few words of advice, and then Hill started to make food with acacia flowers.

Acacia flowers are very nutritious, in addition to carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins, it is also rich in minerals. The acacia flower itself is also a kind of traditional herbal medicine to clear the liver and cool the blood, which is just right to eat for Hill who hasn’t seen Monroe for a while.

Hill first took off the white and fragrant acacia flowers and cleaned them, while Irvine watched eagerly, stealthily learning the craft. The first thing Hill made was the simplest steamed acacia flower. The crystal clear acacia flower that had been drained was evenly coated with flour mixed with flame bee honey, and then it was steamed directly in the pot.

Ordinary steamed acacia flowers may taste a little thin, but the steamed acacia flowers in the demon realm are different. Flame bee honey is viscous in honey, high in fructose, and has a light floral fragrance, it is sweet but not greasy.

The flour itself is also of excellent quality. It is soft, delicate, and smooth, which smells full of wheat. Using it to make this steamed acacia flower directly elevates the taste of this dish to a higher level.

After opening the pot, the fragrance of acacia flowers spread out. The smell attracted Dark Elf Albrecht over there. The dark elves like light food, so they can’t refuse this steamed acacia flower.

Hill wanted to laugh when he saw a group of people staring blankly, “This is the first dish, don’t stand around, hurry up and find ingredients to cook, especially you Irvine.”

“Okay.” Irvine looked at Hill eagerly: “My King, can I taste this first?”

“Try it,” Hill said.

As a result, it was Albrecht who made the first move. He quickly scooped out a spoonful of steamed acacia flowers on the plate and took a bite. The soft steamed acacia flower has a touch of sweetness and refreshing. Its taste itself is very soft and tender, and the taste complements each other and sets off each other, making this dish more refreshing and memorable.

After this bite, Albrecht felt like he couldn’t move his legs.

However, Hill’s order to ask them to find ingredients to cook has already gone down, so he had to repeat twice in his mind that ‘My King’s order is the highest,’ and only then let himself take the first step to go. It’s cruel to test loyalty with food.

Both Irvine and Albrecht were fascinated by the pot of steamed acacia flower, so they finished cooking the food for the night in less than half an hour. In order to save time, they just roasted some meat and grilled some sausages that they got out of nowhere.

However, although these things are quick to cook, the taste is really a bit lacking.

The sausages, which were grilled to the point of sizzling oil, looked smooth and appetizing. The taste was simple in one bite, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, plump and crisp, and the delicate texture and rich juice on the inside were so delicious that people almost swallowed their tongues.

The roasted meat used was the royal chicken, which was introduced from humans. The treatment of royal chickens in the other world was similar to that of the Earth. Back then, the British royal family exclusively used the royal chickens because the chickens wore phoenix crowns on their heads. However, they were specially raised by the Magnolia’s Lewis family here. King Magnolia especially liked to play with royal chickens.

…and then they went to Hill’s table.

This thing is a good thing that combines food and tonic.

Regarding the fact that his pet was on the dining table, King Magnolia took a tearful bite, and then ate another three kilograms (…).

Of course, the royal chickens were bred in large numbers in the Demon Realm very soon.

The royal chickens raised in Demon Realm are very tender, and it is oily but not greasy. It has the advantages of domestic chicken and pheasant. It is rich in nutrients and delicious. After Irvine’s careful roasting, the taste can be described as excellent. It is very fresh and tender.

They used the acacia wood as firewood, in addition to the necessary spices, they also sprinkled some flower petals and fresh herbs, this innovation makes this roast more rich in flavor. ‘The taste, ah’ it is rare for Hill not to come up with suitable words to describe it.

Here, after a few bites, Lich Aligeli took out the projection stone and started shooting. This was the first show he produced independently, so he was very concerned about it.

‘Everything is moving in the right direction, but I don’t know how to really impress King Oitin…’

Hill crushed the mangosteen with his hands and put the white pulp inside into his mouth. It was cool, tender, sweet, and sour. He smacked his lips, thinking so.

Hmm… This mangosteen originating from the Plague Islands is very good. Send it to King Oitin. By the way, I will attach a message, saying: ‘Your Holiness the Pope, please don’t destroy it everytime. This is at least a good intention of mine.’

Hill can be said to be also tirelessly pursuing King Oitin today.

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