Chapter 258 – September 9th

“Demon King Studio proudly presents.”

The lone throne on the Blackrock Tower, the demon capital that spins like a precision gear under the blood moon.

“There are many heroes in this world.”

Then appeared Tony Stark, who was putting on the steel battle suit, then the Hulk, who was roaring at the airship in the sky, and then Captain Magnolia, who was running through the flames.

After seeing these fast-passing characters, many viewers have already become excited.

“It’s Iron Man! Iron Man!”

“Captain Magnolia’s chest was shaking just now when he ran, absolutely shaking!”

“Che, you actually like Captain Magnolia, just his body.”

“Is Captain Magnolia not in good shape? His chest is so big! It is said that when he was filming the shot of the demon’s blood, the original script did not have the shot of the female lead poking his chest, it was Carter’s portrayer who could not help herself after seeing that big chest, so she poked it. Is this not enough?”

“I prefer Hulk’s figure.”

“You… well, I admit that Captain Magnolia’s figure is not as good as Hulk’s.”

The promo continues.

“And he is the most special one among them.”

The hammer of Thor in the wind and rain, the man kneeling on the ground in the pouring rain, the next shot is him standing between the lightning flashes, his blue eyes with a vigorous battle spirit.

“The most special one? Really? I don’t believe it.”

“I think Iron Man is the most special one.”

Then came the majestic voice of Demon King Odin: “Can you swear to protect these innocent lives,”

The screen swept the eerie palace, white bone throne, floating debris on the rolling lava, and all the demons bowed together.

Odin continued, “And keep the peace,”

Thor stepped into the territory of the Church of Light with his men and companions, and the black magic they carried quickly eroded the beautiful flowers and trees around them.

“My son, the son of the demon king, Thor?” Demon King Odin said finally.

Now the audience exploded.

“Wow! The son of the Demon King! Is the protagonist this time the son of the Demon King?”

“This is amazing. Well, I admit, this time the hero is indeed the most special one…”

“Son of the Demon King… Could it be the son of the overbearing Demon King…”

“Son of the Demon King! Isn’t that the most capable of all heroes?”

“Can the Demon King’s son join the Avengers?”

The audience was in shock, and the promo continued play.

“I swear!” Thor raised the hammer and said loudly.

The rapid sweep of the picture, explosions, cool special effects, light particles flowing in the storm of a passionate kiss between the hero and heroine, the monster roaring at the camera, the last shot of the series is Thor holding a hammer high to the ground, with him as the center, the surrounding hundred meters of floating dust, blue and purple lightning in the storm waves bursting recklessly, the magnificent picture shocked the people.

At this point, everyone feels that the promotional film is perfect.

But then.

“For the mistake you made, in the name of the Demon King, I deprive you of all your power and exile you to the human world.”

Thor was forcibly pushed into the colorful and bizarre space-time flow, the next second all the light darkened, followed by the “September 9th, Thor will be released” closing words.

The promo officially ended here.

The audience in the tavern was suddenly buzzing.

They thought the promo was already perfect, but suddenly there was another reversal in the last two seconds!

What will happen next? The son of the Demon King was deprived of his power and exiled to the human world? And then? Is the heroine human? Will the Demon King’s son regain his power? Then what, and then what?

Ah, September 9th, when will it be September 9th!

This brain scratching feeling is too bad!

The audience wailed in agony, and Hill was happy about it.

Alas, the joy of the creator or rather the carrier is so simple and unpretentious.

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While movie fans are eagerly looking forward to September 9th, Hill is doing the overall architectural planning for the Demon Realm.

Now that the construction of the demon capital has entered the final stage, Hill intends to use this experience to carry out city construction in many places. The demon realm is closer to a circle, with eight floors. The innermost is the Frozen Lake and the Blackrock Tower, followed by the Desert, the Forest, the Blood Pond, the Volcano, the Swamp, the Mountains, the Storm Zone, the Black Wind Valley, and the outermost circle being the Green Meadow.

At present, Hill has completed the construction of four main railways, and the next step is to build some branch railways.

“Grey Creek Valley, the land of Winter Spring… I remember the spring water here is cold and refreshing and has a sweet taste, isn’t that right, Irvine?” Hill asked.

“The spring water in Winter Spring is indeed like that. The water in the Grey Creek Valley is the most suitable for making cursed potions, and it is not very good for cooking,” Irvine replied.

Hill nodded, then marked three places on the map, “Here, here and here, build four cities. Is there a place with less storms in the Black Wind Valley?”

