Chapter 250 — He heard the near mountainous cheers on the scene

Demon Realm, the place where demons live. It has been given too many meanings from ancient times to the present. Is it a place of fear, blood, and corruption, or a dreamy place full of beauty and fantasy? Presumably different people have different views on this.

The first Demon King Cup Singing Competition kicked off here. The quarter-finals was held at Talidara, one of the goblin habitats. Talidara is an Elvish word, meaning the flower kissed by the setting sun. This is the name given to the goblins by a dark elf. To commemorate the friendship between the two tribes, the village was named Talidara.

“In fact, I think one of the reasons is that the goblins can’t come up with such an artistic name, so they just…cough. “

The host is still the familiar pair of bard and black dwarf, who currently belong to a stage where they are already familiar, expected, and not yet tired of them. Hill plans to wait until the end of the Demon King Cup and they will only be in charge of “A Bite of the Demon Realm”, and then change to someone else as the host.

It is necessary to always give the audience fresh faces, and also to give more people the opportunity to show it.

In the tavern.

“The games after the quarter-finals are all in the Demon Realm, isn’t that the equivalent of a trip to the Demon Realm…”

“I don’t want to think about the price of the tickets. I hope I can win the lottery.”

“Honey, the odds of winning this lottery are too low, I don’t recommend you try it.”

“Hehehe, I don’t know who bought 30 copies of Demon Realm Magazine a few days ago for the lottery.”

“Well…cough…so I said that the odds of winning the lottery are too low. My kind of thing belongs to raising my odds of winning the lottery.”

At this moment, the light-hearted trolling opening remarks were finished, and then there was a quick silhouette of Talidara for dozens of seconds.

The town is embraced by the mountains, and next to it is the sea. Under the camera, the color of the sea looks melancholy and romantic at the moment. The main color of the town is orange, and these lovely buildings facing the sea happily cast their reflections on the water. From time to time, goblins with red hats and green clothes can be seen walking down the street, which is like a scene from a fairy tale.

“Wow… so beautiful!”

“I really want to go and see for myself!”

The wind was blowing and the water was sparkling. The beautiful red flowers opened one by one, like a fiery cloud falling from the sky on the town, very beautiful. – This is also the main reason why Talidara got its name.

“Look at that flower, that flower!”

“I also want to plant this flower in my manor. Does anyone know what this flower is?”

“I haven’t seen it before, I think it’s probably a flower unique to the demon realm.”

“Ah, ah, why is it gone? Wait, I seem to be watching a singing competition…”

“Every time the demon realm appears, it is inevitable to be attracted by these scenery.”

The last sentence is very true.

Immediately afterwards, the iconic Blackrock Tower of the Demon Race and the blood moon hanging high above appeared on the screen. “Competitors from different countries and races are now gathered here for one goal. “Mulheim, human, Lotre.”

Then, on the big screen, a picture of slender fingers fiddling with the lute appeared, a silhouette of a bard sitting under a tree playing and singing in the sunset, and then a smile on his lips surrounded by noble ladies at a bustling banquet.

“Wow, this player must be a bard!”

“This shot is really beautiful!”

“Humans can actually be so handsome.”

“Magnolia Empire, human, Reina Jones.”

The maid carried incense through layers of luxurious curtains, and the camera followed her through, and finally the charming back of the noble lady appeared. Then came the smile concealed by the jewel-encrusted feather fan, and the hem of the skirt held up in a reserved manner.

“Oh, oh, it’s Lady Reina!”

“Lady Reina is more beautiful in the video than in person.”

“Lady Reina is so beautiful that she is almost catching up with the demons.”

“Plague Islands, human, Barbara.”

The woman twisted a strawberry into her red lips with her fingers dyed with red nails. The whole shot was delicate, which made people’s blood hot. Then the camera showed a half-exposed back, with silk draped around her waist, the woman holding a hookah in her soft and boneless hands was slightly drunk, and the camera also blurred and swayed.


“This, this, is this really human?”

“I feel that the director is so amazing that he can dig out such a beautiful side.”

“She’s from the Plague Islands…”

“I still like Lady Reina. I think the windy smell on Barbara is too heavy.”

“Wipe your saliva before you say that, girl.”

