The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.92

Chapter 92 – Lu Ke Regrets It

These past few days, the weather turned cold. Although it was only September or October weather, many people started wearing coats or cotton-padded jackets, indicating how unusual the weather was. As if that wasn’t enough, it started to rain heavily, making the already cold weather even colder.

The base has expanded and extended to a small town now.

A small town consists of about ten or so villages. Although the area may not sound large, it significantly relieved the pressure on the base. At least it’s not as crowded anymore, and the new survivors can find simple grass huts to live in B1 Town within the base.

Yu Ti drove around outside for a while.

The population in the base has increased again and is now over three hundred thousand. However, accommodating three hundred thousand people is not easy, and the prices of rice and flour in the base’s supermarket have been raised.

It has to be raised because the base doesn’t have much food reserves left.

Moreover, the number of mutated creatures has increased recently. Previously, these mutated creatures were somewhat afraid of humans, but now it’s different. Driven by hunger, these mutated creatures have become bolder and started launching fierce attacks against humans. A few days ago, there was a wave of mutated creatures, and it was said that the base in the neighboring city couldn’t hold on and lost over a hundred thousand people.

With zombies, mutated creatures, and now this harsh weather, many people have lost hope of surviving and feel that this is nature’s way of annihilating humanity.

“Brother Yu, that’s about it,” Chen Jing reported.


Yu Bo sat quietly on the side. Apart from him and Chen Jing, the meeting also included Li Qingqing and Xi Nan, who were the capable assistants of the current convoy.

“Has the base not taken any measures?” Yu Ti asked in a deep voice.

“They have, and our base didn’t suffer significant casualties, but food seems to be running out. Although the base has people farming, it’s impossible to harvest crops in a short time. Plus, the weather is still very harsh,” Chen Jing sighed.

Yu Ti frowned but didn’t say anything.

“Now, many people don’t go out to kill zombies anymore. Zombies were already difficult to deal with, and now there are threats from mutated creatures, such as mutated cockroaches, rats, and so on, not to mention those large beasts. Everyone in the base is fighting for the task of fortifying the walls every day or building houses in the newly expanded B1 Town,” Chen Jing explained.

Yu Ti rubbed his temples and sighed, “I understand. You all can go back and rest for now.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Jing and the others stood up.

However, Yu Bo didn’t leave with the others because he noticed that Yu Ti ‘s complexion seemed off. So after everyone left, Yu Bo approached him and furrowed his brow, asking, “Brother Yu, your face doesn’t look good. Are you feeling unwell?”

Yu Ti shook his head and said, “I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately.”

Yu Bo fell silent for a moment and then said, “There is no medicine left in the convoy, but I found a lot of ginger stored in the warehouse before. I’ll make you a bowl of ginger soup to warm you up.”

However, Yu Ti stopped Yu Bo, who was about to leave.

Although Yu Bo was puzzled, he still approached Yu Ti. At this moment, Yu Bo was dressed in neat sportswear, completely transformed from before, almost unrecognizable.

That’s why the people in the convoy listened to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo was no longer to be underestimated.

“You’re doing a good job leading the convoy,” Yu Ti said, looking at Yu Bo.

Yu Bo pursed his lips.

“How much food is left in the convoy?” Yu Ti asked again.

“Enough for about ten days.”

Yu Ti nodded and said, “Okay, I got it. It’s getting late, so you should go rest too.”

“If you need me, just call me.”


Just as Yu Bo was about to leave the room, Yu Ti suddenly called him back.

Yu Bo turned around to look at Yu Ti.

Yu Ti stared at the scars on Yu Bo’s face for a while, then closed his eyes and sighed, “You can go now.”

Yu Bo nodded slowly and backed out.

Yu Bo knew that Yu Ti might be missing his younger brother, so whenever Yu Ti looked at him like that, he would stand there motionless. He didn’t know how to repay Yu Ti, but if it could temporarily alleviate Yu Ti’s pain, he was willing to do it.

Just standing there like a wooden stake was a simple task for him.

After Yu Bo left, Yu Ti closed his eyes and drifted into deep thoughts for a long time. Then he slowly got up and walked to the window, looking outside. He didn’t know if Zhuo and Xi Xun had returned to their villa. It should have been a few days already, so they should have come back.

He didn’t know if Xi Xun had taken care of Zhuo properly.

He hoped Zhuo hadn’t been mistreated.

At this moment, Yu Ti had no idea that it wasn’t his beloved brother who was being mistreated but Xi Xun, whom he had always been wary of. Xi Xun almost lost a certain body part.


Yu Ti finally saw Xi Xun and Zhuo return three days later. His facial expression eased slightly upon seeing Zhuo. However, Xi Xun didn’t have such a good mood when he saw him, until Yu Ti brought up his intention.

Yu Ti wanted to ask Zhuo if they had any extra food.

Xi Xun was originally lazily sitting aside, his eyes closed and bored, but his brow twitched upon hearing those words. Then Xi Xun opened his eyes and said to Zhuo who was sitting on the sofa with him, “Give him all the different kinds of eggs you collected along the way.”

As soon as 0329 heard this, it immediately covered the space stone and shook its head, saying, “No! I’ve looked for them for a long time.”

“Give them to him.”

“No!” 0329 firmly held onto the space and refused to let go.

These eggs were different.

0329 had never seen such big eggs before! They seemed to be mutated chicken eggs! They were three to four times larger than the normal eggs before, and their roundness was even more pleasing to the eye.

But in the end, 0329 reluctantly handed them over with a heartache.

Yu Ti silently watched this scene before him.

0329 carefully handed all the eggs to Yu Ti and sighed, saying, “Ah, my host has a kind heart. Even though he’s sick and there’s something extra in his body, he insists on using it to save others. You can’t say anything bad about him anymore.”

