Chapter 254 — Your Will is Above All

Editor-in-Chief’s Notes.

“Half of the year has passed, here I wish all readers and friends all the best wishes and good luck in the remaining six months.

Every time I do such a half-year or year-end review, I can’t help but say ‘a lot has happened during this time’, it seems that we have been living in an era where various things often happen, but in fact, before the advent of mobile phones and magazine, everyone felt that the years were the same day after day. This change undoubtedly makes the entire “Demon Realm Magazine” proud.

We are the ones who tell you what is happening in the world right now, we are the ones who bring you some changes and even transformations, we are the ones who broaden your horizons and make you look further afield.

Speaking of this, allow me to advertise, the Demon King Travel Agency has been officially established. There are currently five travel routes to choose from, one is the Deluxe Edition of the Demon Realm Tour, the second is the official version of the Demon Realm Tour, and the third is the Plague Islands Tour. The fourth is the trip to Mulheim, which includes the largest Demon Realm Amusement Park in the Magnolia Continent. At present, the Magnolia Empire and the Dijon Tribe’s travel routes are being developed, and I believe that more and more routes will be available for everyone to travel in the near future.

“Thor” is about to start filming now. I think everyone knows that after “Thor” is “Avengers”, let me spoil it first, “Thor” will have a lot of scenes shot in the Demon Realm.

The people in the cover of this issue may be unfamiliar to you, so let me proudly introduce them. They are three members of the Jackson family of the Magnolia Empire, Elijah Jackson. Duke Elijah Jackson, who has made a significant contribution to the peaceful coexistence of humans and demons, and is also the most loyal and capable subordinate of King Magnolia; Viscount Jefferson Jackson, Viscount Jackson, the head of the Birds of Dawn, under his leadership, the Birds of Dawn spread the sunlight of charity everywhere, and in the past two years the Birds of Dawn have rescued countless people and provided them with considerable number of jobs; Olivia Ice, the daughter of Duke Jackson, she is now the Empress of Mulheim, and another little-known identity is the founder of the Demon Realm Mall in Mulheim, she came to an unfamiliar country alone as a duchess and single-handedly founded the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, and at that time, under the pressure of the Church of Light, she managed to run it with great success. Until now, she is still contributing to the peace of the Magnolia Empire and Mülheim Empire, her existence has become a symbol.”

The photo had a solid black background and the huge symbol of the Jackson family. Old Jackson was sitting at the front. He was wearing a gorgeous Duke costume and holding a beautifully carved sapphire cane, that sapphire contains the gentle element of water, which can nourish the body, and was given to him a while ago by Hill, who picked it up from the water elemental spirit. Olivia was wearing the formal dress of Empress Mülheim, with a crown on her head and a scepter in her hand. She and her brother Jefferson stood side by side behind Old Jackson. Jefferson was not wearing a Viscount costume, he wore the uniform of the Birds of Dawn, holding a volume in his hand, and a single-rimmed spectacle embedded in his eye socket, with a thin golden chain hanging down and sweeping the side of his face.

The style of the whole picture is on the side of classic elegance, and the somewhat darker color scheme makes the picture seem more powerful. The contrast between light and dark, the shimmering light tossed on the skin, the folds on the skirt of the dress, this sense of delicacy and artistry is pleasing to the eye for those who don’t know, and those who do know stand up and applaud.

Hill intends to carry out a wave of publicity for important people like the Jackson family in the next six months, and further give them some real benefits.

Hill now also has a hunch that, while it may seem peaceful on the surface, the waves in the depths are more turbulent than ever. And Hill feels that something will happen once again, one of the two sides will usher in an end. So, he’s going to grab whatever he can grab now.

“This issue of the magazine has a lot to see, the six-month review of award-winning photography has been published in the ‘Light and Shadow’ section, Xiaohuo (Little Fire/Irvine) brings you Lychee Grilled Fish in his food column. Xiaohuo uses superb craftsmanship to blend the freshness of the lychee with the spiciness of the grilled fish, and when I tasted it at the time, tsk, tsk, that feeling ah…”

The editor-in-chief’s notes that follow are some routine introductions to the column in this issue. In the end, Hill once again blessed the next six months and officially ended the editor-in-chief’s notes.

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The sea is filled with choking gunpowder smoke, and a large gulp of this gas can cause a stinging sensation in the abdomen. The smell of dark decay looms in the smoke, and the ear-piercing shrill sound of bones rubbing together makes one’s teeth sore.

“You, you don’t bully people too much!” the pirate leader on deck hissed.

“Did you ever think you were bullying people too much when you killed all the men on the merchant ship?” the chief mate of the Deathbird stood on the deck and shouted.

“We are pirates!” The pirate leader roared again, “Damn Deathbird, don’t bully people too much!”

A male voice with a clear laugh rang out over the smoke: “Why is that word coming back and forth… Captain Rod, show him what it means to be a real bully.”

Then a slightly familiar low male voice rang out, “Yes, Your Majesty.” That pirate leader identified the person who spoke as none other than the Captain of the Deathbird, now the head of the four major pirates, Rod.

