Chapter 29 – The public’s attitude towards the demons is changing

“The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, the finale banquet.

The finale banquet was held in the gathering place of ghosts. The town was named Deathstroke Town by Hill. It was the birthplace of ghosts in World of Warcraft. The mayor happily accepted the name and said it was really romantic and full of hope.

Romantic is understandable, but full of hope is… um… Hill a little bit disagrees. But if they like it, so be it.

There was a breath of death in the town, a grayish-purple mist drifting inside, and even the sky turned dark purple. The gates of the town are made of black iron, with dark green vines climbing on them, some of them already dead, swaying dryly in the wind. The fence next to it has sharp edges and looks surprisingly sturdy.

The banquet was held in the garden behind the town of Deathstroke, where white roses were open, a faint smell of elderberry trees, and the fresh grass was rolling with dew. Clusters of dark blue ghostly fires hovered in the garden, the blood family played the piano, the fallen angels joined the harp; the succubus danced gracefully; the night elves played their traditional musical instrument, some like a flute, but some more ethereal; the hellhound shook off the flames from his body and leaned in front of Hill, wagging his tail fawningly, while Hill carelessly stroked its fiery fur.

The scene in front of him was quite magical and the Paladins were a little fidgety.

Hill poked the ghostly fire with his hand, smiled, and said to the dark elf Albrecht Darkmoon next to him: “This kind of cold light looks pretty in this atmosphere.”

Irvine next to him directly exploded when he heard it—of course, it was the explosion in the literal sense. His body was divided into small clusters of golden flames, pushing the ghostly fire aside, and then Irvine’s voice appeared on the black iron candlestick next to Hill: “What about this hot light? My King~”

Hill laughed, this way of fighting for favor was kind of cute.

The banquet table was woven with vines, covered with large leaves that exuded fragrance. In addition to the dishes, there were some strange-shaped skulls on the table with flames burning inside—this is the candlestick of the ghost clan.

The dishes at the celebration banquet are of course the top priority, and this time, it is also unprecedentedly rich. Cheese bread, ice cream topped with strawberry syrup, fruit pie, cherry pie, clam chowder, and golden fish sprinkled with herbs and spices, exuding a seductive fragrance…

One of the other dishes is Hill’s original: in the forest next to the Endless Sea there is a huge fruit tree, the fruit is very large, a little larger than the coconut, the shape is also very similar. The flesh is slightly sweet and sour, and usually eaten directly. Hill hollowed out a part of the flesh, then stuffed the marinated chicken and beef in, added some spices, covered it with the dug-out flesh, and finally put it inside Irvine (…) to bake.

The method is similar to pineapple rice, Hill also got his inspiration from pineapple rice. After it is baked, the fruit shell on the top is opened, and the delicious scent is immediately emitted. The meat is delicious and it is perfectly combined with the fragrance of the fruit itself. Although it is not as amazing as the barbecue at first taste, the flavor is rich and the aftertaste is endless, making the whole person feel refreshed.

Hill hasn’t made wine yet, their wine is originally from the lower realm or purchased from the human world. Compared with the rather crude wine, Hill’s own juice is much better.

‘It would be great if there was yogurt, fruit yogurt, and the like…’ Hill took a sip of coconut milk and thought. ‘Sure enough, the milk problem must be solved first. In fact, all kinds of meat should also be solved at a faster speed, let the lower realm develop livestock farming. The demon race, this is what kind of living, ah.’ He lamented.

After thinking of this, Hill thought of opening a restaurant in the human world. He can’t let Irvine be the chef. He said to the candlestick next to him: “I want to open a restaurant in the human world. Do you have any thoughts about the chef? “

“Are you referring to the other fire elemental spirits? My King.” A small cluster of flames floated over, and then quickly became bigger, and Irvine appeared in the flames.

Hill had known about the fire elemental spirits before, there are indeed a few in the lower realm, but the natural elemental spirits originally lived quite freely. They have no gender, are not subject to any restrictions, and basically will not work under any power. Even the five elders may not be able to keep them—they run too fast.

Unless Hill takes the shot himself.

“If it’s the fire elemental spirits, of course, it’s no problem.” At least in controlling the fire, there is no problem indeed, but now there is nothing to impress them in the lower realm. Hill thought, “What do you think?”

“I know some fire elemental spirits, I can convince them,” Irvine said.

“How?” Hill asked.

“Cook them a dish, and tell them that they can keep making such a delicious dish in the future.” Irvine continued, “And then the dish will convince them.”

Hill: “Ah…”

He remembered a story he had seen on the earth and asked: How do you convince your parents to let you keep a cat? Answer: first bring home a cat, the rest will work itself out.

“Are you sure you can?” Hill asked.

“This is the supreme temptation, a real temptation from you, Lord Demon King, and no fire elemental elf can resist this temptation,” Irvine said in a deep voice.

