The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.91

Chapter 91 – Confusion over the Host’s Body.

0329 was very surprised because it had only returned to look for the host after safely delivering Yu Ti to a safe place. After all, there were many conflicts between Yu Ti and the host, and it felt it was better to keep them apart. But now, how did Yu Ti appear here?

“Brother Yu Ti?” 0329 blinked.

Yu Ti turned around slowly, looked at the surprised little guy, and said, “Zhuo.”

0329 looked at him curiously.

Yu Ti naturally sensed Zhuo’s confusion. He knew that the little guy must be wondering how he ended up here, but instead of answering, he silently gazed at the human form of Zhuo in front of him and then sighed, “Can we take a step to talk?”

“Take a step? How do we do that?” 0329 was puzzled.

Yu Ti fell silent, then chuckled helplessly and said, “Just follow me a little farther away. I want to talk to you.”

“Oh.” This time, 0329 understood and nodded.

However, it still had to inform the host before leaving. So it ran back to the host and told him that it would be back soon. When the host’s gaze turned solemn, 0329 kissed his forehead and comforted him.

Xi Xun: “…”

After successfully comforting the host, 0329 followed Yu Ti to a nearby grove to have a conversation, while Xi Xun watched them from a distance, not too close, inside the house.

In the lush grove.

Yu Ti looked at Zhuo across from him and said slowly, “Have you made your decision?”

“Huh?” 0329 was puzzled.

“Do you really want to be with him?” Yu Ti stared at it.

“Yes! I’ve already proposed, so there’s no turning back. I know you don’t like the host, Brother Yu Ti, and you’re worried about the dreams becoming reality and all that, but you’re overthinking. The host won’t do that. Even if he would, I’m here now, taking care of the host, and I won’t let the host do such things,” 0329 spoke seriously.

Yu Ti’s eyes slightly narrowed, seemingly conflicted.

But in the end, he didn’t say anything else and simply said, “If this is your choice, I respect it.” In fact, Yu Ti didn’t have any objections to Xi Xun personally. His concerns were about Zhuo being with Xi Xun.

He was very worried about Zhuo, extremely worried.

Yu Ti reached out and gently stroked Zhuo’s face, saying, “I only hope that you can be safe and happy, no matter what happens.”

0329 was puzzled and asked, “What could happen?”

But Yu Ti didn’t say anything more, instead, he stepped forward and lightly embraced Zhuo.

0329 blinked, then patted Yu Ti’s back.

The originally somewhat sad atmosphere was completely broken by 0329’s childish gesture. Yu Ti couldn’t help but laugh and softly said, “I’m leaving now, but if you miss me, come find me.”

“Are you leaving?” 0329 asked.


“Have a meal before you leave!” 0329 invited.

“No, thank you.”

“Eat, let’s eat!” 0329 said while pulling Yu Ti towards the house where it and the host lived. Fortunately, it was a spacious courtyard; otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough space to sit.

Once Yu Ti entered the courtyard, he saw Xi Xun with an indifferent expression.

Xi Xun appeared indifferent, as if he had no emotions, but in the instant their eyes met, Yu Ti could sense the hidden coldness in his gaze.

Yu Ti didn’t have much fondness for Xi Xun either.

If it were a normal person, they would definitely sense that something was off between the two. Although Yu Ti’s emotions were relatively less intense compared to Xi Xun’s almost overflowing emotions, he still had a slight dislike.

But 0329 didn’t sense any of it.

It looked at the harmonious scene between the host and Yu Ti and felt extremely relieved.

“Sit down quickly! The porridge will be ready soon!” 0329 beckoned.

After it had pulled the host and Yu Ti to sit at the stone table in the courtyard, it hurriedly went to the kitchen to get the porridge. Once 0329 left, Xi Xun spoke in a low voice, “You’re lucky.”

Yu Ti looked at Xi Xun.

“After going through several dangers, you managed to escape death. Your luck is good,” Xi Xun smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Take care of Zhuo,” Yu Ti said.

