Chapter 255 – Filming “Thor”

On the eve of the filming of “Thor”, Hill focused on sorting out the relationship between the countries under him.

“It turns out that you agreed to help the Grand Chancellor to be converted into a demon because of this consideration,” the Ice Emperor nodded, “but you don’t have to tell me this, when the Church of Light and the Oitin Empire declare war on Mülheim, no one will know that this is your guidance. And in this way, it can reduce the opinions I may have about you in the future.”

“That’s very considerate of you.” Hill said, “What if I were to say that it would not affect me in the slightest whether you would have an opinion about me or not?”

“But it’s also part of the truth, but I think with your long term vision, you would not do such a detrimental thing. After all, Mulheim is also one of the largest empires on the Magnolia Continent, and I am Mulheim’s Ice Emperor, Claude,” Ice Emperor said.

Hill smiled. Did not continue to answer.

“So can I take it that you agreed to help the Grand Chancellor to be converted into a demon mainly because of friendship. Then you followed the flow and wanted to promote your entire plan,” Ice Emperor continued.

“At this time, should I say that you think too well of me, or lament that you gradually can catch my thinking pattern?” Hill said.

“Because I have been trying to imitate your way of thinking, your way of thinking is very helpful for me. I’m beginning to see the results. I’m sorry to make you laugh, Lord Demon King,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

Hill thought about it and said, “Hahaha.”

Ice Emperor Claude: ? ? ?

Hill explained: “Didn’t you say you made me laugh, so I’ll just laugh, wouldn’t you be embarrassed if I didn’t laugh?”

Ice Emperor Claude was silent for a long time and said with some difficulty, “I’m sorry, I was so naive, I thought I could keep up with your thinking.”

Hill expressed satisfaction.

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The filming location of Thor.

Lights, projection stones, magic, and field staff are all in place.

Hill plans to start the movie with various cool cosmic and magical scenes for more than ten seconds. The monologue is as follows: “There are many beings living in this world, human beings, demons, animals, plants. Each species is struggling for their own survival, they together form this big world, the multitude of beings.”

This can be said to be extremely cliche on Earth, but if you carefully analyze the meaning behind these lines, you can also feel an equal and positive attitude in it.

Then the first character shot of the movie is the heroine Jane. In the movie, Jane comes from a declining noble family, and the family’s economic conditions may be a little better than that of the commoners. She relies on the configuration of perfume and fragrance to maintain her life on weekdays, and she also has some research on some scent magic. Her perfumes and sachets are quite popular within a certain range of Magnolia City.

The opening is a scene of her carving down the magic formation on the perfume bottle to keep the smell, because her own magic ability is relatively low, so the magic carving knife she uses is purchased at a high price and is the most valuable thing on her.

The human actor who plays the heroine Jane only needs to pretend to make a few strokes with a carving knife, and the magic circle effect will be displayed through the post-production special effects. The movements on the hands are relatively simple, but she needs to show a very focused look. Hill plans to use the first minute to show the heroine Jane’s charm in several transitions in sequence.

The golden light of the magic circle was reflected in her sapphire blue pupils. After finishing the last stroke, she let go of the knife, and her fingers were burnt a little by the high temperature emitted by the magic knife. Over there, her friend, Kate, hurried forward and handed over the herbal remedy for her to soak in, and complained, “Jane, you should wear gloves when drawing the magic circle.”

“With gloves, the sensitivity is reduced, and the magic array may not work as well.” Jane gazed at her finger in the potion and smiled, “It will heal in two days, and the next time to draw a magic array is in three days, so there is more than enough time.”

“Cut!” Hill raised his hand to signal.

The two actresses over there immediately stopped performing, and Jane asked, “What’s wrong, Lord Demon King?”

“Take another shot here, try another expression,” Hill said. Jane laughed too easily when she said this line just now. Although it was reasonable, Hill still wanted to see the actors show more.

The actress who played Jane thought for a while and asked, “Then Lord Demon King, want me try to smile forcibly?”

Hill shook his head, and then came up with an idea: “Show an easy smile, but a hint of sadness should be seen faintly in the eyes.”

Jane: ……

Jane: “This…”

Hill: “Come on, I haven’t let you show a 1/3 mean, a 1/3 sneer, and a 1/3 seductive yet.”

All cast:  …

All the actors: “This…”

Demon, he’s really a demon!


After finishing the shooting process at night, it was time to discuss the plot and script as usual. The person who plays the charming blond and big-chested man like Thor is naturally a paladin. It can be said that the paladins who came to the demon realm with Monroe are now making their collective debut.

In the movie, Thor is set to be the son of the Demon King, and Hill did not directly use the title of “God of Thunder” for Thor. After all, the son of the Demon King being a “God” seems a little wrong. He made a long word in the Common tongue, which, if translated literally, was roughly ‘the man who rides the thunder’. Loki, on the other hand, is the son of the Pope of Light.

This time, Hill turned the demon realm into the one in traditional fairy tales. Lava, volcanoes, gloomy castles, withered black trees. And the demon capital also officially entered the movie for the first time. The territory of the Church of Light, on the other hand, is surrounded by holy light, sacred and beautiful blue water, and green mountains.

“Lord Demon King, won’t doing this make everyone think… uh… that is, why did you make the Church of Light look so good?” asked the Paladin who played Thor.

“I haven’t been to the center of the Holy City. I made this based on fantasy.” Hill said bluntly, “Then I plan to write in the ending credits that this scene was shot from the dark elf territory of the demon realm.”

This time the actors coughed into a fit.

This seems too mocking, right?

“About Thor’s character, I studied the script several times, I originally felt that the beginning’s Thor and the later’s Thor are very different, but after reading a few more times found that in fact, he has not changed, except that what he experienced after being thrown to the human world tapped more goodness within him,” the paladin said.

“I think so too. I think another reason is that Thor’s friends in the demon realm are very strong, so although Thor said that he wants to protect his people, in fact, he thinks that they should fight alongside him. But in the human world, he met Jane and her friends, those people were weak to him, but they had great qualities. So, for the first time, he realized what protecting really is,” said the human actress who played Jane.

The paladin said with some admiration: “Very well said, ma’am. Your analysis of Thor is very thorough.”

Jane winked playfully, “After all, this is my lover, so of course, I have to analyze it carefully.”

The paladin let out an “ah”, and seemed to blush a little.

Hill wrote down these small inspirations with a pen next to them. After hearing this, he turned his pen and thought to himself, ‘Yikes, I suddenly feel like a third-wheel here’.

This atmosphere is just right.

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