Then… the one he called Your Majesty was…

Before the pirate leader could think carefully, he fell into a panic, and saw that the bones of the corpses that fell on the ground were pulled out by an unknown force, floating in the air to form a huge bone claw, and shot him directly.

The calm surface of the sea was shredded by the smell of gunpowder and the sound of wailing. Hill sat peacefully amidst the smoke, with a flashy red seat moved from the captain’s cabin beneath him and an exquisite little table in front of it, holding a candle burning with an ethereal glow and a glass of absinthe.

Hill took a sip, all kinds of spice flavors mixed together, of course, the strongest flavor was the strong flavor of the wine itself. ‘I really can’t get used to it.’

The end of the smoke sounded the last cry of the pirate leader: “You have the ability to kill me, Rod, all the Caribbean will be your enemy! You betrayed all the pirates!”

Rod replied calmly: “Since you call this the Caribbean Sea, you also know that Captain Jack is the Pirate King of the Caribbean, both inside and outside the screen.”

Because the status of the Plague Islands has become increasingly important, there are more and more business exchanges with the Magnolia Continent, which makes the pirates in the Caribbean Sea very excited. After a number of vicious robberies of merchant ships, Hill felt that his interests were violated, so he asked Captain Rod to do a purge of pirates who were vicious robbers.

In the past, the four major pirates were ruled by rules. For example, under normal circumstances, they would not kill innocent people from merchant ships. Of course, they might kill a few guards, and they would not rob everything. Generally, they would take 2/3 or half of the goods from the merchant ships. This is certainly not because of mercy, but the “rules of the road”, in order not to anger the merchants and nobles, so that the pirates grow more permanent.

But now, a group of pirates are emerging that not only snatch all the goods, but also murder and r*pe women. – In fact, this is also a negative impact of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

For both public and private, Captain Rod agreed with both hands to clean up the Caribbean Sea.

After Hill dealt with the matter at hand, he also went to watch as an audience.

“I always feel that the result of my watching is that there are more dead. Is this an illusion?” Hill asked while rubbing his chin.

“Actually it’s not an illusion,” Irvine said, squirming his body in the candle. “There were times when I felt that Captain Rod didn’t want to kill anyone, but you were always pushing him…”

“You say that again?” Hill said.

Irvine wriggled violently and said, “I mean, at your wise suggestion, Captain Rod killed people.”

“Very well, I like to hear nice words,” Hill said first, and then he said, “But will I break the rules between pirates by doing this?”

“The current pirate king is Captain Rod, so it is reasonable for him to re-establish the rules of this sea, and it is unreasonable to violate his. And you are his king, and your will is above all,” Irvine said.

“Does that fall under ‘nice words’ too?” Hill asked.

“I think it belongs to honest words,” Irvine said.

Hill couldn’t help but smile, “Okay.”

By the time Captain Rod returned to the deck, Hill had finished his absinthe, “Not many people like absinthe,” Captain Rod said.

“I can see you like it.” Hill said, “I found most of it to be absinthe when I went to steal it from your private cellar.”

“Actually, you don’t need to use the word ‘steal’… Forget it, that’s not the point… I do like absinthe because it’s hard to drink,” Captain Rod said.

“Hahaha I like your words and your mentality,” Hill laughed.

“Thank you for your compliment,” Captain Rod said.

The chief mate next to him asked, “Then Lord Demon King, do you like absinthe? I feel like vomiting after a sip.”

“It’s the same for me. When I took the first sip, I felt like what the hell was this. It was as unpalatable as a honey cockroach,” Hill replied.

Chief Mate: “Uh… I don’t think it’s comparable to what you said…”

“Don’t interrupt, be careful I interrupt you,” Hill glared at the chief mate.

“I’m sorry.” The chief mate had a lot of contact with Hill, so he knew Hill’s temperament, so he was quite quick and proficient in admitting mistakes.

“I find absinthe hard to drink, it’s too strong and it has too many spices. But I looked around Captain Rod’s cellar and found this bottle to be the most precious, so I went to drink it. That’s the only reason.” Hill said, “If you can’t find the one you like the most, go for the most precious one, at least I’m still on the right path objectively speaking.”

The chief mate looked at a loss, Captain Rod thoughtfully: “You mean…”

“Actually, I don’t like war as much as you do.” At that moment the smoke cleared, the blue sky and the sun showed, and the shadow of the mast split the Deathbird in two, along with Hill’s face. His fingertips rubbed against the glass of absinthe, then tossed it up and caught it, “Maybe you will gradually discover what you really like in the process of chasing the most precious, leading to the highest place.”

Captain Rod understood, he went over and poured himself a glass of absinthe as well, raised the glass and said, “But try to get to the highest place before that?”

The chief mate over there filled Hill with wine.

“That is of course.” Hill raised his glass and clinked it with Captain Rod’s, and a little sunlight settled into the dark green absinthe like a spark that went out:

“To the future, to us at the top in the future.

And – to the war we started.”

The pirate ship behind the Deathbird sank completely.

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