Chapter 253 — …will the Church of Light declare war on this?

Hill stood in the fog-shrouded village, with corpses scattered under his feet.

A human old man shook his golden beard and asked tremblingly, “Why do you kill people?”

“We kill people who deserve to die,” Albrecht, the dark elf next to him, said.

It used to be a beautiful place, but it was poor and often ravaged by the surrounding nobles.

Later, a fallen mage came to live here, the fallen mage summoned the fog that enveloped the village, and the nobles lost control of the place. The fallen mage’s request was to send him a baby every month and a maiden every few months – the former for his spell research, the latter for his enjoyment, the latter depending on how often he could keep the maiden alive in his hands.

The people in the village are satisfied with this.

Because in this way, they only need to pay a relatively low price to avoid the cruel plundering of the nobles.

In the past, the nobles would rob their young men, their beautiful girls, and their food. Now they only need to pay this price to protect themselves, why not?

During this period, there were also men who tried to unite with others to resist the system because their lover was chosen, but were immediately suppressed by the elders in the village.

“You are destroying this village, you…” The old man continued to tremble and said to Hill and Albrecht.

Hill didn’t know the situation in the village before, he just did it after passing by, but after seeing the old man’s appearance, Hill also roughly understood the situation: “I thought I was saving.”

“Too naive.” The old man stomped his feet vigorously: “Even if a few people are killed, our village will not be saved.”

“I don’t know that because I’m only responsible for killing people,” Albrecht said.

“You’re right.” Hill said, “Killing a few bad guys won’t save the village, and killing hundreds and thousands of bad guys won’t save the world.”

The old man didn’t know why he suddenly said such a thing. Since he didn’t know, like many people, he didn’t want to delve into what he didn’t know, so he said again: “You…”

Hill interrupted him with a wave of his hand: “Since you guys like Fallen Mage or Fallen Something so much, I’ll give you another one. Don’t worry, he will continue to protect you just like the old one.”

Hill was not interested in going into the village to see, he waved his hand to let the people here re-encircle in the fog. In fact, the nobles outside had abandoned this area a few years ago, and they retreated to a farther place. But after so long, the people in the village didn’t want to look outside, just as they didn’t want to look outside their hearts.

When Hill left the village, there was a light rain outside. The light rain fell on the grass and trees, and the grass and trees in this area quickly withered. Hill stretched out his hand to catch the rain and felt the slightest magic energy on it, and realized that this was because of the depression in his heart when he summoned the fog. The magic overflowed, and the entire cloud layer was contaminated with the demon king’s breath. Under the influence of the demon king’s breath, most of the ordinary plants and trees in the human world will die, and a small part will mutate into stronger species.

The black sheepskin boots stepped on a light purple bush, and Hill said to Albrecht next to him: “Let the Dark Church take over this place after returning, the entire necromancer will come to take care of it. Force the villagers here to develop into believers.”

“Which level?” Albrecht asked.

“Brainwashing level,” Hill replied, “Oh… If there are people who try to resist in the middle, let them out and find something else for them to see.”

“Yes, My King,” said Albrecht.

“How do you feel about this matter?” Hill asked.

“I can’t tell,” the dark elf said: “They probably chose a more appropriate way, but it is not the most appropriate. It may be stupid in the eyes of the people above… I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Well, they certainly weren’t great, but they weren’t called evil either, the evil ones were the nobles,” Hill said.

“Ah, I seem to understand something when you say that,” said Albrecht.

“That’s how the world is a lot of the time – if the world is beautiful, then we are motivated to fight for that beauty. If the world is ugly, then this will likewise give the motivation to change this ugliness.”

The gray-blue sky is constantly falling with raindrops, and the sky carries a substantial weight, quietly oppressing the world.

“But the problem lies in the fact that this world is neither beautiful nor ugly, and most people possess only human nature, they do not have the courage to be kind or the spirit to be cruel. In such a situation, it’s hard to get people motivated to struggle.”

Hill’s expression was very quiet when he said this, and the rain curtain slanted and densely separated him from the world.

Albrecht suddenly wondered if he knew his king for a moment.

“But as Iron Man said,” Hill said with a smile, “no matter what the world is, we only have one world.”

