Chapter 256 – Filming of ‘Thor’ ends

If someone asks where is the most chaotic place in the Magnolia Continent, many people will mention two cities, one is Josh Kenny, where pirates are rampant, and the other is the town of Dak, located at the junction of the Magnolia Empire, the Oitin Empire, and the Dijon Tribe. .

In the past Josh Kenny, it was not uncommon for pirate bullies to kill people in the street, but now because the pirates in the Caribbean are regulated by Captain Rod, coupled with the fact that the Magnolia Empire has swept away the previous feeling of wanning days, now of course, this situation will no longer occur.

Like the previous Josh Kenny, the people of Dak Town also do not need to obey the laws of the empire. They have their own set of codes of conduct. They accept everyone, fugitives, foreigners, and wicked people, as long as the people who come here follow the rules of Dak Town and are strong enough, they are welcome here.

With the gradual deepening of autumn, it is raining more and more here, and it is kind of pouring rain. After the rain, it will be filled with cold fog, and the sky will be gray and dull.

In the dense cold fog, someone walked to the front of the tavern.

A gold thread satin blouse, a rectangular ermine cloak in a darker color behind, the cloak was fastened to the chest with a skull pin engraved in black and gold. A silver-white longsword is worn under the cloak, and its ornate decoration of lapis lazuli, onyx, and sea-gravel makes it feel more symbolic than practical.

The waiter at the door of the tavern looked the visitor up and down and said, “This is not a friendly place, young man in pretty clothes.”

Hill took off his hat and curtsied: “First, thank you for the compliment on my dress, I’m sure the servant in charge of my dress will be pleased.”

“I have no intention of speaking to you about such nobility.” The waiter at the door said impatiently, “I suggest people like you better get the hell out of here, for your little life,” he said while raising his hand to push Hill away.

But the next moment, the silver long sword in Hill’s hand instantly pressed against his neck: “I haven’t finished speaking, I just mentioned the first point. Then the second point is that this is not a friendly place, and it just so happens that I’m not a friendly person either.”

The waiter froze in place, his outstretched hand hanging in the air.

Hill smiled slightly, his smile was a bit evil and playful, a bit like the handsome protagonist in a fantasy adventure movie who was still childish. He placed a silver coin in the waiter’s hand that was ready to be awkwardly retrieved, “But thanks for the heads up, sir. You’re a good man, and I’m fond of good men.” Hill clasped the other’s five fingers and held the silver coin, then walked around the other party. Going to the door of the tavern, he finally said, “I like them very much.” After that, he pushed the door open and entered the tavern.

The stiff waiter was brought back to his senses by the sound of the door closing and the silver coin in his hand was dropped, he hurriedly bent down to pick it up and put it into his pocket. Money is always important no matter what.

The bar was dimly lit, and when Hill walked in, he noticed some malicious glances. The chaos of Dak Town doesn’t appear on the surface, which is sometimes even more frightening than the apparent danger.

At the same time, this also confirms that the attendant at the door is indeed doing Hill a favor, after all, Hill at the moment looks like a harmless little nobleman. Although the waiter’s attitude was a little too rough.

Hill glanced around the bar and met more malicious eyes. There was still a faint scent of demons in here, this town did have some demons living in it. Hill had no intention to disturb them. Then he sat in the corner on a seat next to a man wearing a dark green cloak that hid his face, and then pulled out a wilted rose from his pocket and put it on the table: “Long time no see, Your Excellency.”

“Please stop taunting me with such a title, Your Majesty the Demon King.” A low voice came from under the man’s cloak. The other party was none other than the Dark Pope of the previous generation.

“You guys always like to think too much, in fact, I just casually called out like that, what are you thinking so wildly for?” Hill curled his lips.

“After all, you are a superior being, and we people always have to use more brains to avoid death,” the other party said.

“I think your rebuttal to me now is a sign of no brain,” Hill said.

“Then it’s just a matter of listening and respect,” said the previous Dark Pope.

“I found that I like the Dark Pope…” Hill touched his chin and looked at the previous Dark Pope, then stretched out his hand to lift his cloak. The face that appeared under the cloak was a disfigured face, ravaged by magic and demonic breath, the skin looked very hideous. Hill put down the cloak as if nothing had happened and said, “You scared me with this look.”

“I wanted to gain the trust of the Church of Light side, so I let the lich and the necromancer leave marks on my body, at least completely destroy my face.” The previous Dark Pope smoothed the folds on the cloak and said : “Then I found a suitable outlaw to kill him and replace him. But I didn’t expect you to come in person this time as well.”

“Looks like you’d rather see Monroe?” Hill asked.

“No, I just didn’t expect you to humble yourself…”

“There’s nothing humbling about it, I like to run around. It just so happens that I’m on a day off in the middle of filming, and you’re here to report, so I’m here.” Hill said, “So, since you made it a point to offer a meeting, I assume you have something to offer.”

“I’m thinking about how to tell you,” said the former Dark Pope.

“Your attitude makes me think you have not gained anything, so that’s why you talk to me about other unrelated things so casually,” Hill said.

“No, on the contrary, the harvest is actually very big, and theoretically it should be shocking, but in fact, I don’t have much fluctuations in my heart,” the former Dark Pope said.

“Then it’s time for your findings,” Hill said, “though I suspect you’ve made some assumptions.”

“Yes,” said the former Dark Pope.

The Dark Pope slowly told his findings, Hill did not continue to look at him, but looked at the scenery in the tavern. The wanted posters were scattered on the wall, with candlesticks embedded between them. The candlesticks were covered with translucent wax oil. Because they had not been cleaned for a long time, they had piled up very high at this time.

