The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.93

Chapter 93 – The Calm Before the Storm

Lu Ke was very scared, she was really scared that Yu Bo would fall in love with someone else.

No one knows how good Yu Bo is better than Lu Ke.

Especially after the end of the world, Lu Ke now understands more and more how precious Yu Bo’s kindness to her is. She originally thought that if she took the initiative, Yu Bo would accept her again.

After all, she knew very well how accommodating Yu Bo was towards her when they were in love.

Wasn’t it because he loved her that much?

But she miscalculated.

During this time, Yu Bo never glanced at her more than once, not only that, but he gradually shifted his gaze to another girl who joined the team. Lu Ke had never seen that kind of look before, she couldn’t stand it, she couldn’t accept that Yu Bo could fall in love with someone else.

“Yu Bo… let’s start over…” Lu Ke cried.

She regretted it so much, she had only spoken without thinking because she couldn’t accept how Yu Bo had been treated by someone else.

But deep down, she liked Yu Bo.

Looking at the teary-eyed Lu Ke in front of him, Yu Bo’s face remained expressionless, as if she were a stranger. He didn’t even look at Lu Ke again, he continued walking forward, intending to go back to his room.

“Yu Bo!”

Lu Ke watched Yu Bo’s back and picked up a dagger, pressing it against her own neck, tears streaming down her face. “If you take one more step forward, I’ll die right here!”

She thought that this would make Yu Bo stop, because Yu Bo had always been kind-hearted. But Yu Bo seemed as if he hadn’t heard anything, without even pausing, as if he was saying “Do as you wish.”

Lu Ke was stunned, she couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched Yu Bo’s figure walking away.

After what felt like a long time, Lu Ke dropped the dagger to the ground and couldn’t control her sobbing.

Yu Bo heard Lu Ke’s crying, but he remained indifferent.

He truly felt nothing.

For the current Yu Bo, apart from Brother Yu and Shu Gu, there was nothing that could stir his emotions.


The next day.

After a night of heavy rain, the sky was clear and blue. Perhaps it was because of the end of the world, there were no factories, so the morning air was particularly fresh, and the surroundings were quiet.

This quietness referred not to silence, but to a kind of inner peace. For example, listening to the sound of birds chirping in the morning, or the voices of people getting up early to work.

There was a kind of tranquility that made time seem peaceful.

Although Yu Ti brought back some food, it was still a period of food shortage, so the morning porridge was limited to half a bowl per person. Unless someone went to kill zombies, they could only eat enough to satisfy about seventy percent.

Yu Ti sat on the steps, watching the busy people in the courtyard.

Yu Bo was currently treating the sick.

He would spontaneously treat people for a day every two or three days, and today was no exception. Many people came to see Yu Bo for treatment, until a cold-looking girl appeared, leading a Tibetan Mastiff. The people around immediately backed away when they saw her.

Because many people were afraid of the mutant dog the girl was leading.

It was really big, three times the size of a Tibetan Mastiff.

Shu Gu made the Tibetan Mastiff squat down, and it skillfully lay on the ground, looking at Yu Bo, waiting for Yu Bo to treat its injuries.

Yu Bo’s expression was calm as usual. He lowered his head and examined its injuries.

“Injured on the right leg, not serious.”

Shu Gu nodded, but this time she didn’t immediately leave with the Tibetan Mastiff. Instead, she quietly watched Yu Bo.

Yu Bo raised his head and looked at Shu Gu with some confusion.

Shu Gu stared at Yu Bo, and after about three seconds, she spoke, saying, “I saw what you left behind.”

Yu Bo understood that she was referring to the sanitary pads he had left.

He acknowledged with a nod and calmly waited for Shu Gu to hand him the zombie eyes she was about to give him. However, this time, Shu Gu didn’t give Yu Bo the zombie eyes. Instead, she stood up and said, “I have to go out again. If you see more, please continue to buy them for me next time.”

“What?” Yu Bo was caught off guard by this response.

Before Yu Bo could say anything, Shu Gu suddenly placed a bag in front of him. Yu Bo thought it was the reward for the zombie eyes, but it wasn’t. It was three medical books and a dozen packs of hawthorn slices that she had found somewhere.

Yu Bo really liked eating hawthorn slices.

The team had recently found some supplies, and Yu Bo didn’t ask for anything else, just took a small pack of hawthorn slices. It happened that Shu Gu noticed.

Yu Bo stared blankly at the dozen packs of hawthorn slices.

Shu Gu continued, “I have other supplies in my room. If you’re hungry, you can take them to eat. I need to go out now. Is there anything you want to bring?”


“Okay.” Shu Gu nodded and turned around with the Tibetan Mastiff, leaving.

Yu Bo stared at the things in his hand, feeling somewhat dumbfounded for a moment.

It wasn’t until Shu Gu had gone far away that Yu Bo finally snapped back to reality. He stood silently in place, furrowing his brow. It wasn’t until he heard Brother Yu calling him that he suddenly regained his senses.

Yu Bo put away the things and walked towards Brother Yu.

“Brother Yu.”

Yu Ti looked at Yu Bo in front of him and gestured for him to sit on the steps next to him. Yu Bo didn’t refuse, but nodded and slowly sat down.

“That girl is the Shu Gu that Chen Jing and Li Qingqing mentioned?”


