The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.94

Chapter 94 – 0329 Cub’s Enemy Comes

In the following days, Yu Ti continuously delivered meals to Xi Xun and 0329. 0329 was quite happy, but Xi Xun wasn’t as pleased. He squinted his eyes, gazing at the food container handed over by Yu Ti again today. His expression was indifferent, and it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

“Host, we have caramelized potatoes today!” 0329 exclaimed excitedly.

However, Xi Xun lacked enthusiasm.

0329 tried to feed him, but Xi Xun evaded and coldly remarked, “I don’t like eating food made by others.”

“Then I’ll eat these, and then I’ll cook separately for the host.”

“You can’t eat them either.”

0329 looked puzzled at the host. It would be such a waste if no one ate them. Besides, didn’t the host reconcile with Brother Yu Ti? Why did his attitude change again?

“You can give this to the kids at the base. As for your and my meals, I’ll cook them,” Xi Xun said calmly.

“Huh? The host will cook?” 0329 said, stunned.


“Or let me do it!” 0329 said mournfully.

“What? Do you think I can’t do it?” Xi Xun glanced sideways at Zhuo and then walked to the kitchen.

0329 looked at the host’s back and couldn’t help but sigh.

Although it did think the host’s cooking was not delicious, it couldn’t complain. After all, it was a good partner and couldn’t be picky about their spouse’s cooking. After hesitating for a while, 0329 still distributed the food from the lunchbox to the people at the base.

It chose specific recipients, like single mothers with children or orphans without parents, and so on.

When 0329 returned, the host had already finished cooking.

Unlike before, this time the food smelled good and fragrant. This piqued 0329’s interest, and it happily ran inside.

Xi Xun was sitting by the dining table, resting his eyes.

When he heard the sound, he slightly opened his eyes and looked at Zhuo, saying, “Let’s eat.”

0329 responded and took a seat.

They had cooked braised noodles for dinner, accompanied by scallion pancakes. It was unclear where Xi Xun had learned these dishes.

“Dig in,” Xi Xun commanded.


0329 took a bite of the noodles and then fell silent. How should it put it? It could sense that the host was trying his best, and the noodles were chewy, but they still didn’t taste good.

However, compared to before, there was significant improvement!

At least the taste was not as monotonous anymore.

“How is it?” Xi Xun asked casually.

“Not bad!”

Xi Xun raised an eyebrow, and then he casually picked up his utensils and took a few bites. In truth, Xi Xun didn’t know whether it was good or not. He could sense that it was slightly better than before, but he couldn’t pinpoint the specifics.

Because everything he ate was tasteless to him.

Although when 0329 cooked, Xi Xun could feel a slight sensation in his mouth, the difference wasn’t significant.

Perhaps he had grown accustomed to the taste of his own cooking after eating it for so long.

In the following days, Xi Xun transformed into a different person. He cooked in the kitchen every day, and 0329 had the opportunity to eat various unappetizing meals. In the past, people usually associated “unappetizing” with a few specific tastes, but Xi Xun was different, every day, there was a different flavor.

Seeing the host heading back to the kitchen again, 0329 couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

This was what humans referred to as having “a big appetite for delicacies.”


Yu Ti had been quite idle these past few days, gradually transferring his authority to Yu Bo. He delegated almost everything within the convoy to Yu Bo, making Yu Bo quite busy in the process.

Today, the weather was nice, and Yu Ti sat in the courtyard, basking in the sun.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion outside, drawing everyone in the courtyard to see what was happening. Yu Ti furrowed his brow and only learned the cause after going outside—it was a conflict between Lu Ke and Shu Gu.

Or rather, it was one-sided on Lu Ke’s part.

At that moment, Lu Ke lay on the ground with a Tibetan mastiff’s paw pressing on her, the standard move for a mutant dog’s attack. Lu Ke screamed in terror, narrowly avoiding the dog disfiguring her.

“What happened?” Yu Ti asked Chen Jing beside him.

Chen Jing quietly told Yu Ti the details.

As it turned out, Shu Gu had returned today, and Lu Ke had planned to frame her like she had done to other bullied girls in the convoy. However, Shu Gu wasn’t like the others. Her mutant dog immediately pounced on Lu Ke, almost biting her, leaving Lu Ke screaming in fear.

Yu Ti fell silent, looking at Shu Gu. He said, “Let her go.”

Although Shu Gu hadn’t interacted with Yu Ti much, she could sense that he wasn’t a bad person. Moreover, Yu Bo held him in high regard. So, Shu Gu coldly ordered her mutant dog to release Lu Ke.

Once free, Lu Ke quickly got up from the ground.

She grabbed onto Yu Ti’s clothes, crying, “Brother Yu! She let her dog attack me. If it’s me now, what about others in the future? One of the conditions she agreed upon when joining the convoy was to control her dog and not harm others, yet this dog almost bit my face.”

Yu Ti’s brow furrowed slightly.

Shu Gu, as if nothing had happened, walked toward the villa courtyard. However, Lu Ke grabbed her arm and said, “You want to leave? After your dog bit me, do you have anything to say?”