Hill took all the cluttered lights and sights in the tavern before his eyes. Because he had used his magic power before chatting, he was not worried about being overheard… It would be ridiculous to be overheard when the dignified Demon King was talking about important things. You don’t need to think too much about the words of the former Dark Pope to analyze the final result. After all, the novels, animations, and movies that you read on Earth have enough novelties in this regard to be used as a reference.

“So,” said Hill, “angels are not messengers of any god of light, but closer to combat weapons. Angels have no reason, they are agglomerates of energy, a kind of magic in which the followers of Light convert their lives into a powerful force by burning them all at once. The angels are born with a simple purpose, one is to kill the target as the sacrificer says, and the other is to kill all beings with different energy attributes.”

“The last one is…”

“You should have heard about the incident of the attack of the demons instigated by the church on the visitors of the demon realm, when a great paladin chose to sacrifice himself to become an angel to kill those enemies, and then the angel he became attacked his comrade, a dark elf who was protecting the visitors,” Hill said.

The former Dark Pope nodded slowly, “That makes sense of everything.”

“It also makes sense why you think this should have been shocking, but you didn’t feel much of it – because I’ve done enough blasphemy in the previous anime and movies, even more than enough to lay the groundwork,” Hill said.

The Angel Sacrifice is not a reward from the glorious return to the God of Light at all, it is just a spell. As for the fallen angels, Hill had asked the fallen angels long ago, and they knew nothing about how they came into being, nor did they have any prior memories, and they were born when the memories began anyway.

“Then the next is my deduction, since we have deduced that Angel Sacrifice is a spell, plus there is no evidence that fallen believers will produce fallen angels when they use Angel Sacrifice – people whose faith in the God of Light is shaken may fail in their sacrifice because the process of sacrifice is most likely to be a very painful process. The birth of the fallen angel, then, may be due to the same kind of failure that occurred when using this spell, causing the power of the believer’s sacrifice not to be released immediately, but to exist peacefully and take on a meaning of its own.” Hill said, “Oh, so the fallen angel is the only angel with a mind of its own, that’s scary.”

“It is likely that they have thoughts as a result of the original human mind not being stripped clean.” The former Dark Pope said: “God deprived human beings of their thoughts and made them angels, but the remaining thoughts and humanity were diagnosed as fallen.”

Hill praised and applauded: “Not bad for a pope, talking like reciting scripture.”

The former Dark Pope’s voice was still low: “These are not particularly important things, the most important thing is, His Majesty, the Demon King…”

“The most important thing is whether the church can actively activate the magic of sacrificing believers as angels,” Hill said the next words of the Dark Pope in a deep voice.


A lot of people’s eyes drifted away as Hill left the tavern.

A man dressed as a fallen mage walked up to the bar and said to the bartender, “What’s the origin, can you tell?”

“Eighty percent from Magnolia City.” The bartender said, “That man is very rich, but he is also very difficult to deal with.”

“What do you think?” the fallen mage asked.

“Can’t beat him,” the bartender said.

“Even you can’t beat him?” the fallen mage asked.

“You think too much.” The bartender said, “I mean we both can’t beat him together.”

Fallen Mage: “……”

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“Jane, is your name Jane? I remember your name,” Thor said.

“It’s Jane of Foster, please remember my last name,” Jane said.

“Last name? You’re just a girl,” Thor said with carelessness.

“But this girl is willing to be an enemy of anyone for Foster,” she looked into Thor’s eyes and said seriously.

“Cut!” Hill raised his hand and said.

All the actors stopped immediately.

Hill walked up to the paladin who played Thor and said, “Hey man, I know you’re a paladin full of glory, but at least let go a little now. This is the last scene, and you’ve upset me several times now, my dear. Let go a little more, simply put, be a little more frivolous.”

“I’ll try my best…” said the Paladin.

“You have to know that you are the eldest son of the Demon King now, and your performance should be in line with the public’s perception of the Demon King. There are many girls in the demon realm who like you, and you can treat them with ease. You did this to Jane at first, but very soon you will be moved by the strength of Jane, you realize that strength does not only come from the body, Jane has taught you a lot. Only then did you correct your attitude, but you were not like this before,” Hill gave the paladin an analysis.

In the original “Thor”, the relationship between Thor and Jane was too natural, but the emotional line in many Hollywood blockbusters is like this. Hill reorganized Thor and Jane’s emotional line before filming, and rewrote the lines and script to make their relationship smoother and more natural without adding too much space. Don’t make it look like the original movie and “hot and passionate” like

In fact, the Paladin’s acting skills are generally good, but the one who plays Loki is from the Blood Clan, and he interprets Loki’s temperament very well. So much so that Hill has to double his requirements for Thor’s character, otherwise it would be bad if Thor, as the protagonist, was completely overshadowed by Loki… Anyway, no matter which world, Loki is so attractive ah.

The Paladin was trying to find the feeling that Hill was talking about.

“Another way is to let someone else find a stand-in to complete the scene for you, but this is actually an insult to the actor, I hope you know it,” Hill said.

Actors who use various substitutes crazily have appeared on Earth before, they don’t even recite their lines, but directly say one, two, three, four with their mouths… Hill just wanted to roll his eyes after hearing it.

“I understand, please give me a few more minutes, My King,” The Paladin said seriously.

A few minutes later, the paladin opened his eyes. At this moment, his blue eyes were full of a rebellious smile. When he looked at Jane, the human actress, the charming look made him forget to breathe for a moment.

This time, because Jane couldn’t resist such a Paladin, her lines were half a beat slower.

Hill was helpless, why is it not this situation or that situation?

But soon, this scene’s next shot passed smoothly.

With the joint efforts of the entire crew, “Thor” was finally completed and entered the post-production stage.

The Demon Realm also announced the release date of “Thor”-September 9th, which is the 9th of next month.

This means…

The last single movie before “Avengers I” is about to be released!

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