Barbara was indeed a songstress in the red-light district of the Plague Islands, a top-class who was quite famous in the area. Now that she has achieved the top eight, she deserves it. But now that her popularity has further expanded, she has left the red light district.

From the fourth onwards, it was all demons.

“Demon Realm, siren, Sirina.”

“Demon Realm, dark elf, Leander Star-Chaser.”

“Demon Realm, tauren, Bloodhoof.”

“Demon Realm, succubus, Emmy Night.”

“Demon Realm, black dwarf, Firecracker.”

From here, the video becomes even more magical, with the enchanting sea like cornflowers, the siren lying lazily in the sparkling gems; the dark elf playing the flute under the stars, attracting the stars to shine; playing the guitar in the storm, the tauren that let lightning strike him; the succubus that stretched her body beside the lava and fascinated all the creatures around her… In addition, the black dwarf’s seconds are very odd, a clip of him crashing himself in a cannon launched – this is his initiative, he thought it would enhance his own charm.

Later, this bad clip directly led to his low score in the first round of the live audience. He babbled that humans are really tasteless, but then he quickly learned that some humans thought it was funny and gave him a high score, and most of the audience who gave him a low score were the demons. The demons thought he was too stupid and lost the face of the demons.

Black Dwarf: ……

The overall schedule and rhythm of the show are very hot, and the styles of the players are also different. Each of them has superb strength, and the feeling of fierce collision on the stage is really great.

It’s a long story, but each player has only ten seconds of footage, plus the opening and ending, this 2-minute opening immediately swayed everyone’s hearts.

Then, the game officially started.

Without much introduction, the hotblooded guitars sounded and the rock and roll of the tauren, Bloodhoof, made a direct opening.

This game is divided into four levels, the first level is a performance on the stage, the time set is within 3 minutes, where the players must leave the deepest impression on everyone. In this level, players can perform other talents, of course, they can also sing.
Then the second level is to sing the song with their best style, the host will come over to interact, the judges will also ask questions, this level will eliminate a contestant.
The third level is to perform another style of song, this level will not eliminate anyone.
The fourth level is similar to the second level, this level will also eliminate a contestant. Then there will be an interactive session, questions and answers, and finally, according to the overall performance, two more will be eliminated and the top four will be selected.

When the Tauren Bloodhoof entered, the stage was surrounded by electric light effects, which looked very cool. In the end, a big golden wing with magic light effects grew behind him.

Hill looked at it and felt as if he saw the special effects of page games. He couldn’t help being stunned… but the audience had never been poisoned by those page games, they were all excited and screaming, thinking that the effect of this scene was simply too amazing.

After the first level, the two hosts took the stage.

Bard: “I really feel that this game not only challenges people’s auditory limits, but also challenges people’s visual limits. The effect on this stage is really like watching a movie.”

Black Dwarf: “Don’t think I didn’t see you get startled by the electric lights.”

Bard: “Hahaha, hahaha, I’m human after all.”

Black Dwarf: “Don’t keep using humans to take the blame, I’ve read some letters from the show and some humans think you’re dumber than the average human.”

Bard: “Oh, that’s so unfriendly, but I love you guys so much… Or have I been kicked out of the human race? Is it okay for me to come and be a demon?”

Black Dwarf: “You can choose to be a beast.”

Remarks: This paragraph was deleted during the broadcast, because these two hosts are too good at talking nonsense. Lich Aligeli interspersed some of their words when cutting the video of the later program. After all, some nonsense is quite interesting.

In the end, the audience in front of the magic phone saw the two hosts talking about their feelings in a few words, and then began to introduce the judges.

Viscount Jefferson of the Birds of Dawn, Baron Joan Baker, the main manager of the Demon Realm Mall, Hazen, the indigenous elder of the Plague Islands, Albrecht Darkmoon, one of the five elders of the Demon Race, Leona, one of the Dark Church’s emissary, plus two count-level people from the Mulheim and Dijon tribes, plus the… Demon King himself!

Recently, Hill’s appearance in front of humans has been greatly reduced, and this entire year, this is the first time he has appeared in public.

So when he appeared, the audience inside and outside the scene all exploded.

When Hill walked from the passage to the judges’ table, he heard the near mountainous cheers on the scene. He waved to the audience, and suddenly felt that this scene was the most magical in the development of this Demon King Cup match up to now.

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