The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.95

Chapter 95 – 0178 Appeared

At this time, 0329 didn’t know that the evil force it feared was gradually approaching. However, the place where 0178 landed was very far from here, and the fluctuating aura was very weak. Otherwise, it would have appeared here by now.

Nevertheless, 0329 still inexplicably felt a sense of unease.

It transformed into its original form and rolled around beside the host, unable to sleep. This was usually a small action that 0329 would have when it had a bad premonition, but the question was, where was the danger?

As 0329 rolled on the bed, it pondered over the situation.

Just as it completed its 189th roll, it was suddenly held down by someone. 0329 looked up in confusion and discovered that it was the host who had grabbed it and said, “Why are you rolling back and forth instead of sleeping?”

“I can’t sleep,” 0329 muttered.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“I have a constant feeling that something bad is about to happen! Every time I have this feeling, it turns out to be accurate. The last time I had this feeling, I almost got beaten to a pulp,” 0329 said sadly.

Xi Xun furrowed his brows slightly, recalling what he had heard from Zhuo before.

He sat up and looked at the dejected little system on his leg, saying, “Is it the system that hurt you before?”

“Yeah…” 0329 hugged the host tightly.

Xi Xun’s eyes turned cold.

“Host, I’m scared. I had a dream last night! A dream where I was beaten to pieces!” 0329 said sorrowfully.

Xi Xun fell silent, his cold gaze showing no emotion.

Honestly, 0178 had truly left a psychological shadow on 0329. For a brief moment, it even considered returning to headquarters because it was too afraid. But then it remembered that it had promised the senior host to stay together and even became the host’s spouse!

How could it slip away secretly?

So, 0329 decided to stay here. After all, it couldn’t be so unlucky to encounter that evil force again, right?! After all, there were so many parallel worlds, it couldn’t be that coincidental.

With this in mind, 0329 relaxed and held onto the host firmly, saying, “But I think the host is the strongest!” After all, the host was the first law enforcement system, hmph.

Although the senior host had reincarnated and lost his powers now, the host was still the strongest!

“Sleep, I’ll keep watch,” Xi Xun said.

0329 immediately hugged the host with deep gratitude, even though the host couldn’t do anything now and might not even be able to defend himself. But the host’s concern touched it deeply!

“It’s alright. Maybe I’m just being overly worried. Let’s sleep together, host. Come, lie down!”


Although he said so, Xi Xun still couldn’t fall asleep.

Originally, he didn’t sleep much. Xi Xun’s sleeping hours could be counted on one hand, and it was a miracle if he could sleep for an hour at night.

When 0329 woke up the next day, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.

It was the first time it had slept in so late. But whether it was late or not, it didn’t matter because the host hadn’t gotten up either.

“Host?” 0329 poked Xi Xun.

Xi Xun opened his eyes and looked at it. It was evident that he had woken up long ago. He squinted and asked, “Awake?”


0329 liked the host right after waking up.

It liked the host’s long eyelashes. When it touched them with the palm of its hand, it felt ticklish. This was the first time 0329 found something interesting besides ’round’ things. It couldn’t help but hug the host again, marveling at how many beautiful features the host possessed.

But it especially liked the host’s eyes and hands!

Hmm, it liked the Adam’s apple too!

So, as usual, 0329 first kissed the host’s eyes, then planted a kiss on the adorable Adam’s apple and the well-defined knuckles of the hand. After that, it became lively and said, “Host, let me cook for you!”

However, Xi Xun held onto the busy little system and said calmly, “I’m not hungry.”

“Well, if you get hungry, just let me know.”


Xi Xun closed his eyes again, with one hand stroking the small system resting on his chest. 0329 looked at the host and suddenly remembered that the host liked its humanoid form the most. So, it transformed into its humanoid form again.

It looked up the ways in which human partners interacted in the human world. It was said that after getting married, both sides needed to make slight changes and accept each other in order to have a lasting relationship.

Since the host liked its humanoid form so much, it would maintain it!

Besides, it didn’t require much effort.

Its powers had already recovered quite well, and it could maintain the form for a long time.

Xi Xun opened his eyes when he sensed a change in 0329.

Upon seeing 0329 in its humanoid form, his brows furrowed slightly, and he said, “Change back.”

“Huh?” 0329 was confused.

“Change back. It feels better to touch,” Xi Xun succinctly stated.

0329 was perplexed. Although it didn’t understand, it still changed back as instructed, secretly wondering why the host had changed. Wasn’t it the one who liked its humanoid form the most before? He felt a sense of loss when it didn’t transform into its humanoid form, but now he enjoyed looking at its original form.

It truly puzzled the little system.

No wonder they say that things are different before and after marriage, and preferences might change too. Now it finally understood! It was fortunate that it had multiple forms as a system; otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to satisfy the host.

Sigh, being a husband is tough.

So, 0329 just lay in the host’s arms, blowing a gentle breeze and accompanying the host in silence. Although they didn’t exchange many words, the atmosphere wasn’t awkward; instead, it had a slow and tranquil feel.