“Ah, yes,” Albrecht nodded stiffly.

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On the way to Famagusta, Hill took a detour to Winter City. The Grand Chancellor Lennon was seriously ill. Hill visited him and fulfilled his promise. He took Grand Chancellor Lennon away and prepared an attempt to transform him into a demon in the way of a blood ghost. Forget transforming him into a death knight, Grand Chancellor Lennon wouldn’t be able to stand it.

There is no doubt that the blood ghost is biased towards evil. The blood ghost ceremony requires 99 lives in the beginning. For this reason, Hill took all the prisoners on the death row in Winter City and collected 99 people.

The Ice Emperor and his nobles bid farewell to Grand Chancellor Lennon. It was the first time that the Grand Chancellor did not scold the Ice Emperor. He said in a very calm and natural tone that he might no longer be able to assist His Majesty in the future and: ‘I hope there will be a ruler(stick) in Your Majesty’s mind during my absence.’

However, His Majesty is finally relieved, there is no need to be scolded by this old guy again.

The Ice Emperor held the hand of the Grand Chancellor and couldn’t say anything.

Hill watched this scene from the side. It’s been almost three years since he came here. In fact, it’s only been three years, but he has seen and experienced a lot.

After bringing Grand Chancellor Lennon to Famagusta, Hill directly divided several small towns into the jurisdiction of the Dark Church after previously discussing it with the Ice Emperor and King Magnolia. Because Hill still doesn’t know much about this yet, the towns that he got are not suitable for the development of the Dark Church. Monroe gave Hill some popular science, and Hill blinked: “Then I’ll talk to those kings and ask for a few cities? I don’t think it’s good… Why don’t we make do with what we have?”

“Since you have said so…” Monroe said halfway and then went over there, put his gloves on, and flipped open the parchment map with the intention of explaining it to Hill, “You can really find things for me.”


“Construction aside, the radiation to the surrounding area is a bit of a problem,” Monroe said.

Hill smiled and said, “I like you.”

“I want to say…”

“I like you,” Hill said again.

“Okay.” Monroe closed the map, took his gloves off, and resigned himself, “I like you too.”

Okay, don’t want to hear any more popular science on this, plan pass!

When Monroe was going forward and wanted to hug Hill’s shoulders, Hill put a hand on his chest with a smile: “Actually, there is one more thing, what do you know about the blood ghost…”

Monroe’s face changed, and he finally sighed deeply, “You’re really…”

“Challenging the limits of your patience?” Hill said, “The paladin should abhor this, right?”

“It’s more than just abhorrence,” Monroe said, after a few seconds of silence. “But go ahead, what do you want to know?”

“I want to tell you that I plan to convert Mulheim’s Grand Chancellor Lennon into a blood ghost,” Hill said.

Monroe’s face changed slightly again, “You mean…”

“I thought your first reaction was why I didn’t tell you something so important,” Hill said.

“Uh… well, how come you didn’t tell me something so important?”

“I haven’t told you yet that I’m pursuing King Oitin recently,” Hill replied.

Monroe was speechless for a few seconds, and finally had to look at Hill with a helpless smile, “Are you trying to use this to get the Church of Light to take a shot at Mülheim?”

“Well yes, I want to discuss with the Ice Emperor and use Mulheim as bait next time. So I want to know, what is the attitude of the Church of Light towards the Blood Ghost, if it is announced to the public that Grand Chancellor Lennon has become a Blood Ghost, will the Church of Light declare war on this?” Hill asked.

“Sixty percent, yes,” Monroe said.

“Can you increase the probability?” Hill asked.

“Sacrifice Teresa, have Teresa uphold the persona and declare war directly,” Monroe said.

“Tsk… you’re willing?” Hill looked at Monroe.

“I just raised the probability, which I personally don’t support, because Teresa has more uses,” Monroe said.

“Hey, a very thorough answer.” Hill couldn’t help but smile, “Okay, I have this thing in mind. So let’s continue what we just didn’t finish.”

“What?” Monroe didn’t respond for a while.

Hill grabbed Monroe’s collar and kissed up, his voice low: “You even took off your gloves, so why not take off more?”

Monroe pressed his hand to the back of Hill’s head and kissed deeper: “…much-awaited.”

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