Yu Ti silently took the eggs and let out a sigh.

Perhaps she had been narrow-minded.

In the end, Yu Ti left with a total of three hundred eggs and ten packs of noodles, which 0329 gave to him at Xi Xun’s request. Because on the way, 0329 kept talking about making more food for Xi Xun, especially his favorite steamed buns. It wanted to feed Xi Xun fifteen of them for every meal!

Now they didn’t have as many noodles, so even if 0329 made them, it couldn’t make as many.

As expected, that night 0329 only steamed five steamed buns and sadly told Xi Xun that their food reserves were running low, so they had to eat less. It could only wrong the host who was a big eater.

Xi Xun, a big eater, said: “……”

Fortunately, apart from these little episodes, everything else was going well. Xi Xun enjoyed their current life and looked forward to the nights when Zhuo would tell him stories.

Rain fell outside the window, and the sound of Zhuo telling stories peacefully filled his ears.

He loved this feeling and wanted it to continue forever.

“Host, it’s time to drink milk,” 0329 reminded the host, who was sleeping with his head on its legs.

However, Xi Xun didn’t react.

0329 poked him again, but Xi Xun still didn’t respond. In the end, 0329 had to drink a sip himself and feed it to the host. The host was too lazy, and only this way would he drink a little every night.

Xi Xun’s lips curled up slightly as he slowly opened his eyes.

0329 was happy to see the host wake up and quickly said, “Host, be good and drink all the milk.”

“What reward do I get if I finish it?” Xi Xun said in a deep voice.

0329 tilted its head in confusion and asked, “What reward does the host want?”

“Anything will do.”

0329 kissed Xi Xun’s forehead and said, “Is this reward good enough?”

“It’s alright.”

0329 sighed and helplessly patted Xi Xun, saying, “Then drink it quickly and go to sleep.”


On the other side.

Yu Ti looked at the rain outside the window, while his mind was thinking about the 0329 in another villa. Honestly, after seeing Xi Xun and Zhuo getting along, Yu Ti felt slightly relieved about Xi Xun.

But there was still a faint worry in his heart.

Forget it.

Yu Ti let out a sigh and shook off these jumbled thoughts from his mind. Since it was Zhuo’s choice, he would respect that little guy.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu.” The sound of knocking on the door came from outside.

“Come in.”

Yu Bo walked in from outside and said to Yu Ti, “Brother Yu, the things you brought back have been stored in the warehouse, and I’ve taken care of saving those children in the base who were starving.”

“Well, thank you for your hard work.”

Yu Bo shook his head, indicating that it was nothing, and whispered, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave. It’s windy and rainy tonight, Brother Yu, you’d better not open the window and rest early.”

Yu Bo only spoke more when he was alone with Yu Ti.

Yu Ti chuckled, and nodded to show that he understood.

Yu Bo then left the room.

Yu Ti looked at the dark night outside the window and the pouring rain, feeling that it was getting late. He slowly withdrew his gaze and turned towards the bed, intending to rest.


After Yu Bo left, he didn’t go back to his own room but paused for a moment and went to another room.

He placed the black bag he was holding on the table.

These things were nothing else but sanitary pads for women. Yu Bo happened to see them being sold in the supermarket today, and many women, as well as a few scattered men, were rushing to grab them.

Yu Bo had originally intended to leave, but after a moment of silence, he still went over.

These things were just like toilet paper, unnoticeable in normal times but particularly important when needed. Unfortunately, now in the apocalypse, sanitary pads were considered a luxury. Most girls had to make do with cloth.

After all, it was difficult to survive now.

So the supermarket rarely received a batch of sanitary pads supplies, and many people were fighting for them. Girls were grabbing them for themselves, while men were grabbing them for their wives.

Although Yu Bo felt embarrassed, he still mustered the courage to buy three packs.

He placed the items in Shu Gu’s house.

Yes, that girl’s name was Shu Gu, a very unique name. She was also part of this convoy now, but most of the time she went out on her own to kill zombies or mutated animals, so she currently had the highest points in the convoy.

Yu Bo wrote down the price of the sanitary pads on a note, so when Shu Gu saw it, she would give him the points. It wasn’t that Yu Bo was being stingy, he just didn’t want the other person to feel indebted to him, which could lead to unnecessary favoritism.

If he didn’t know how important sanitary pads were to girls, he wouldn’t want to have any contact with the girl.

He himself was already dirty to the extreme.

He didn’t want to taint the girl, even if it was just his shadow being in contact with her, he felt it was tainting her. He just wanted to silently treat the girl well, not to impress himself or for any other purpose, just purely wanting to be good to someone.

She didn’t need to know.

This was the second motivation that kept Yu Bo going.

Yu Bo genuinely thought like this. If one day Shu Gu really found her loved one, Yu Bo wouldn’t feel sad like others would, he would genuinely be happy for Shu Gu.

Because she deserved someone better.

However, Yu Bo bumped into someone just as he went out, and it was Lu Ke standing in the corridor.

Lu Ke stared at Yu Bo in astonishment and said, “Yu Bo…”

Yu Bo’s expression was cold, as if he hadn’t seen Lü Ke, he turned around and walked away. But Lu Ke grabbed Yu Bo’s arm and cried, saying, “Yu Bo, do you really like that country bumpkin? I know you still resent me, I regret it, I really regret it. I now realize that you are the best to me. Can we start over?”

Lu Ke truly regretted it now. She realized that Yu Bo seemed to have genuinely fallen for Shu Gu. Today, when she saw Yu Bo buying sanitary pads, she thought he would give them to her, but she didn’t expect him to put them in Shu Gu’s room!

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