“Alright… that’s fine.” Hill still wanted to laugh, but he said sternly: “Then this matter will be left to you, Irvine.”

“Yes, My King, I will live up to my promise.” Irvine knelt on one knee and said.


On the eve of the release of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, Magnolia City has a new trend, and the source of this trend is Hill’s magazine.

Before the magazine came out, Magnolia City and Josh Kenny had already formed a kind of “Daughter of the Sea” effect. As long as the things attached to that are launched, they will be sold quickly.

Of course, some other businessmen have also seized the business opportunities, and they have also made some peripherals to sell them – which is called piracy when put on Earth. However, there is no such thing as property rights protection in the other world. So, if Joan Baker is a fairly decent businessman, there is really no way for him to stop them.

It is a pity that he is not a decent businessman.

Fortunately, he is not a decent businessman.

In other words, in such an era, decent businessmen can’t survive, and the ones who remain in the end are those who are typical like Joan Baker—who has even plated himself with a knighthood.

But he is not that kind of bad guy but certainly not a good guy.

So those big pirate manufacturers disappeared one by one in Joan Baker’s gray tactics.

Joan Baker spends an hour walking in the street every afternoon, listening to what people on the street are saying, watching what they are doing. He thinks this is very important for a businessman. In the words of Mr. Grindelwald, this is called “market research.” Mr. Grindelwald is really a very intelligent person. Although he occasionally behaves a little stupid, Joan Baker believes, that is his disguise.

Hmm… In fact, Hill himself felt that stupidity is the essence, wisdom is the disguise.

On this day, he heard many people on the street talking about the contents of the magazine.

The book was called “Magazine”, Hill is bad at giving names. He couldn’t think of a suitable name for a while. If it was called “Demon King Monthly”, it seemed too blatant. Hill still wanted to make the magazine spread farther. So, he simply first directly called it “magazine”.

The most talked about is of course “Daughter of the Sea”, after all, there is the effect of “Daughter of the Sea”.

Joan Baker, of course, had already read the contents of the magazine, and even he, who had never been interested in such things, had a yearning for the writer named Hans Christian Andersen.

“Is there really a Thumbelina?”

Two young ladies holding parasols came over there, their conversation drifted into Joan Baker’s ears.

Joan Baker nodded. This is talking about Thumbelina.

“There should be, but it should also be a demon.”

“Such a cute and beautiful Thumbelina, it turns out to be a demon.”

“Siren Princess is also a demon, dear. The ugly thing is not the race, but the individual—like that human prince. God of light, he really should have fallen into the sea and drowned.”

“Yes. But Thumbelina is really weak. She was stolen by a toad at first. I thought the demons were all at least quite stronger than the average humans.”

“Demons are not more powerful than humans, otherwise how could they fail in the war?”

“Speaking of which, why do they want to fight the demons?”

“Who knows…”

Joan Baker was a little shocked when he heard such a chat. He vaguely grasped something in his heart, but he was not particularly clear about it. What he can see is that the public’s attitude towards the demons is changing, and some people even began to have a skeptical attitude towards the war…

But it probably doesn’t matter, right? Joan Baker thought with uncertainty.

He also watched the movie “Daughter of the Sea”, and he admitted that it was a very beautiful story, but it was not so touching. Now there are some ladies who are extremely obsessed with “Daughter of the Sea”. But men may not be very interested in this subject… Joan Baker thought uncertainly in his heart.

Then he heard a man wail on the street over there, “Ariel is really too miserable oh oh… I will kill the prince!!!”

Joan Baker suddenly felt hot on his face.

However, an interesting incident happened recently. In “Thumbelina”, it is said that Thumbelina was born from a red flower grown from barley grains given by a demon, so some people took barley grains and sold them outside, saying that this is the kind of flower seeds that can grow Thumbelina, and many people also believed it.

When Joan Baker submitted the matter to Hill, Hill almost cried with laughter. What is this ah? Hill couldn’t help but think of the news he had seen on Earth before, someone selling the first live gourd baby on Taobao worth 360,000, and someone actually bought it, the seller sent an empty box, and then claimed to send 6 babies (the kind that will be invisible). At the time, it was said that a lawsuit was still being filed because of this, Hill wanted to know how the judge and the attorney could hold back from laughing.

Then in the next batch of magazines, he had to print the words that the Thumbelina seeds that had been sold recently were a scam.

To Hill’s surprise, according to Joan Baker’s report, many people were attracted to the first chapter of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, or a lot of people were frightened by the first chapter, after all, the first chapter talks about several night watchers being killed by strange ghosts. The most terrifying thing is that one of the dead night watchers came back from the dead and strangled a colleague.

This kind of scary description appeared for the first time in the other world, many people were directly scared. After being scared, they began to look forward to the next issue. After all, there is still an unfinished story to be continued.

Under such complicated circumstances, “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” was finally released.

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