Yu Ti nodded. He glanced at the things in Yu Bo’s hand and suddenly chuckled lightly, teasing, “Do you like that girl?” Before Yu Bo could answer, Yu Ti continued, “That girl is indeed good. She may seem cold, but her brows and eyes are clear and upright. She suits you well.”

“You misunderstood,” Yu Bo said quietly.


Yu Bo paused for a moment and then said, “Shu Gu and I aren’t what you think, Brother Yu. And I don’t plan on finding a girlfriend again. Someone like me, being with anyone would only taint them.”

“Nonsense,” Yu Ti scolded, frowning.

Yu Bo remained silent.

Yu Ti looked at Yu Bo and said, “What do you think is dirty? What’s the definition of dirty? Some people may have a clean body, but their hearts are filled with others, calculating and disrespecting their partners. Even if they haven’t slept with someone else, how clean are they really?”

Yu Bo shook his head and said, “It’s different.”

“What’s different? If the person you like encounters such a situation, would you despise her?”

Yu Bo tightened his grip, knowing that he wouldn’t, in fact, he would feel even more heartache.


He closed his eyes and said, “Brother Yu, I understand what you mean, but I’m already like this. I don’t want to harm anyone else. She deserves someone better, any man would be better than me.”

Yu Ti sighed softly. He looked at Yu Bo’s lowered eyes and said, “Yu Bo, compared to most men, you’re already good enough.”

But Yu Bo felt that Yu Ti was comforting him.

Seeing this, Yu Ti didn’t try to persuade anymore. He simply said, “Don’t dwell on those unworthy past experiences. They’re already in the past. It’s the end of the world now. If you can give each other a warm embrace, be understanding and supportive of each other, I believe that’s more important than anything else.”

Yu Bo fell silent.

He looked down at the soil beneath his feet and said, “Brother Yu, I can’t provide her with a normal life. The happiest moment for a woman is when she becomes a mother, and I can’t give her that.”

Upon hearing these words, Yu Ti instantly understood what Yu Bo meant. He paused for a moment and then said, “Although what you’re saying sounds reasonable, it’s not entirely true. Not every girl wants to be a mother. Especially in this post-apocalyptic world, if you ask someone to become a mother, wouldn’t that be harmful to them?”

Yu Bo was taken aback, then quickly said, “That’s not what I meant.”

“I know.”

Yu Ti looked at Yu Bo and said, “Go ask her.”

“Ask?” Yu Bo was stunned.

“Perhaps the other person doesn’t mind. If they do mind, it’s a good opportunity to cut off any lingering feelings for each other. It’s better to end it now than to torment each other later when the roots have grown deep. It’s torment for both of you.” Yu Ti patted Yu Bo’s shoulder and then got up and left.

Yu Bo remained silent on the steps for a long time.


Actually, Yu Ti didn’t want to persuade Yu Bo because he himself was a mess when it came to such matters, let alone advising others. However, he noticed that the girl named Shu Gu seemed interested in Yu Bo. He saw her constantly glancing at him while he was tending to the injured puppy, and the puppy’s injuries weren’t severe.

He knew about mutated animals.

Mutated animals had strong self-healing abilities. Unless it was a large wound where their intestines were exposed, minor injuries would generally heal, let alone simple bruises.

So the injured mutated animal was probably just an excuse.

That’s when Yu Ti persuaded Yu Bo a few times.

Regardless of the outcome, at least they should talk face to face, so as not to leave any regrets or future regrets.

After returning to the room, Yu Ti sat on the edge of the bed and thought in a daze for a while.

After a moment, he got up slightly. Yu Ti remembered that Chen Jing had mentioned some corn while reporting the supplies in the warehouse yesterday. Yu Ti recalled that Zhuo liked a dish called assorted corn, and since he had nothing else to do, he planned to make some and bring it over to Zhuo.

After all, he couldn’t rely on Xi Xun.

He decided to do it and quickly prepared the assorted corn and corn porridge. The two villas weren’t too far apart, so after putting them in a lunchbox, he carried it and walked over.

On the other side, 0329 was telling Xi Xun a story from a comic book.

When they heard the doorbell ringing outside, 0329 immediately put down the book. It went to check and found Yu Ti at the door.

“Have you eaten? This is for you guys,” Yu Ti smiled and handed the food to Zhuo.

When 0329 saw the lunchbox, it slapped its head suddenly.

It had forgotten to cook!

It took the lunchbox and gratefully said, “Thank you. I actually forgot to cook. You’re really kind!” Saying that, 0329 hugged Yu Ti, moved.

But Yu Ti frowned and said, “Are you the one who cooks? What about him? Xi Xun never cooks?”

“Yeah.” Now that there are no bad guys, the host doesn’t need to cook.

Yu Ti fell silent. He said with a serious face, “You shouldn’t always spoil him.”

“Ah, the host is just a kid.”

Yu Ti was almost amused by Zhuo’s response. He patted the little guy but still advised, “If he likes you, he’ll gladly do even these little things like cooking.”

“I won’t let the host cook for me,” 0329 said seriously.

Yu Ti didn’t understand the meaning behind Zhuo’s words, and just as he was about to say something, 0329 had already gone back with the lunchbox. Yu Ti could only retract his gaze helplessly and turned to leave.

He looked at the sky, unsure if his decision to let Zhuo be with Xi Xun was the right one.

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