Chapter 257 – The film was officially finished

Hill is working on the post-production and editing of “Thor”.

Because editing and post-production special effects are done by himself, and they are all processed in his brain, he can combine both sides. For example, it is best to have a whole transition here, but there is no suitable scene for the transition in the clips that have been shot, so he directly did it on the spot and made a special effect where the sun was burning and engulfing everything, well, and completed a beautiful transition.

Hill’s people are more exaggerated, so he likes the feeling of exaggeration.

Speaking of which… Hill wrote two exaggerated words on the paper, and he could push an Eason Chan-type male singer out.

After the first Demon King Cup Singing Competition, Hill maintained the speed of releasing two albums a month, and produced music records frantically. The streets and alleys were filled with Earth music for a while. Hill was once walking down the street in Josh Kenny, where pedestrians were playing on their phones and discussing mobile games, with Jay Chou’s “Seven Mile Fragrance” playing in the shop in front, and the shop in the back was the roar of Linkin Park’s “Numb”, and the crisp smell of fried food at the tip of his nose. Hill had the illusion that he was back on Earth.

‘I can’t come back to you, then I’ll make this place the same as you,’ Hill thought so affectionately and bitterly at the time.

Oops, why is this a bit like the popular stand-in White Moonlight plot?

And back to movie.

Each director has his or her own shooting habits, but it needs to be clear that the main line and background introduction of commercial films are generally relatively clear. Some directors are accustomed to using some shots and side dialogues between characters to suggest what kind of story background this is, but the fact is that many viewers are limited in their ability to piece together a story, and they often say after watching half of a movie: “I don’t know what this movie is about”. But the truth is, except for some directors who are really doing things on purpose, most directors have actually put the details of ‘what the movie is about’ in the movie, it’s just that the audience doesn’t notice it.

So here’s where the disagreement arises. Feng Xiaogang said, the reason why there are so many garbage movies in China is because there are many garbage audiences. This statement is too radical, but many people feel that this is also the truth.

The best thing is, of course, to keep the balance, and to shoot something that is both artistic and understandable to the audience. But it is difficult to really do it.

Fortunately, the audience of the other world is currently at the mercy of Hill in this regard, so Hill can devote a lot of time to training them.

Hill doesn’t resist adding monologues to the movie, in fact he likes to add some monologues and then add some grandiose scenes. Demon movies have never been short of big scenes.

“Your timbre fits this line very well, you can master it, and then we will record it.” Hill said to Ghost Binns, “but try to change your voice so that no one else can tell it’s you.”

Now, Ghost Binns is also very well-known, and of course he is most famous for the tragically dead professor in “Fairy Tale Hotel”. By the way, after the Black Seven Days teardown with the Church of Light last year, Hill brought “Fairy Tale Hotel” back to the big screen, leaving audiences in a state of haunted wailing.

Some people even joked that after watching “Fairy Tale Hotel”, they knew why the Church of Light had sealed the movie, which made sense.

Hill is happy with this kind of joke. First, it reflects the horror of “Fairy Tale Hotel”, scaring the audience to the point of crying is the biggest compliment to the horror movie. Second, this sentence also reflects the public’s attitude towards the Church of Light today.—To be able to use the Church of Light to make jokes casually, it can be seen that the people have completely lost their respect for the Church of Light.

Hill feels that in the future, he can use the method of promoting Trump to promote the Church of Light. Some of the things that the Church of Light did in the early years were really interesting…such as the Floating Island…hehehe…

Ghost Binns familiarized himself with the monologue lines Hill gave him, and then was stunned: “My King, do you really want to say that…”

“Do you think there is any problem?” Hill said with a relaxed attitude, he took the parchment from Ghost Binns and read: “For a long time, humans have lived only with their own species, but humans know they are not alone in this world. Although none of them have seen gods, they all believe in their existence. Different intelligent races choose to believe in the gods of their respective species. The two most famous gods are the God of Light and the God of Demon, both of whom claim to be the only omniscient and omnipotent beings… I just said some facts.”

“No one has ever put these …… well, these facts together before now!” Ghost Bins said.

“There has never been a Sand Sculpture Demon King before this time,” Hill said. “It’s really nice to read this monologue with an old but sonorous voice.”

Ghost Binns choked for a while, “Are you really going to do this?”

“Do you mean ‘an old but sonorous voice to read it’?”

“Uh,” Ghost Binns then choked a second time, “I mean the content of this narration.”

“Do you see any problem with that?” Hill gave a broad smile.

“I think it’s all a problem, My King!” Ghost Binns was really about to burst into tears, “Aren’t you suggesting to give the God of Light and the God of Demons… some… doubts…”

“Isn’t this a movie? Movies are made up just for fun. We also have the movie ‘The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me. Do you think I will really give you a sudden wall-slam in real life?” Hill asked.

Ghost Binns squirmed a little: “Can’t you?” His voice carried a bit of anticipation.

Hill: …

Hill: “Just pretend I didn’t say that.”

Hill coughed twice and said seriously: “I wrote this out of my own consideration. In fact, we have never seen a demon god, and the paintings above my bedroom are demon kings of past generations, not gods.”