Until a doorbell outside shattered the silence.

0329 blinked and got up.

Xi Xun opened his eyes with displeasure.

0329 enjoyed answering the door the most, so it quickly got out of bed and walked out. Upon opening the door, it saw Yu Ti still standing there, holding a lunchbox.

“Brother Yu Ti,” 0329 greeted with a smile.

Yu Ti’s eyes softened when he saw 0329, and he bent down to hand the lunchbox to it, saying, “This is for both of you. There’s plenty of food inside, so eat more.”

“Mm! Thank you.”

Yu Ti ruffled 0329’s hair and said, “I’m leaving. We might not see each other for a while. Take care, and if Xi Xun does anything bad to you, come find me.”

“Huh? Where is Brother Yu Ti going?” 0329 asked, puzzled.

“Out for a walk, to see other places. This place is already safe, but there are still places in trouble.” Yu Ti had been here long enough.

Originally, he planned to leave with 0329.

But seeing its current state, it seemed unwilling to go with him. Besides, Xi Xun seemed to be treating 0329 well, despite almost killing him a few times. As long as Xi Xun treated 0329 well, Yu Ti didn’t ask for much.

0329 felt disappointed upon hearing this because it liked Yu Ti very much.

But it couldn’t be too selfish.

So, 0329 replied dejectedly, “Well, if you come back, find me and the host. The host is very fond of you now. He even had me buy all the chicken in the base yesterday, saying he wanted me to give it to you so you could help others.”

Yu Ti’s brow furrowed slightly. He felt that something was off.

But Yu Ti didn’t dwell on it and simply smiled, saying, “Then, thank him for me.”

“Okay!” 0329 said with his eyes bent.

Afterward, Yu Ti left.

While he had some hesitation when he arrived, now it could be said that Yu Ti had complete confidence in Xi Xun.

When it returned, 0329 told Xi Xun about what had just happened.

Xi Xun was initially uninterested, but when he heard that Yu Ti was leaving, his eyes finally showed a hint of emotion. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh? Is that so? He’s leaving?”

“Mm.” 0329 felt a little down.

But it’s not like they would never see each other again, so that sense of loss only lasted for a short while before dissipating. It started calling the host to come and eat. Today, Yu Ti made vegetarian dishes, including corn on the cob and potato rice, which 0329 loved.

Perhaps because Yu Ti had finally left, Xi Xun didn’t stop 0329 from eating what he had made today.

After all, it was their last meal together.

However, while eating, 0329 suddenly raised its head, furrowing its brow and gazing into the distance.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xun asked casually.

0329 didn’t know what was happening either. It just suddenly felt a sense of unease, stronger than yesterday, as if danger was getting closer.

This feeling made 0329 lose its appetite.


On the other side.

In a neighboring city not far from there, 0178 was walking quietly. He exuded an eerie, inhuman coldness. At the moment, a car was blocking the center of the road, and several people with weapons were forcing passersby to hand over supplies.

Those who couldn’t hand over supplies would die.

Everyone was terrified, their faces turning pale. Meanwhile, 0178 continued walking forward. Coincidentally, the people blocking the road were in front of him. As they saw a peculiar young man walking towards them, they hadn’t even had a chance to scold him before being instantly crushed and sent flying along with their car, thrown more than ten meters away by an invisible force.

0178 wasn’t being kind; it was because those people were in his way.

It wasn’t just those ten bandits; anyone standing in his way would die. Zombies, mutated animals, they all died miserably by the roadside, leaving the onlookers with weak legs.

0178 continued walking quietly as if traversing an uninhabited land.

His principle was simple: as long as they didn’t seek death by blocking his path, 0178 wouldn’t spare them a glance. Finally, he arrived at a certain destination, and by then, it was already late in the evening.

At that moment, 0329 was nestled in the host’s arms, fast asleep.

It seemed to sense something and couldn’t help but roll deeper into the host’s embrace before continuing to sleep soundly.

Xi Xun suddenly opened his eyes and looked outside.

Not only Xi Xun, but the Law Enforcement Sword also sensed this disturbance. It transformed into a cold sword and appeared, heading outside.

Outside, 0178 had already entered the safe zone and arrived outside the villa.

When he arrived, he saw a figure leaning lightly against a tree, seemingly waiting for him.

0178 stood still, staring deeply at the Law Enforcement Sword by Xi Xun’s side for a long while, his eyes darkened.

The atmosphere was frozen, and no one spoke.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, 0178 spoke. He addressed Xi Xun, saying, “Brother.”

Xi Xun, who had been resting with his eyes closed against the tree, opened his eyes. His cold and mysterious double pupils appeared even more enigmatic in the darkness. In that instant when their gazes met, 0178’s eyes also shed their disguise.

Startlingly, they were the same mesmerizing double pupils as Xi Xun’s.

At this moment, 0329 had no idea. The embodiment of its deepest fears was Xi Xun’s own younger brother.

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