Similar to the torrential rain area where it rains all year round, the Black Wind Valley area has strong winds all year round.

“There is a small valley in it, called the Nightshade Valley. The wind here is relatively less, but there are a large number of Bair beasts, spiny back beasts and the most ferocious of the sharp-toothed birds,” Irvine replied. .

“I think the demons should be more ferocious than those birds.” Hill said, “By the way, that kind of bird is that, is it delicious?”

“I haven’t tried it, but it’s said to be okay,” Irvine said.

“Then there’s no problem.” Hill showed a fascinated smile, “I’ll go check it out tomorrow and get the pots and pans ready.”

“Yes, My King,” Irvine said.

“Then we will build a city on this side of the land of Winter Spring, let’s call it Winter Spring City. The city in the Nightshade Valley will be built first. Thinking back on the name, here, Emerald City, here, Blackrock City, this city is mainly for the humans who came to the demon realm to live here, and you will arrange to move some factories here. Blackrock City is the main city with the most convenient transportation. There are four now, right? In addition to the demon capital, we now have five major cities. The main areas of the demon realm will have the main cities, and we will develop according to this first.”

Hill pointed at the map, and Irvine hurriedly wrote it down next to him.

‘It’s like playing a building game,’ Hill thought.

“I’ll give you the blueprint tomorrow. In addition, you can arrange to expand the construction team, and arrange people from other races to brainstorm and let them complete the part they are good at.” Hill said, “For example, let the tauren and the dark elves be responsible for the greening of the city, let the gnomes and kobolds be responsible for the city sewers, and let the black dwarves be responsible for the architectural carvings, in short, you go and arrange it.”

“Yes, My King,” Erwin said.

After half a year, the city in the Nightshade Valley was basically completed, and the Lich and the Ghosts built layers of defensive formations outside the city to resist the storm. After those winds passed through those magic bursts, there were only low whimpering sounds. Walking in the city, from time to time, you could hear the whispers of the wind, so Hill named the city Dark Whispering City.

Hill used his mobile phone to scrape up a bunch of game CG architectural drawings on the Internet that night, and let them refer to the whole thing. In addition, Hill also tried a variety of architectural styles, national style, Japanese style, Western fantasy, all kinds.

For the breakfast the next day, Hill had been craving beef noodles since yesterday, but the tauren chief had breakfast with him yesterday morning, so Hill, as a wise monarch, had to give up the idea of eating beef noodles with the tauren. Today, he finally got the beef noodles that he had been thinking about for two days.

Smell the taste before eating, because the beef will naturally evaporate the water when it is stewed, so the soup is very fragrant, it looks absolutely delicious, and the smell makes people salivate. The soup looks simple, but in fact, Irvine started to prepare it last night. It was carefully boiled with chicken and duck from the demon realm for nearly six hours. The soup is milky white, and then mixed with mellow butter. The firm and smooth noodles with the essence of the soup tastes delicious.

After eating the noodles, next is the beef. The beef is simmered until it is crispy and delicious, with a touch of spicy flavor, which tastes wonderful.

Piping hot, spicy, mellow, and rich.

In order to eat this bowl of beef noodles, Hill deliberately used magic to lower the temperature of the Blackrock Tower, so that it would be more enjoyable to eat this kind of food.

Speaking of which, Hill slurped and slurped the beef noodles and thought, is it time for the whole magic air conditioner to come out? The principle should be… forget it, don’t want to think about it, give it to the demons in the research department to do it, he is only responsible for giving the task.

Dark Elf’s patriarch, Darkmoon, refused to eat noodles at first. He felt that eating noodles was a bit incompatible with the elegance of dark elves, but when the fragrant taste of beef noodles hit his face, the dark elves’ patriarch found his hand automatically picking up the chopsticks.

Well, just a taste, he won’t eat much.

Well, another bite.

…Finished? Cough, why not have another bowl?

So, the Demon King and the Dark Elf Patriarch slurped the beef noodles together.

After Darkmoon ate three bowls of noodles, he remembered why he came here today. They said that when having breakfast with the Demon King, they will always get attracted by the delicious food, and forget the purpose of coming here. After reporting some of the things in the clan, the dark elf patriarch made a request to build two towns at the edge of the forest and in the inner part.

Hill agreed to the application of the Dark Elf Patriarch, and after discussion, the two towns were called Moonlight Town and Eclipse Town.


After half a month, the large-scale urbanization construction of the Demon Realm has been rolled out.

And the day of September 9th had finally arrived.

“Thor” premiered in the human world and the demon realm at the same time.

All eyes are on the upcoming debut.

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