“How I get along with Zhuo has nothing to do with you. Mind your own business and be careful with your words. Your luck is good, but it won’t always be that way,” Xi Xun’s eyes turned cold as he uttered these words.

Yu Ti naturally understood the warning in Xi Xun’s words.

Just as he was about to say something, 0329 arrived with the porridge, along with a few side dishes, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs.

Xi Xun’s expression changed when he saw the eggs.

He pushed the scrambled eggs and boiled eggs to Yu Ti and said, “Since you’re a guest, please have them.”

Yu Ti frowned at the eggs.

He pushed them back and said, “I’m not very hungry today, you two go ahead and eat.”

0329 saw the sudden reconciliation between the host and Yu Ti and their considerate gestures, and it was pleasantly surprised. It divided the eggs, giving one portion of scrambled eggs and two boiled eggs to each person, saying, “Everyone should eat! Don’t be modest, I have more!”

Xi Xun: “…”

0329 thoughtfully peeled one of the boiled eggs and offered it to Xi Xun, coaxing, “Host, have some.”

Xi Xun remained silent. In the end, under 0329’s expectant gaze, he reluctantly took a bite with a cold expression.

Yu Ti raised an eyebrow at this scene.

But the next moment, 0329 shifted its gaze to Yu Ti and urged him to eat quickly. However, Yu Ti genuinely didn’t want to eat those eggs, so after his fruitless refusal, he stood up and said, “It’s getting late, I should go.” With that, Yu Ti turned and left.

0329 looked somewhat disappointed as it watched Yu Ti’s departing figure.

Xi Xun sneered.

He could tell that Yu Ti left because he didn’t want to eat the eggs. It was ridiculous how he had thought Yu Ti cared so much about Zhuo, but that’s it.

In fact, Xi Xun had already guessed the relationship between Yu Ti and Zhuo. He had seen the mark on Yu Ti’s arm that day, which was identical to Zhuo’s mark.

However, it didn’t matter much to Xi Xun.

If Yu Ti continued to obstruct him, he would still kill him.

“Host, now no one is competing with you. Please eat the eggs.” 0329 placed the eggs in front of Xi Xun.

“…” Xi Xun.


Yu Ti left on foot, but fortunately, the distance from here to the safe zone wasn’t too far. Moreover, the safe zone had expanded a bit during this time, so Yu Ti was fortunate to encounter a convoy.

And that convoy was Yu Ti’s convoy.

“Brother Yu!” Chen Jing was pleasantly surprised when she saw Yu Ti. She quickly asked Yu Ti to get in the car, worriedly saying, “Brother Yu, why were you walking alone outside? It’s dangerous out there now. Even an ant is the size of a small rat.”

“I’m fine,” Yu Ti said.

Accompanying Chen Jing was Li Qingqing, whom Yu Ti had rescued before. Li Qingqing was now one of the members in the convoy who killed zombies, along with the former male celebrity Xi Nan, and others.

“Brother Yu, now Brother Yu is managing the convoy,” Chen Jing explained to Yu Ti what had happened in the convoy during his absence.

“Brother Yu?”

“Cough, it’s Yu Bo. Didn’t you hand over the convoy to me temporarily because you had to leave in a hurry? But after you left, some people in the convoy didn’t listen to me, and there was a riot. It was Yu Bo who suppressed it. Yu Bo is quite powerful now, but apart from dealing with medical issues and managing the affairs of the convoy, he doesn’t speak.”

Chen Jing was particularly grateful to Yu Bo because she couldn’t manage the convoy on her own. Perhaps it was because Yu Ti had been too kind before, which made some people in the convoy take it for granted.

In the end, it was Yu Bo who used force to suppress the situation.

“Mmm,” Yu Ti said.

“Brother Yu, Yu Bo was just managing the team temporarily and he has been waiting for you to come back. Now that you’re back, we have a leader.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Ti responded, “Let him continue managing.”

Chen Jing thought Brother Yu had misunderstood and quickly explained, “Brother Yu, you misunderstood. Yu Bo didn’t intend to usurp your authority.”