“My dog doesn’t bite humans, only beasts,” Shu Gu replied.


Upon hearing Shu Gu’s response, Lu Ke became infuriated. She wanted to say more, but she was intimidated by the fierce dog beside Shu Gu.

She could only shift her gaze to Yu Ti.

Yu Ti spoke slowly, “Now that I have handed over the management of the convoy to Yu Bo, he will handle the situation according to his rules.”

After saying this, Yu Ti turned and left, leaving behind an unhappy Lu Ke.

And it was not difficult to guess how Yu Bo would handle it.

His approach was “those who don’t want to stay can leave.” This statement made Lu Ke feel embarrassed. She glared at Yu Bo, then announced her departure from the convoy to join another one.

She thought Yu Bo would try to persuade her to stay or at least show some reaction.

But Yu Bo remained expressionless.

Lu Ke grew resentful towards Yu Bo. Before leaving, she angrily said, “Treating me like this, I won’t let you off easy.”

Yu Bo paid no attention to Lu Ke’s threat, maintaining his calm expression.

Chen Jing, on the other hand, was quite pleased.

After Lu Ke left, the convoy finally became peaceful, no longer filled with tension and hostility. Now her partner was Li Qingqing, who was easy to get along with and never shirked her responsibilities, despite being a former star.

The atmosphere within the convoy visibly improved.

Yu Ti was genuinely pleased, looking at the current state of the convoy, he could leave with peace of mind.


Xi Xun’s side.

The tranquil night was adorned with a few stars, and 0329 sat on the edge of the bed, playing games with Xi Xun. Since both 0329’s body and power had recovered by more than half, it was now playing games with Xi Xun, connected to other systems and networks.

There was a special network between systems that allowed chatting and playing games.

Most systems played on their own, while some played with their hosts. It was similar to humans playing games and interacting with other random players.

0329 initially just wanted to divert the host’s attention.

It believed the host would be amazing.

After all, the host had strong physical skills and high combat abilities. However, what caught 0329 off guard was that the host didn’t know how to do anything. Really, anything. Even after playing several times, controlling the character was still shaky.

Moreover, the host had very little patience and would always try to kill without waiting for the skills to cool down, resulting in being counter-killed every time.

0329 fell silent while looking at the host’s 1:19 record on the screen.

“0329, your teammate is so bad,” the system on the opposite side mercilessly taunted.

0329 was enraged.

It turned to the lazy host beside it and said, “Host, choose a support role and stick with me. I’ll protect you.”

“Oh? There’s such a role?” Xi Xun suddenly became interested.


Afterward, Xi Xun followed Zhuo’s instructions and chose a support role to stick with Zhuo. 0329 was an expert at games. It ranked among the top three in the System Law Department’s game rankings, truly deserving the title of Wild King.

It carefully protected the host, never allowing other systems to kill the host. Even when encountering powerful opponents, it would voluntarily yield to the host, provide buffs, and even kill the wild monsters that attacked the host. It could be called the most capable guardian.

A smile curved at the corners of Xi Xun’s mouth. He enjoyed being protected by Zhuo.

And 0329 did an excellent job. Regardless of what other systems said, it would always protect the host well. Even when the host had low health and needed to return to the base, it would run back and wait. This surprised some random systems because 0329’s image to other systems was always cold and silent, not one for conversations.

When had they ever seen it being so gentle with others?

Xi Xun’s task was much simpler. He just needed to hang onto Zhuo and casually use his skills.

0329 was incredibly serious when playing games.

Xi Xun looked at Zhuo’s profile, finding it hard to imagine that many systems it had encountered before didn’t like it. Zhuo was like a hidden treasure that had luckily crossed paths with him in the end.

“Host, what’s wrong?” 0329 noticed that the host had been staring at it.

Xi Xun didn’t speak; he continued to gaze silently at it.

0329 seemed to have figured something out and suddenly realized, “Is the host craving milk? I’ll go warm some for the host.” Saying that, 0329 was about to get off the bed to prepare milk for Xi Xun.

But Xi Xun held it back and gently embraced Zhuo.

“What’s the matter?” 0329 coaxed.

“Let me hug you.”

0329 sighed and lightly patted the host’s back, saying, “Sure, does the host feel sad? Don’t be upset, I will protect the host well.”

Xi Xun chuckled softly and closed his eyes, savoring the unique aura that belonged to Zhuo.

He enjoyed the tranquility that Zhuo brought.

Suddenly, the sky flashed with lightning, indicating that it was going to rain again. However, no one noticed that this lightning was slightly different from the usual, slightly eerie.

After the bolt of light fell, a figure slowly appeared.

This ‘person’ scanned the surroundings coldly, as if searching for someone. Eventually, he suddenly looked up in a certain direction, which happened to be the direction of 0329 and Xi Xun’s villa.

If 0329 were to see him at this moment, it would undoubtedly be shocked.

Because this ‘person’ was none other than 0178, the one who had nearly killed 0329 before. Now, he was walking coldly toward the villa where 0329 and Xi Xun resided.

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