In fact, starting from “Magical Girl Madoka”, Hill has been challenging the bottom line of the so-called gods step by step.

“So…” Ghost Binns thought, “I seem to understand what you mean.”

“As for the feelings of the Church of Light people, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a day or two for them to jump off their feet. If it can stimulate them to jump off their feet, it would be even better…” Hill shrugged.

Five minutes later, the recording of the narration resumed.

“…The Church of Light and the Demon King’s constant war, the strife between gods and goddesses, and in the end, it is the humans and the demons who suffer. Tens of thousands of lives, but no one has come out to pay and be responsible.”

Ghost Binns read the last sentence in an old, indifferent voice, and exhaled. He felt the same way.

Hill nodded in satisfaction, “Sure enough, at this time, the effect of using an indifferent voice is better than using a painful voice.”

Next it was left to details and some shots that needed to be made up.

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Hill and Lich Aligeli edited the movie together. The subject matter of this movie is quite shocking. Before this, there has not been a movie that directly describes the confrontation between the God of Light and the God of Darkness.

After editing the quarrel between Demon King Odin and Thor, Lich Aligeli asked: “Do you really want to make the Demon King and the next generation of Demon Kings this emotional?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Hill said. “Even if they were gods, I would shoot them like that.”

Lich Aligeli thought for a while and said, “This will help you get closer to the audience.”

“It can be understood that way,” Hill said. Of course, there is another argument that this is a plot arrangement and is force majeure. People like to see flesh and blood characters go through life and death on the screen, not a bunch of indifferent guys who see through everything and go through everything with a blank face.

Hill focused on arranging the male and female protagonist looking at each other five times in the movie, which is the main line of their relationship.

The first time was when they first met. Thor started a war without permission because he disobeyed Odin’s orders, so he was deprived of power by Odin and exiled to the human world, and then he was hit by Jane’s carriage. They looked at each other in the mottled light and shadow. In fact, he was moved by the appearance and temperament of the other party.

The second time they looked at each other was the scene where Thor’s actor was always not in place before. Thor used a skilled attitude to speak to Jane with some frivolous lines, but Jane resisted his meaning with a serious face, expressing her dignity, it was a turning point in Thor’s attitude towards her.

The third time they looked at each other was when they were already in love with each other, and when she was mixing perfume,

Thor said: “why not try this combination”, then he used the perfume to simulate the smell of the back garden of his bedroom and told her: “If you have a chance, you must go to the Demon Realm. You will see many flowers that you have never seen before. four seasons have different flowers, even in winter. There are also snow grass and ice crystal flowers. Although it has no fragrance at first, it is different from other flowers that will tickle your nose, but when you lie next to it, you can slowly feel its fragrance… Ah sorry, I did not mean to offend you, Jane.”

At that time Jane smiled and said, “It’s okay, don’t take it to heart, I would love to see those flowers you mentioned.”

Then they exchanged glances, which lasted for a long time. This was also the only time Thor had taken the initiative to look away for the first time – he was a little embarrassed.

In Hill’s opinion, the character of Thor had become more fleshed-out by this stare-down.

The fourth time they looked at each other was when the demon realm was in danger, and Thor was going to return to the demon realm from the human world. At that time, he was in the sky and Jane was on the ground. They didn’t know when they would see each other again. Thor had deep affection in his eyes, and so did Jane. They looked at each other, and Jane took the initiative to say, “Go, do what you should do.” So, Thor replied, “I’ll come back for you.” This exchange of glances represented a promise.

The fifth time they looked at each other was when Thor destroyed the outer passageway of the demon realm in order to protect the demon realm. If there were no accidents, he and Jane might be separated forever. The gatekeeper of the demon realm told Thor: ‘The girl has been looking for you, and I think you will meet again later.’ At that time, Thor turned his attention to the time and space chaos, and at the other end of the time and space chaos, Jane felt something and looked up at the sky. Technically speaking, it wasn’t really an eye-to-eye, but Hill still classified it as one.

The end credits were typed, and the film was officially finished.

Hill yawned and pushed Lich Aligeli next to him. “Well, it’s time to go back to bed and start promoting Thor in full force tomorrow to build momentum for the premiere.”

Lich Aligeli was pushed crooked, and the monocle almost fell off. He took off the monocle and put it back on again, and then asked: “My King, even if we don’t promote the movie, the attendance is still very high. Why do we need to spend so much effort to promote it?”

“Because we have to seize every opportunity. Besides, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes.” Hill said, “Okay, you will take charge of the publicity.” Hill pushed Lich Aligeli outside, ” I’m going to get ready to rest, I believe you won’t let me down, just like before.”

“That’s natural, My King.” Lich Aligeli bowed as gracefully as possible. “My King, the production of the first season of “The Walking Dead” is almost finished. Do you have time to review it?”

“Okay,” Hill said. “Tomorrow night, forget it, bring it over the morning after, I’m worried I’ll be too scared to sleep after watching it at night.”

“Ah? Well, okay,” said Lich Aligeli.

The plan wall in the study reads: On September 9th, three days later, “Thor” will be released. The following month, The Walking Dead will air episode-by-episode on Magic Phone. Before December, the doomsday zombie-themed immersive theater will be officially unveiled.

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