“I didn’t misunderstand. I’m just a little tired. Since he’s doing a good job, let him continue,” Yu Ti rubbed his temples.

Seeing that Yu Ti’s expression wasn’t good, Chen Jing didn’t say anything more and suggested, “Brother Yu, are you tired? Why don’t you rest for a while?”

“Mmm.” Yu Ti leaned back in the seat and slowly closed his eyes.


Without the interference and troubles of others, 0329 and Xi Xun had been living happily these past few days. At least that’s what 0329 thought. During this time, it tried its best to feed the host.

Especially when it thought about how weak the system was when it reincarnated, or if there were other disabilities, 0329 became even more worried.

It wanted to fatten up the host a bit, but the host just wouldn’t gain weight.

This made 0329 very distressed.

Xi Xun was also worried. He silently looked at the moonlight outside the window, lost in thought.

“Host!” 0329 suddenly ran in excitedly.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xun looked at it.

“Guess what I found, Host?! I found ginseng!” 0329 said while taking out the ginseng.

Xi Xun’s eyelids twitched.

“I’ll cook it for the host soon. After you drink it, you can go to sleep.”

Xi Xun held onto 0329’s arm and said, “Stop fussing. There’s nothing wrong with my body.”

“But the host has always been unable to gain weight!”

“I gained weight. Have you forgotten that you couldn’t even lift me before?” Xi Xun squinted at 0329.

“Oh, right! I almost forgot about that!” 0329 suddenly realized.

But it still wanted to confirm.

After trying to lift the host again and failing, 0329 believed that perhaps the host’s weight gain was not obvious. That put its mind at ease. As long as the host wasn’t weak like other systems, he was healthy!

It wanted the host to be healthy.

“But you should still drink some milk. Drinking milk at night helps with sleep.” After saying that, 0329 hurriedly went to heat up some milk.

0329 and Xi Xun were complete opposites. Xi Xun was very lazy; he would lie down rather than sit, and he would sit rather than stand. Meanwhile, 0329 was like a busy spinning top, never stopping.

0329 finally settled down after drinking the milk.

Xi Xun closed his eyes for a nap.

But after a while, Xi Xun reluctantly opened his eyes because 0329 was searching his body. Xi Xun looked at it and said, “Why are you fussing instead of sleeping?”

“I’m still worried about you, host.”

“Worried about what?”

“I’m worried that you might suddenly die,” 0329 mumbled into Xi Xun’s shoulder.

“I’m fine,” Xi Xun gently comforted 0329.

“No, I have to check!” It was worried that the host seemed fine on the outside, but might have some hidden illness.

Xi Xun allowed it to fuss while he peacefully closed his eyes.


0329 reached towards Xi Xun’s lower body. Although Xi Xun quickly reacted and stopped 0329, it still managed to touch that soft and large thing. It wondered, “Host, what is this?”

“A body part,” Xi Xun calmly explained.

“A body part? But why don’t I have one? I don’t even have the little dot on the host’s chest. I don’t have anything on my body. How did the host end up with so many things?”

“All humans have it. It’s normal.”

“No, the host must be hiding something from me!” 0329 said sadly.

Xi Xun ignored it and continued to keep his eyes closed.

But 0329 didn’t let the host sleep. It pulled Xi Xun closer and anxiously asked, “Host, what is this extra thing? Are you sick? Let me cut it off for you!”

0329 kept rambling, and Xi Xun remained with his eyes closed.

Until Xi Xun seemed to sense something, he swiftly moved away from his body, and a laser beam left a mark where he was just moments ago.

0329 was puzzled why the host had evaded.

Silently, Xi Xun stared at 0329.

0329 thought the host didn’t understand, so it explained, “I’ve heard from other systems that the human body is fragile. If something extra appears for no reason, it must be an illness. Let me cut it off for you!”

Xi Xun: “…”

After five seconds, an invisible black chain swiftly bound 0329’s hands, restricting all its power and movement. Xi Xun coldly said, “Go to sleep.”

“Oh,” 0329 mumbled.

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